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    1. The first day he had ever met Kira, she had been wearing a pair of large clown trousers and a combat jacket, hair having been cropped off with scissors in a fit of self-protective misery after being the victim of yet another sexual assault

    2. ‘Paul and I had the devil of a job stopping her mounting an assault on the police station where they were holding you

    3. dominion of the fromboise assault, there stood man-size thistles and towering clumps

    4. "I am looking for the room where the two assault victims are recovering

    5. "How about it Sammy? If you have nothing to hide why would you want to cause a lot of trouble by throwing me out of here? Or even more foolish, attempting to assault me?"

    6. Had they too heard my footsteps? What about the interrogation and the assault? Would they know?

    7. Because of your actions, because of your assault on our brothers in arms, because of your oppression of belief and the one true God, these men will die today

    8. Stop your assault, soldiers of corruption and devilry

    9. They are planning an assault on the town, a quick fly-by to show that they can get close; 2 or 3 days I think

    10. That evening, with a four pack empty on the already crowded coffee table, their mother subjected both of the children to another verbal assault while their father sat slumped in an alcoholic stupor in front of the television

    11. Jeffery asked Wolf if he thought a frontal assault was the wise thing to do

    12. But why should these people have to suffer an assault on their lifestyle at all? Why should arrogance destroy their freedom?

    13. The black drew up his last reserves of energy and used it in one final assault with a blast so intense he hoped to destroy Collin

    14. seriously, what is this? An assault weapon?'

    15. life at the city zoo, the wolf was totally unprepared for an assault

    16. He pumped Matai for every detail of the assault for over an hour

    17. This immediately resulted in a counter assault from themselves

    18. A child can feel devastated by a barrage of words that feel like an assault, even

    19. assault on the food shops

    20. However, even now the undead forces were amassing below, preparing for another assault; obviously intent on taking this section of the wall

    21. While their enemies spent years launching an assault, they conquered worlds within a day

    22. But a full scale assault? Surely our order would have been alerted of such a widespread infection

    23. They all carried assault rifles

    24. Twenty assault rifles would be of great help, would it not?’

    25. They were dressed in MTP camouflage and carried the SA80Mk3 assault rifles

    26. His focus on the dark power was gone, nor did he have enough wits about him to avoid the continued assault of the Chosen

    27. It could have been her army launching an assault on the worlds of the Makii

    28. It was how he survived the initial assault

    29. As he did in his initial encounter with Ostedes, Jakkar absorbed the full brunt of the monster’s telepathic assault, allowing it to tear apart his mind

    30. When they awoke the next day, they did so with a start - the Centurion, though lying in a twisted heap, yet looked able to spring to its feet and renew its assault

    31. advantage would it be to assault the

    32. Handling it rather like a soldier would handle an assault rifle, he dropped the rear handle onto his boot, loosened the chuck at the business end and dropped a shiny, black drill bit into it

    33. ” He looked us over and I am sure he must have seen the horror registered on our mugs as we all remembered the last assault and the shambles it turned into

    34. After it finished the whistles started and blasted out warning us and we set off on our way the first part of the assault was across open farm land which much of Cape Helles consisted of

    35. In that constitution, the grossest delusions of superstition were supported in such a manner by the private interests of so great a number of people, as put them out of all danger from any assault of human reason; because, though human reason might, perhaps, have been able to unveil, even to the eyes of the common people, some of the delusions of superstition, it could never have dissolved the ties of private interest

    36. The Turks didn’t know about the attack and didn’t know what hit them when the two assault waves from the 1st Brigade charged out of the tunnel ends

    37. Troops poured across from our trenches to reinforce us and considering we had launched a frontal assault our casualties were fairly light

    38. What followed was the first major amphibious assault

    39. Frightened by the sound of my voice and by Ozzie’s disciplinary assault, my son jumped, dropping the paper clip harmlessly onto the floor

    40. five original conspirators, had backed out of the conspiracy prior to the final assault

