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    1. Aware at first of only my own shuffle and ache, I gradually began to distinguish other movements and routines within the close confines of these bare walls

    2. Forest: If the trees are high and nice, you will inherit a fortune; if you are alone and gloomy in a forest, it indicates that you can't distinguish who your true friends are; if the forest is on fire, prepare for disaster

    3. It is by this same Spirit that we distinguish our God from all others

    4. If you want to promote the contest on Facebook, the easiest way to do so is to come up with a creative hashtag, and one that is going to distinguish the competition

    5. We have to distinguish

    6. sat the tower up and I tried to distinguish where one piece began and the other

    7. Her eyes remain closed, but she can distinguish shades of light from under her eyelids

    8. distinguish how many of the weapons there were

    9. As her eyes adjusted to the blackness, she was able to distinguish she was out front of the big house

    10. Emma's hand was trembling so badly she could hardly distinguish that which followed

    11. Within the pile of gore strewn on top of the beds it was difficult to distinguish specific shapes

    12. But at such times she failed to distinguish shapes within the night

    13. But though the whole value of the annual produce of the land and labour of every country, is thus divided among, and constitutes a revenue to, its different inhabitants ; yet, as in the rent of a private estate, we distinguish between the gross rent and the neat rent, so may we likewise in the revenue of all the inhabitants of a great country

    14. But this discovery is not altogether so easy when they discount their bills sometimes with one banker, and sometimes with another, and when the two same persons do not constantly draw and redraw upon one another, but occasionally run the round of a great circle of projectors, who find it for their interest to assist one another in this method of raising money and to render it, upon that account, as difficult as possible to distinguish between a real and a fictitious bill of exchange, between a bill drawn by a real creditor upon a real debtor, and a bill for which there was properly no real creditor but the bank which discounted it, nor any real debtor but the projector who made use of the money

    15. We must carefully distinguish between the effects of the colony trade and those of the monopoly of that trade

    16. For manufacturers of concrete (concrete mix, products and structures) is important to distinguish the economic effect provided by the admixture due to economy of other resources during manufacture and effect reached at concrete application

    17. It was no longer possible to distinguish between who was, and who was not, a Roman citizen

    18. The rich, not being able to distinguish themselves by the expense of any one dress, will naturally endeavour to do so by the multitude and variety of their dresses

    19. To demand, as have had recent liberal commentators, including the President of the United States, that both the Palestinians and Israelis get over their arrogance, is not only to ignore history, but also to fail to distinguish between just and unjust military actions

    20. “Raven,” it said, mixed amongst sounds he couldn’t distinguish

    21. Zeradas, her alien assistant, provided her with the virus disguised in the form of a subroutine the erstwhile computer would – hopefully – not be able to distinguish from a background monitor program

    22. different to distinguish it from the other

    23. There was a sickly sweet smell hanging in the air, the aftermath of something being burnt, though Raven couldn’t distinguish what

    24. It is Humankind‘s inherent capacity for being (human) that allows an individual to distinguish between right and wrong, for example, although that individual may oftentimes behave in a manner contrary to his or her (own) better judgment

    25. Nevertheless, there are many of us, who, conditioned by our obstinate desires, have seemingly compromised our ability to (consciously) distinguish between right and wrong, commending, by inuring habit(s), inappropriate behavior

    26. They could distinguish likely (read actual) terrorist bases by looking at the number of toilets and the paths to it for African men do not (in rural areas) share a toilet with a woman

    27. that that individual is able to correctly distinguish between right and wrong) These models are not necessarily mandates (for choice) but guidelines, rather, that provide compelling reasons for making the right decisions to begin with

    28. Where once Blacks and Irish had worked together, lived in the same neighborhoods, and even intermarried, Irish-American bigotry against Blacks became common as a way to distinguish themselves and try to avoid prejudice from whites

    29. So I taught him to distinguish what object I wanted, to pick it up with his teeth, hold it

    30. If I did, you could possibly distinguish a small prickle of light the size of a hairpin

    31. ” Jorge set off at a pace that was almost a trot, through thick jungle foliage, along a trail that Beth couldn’t distinguish

