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Process in a sentence

It is a long process.
You are in the process.
And that is a process.
It is all one process.
The process had to be.
This is a process that.
We follow a process of.

I am in the process of.
I know that is a process.
It was a natural process.
So what was the process?
It's a daily process Jake.
As a separate process, we.
And in process of time it.
You are the living process.
It soon became the process.
To the evolutionary process.
That process leads to the.
And it is a process as well.
She was in the process of.
But the process takes time.
This is not an easy process.
This is not a linear process.
Otherwise, the process had.
Adoption is the process by.
He was there in your process.
NET process for unit testing.
One process is called TENS.
It a process worth working.
What was the sales process?
Describe the current process.
The fusing process took time.
The process was simple enough.
Life is a continuous process.
It is the brokenness process.
It is an automatic process.
It will be a process, not a.
It was a slow process though.
We are already processing these.
The very things they are processing.
When the meat processing plant had.
Step 4 - Processing The Unprocessed.
Right now you are processing emotions.
Be Aware of Processing Ups and Downs.
With the processing of procedures and.
It is the feeling of PROCESSING TRAUMA.
I’m still processing what I just saw.
How long does it take? The processing.
The second step in processing the images.
It was more about processing old wounds.
Finally, the site processing team there had.
Applications for loans and their processing.
I slowly nodded, processing what she had said.
This process, known as " batch processing,".
Joey was processing all of what was happening.
Is it unsafe, or are they already processing.
Morgan was still processing my first revelation.
The other was a drug processing and smuggling.
Learned is a bad word for processing such stuff.
For example, after a year of processing in his.
I froze, not really processing what I was seeing.
Yes, our processing plant is on the waterfront.
Only one machine is available for processing jobs.
I have not devoted any processing time to the issue.
One was the new equipment for processing human waste.
Emma looked around, as if processing what I’d said.
Does it have anything to do with data processing?
Down past central processing, and out to a waiting.
Nobody had said anything about any processing delay.
Tara jerked her eyes to the front, processing what Dr.
My friends finished processing what I said and also.
We propose the following procedure of data processing.
This is my special processing recipe prepared for you.
Not to mention the court costs and processing charges.
That is some of the lingo of the date processing world.
Autism is an impairment in the processing of information.
The difference between them comes from their processing.
I sighed and shut my eyes, processing what he was saying.
Is being processed by God.
The machine then processed the.
His mind quickly processed the.
All of it he processed instantly.
They'll be processed here at HQ.
Once he processed it, he decided.
Once processed, payments are final.
China that are being processed as food.
Its stored energy gives all processed.
Force them to eat guck, processed food.
Processed foods contain more Trans fats.
The congressman's mind processed quickly.
If you ate a lot of sugar and processed.
Avoid as many processed foods as possible.
Otherwise your order will not get processed.
I squashed the man up like processed cheese.
Plain coconut oil is bleached and processed.
The crop must be processed for distribution.
There are n jobs to be processed on a machine.
After you have found and processed all of your.
Aside from that, they are also highly processed.
These were the completed form of the processed.
Those workers just got processed in our places.
The group stared at me while they processed this.
It began with the first batch of processed foods.
That’s because so many of the processed foods.
MEAT Processed meats, such as salted, smoked, can.
Once the harvest is processed, it will be too late.
Only one job is processed at a time on the machine.
Sammy ground his teeth while his thoughts processed.
It’s overloaded with partially processed metals.
Only the desires which remain are processed further.
What sets green tea apart is the way it is processed.
Do choose whole grains over processed whenever you can.
These foods have been processed and stripped of their.
Therefore, you should avoid processed grains and sugars.
Some of these feelings were never fully processed, and.
The CO2 needs to be separated in order to be processed.
They processed all check and credit card orders in-house.
P…Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol, and Processed foods.
OC Thinking Processes to Use.
All the processes by which we.
Some of the processes used are:.
Her mind’s processes were also.
It processes grocery store coupons.
Council uses the following processes:.
Even his thought processes seemed slow.
These processes require a significant.
This string of processes forms a system.
My mental processes came to a dead stop.
Without vitamins these vital processes.
Be aware of the payment processes you use.
Formulation (by valid thought processes) c.
You will stop all your thinking processes.
Thinking processes (of investors), 15–24.
There are no magical processes leading to.
These three processes constitute one round.
Evolutionary and Involutionary Processes in.
My brain processes what I just watched happen.
TOC Thinking Processes and Unrefusable Offers.
He felt as if all his thought processes were.
Basically the essential processes were being.
These include the processes of digestion, me-.
Rapunzel stares at her while she processes this.
The virtual bankruptcy assistant processes the.
A lion’s share of processes in which a person.
Execution of any processes and controlled or by.
Watch for processes that violate semantic well-.
There must be thousands of processes that happen.
Some of these processes are parasitic and others.
Yoga is the restraint of the processes of the mind.
In other words, the processes modeled by the four.
Those processes, in turn, improve customer service.
As the mindbody processes the emotion that has been.
The four life-sustaining processes also have spiri-.
However, on the second day these processes were in.
Again, the forces and processes from the first entry.
The other Moulding processes which are popular are :.
It has no useful function in living processes at all.
Be creative with your thought processes the goal is.

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