    41. In the 1920"s, while serving time in an Italian prison, this Italian philosopher and communist advised his colleagues and acolytes that a frontal assault against democracy and capitalism would fail

    42. But at least the Staff had got one thing right for a change because about two hours after the assault had been cancelled the rain stopped and cleared away and the afternoon was bright and sunny

    43. “There have been a few of us hiding in shell holes this morning and there is no shame in that the assault was finished after the first hundred yards

    44. In spite of missing this opportunity for destruction, for the next seven days, the most widespread assault on private shipping in

    45. But he wasn’t ready to lead armies, sure he had led an assault upon the demons that threatened to wipe out their army, but that was the memories of those dead men that filled his mind that told him what to do in that situation

    46. While she defended Hayley’s assault during those seven rounds, she sensed the Power growing in Hayley too

    47. If the wielder was strong enough, they could still send you flying backwards with such an assault

    48. It has become nothing more than a liberal rag looked to for guidance by the leftist „intelligentsia," being but one of a plethora of liberal propaganda tools that play supporting roles in the continuing assault on our Constitution

    49. It was a carefully planned maneuver, because the assault was right in the line of the transit point

    50. Her silence was more effective than any verbal or physical assault

    1. "What did Mike say about the two patrol members who were assaulted?"

    2. The one who assaulted me had a Chinese character right here on his temple

    3. The evening of the same day two local men in the estate were assaulted

    4. "Did you know that two more local men have also been assaulted on the Sunnyvale estate? They had skin removed from them

    5. The steam rising from the freshly brewed tea assaulted my senses making me salivate

    6. They cried again about how her mother was assaulted on her way home from work

    7. Sheila was busy in the kitchen; by the smell of the hot fat which assaulted Chrissie’s nose, frying was on the menu again tonight

    8. 'No motive? That slimy Italian assaulted his wife,

    9. They entered the courtyard, or as their guide called it, 'the garden', and immediately their senses were assaulted

    10. If they wished to stand a chance against the demon, they had to break his focus before he was fully freed and once more assaulted their minds

    11. In fact, as Tragus assaulted her again, she found the one image constantly returning to her thoughts was the half-filled sheet of parchment she’d left in the Grotto of the Nymphs

    12. “For what? He assaulted you and kidnapped your mother

    13. As I looked up at the parapet I could see rusty barbed wire strung out across the top and the usual smell of latrines, chloride of lime, sweat and decomposing bodies assaulted our sense of smell

    14. That said, the Department works just fine if you want to be sexually assaulted while waiting in line at one of America"s airports

    15. Watching through his eyes was the oddest experience: there was a dream-like unfocused quality; when he passed through a wall, her eyes were assaulted by chaotic crosshatching patterns in all colours

    16. I was pleasantly assaulted by the smells emanating from the kitchen as I entered the door

    17. It assaulted her eyes, and she stepped back, bumping into the wall

    18. I came to my senses when the smell assaulted me, and entered the door

    19. A sewer odor rolled off him and assaulted her nose

    20. I felt as though I'd been physically assaulted again

    21. During his first three months inside prison, Frank had been assaulted by a couple of prisoners from another floor

    22. In swift surprise attacks, they assaulted Sandinista installations, then melted into the inhospitable expanse of uninhabited marsh, earning for Truman the title of Comandante Cobra, among friend and foe alike

    23. Cold water assaulted my skin, shot up my nose, and my

    24. It has been reported to me that you had assaulted the same man a number of days ago in a Clearwater Beach bar

    25. A strange smell assaulted Ursempyre’s nostrils

    26. Truman had been assaulted? So why had he not mentioned it? Indeed, why had he also lied about sending away his lady-friend, hidden the existence of his cousin and run off? There was no sense to any of it

    27. Momentarily, the memory of some exquisite sauté veal liver assaulted his mind and he could almost smell its fine taste and texture against his palate

    28. His nostrils were assaulted by the grains of sand that were starting to float wildly in the air, and he felt his mouth filled with the salt of the earth under his feet

