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    1. Never mind the centuries of painstaking philosophical reasoning if it got in the way of the scientific fix

    2. Hilderich was still propped up against the trunk of the tree, wheezing as he drew breath with painstaking effort

    3. painstaking ritual of closure, that I prompted him to begin once

    4. transmit it with painstaking accuracy, but he must remember that he is by no

    5. Though he wasted little time upon trifles, he was a painstaking workman when it came to the essentials of any given undertaking

    6. It required tact, ability, and patience, as well as painstaking devotion, to manage the financial affairs of such an idealist as Jesus, to say nothing of wrestling with the helter-skelter business methods of some of his apostles

    7. The task was huge, the work painstaking, and the man-hours required expensive

    8. Sitting down that evening, William painstaking dictated into his recorder a letter to Freda

    9. Then Dan wouldn’t be alone in his painstaking analysis of the case

    10. Weeks of painstaking work was ruined

    11. However, it was relatively simple – although painstaking

    12. psychologist’s office, but warns that it requires “much painstaking

    13. " He was a painstaking, laborious preacher of the

    14. strength and the inner strength that was needed had differences, after painstaking training for one year, she lost control and was afflicted by deviation phenomenon

    15. had, the sweat and blood that I had expended, the painstaking training that I had to build up my martial art, at that instant, was destroyed lightly by him

    16. It because that under this painstaking fight, it became a mental contest as

    17. Chief of Zhongnan Sect and you in a painstaking duel

    18. my painstaking effort whether it is any different from those rubbish in Xian City

    19. painstaking formation would be destroyed, therefore with a shout, he dispersed the formation

    20. The accomplishments that I have painstaking fought to have over the years

    21. And he said most painstaking

    22. “Indeed the mighty heroes are here, for the past twenty years we put in a lot of painstaking efforts to train but we are still unable to handle even one stroke from Hero Lu extraordinary stance

    23. of my tens of years of painstaking efforts

    24. through painstaking efforts to search for the Hua Tou Divine Arts

    25. stay on the island but what about you? You have spent years of your painstaking

    26. painstaking care in a million places and even save your life

    27. my painstaking teachings! But as for that avenge part, you can forgo it!”

    28. Displaying the painstaking energy that its founders the Normans so faithfully exercised to

    29. painstaking search for his car

    30. suppose that so painstaking an inquirer and accurate a

    31. with painstaking accuracy to find the level of interest in determining the end of the entire Universe

    32. It is a painstaking process and requires much patience

    33. Or more correctly: his famous existentialist philosophy, which he outlined in painstaking logical detail in his famous book: ‘Being and Nothingness’

    34. But it has a failing: It takes painstaking and monotonous work

    35. But it is this selection of the significant and suppression of the non-essential that often gives to a few lines drawn quickly, and having a somewhat remote relation to the complex appearance of the real object, more vitality and truth than are to be found in a highly-wrought and painstaking drawing, during the process of which the essential and vital things have been lost sight of in the labour of the work; and the non-essential, which is usually more obvious, is allowed to creep in and obscure the original impression

    36. As will be explained later, in connection with academic drawing, it is eminently necessary for the student to train his eye accurately to observe the forms of things by the most painstaking of drawings

    37. These accurate, painstaking school studies are very necessary indeed as a training for the eye in observing accurately, and the hand in reproducing the appearances of things, because it is through the reproduction of natural appearances and the knowledge of form and colour derived from such study

    38. The training of his eye and hand to the most painstaking accuracy of observation and record must be the student's aim for many years

    39. I speak in this way, Sancho, to show you that I can shower down proverbs just as well as yourself; and in short, I mean to say, and I do say, that if you don't like to come on reward with me, and run the same chance that I run, God be with you and make a saint of you; for I shall find plenty of squires more obedient and painstaking, and not so thickheaded or talkative as you are

    40. Cide Hamete, the painstaking investigator of the minute points of this veracious history, says that when Dona Rodriguez left her own room to go to Don Quixote's, another duenna who slept with her observed her, and as all duennas are fond of prying, listening, and sniffing, she followed her so silently that the good Rodriguez never perceived it; and as soon as the duenna saw her enter Don Quixote's room, not to fail in a duenna's invariable practice of tattling, she hurried off that instant to report to the duchess how Dona Rodriguez was closeted with Don Quixote

    41. He was a large, strong man with a guileless countenance, not very communicative with his shipmates, but when drawn into any sort of conversation displaying a very painstaking earnestness

    42. He announced his presence by that gentle Rumboldian cough which so many have tried (unsuccessfully) to imitate—short, painstaking yet withal so characteristic of the man

    43. He could tell by the handwriting, which was the painstaking scrawl of an educated nobleman, rather than the practised script of a clerk

    44. Deasy’s elation was tailed by a sinking sense of guilt: In their painstaking search of the ocean, they had missed seeing the lost men, but the enemy had not

    45. Justine wondered what this painstaking hobby meant to the man, reducing large plants with the potential to be huge into living miniatures, collecting them in rows

    46. He had a small skilled staff and, for operations like this one, the preparations were as a rule so painstaking that the risks were not as great as one might imagine

    47. The archbishop had seen no evidence that Allayn Maigwair had conspired with Wyrshym to evade the Army of the Sylmahn’s order to stand its ground, but he was confident that a sufficiently painstaking search—and the use of carefully selected excerpts—could prove Maigwair’s complicity in the bishop militant’s ultimate decision

    48. If risk of loss can be minimized only by the exercise of constant supervisory care, in addition to the painstaking process of initial choice, has not such investment become more trouble than it is worth? Let it be assumed that the typical investor, following the conservative standards of selection herein recommended, will average a yield of 3½% on a diversified list of corporate securities

    49. Although they also have a pecuniary interest in the transactions of their customers, their advice is much more likely to be painstaking and thoroughly impartial

    50. For, when it comes to the common-stock type of issue, it would manifestly be more profitable to master the technique of determining when to buy or sell, or of selecting the issues that are going to have the greatest or quickest advance, than to devote painstaking efforts to forming conclusions about intrinsic value

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    conscientious painstaking scrupulous complex intricate laboured elaborate perfected studied