    32. Children cannot distinguish between what they want and what they need and so given the choice they will be very inclined to choose only sweet taste

    33. Colling could discern a conversation in progress, and although he could not distinguish what was being said, Helga did not return immediately, leading him to believe that the German maid’s offer had been accepted

    34. Colling could now distinguish the other vessel’s shape, and saw that it was larger than the Syrena, but without much greater freeboard, so that if the two boats were alongside one another, the cutter’s fore deck would only be about two feet higher than the main deck of the fishing boat

    35. “It is not clear that an imperfect being could have a very clear notion of a perfect being, because an imperfect being might be unable to distinguish between perfection and imperfection, so Axiom 2 is suspect to me

    36. If Othman and Muawiyah, his nephew, were among the ones that were sent on the northern campaign that succeeded in distinguishing them in some manner by the time of its hugely successful end in AD 644 with the acquisition of Syria, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Armenia, and if they were the tribal relatives of Mohammed, was the North African campaign launched to distinguish the familial relatives as a counter to that earlier achievement?

    37. By every minute, the forest grew before their eyes until they were so close they could distinguish the trunks and the lush green crowns

    38. Let’s just quickly have a look at the dynamics of the device itself so that we can distinguish between the huge differences of cremation versus the traditional burial

    39. It is very hard to distinguish between the tribes of the lake country anymore, since they all dressed and adorned themselves the same way and there was so much intermarriage between the tribes

    40. As they say: don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater! Distinguish between your rejection of me and rejection of the Word of God

    41. We dismounted and walked around a large tree or bush—since it was quite dark with only a waxing moon to light the way, I couldn’t see anything well enough to distinguish it

    42. as he strained to distinguish the whispering voices

    43. Soon I could distinguish them

    44. I could tell that I was passing through different tribes, but other than nuances in their looks and variation in their languages, it was difficult to distinguish them

    45. As a child you could not distinguish between good and bad, but that is something you can do now

    46. Viktor could not distinguish too much of all the memories and feelings Elijah had transmitted him as they were too chaotic, but he could understand that Arye had conspired with Poseidon against Elijah

    47. distinguish, test, prove and assess things while living

    48. properly noted by cigar smokers, who could now distinguish a cigar made in

    49. I’ve never been so exhausted in my life; I couldn’t even distinguish if it was physical or emotional

    50. It is helpful to distinguish between the types of risks faced by

    1. She turns as her greying, distinguished servant, MOHAMMED, opens the door

    2. Ernesto himself even tried to look distinguished with a dash of white in the black at his temples

    3. If God can make it so that a man can be distinguished from other men because of the eternal Spirit, how much more does this quality bring us to the same conclusion about Jesus? This wasn’t a mere man

    4. I believe that this rejection of having a multitude of elders that have been distinguished and anointed by the Holy Spirit to lead and to edify is in fact a statement of our condition

    5. Leaning close she whispered, “Now tell me, who is the handsome man with you, a lover or a friend? He is very distinguished looking and my Queen has asked of him

    6. distinguished medical researcher at Yale, insisted that

    7. distinguished from the adjacent hedgerows

    8. Only Samuel's beard distinguished him from the others, and there were to be 'no faces

    9. They had managed to render a pretty good picture of her with the big scope, and she just didn’t look like a distinguished university professor

    10. From a distance the grown structure rambling across the mountaintop can’t be distinguished from the forest

    11. When those three different sorts of revenue belong to different persons, they are readily distinguished; but when they belong to the same, they are sometimes confounded with one another, at least in common language

    12. His whole stock, therefore, is distinguished into two parts

    13. Or those that distinguished themselves in war

    14. For seldom does a life have its moments so distinguished

    15. France seems to have had a considerable share of foreign commerce, near a century before England was distinguished as a commercial country

    16. The gold and silver which can properly be considered as accumulated, or stored up in any country, may be distinguished into three parts ; first, the circulating money; secondly, the plate of private families; and, last of all, the money which may have been collected by many years parsimony, and laid up in the treasury of the prince