    29. A couple of feet separated us from the unwavering madness of this uncaring place that assaulted any form of life with the same deliberate indignation

    30. Hilderich turned around and to his great surprise saw the door had vanished, a sight that assaulted his vision

    31. And then a terrifying sound assaulted Hilderich’s senses, a terrible high-pitched screech that boomed and echoed like the primordial lightning storm that bore the universe and all of creation:

    32. She had chosen the right thing to do, after all her Goddess would not let anything happen to her! Not her, and certainly this splendidly massive bastion was secure! A sudden spasm of trembling assaulted her slender body, as her eyes took in what appeared to be the beginning of a massive tragedy for her people

    33. the place was assaulted by the epidemic taking a heavy toll

    34. “I was assaulted in my home on the Outer Banks

    35. assaulted his skin, a muffled cry escaping his lips as he saw the

    36. “My associate, Cory Pafford, got assaulted last night while he was on a stakeout

    37. A few days later, former National Geographic photographer Cory Pafford, who captured these photos, was assaulted and hospitalized by men Pafford recognized as employees of Cerise Records

    38. “So far I’ve had a gunman break in on a Saturday afternoon, my secretary was assaulted at gunpoint, my place was robbed, I was shot at, and my assistant was beaten senseless

    39. His body was instantly assaulted by the

    40. Maggie drew her coat up around her face, blinking painfully as the acrid air assaulted her eyes

    41. they should do for their brothers, that were in trouble, and assaulted of them

    42. Maspha; and after he had assaulted it he took and killed all the males in it, and received the spoils of it and and burnt it with fire

    43. 50 So the soldiers pitched, and assaulted the city all that day and all that night, till at the length the

    44. sight of the angry neighbour he had assaulted earlier with the

    45. with anger because of the blasphemies, assaulted the wall manly, and with a fierce courage killed all that they met besides

    46. Sammy assaulted me for $2, hitting me in the face when I wasn't looking and putting a knife in my face

    47. Some analysts and commentators spread a litany of anti Yankee “buts”, sharpened slashes against the assaulted country and consoling and even cheering hand-clapping for the executors of such atrocity

    48. “After he illegally entered a woman’s home and assaulted her, New Westminster

    49. entered a woman’s house and assaulted her

    50. probation officer, have no contact with the woman he assaulted and possess no

    1. I started to think now that I was Bruce Lee reincarnated as I flexed my body and started assaulting the air with punches and kicks

    2. ” The time pushed on and so did the rest of us assaulting our objective at Hill 114 and securing it despite the casualties that we had suffered the Turks eventually withdrew abandoning their trenches which we took over

    3. If it were, why not break an arm or leg of the female victim, instead of sexually assaulting her? I have yet to come across a good answer to that question

    4. Turning slightly to the left, the cavalry then charged the main line of entrenchments, soon extending until they touched the centre division, assaulting San Juan

    5. “Didn’t your commander ever lecture you on the follies of assaulting a soldier with the high ground?”

    6. * A former member wrote to say they actually did use this method in the townships when assaulting suspect houses searching for terrorists

    7. Did Reno seriously think Koresh was assaulting young girls while suffering from a severe belly wound? Most evidence points towards ATF leaders wanting a high profile success in a gun prosecution case, hoping the capture of the Davidians would rescue their image

    8. He placed Michael under arrest on the charges of assaulting a police officer and bribery, for the fifty US dollars he had been offered

    9. So plan B didn’t account so much for a plan and ergo wasn’t that much better than plan A, but it did not involve sharks, piranhas, trained alligators, lasers, machine gun fire and assaulting what was in effect, a small fortress

    10. As things were, the approaching hordes of Hell weren’t as relentless as I would have hoped in their pursuit of overrunning our position; instead of simply barraging us with hellfire, storming the impromptu trenches and cover positions of what few defenders remained with their halberds, axes, scything claws and gaping maws, they were content to keep our heads down by taking occasional shots, keeping everyone busy by assaulting a position with enough force as to give ground

    11. Allerton was charged with and subsequently pled to resisting arrest, child endangerment and assaulting a police officer in the court

