raid sätze

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Raid sätze (in englisch)

The raid lasted four days.
Raid on the Whaling Fleet.
Thus The Wrong Door Raid.
They set to planning the raid.
The raid last night was the.
And it Started with a Hen Raid!.
Without even having to raid them.

They wanted to raid the vending.
A raid had just been carried out.
But this is a raid, not a battle.
After the raid, he will sail to Eid.
She suffered no losses in that raid.
They went to raid a Swordsman base.
Or attack from above with an air raid.
The last thing we need is a big raid.
Pictland or not, let's raid that place.
The overall objective of the raid on St.
The raid would have to be moved up one.
Men they worked with on the raid in Oman.
He needed to raid the safe or the vaults.
Raid the bar, kick back - don’t damage.
Four new pilots would handle the dawn raid.
Let’s raid a storehouse, said Wille.
I’ll raid as many of the houses as I can.
FBI agents conducted a full dress raid on.
Last moon we had surprised a dawn raid and.
The raid on the weapons shed had been costly.
With this, the Evil airships began their raid.
Pam, with the can of Raid in hand, was still.
She assumed he had been killed in an air raid.
Ruthie! There’s a raid! Come on out!.
A week later the heart-stopping raid happened.
Once more the raid had been a complete failure.
A raid of the store well after I’d quit and.
Dawn raid tomorrow with full supporting cast.
But he would have one last, massive raid, first.
The main element of the raid had to be surprise.
The air raid siren went off several times a day.
That was the reason for the bombing raid he had.
Clinton had no involvement during the first raid.
The English culture of: Raiding.
It seemed more like a raiding party.
In raiding, making panic is the main goal.
Did she accuse you of raiding the crops?
His recognized it, having raiding it in the past.
Simply raiding the till would be of no use at all.
Spanish cruelty, the Spanish responded by raiding.
This is no longer a bickering at the fords, raiding.
The Christian colonists would cease raiding the Seljuk.
Raiding the monks' rubbish dump held no fascination for him.
The FBI is raiding Donovan’s office, and Mattie needs help.
In what seemed like only hours, the Ardarans started raiding.
Muhammad was actually trying to motivate his people into raiding.
Maybe he has his soldiers dress as brigands, makes them go raiding.
Oops, guess he knows I was regularly raiding them while I stayed here.
Now: robbing and stealing and raiding has been abstracted and legalized.
Raiding Gypsy camps had about the same entertainment value as cockfighting.
Members of the Armageddon and F-bomber gangs were there raiding the place.
You ought to think of raiding the costumes and fit yourself out in caricature.
I want you lads to join our raiding party which will be about twenty strong.
Raiding Shoop’s lair was bringing the Boss closer to the end of his list of.
Raiding Anne’s father’s chest of clothes gave Petra an odd sense of déjà vu.
The object of our raiding party near Gouzeaucourt in 1917 was to obtain a prisoner.
Look for the ones that are easy to collect before risking raiding nests on cliffs.
The President’s been raiding the till again, to recoup what he’s ‘lost’.
He had been raiding estancias, killing herd bulls and stealing the cows for his harem.
To be more specific, it is currently at Pollux Five, raiding a Preserver supply cache.
I am sure he has a plan in place to destroy the raiding party, but only after my death.
All the cops have gone inside, and he can hear the sounds of them raiding the interior.
Most of them smeared blue paint around their eyes: raiding was a very special occasion.
No one wanted to remind Bear that there were laws against raiding someone else's crab pots.
I need to know what the Saxons are up to; they will start their summer raiding any time now.
Howling and trying to yank it, out he ran stumbling back along the strung-out raiding party.
You don’t need to worry about any restaurants raiding your kitchens, Brother, he said.
Our plan was to break into the house when Joshua was on a raiding trip, grab the guns and go.
It wouldn’t do to have a dozen or more trolls descend on them as they were raiding their cave.
After a while we wheeled over to our right and met up with the raiding party as Ted Wallace said.
Where did the raiding pirate cultures of the ancient world come from? From two different cultures.
Her scalp would make a prized trophy indeed on his return from this scouting and raiding expedition.
She had scooped up the girl and taken her with them as they continued on tracking the raiding party.
His house had been raided.
Mad as hell, I raided the M.
First thing he raided the cupboards.
They once raided a beauty spot in.
It seems someone raided my accounts.
There were maps in the place you raided.
They hadn’t just raided Seryga, either.
The Vik people had recently raided Bergendal.
