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    1. In this particular case

    2. “And you want to ask me about this? Are you kidding? Are you expecting me to feel sorry for you?” Kira was not angry, exactly, but she wondered why on earth he would have come all this way to have this particular conversation with her

    3. This technique is called that because you flush out the snails from any particular area and remove them

    4. The youngsters in particular, who are more enlightened these days and have not been subject to foreign rule like many of us, there is a lot of resentment to rules and regulations that are practiced simply to put spokes in the development initiatives

    5. Even with considerable research the managers of Mutual Funds are not always able to take correct decisions about entering or exiting a particular script as the share price movements usually defy all logics at least in the short run

    6. The Inspector thought it best to make certain before he started that particular hare running

    7. There is a definite relationship between various insects, in particular aphids, which are found on plants, and ants

    8. The founder’s perception and the scriptures of the particular religion dictate religions

    9. Never spray one particular element, always spray a natural blend of sources

    10. So far this particular establishment was fine, but he'd been put off by some herdsmen he'd met in the past

    11. "Actually, it was me who insisted on calling this in to Europol and to you in particular

    12. And one in particular who he had fallen for but never found a way to convince to be his

    13. He ached all over and in particular he felt sore

    14. This individual was possibly off radar as a result of internecine strife within the C-Block or for falling foul of any one of the various killer whales that this particular little fish may have been sharing the pond with

    15. The next half hour passes delightfully – the singers go through a repertoire of songs – most of which I know, but there are one or two I can’t place … Stephen and I chat intermittently about nothing in particular and waitresses appear with full glasses of wine at regular intervals – it is extremely civilised

    16. choose particular ways of thinking

    17. I don’t think he got involved with any particular girl until he went off to university

    18. One particular titbit, is that Fred is rumoured to have a daughter somewhere in the village

    19. This particular congregation was the best church with which I was ever associated in

    20. You can afford to stick to things that you are very particular about

    21. There are more than four billion of this one particular type of Elves, there are a hundred of us

    22. Her intellect was more a loss to them, to him in particular

    23. He ached all over and in particular he felt sore and raw between the nipples

    24. ’ Kara agreed, grinning at the reference – one of the things she and Joris had shared was a love for Earth literature, poetry in particular

    25. She spun webs of silver thread through the evening air, always making direct eye contact, always drawing him in towards her desperate need for love on this particular night

    26. She cast her mind back to the Errdians she had encountered since coming across – Gerisse Stowman – now she’d be willing to believe quite a lot about that particular character and he’d been nervous about her presence … but there was nothing to tie him to this area

    27. It was an imperative, an unquenchable thirst, almost a universal longing for an end to this particular night

    28. Universal silence had a shape and the simple fact that Smith could hang thoughts from this shape inevitably lead Him to choose particular ways of thinking

    29. The two most important things in that particular phase of development are perfecting their strength and coordination and breaking in their newly-ripened sex organs

    30. Yet again, Kara felt the impact of the massive divide between her culture and that of Earth – something the exploration of the seaside resort had highlighted; the sheer volume of … words failed her … stuff that was on sale in the shops … most of it completely superfluous … badly made, cheap (in every meaning of the word) ornaments of no practical use whatsoever and precious little artistic merit, deliberately manufactured to clutter up somebody’s home … and then there was the food and drink on offer! Everywhere she’d looked there had been foodstuffs on sale and people eating … battered fish, hot savoury smelling sausages, the tart scent of vinegar on chips fresh from the fryers … and ices of every conceivable flavour … and those unbelievable sweets in all shapes and sizes … and, according to Iain, this particular seaside resort was a relatively small one … by the time Iain turned off the motorway at the Taunton interchange, she had concluded that although it had been fun visiting, really, when it came down to it, she preferred her own world

    31. “Thanks guys, I’ll need a basin of water and a towel,” she said to no one in particular

    32. Lost in my thoughts, I push open my bedroom door and stop short … one of the girls is dusting the dressing table as I mentally call it – I’m not sure what they call that particular item of furniture here on Errd

    33. Why has this particular process of chemical interaction been walking around so long, centuries past any usefulness

    34. responsive to its own particular stimulus, and each vulnerable to any harmful influence that would threaten it elsewhere in the body

    35. Damn sexual equality! This woman was certainly was not going to argue with that particular decision

    36. The most beautiful women seldom paid him particular attention, the thin air of the mountaintop gave him a barrel chest and a rather ruddy complexion

    37. The same can be said about one’s health in general and the skin in particular

    38. Practice all the Yoga asanas described in the chapter on constipation, and in particular practice the water-drinking habits of the Yogis and the relaxing and contracting movements known as Uddiyani

    39. With a voice hoarse from too many cruel cigarettes, he rasped over the growl of the engine as we headed up the mountain, 'Please, if there is one thing unique to this particular island and something no other Hellenic island can offer, it is this very village

    40. I look at her sceptically as I contemplate the coming days … I don’t think lucky is a word I’d apply myself at this particular moment … still, I do have that soothing lotion Gilla promised me

    41. He doubled his attack, and this particular fight took on a fevered pitch

    42. This meant someone had entered our house, selected a particular photograph and tried to destroy it, and I had a good idea who

    43. For any particular disease to be scrutinized is ludicrous

    44. Berndt had been quiet for a day or so after our conversation – neither of us caring to pick up the thread of that particular subject again

    45. When printing presses were finally up and running again there was a very large demand for this particular book

    46. I tried staring into my surroundings without focusing on anything in particular and that helped a distant crumbling ruin to emerge from its orange terraced soil but the stillness made me feel I was being monitored or that something nasty was about to happen

    47. In particular she asked each fair maid if she would wash her son’s crinkly boxer shorts and diamond pattern ankle socks

    48. And this is my daughter who, until now has shown a remarkable lack of interest in science fiction generally and Star Wars in particular and who, not so very long ago, castigated her brother for being a Star Wars geek

    49. It is a particular hate of mine that the sugar should get damp and clogged

    50. ‘Nothing in particular … just thinking about how wonderful it is having you here

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    particular specific particular proposition detail item especial exceptional special finical finicky fussy picky peculiar intrinsic discrete singular distinct one separate single certain personal extraordinary marked noteworthy odd strange characteristic meticulous careful painstaking circumstantial critical descriptive detailed choosy dainty discriminating circumstance specification feature particularity point