    12. jail and Susan was in with him for assaulting a police officer

    13. He wanted Susan out of jail, but her charges of assaulting a police officer were more serious

    14. strong holds of the Idumeans, 17 And assaulting them strongly, they won the holds, and kept off all that fought on the wall, and killed

    15. assaulting me as my dad looked on – we were in the kitchen, for

    16. 49 So when they of the city saw that the Jews had got the city as they would their courage was abated: what for they made supplication to the king and cried saying 50 Grant us peace and let the Jews cease from assaulting us and the city

    17. 25 So Antiochus the king camped against Dora the second day assaulting it continually and making engines by which means he shut up Tryphon that he could neither go out nor in

    18. 16 Then those who were with Maccabeus made supplication and begged God that he would be their helper; and so they ran with violence on the strong holds of the Idumeans 17 And assaulting them strongly they won the holds and kept off all that fought on the wall and killed all that fell into their hands and killed no fewer than twenty thousand

    19. “I have five witnesses of you assaulting our daughter

    20. Before prosecutors accuse someone aren't they supposed to know the answers to the questions they were assaulting me with? The answer is yes! But they were on a desperate scapegoat hunt

    21. Unhappily, other substances than liquids were kept in the larder, among them spices, herbs, salts and peppers, so that a great cloud of stinging particles exploded suddenly around him, assaulting his eyes and nose

    22. They could spend years assaulting the gates but they were designed to withstand a nuclear catastrophe and their magic wouldn’t leave a scratch on the metal

    23. The P I ships had moved away long before the missiles impacted their target and were already assaulting the cruisers which were the next size smaller ship

    24. physically assaulting her was my only option

    25. first, I thought that he was assaulting her

    26. Project X was responsible for Ron assaulting Ashley

    27. following his conviction for indecently assaulting 5 young

    28. that he’d been sexually assaulting an 11 year-old girl

    29. that he was sexually assaulting me with his slick hands," said

    30. groin! I would certainly have been arrested for assaulting an

    31. “If you want, I could show you a number of documentaries made in my timeline about the results of assaulting such places as Saipan, Tarawa and Okinawa, sir

    32. assaulting it from opposite directions and its

    33. � The rest of the reporters then followed, along with many of the protestors, surrounding Nancy and her precious trunks and assaulting her with questions

    34. SUV’s – there are several choices the assaulting force has

    35. Once the original assaulting line was utterly destroyed, the four bombers turned towards the enemy truck columns approaching on the main road, strafing them as well

    36. continually assaulting thy sacred consecrations

    37. Like the fiery breath from giant dragons, the pierced barrels full of gasoline roared over the heads of the assaulting soldiers, spewing on their way a rain of burning fuel before crashing down in the midst of the enemy ranks

    38. This time, Nancy let the Japanese paratroopers pass in front of her and took position in the tail of the long line assaulting the summit

    39. “Gladiator, this is Green Urchin, we need help now on our North flank: the Vietminh are assaulting in mass waves from that side

    40. A second fighter aircraft repeated that pattern ten seconds later but its napalm tanks missed the second wave of assaulting troops and crashed instead in the jungle, starting a temporary fire there

    41. This is only true, however, when the defence is so strong that the attacker bleeds to death when assaulting the defender's positions

    42. Remember when all those Turkish Army tanks were shown sitting idle within sight of a Kurdish-held border town while ISIS was assaulting the place? Only our airstrikes stopped that ISIS assault, while those Turkish tanks never fired once on ISIS

    43. Overall, humanity is assaulting the environment on all fronts

    44. Tina said when she left the hospital after visiting hours, she saw the police outside the hospital arresting your cousin Dana for assaulting a security guard right inside the hospital

    45. “It was bad enough that Dana’s sisters and their relative Judy had to deal with trying to stop Dana from assaulting that motorist and then they had to try and stop Diane D herself from assaulting him? Thank goodness Dana’s sisters and their relative Judy was there to stop both Dana and Diane D from about to assault that other motorist