The police raided the warehouse last night.
His home and offices were also raided by the CBI.
In 1992, after police raided her labs and one of.
You have raided the Overlord’s treasury?
His home was raided and semen was found on one of.
Another morning he raided the gardener’s greenhouse.
A BNA hideout was raided the night of December 6, 1969.
In November 2009, the Toronto Humane Society was raided by.
Lancandia was a much closer target to be raided than Thyana.
When my house was raided I wasn't home and I came and turned.
Raymond knew in a day or two, the whole block was getting raided.
Phillip looked happier than a child who had raided a candy store.
I was captured by Vikings when they raided Bergendal, she said.
I recommend that you find someone to keep watch in case you’re raided.
No Norse folk have raided over there before, but it sounds very promising.
In 1992, after police raided her labs and one of her safe houses, the Ice.
Why haven’t the Brokenhearts raided Providence town, I wonder? Rob said.
The club has been raided and Ruth is missing, as are the tapes she made for.
At four 0' clock in the morning the next day, eight drug stash houses got raided.
His father had never been raided, but he’d seen it happen to others in London.
From the last wave of barbarians that raided and conquered and settled in Europe.
I ran a resistance cell until two weeks ago, when the Germans raided our hideout.
Thaddeus Ridge and his boys raided a large Stargazer vessel about two years back.
But he had raided the granary, though he claimed that he had no memory of doing so.
His pals at the convenience store raided a fresh box of moon pies for the sendoff.
I replied, The police raided Desmond Thompson’s house first thing this morning.
As Medraut said to Gareth the night before, the Picts often raided in large numbers.
With that resolved, I raided the sock drawer for three hundred dollars, got dressed in.
He shook dust out of his hair and said to Marna, The village is being raided, ma’am.
Poachers had raided our pots but at least had the decency and humor to leave us something.
This place had enough gas, including the cars that I raided, to get us almost a full tank.
The CBI, which has raided Batcha’s house on two occasions, was all set to question him in.
The raids had to be.
The raids made them deadly.
Raids from the hills are incessant.
Think of Indian raids in pioneer days.
Cronan found them on one of his many raids.
Appropriate, if they’re back of the raids.
The raids were dangerous and seldom rewarded.
Some were captured during the external raids.
A few more raids and there will be none left.
It is him who raids into our territory, not Octha.
Soon the air raids just became part of our routine.
Consequently, they became major targets of Viking raids.
I had never been so careless in my raids to the mall, nor.
Jacob did not expect any raids yet but was prepared anyway.
With the exception of the two bigger raids, most of the.
Many of these raids later became known as the holy crusades.
They had thought about the timing of the raids carefully and.
There would be no more raids on Earth or elsewhere for slaves.
You must have heard of the French raids on our southern ports.
And frequent thousand bomber raids were devastating the homeland.
The Attorney General insisted that the raids be polite and low key.
Rob thought murder and slave raids a trifle more than inconvenient.
The raids led by Nancy Laplante in Europe had hurt the Germans’.
What’s the Serminaki method of attack on these terror raids?
Anything was better than the constant danger of raids from both armies.
The air raids have multiplied and bombs rain down on the anti aircraft.
She looked around but found no evidence of further raids on her clothing.
We think they took the chemical from an enemy lab during one of their raids.
That night, the cells were arrested during raids carried out all over London.
There have been no more raids, yet the entire nation is on the highest alert.
But yes, I have been a part of a few raids in my time, most of them successful.
Attorney desperate to find out what the Fibbies scooped up in their raids today.
During the raids, the POWs were ordered to stay in the barracks with the lights out.
You have experienced Japanese air raids for weeks in the Philippines, Captain Dows.
There was the usual orientation to fraternity life, pledge raids, meetings, and parties.
He participated in many night raids deep behind enemy lines where the SAS wrought havoc.
If we don’t teach that damn Jones a lesson now then it will only encourage more raids.
The Iroquois then crossed to the South Shore, where they may be preparing for more raids.
It was as if I had been part of the raids and I had snapped the cuffs on Robert and Crass.
Okinawa witnessed the greatest Kamikaze raids of the war, and the results were staggering.

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