    46. “I can’t have this loose canon running around assaulting members of my crew,” Captain Munoz said

    47. “They saw all the headlines and articles in the papers about Diane getting arrested for viciously assaulting a reporter

    48. I read in the newspaper that the motorist and his wife both claimed to have witnessed Diane and her cousin Dana dragging all four of Dana‘s sisters and a Jamaican cousin of theirs all at once, causing their feet to slide against the grass and dirt when Dana‘s sisters and their Jamaican cousin tried to stop both Diane and her cousin Dana from assaulting or attacking that other motorist! That motorist and his wife both claimed, it appeared as if Diane and her cousin Dana both had superhuman strength

    49. “I was angry because I didn’t like the way those security guards were rough handling Miranda and Bernice causing pain on them! And while my soul or spirit was out there floating around in space wandering the universe, the police officers and security guards claim to everyone, that’s when I went around like a lunatic on a rampage assaulting them, giving them kung fu kicks to the groin injuring three of them for life! And while my soul or spirit was still out there wandering the universe, that’s when the correction officers inside the jail claim to everyone that I was a lunatic inside the jail cell trying to attack them as well and they had a hard time trying to keep me inside the jail cell! They also claim to everyone that they kept poking my ribs with a ten feet pole while I was on the floor of the jail cell trying to hold me back and keep me in there, then claimed that I literally punched and bent the ten feet pole knocking the ten feet pole right out of their hands, then claimed when they escaped out of the jail cell into the hallway and quickly closed the door, they kept hearing me throwing and banging my body against the cell door so hard that they can feel the vibration! Again, I have no recollection of any of that! But when I woke up inside the jail cell the next day in the afternoon, I do remember feeling pain all over my physical body and I do remember seeing a bent ten feet pole laying on the floor, but I didn’t know that I had anything to do with it! I did not know that the correction officers were poking my ribs with that ten feet pole, and I did not know that I punched and bent that ten feet pole knocking it right out of their hands! I didn’t even know anybody was capable of punching and bending a ten feet pole until my family told me about it when I released from jail three months later!”

    50. With the proportion of women in your staff and air units, I am afraid that he could very well end up abusing or even assaulting some of them: he despises the presence of women in the armed services

    1. "The other assaults on the Sunnyvale Estate

    2. "He's a loan-shark in Darklow where the skin murder and the assaults took place

    3. when the verbal assaults and the fists and feet flew

    4. launch victorious assaults on the princes of darkness who reign

    5. The elves had tried four more mass assaults in the valley and he had repulsed them

    6. persevered all this time with frontal assaults and constant

    7. innumerable individual assaults, what would become of them? My fortune

    8. What such arguments conveniently overlook, however, is the disparity of intra-community assaults committed against members of some community by members of another community, racial, ethnic or otherwise, in relation to those committed by individuals living inside their (own) community; that is to say, violent crimes are often committed against individuals living within the same community

    9. Ebbing (Spiritual) Faith in the wake of Secular Assaults designed to sow doubt in the minds of Believers by eliminating (Public) Reminders that further undermine Spiritual Resolve!

    10. That it has managed to contest and repel any number of assaults by its detractors says less about the resiliency of its defenders, perhaps, than its principle appeal, that all things considered, has superseded the sporadic misplacement of confidence and questionable examples of those (otherwise) entrusted to its care

    11. Cuba faced perhaps more US assaults than any other nation in the Americas, a US bombing and invasion followed by the threat of nuclear war (Section Eleven again), then likely biological warfare (See Section Five) and extended terrorist attacks from Cuban-Americans for decades (See Section Six)

    12. Nomadic assaults upon settled communities for the treasures manufactured and stored within them, and wars between settled societies as they attempted to present a larger, more dangerous front against those nomadic assaults, as well as the acquisition of additional treasure from those less able to defend themselves

    13. counter the verbal assaults of their critics

    14. If these influences were the subversive contest, the frontal assaults were the many persecutions

    15. with rockets, followed by two airborne assaults using nerve gases Tabun and Sarin

    16. In her book Silent Spring Carson stated: “The most alarming part of all man’s assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials

    17. The assaults increased

    18. As the Civil War developed, for a time the twin assaults of the Court and those of the more general Civil War ran in parallel but disconnected courses

    19. The rebels of the Civil War know that if the family remains intact and healthy, and if the moral base of faith upon which the nation was founded withstands the unrelenting assaults against it, they cannot prevail

    20. It would cause me greater pain still if the authorities charged with our security and protection were to assume a utopian pacifist attitude that would encourage and provoke subsequent similar assaults

    21. Monday to the murders of two women, the sexual assaults of two others and

    22. “Prosecutors also said Williams videotaped the assaults and murders

    23. He pleads guilty in their deaths, assaults on 2 others and 82 break-ins

    24. was daily witness to the old indignities and assaults on personal

    25. Rates of assaults, robberies and burglaries are far higher in England than in the United States

    26. 17 For the temperate mind has power to conquer the pressure of the passions and to quench the fires of excitement 18 and to wrestle down the pains of the body however excessive; and through the excellency of reasoning to abominate all the assaults of the passions

    27. superstitious men under my command panicked under the worst of these assaults

    28. Armed forces personnel suffered high casualties in the Pacific War due to fanatical enemy resistance and the logistical and tactical challenges of amphibious assaults on enemy-held islands

    29. Revenue Service personnel performed landing assaults not unlike the amphibious actions of U

    30. 1 Whatever errors therefore we have committed through the assaults of the adversary let us for these ask pardon; and they who have been leaders of the sedition and division ought to consider the common ground of our hope

    31. The Balsam positioned and maintained mooring and channel markers for the warships that shelled Japanese positions prior to amphibious troop assaults

    32. “The Dutch mounted large naval and ground assaults at the Sanur region in 1906 and were met

    33. The last major event in the case came on November 25 when Chief Plumer revealed that there had been four attempted sexual assaults on young Mount Rainier girls in the past month

    34. Unfortunately for Bellack, their mindless assaults had failed to breach the thick reinforced doors and the most seasoned of troops defended the gate

    35. Soon after one of the major failed assaults, a large contingent of the possessed beasts broke from their serried ranks and headed back inwards towards Nordheim lands

    36. Three juvi sexual assaults that got dropped," said Det

    37. In concluding, let me tell you how very little I appreciate your continued assaults on my character

    38. What surprising fragility assaults the aggrieved heart, which nude of any falsity covers itself into a shelter after the banal mask of the indifference hurt it by the inclemency of a not corresponded love! And it was this indifference the one that allowed me to remain unscathed before his closeness

    39. Bart’s details and those of Robert, a witness to the assaults, were taken

    40. Interpretation: When the Ten of Swords assaults your reading its showing you are fear-driven by your thoughts

    41. It appeared that such assaults were a fairly common occurrence and little cause for surprise

    42. al -powerful, and are not afraid of the desert, the loneliness, the creeping creatures and beasts of the earth, and the demonic assaults

    43. Assaults and batteries can also be pursued via civil (as opposed to criminal) laws

    44. The types of acts that fall into the category of assaults can vary widely, but typically an assault requires an overt or direct act that would put the reasonable person in fear for their safety

    45. Assaults which happen in the victim's home can also qualify as an aggravated assault

    46. States classify certain assaults as aggravated assault under their criminal codes

    47. Often, aggravated assaults qualify as felonies, while simple assaults can be misdemeanors

    48. Sexual assaults usually qualify as their own type of assault, but depending on the state, could be charged as assault/battery, sexual assault, aggravated assault or rape

    49. States typically accomplished this in one of three ways: by removing the specific exemption for spousal assaults that existed in many sexual assault laws; by removing marriage as a defense to the sexual assault charge; or by creating a separate law prohibiting sexual assault on a spouse

    50. "The number of reported sexual assaults fell by 10 per cent last year in Vancouver, after the ads were featured around the city

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