    17. As a shilling fresh from the mint will buy no more goods in the market than one of our common worn shillings, so the good and true money which might be brought from the coffers of the bank into those of a private person, being mixed and confounded with the common currency of the country, would be of no more value than that currency, from which it could no longer be readily distinguished

    18. When the greater part of the coin, however, was in this degenerate condition, forty four guineas and a-half, fresh from the mint, would purchase no more goods in the market than any other ordinary guineas; because, when they came into the coffers of the merchant, being confounded with other money, they could not afterwards be distinguished without more trouble than the difference was worth

    19. It is because the labour of the cultivators, over and above paying completely all those necessary expenses, affords a neat produce of this kind, that this class of people are in this system peculiarly distinguished by the honourable appellation of the productive class

    20. They have for some years past made a pretty considerable sect, distinguished in the French republic of letters by the name of the Economists

    21. Ancient Egypt, on the contrary, though it exported some manufactures, fine linen in particular, as well as some other goods, was always most distinguished for its great exportation of grain

    22. The valour of her soldiers, however, far from being corrupted by that long peace, was never more distinguished than in the attempt upon Carthagena, the first unfortunate exploit of that unfortunate war

    23. A man of rank and fortune is, by his station, the distinguished member of a great society, who attend to every part of his conduct, and who thereby oblige him to attend to every part of it himself

    24. A man of low condition, on the contrary, is far from being a distinguished member of any great society

    25. In England, accordingly, the church is continually draining the universities of all their best and ablest members; and an old college tutor who is known and distinguished in Europe as an eminent man of letters, is as rarely to be found there as in any Roman catholic country, In Geneva, on the contrary, in the protestant cantons of

    26. The rent of a house may be distinguished into two parts, of which the one may very properly be called the building-rent; the other is commonly called the ground-rent

    27. member of a Georgian family that played a distinguished role in

    28. graduate from this distinguished institution which would become

    29. A dark form could just be distinguished in the gloom as it emerged from the tunnel

    30. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her (own) opinion provided that what the viewing audience understands as reporting (the) news is correctly distinguished from ―spinning‖ or interpreting (the) news and that this distinction is properly conveyed to that audience

    31. A tall, distinguished looking man glared down at me, a look of complete contempt hooding his eyes

    32. So clear was the thin, cool air that upper branches could be distinguished individually in the canopy of jungle enveloping the mountain across the chasm

    33. Since he did not volunteer his last name, it still did not dawn on me who that person who looked very distinguished really was

    34. I only found out about such documentation at the 2003 Ponferrada Book Fair when the distinguished Marist Brother José Diego Rodríguez Cubero provided me with a copy of his own investigation of the “Little Church” of Fuentesnuevas

    35. “During a cruise that my wife and I took last year, a distinguished, affable and learned traveler suggested that I should entitle my next book Odyssey Dreamed

    36. A thousand thanks from the bottom of my heart for this remarkable reward and distinguished homage

    37. After about twenty minutes, the door opened and Agent Anders entered with Vice President Anderson and another distinguished gentleman

    38. Black Union soldiers had distinguished records and many decorations, including Congressional Medals of Honor

    39. This distinguished document is an English Puritan work, although there was some valued input from Scottish theologians

    40. The blue and yellow, easily distinguished as two suns in the winter, and every other dusk their colors rang true

    41. Manichaeism is generally considered to be the Persian type of gnosis, as it is distinguished by Zoroastrian dualism and other features of that system

    42. The intellect or understanding, as distinguished from the faculties of feeling or willing; the repository of intelligence

    43. distinguished G-Man and the rest of the gentlemen

    44. distinguished himself as a general in the military

    45. The latter and his half brother, Tlacaelel, had both distinguished themselves during the earlier southern campaigns

    46. The Khan and his distinguished guests stood at the top of the stairs with the entire palace guard behind them

    47. distinguished paths of Sector7, the two had spent most of their

    48. “You are the most distinguished guest I have ever had the honor to entertain

    49. 8 By the knowledge of the Lord they were distinguished, and he altered seasons and feasts

    50. They could be distinguished by normal hair and even mustaches

    1. The first of these formularies, which, by way of eminence, he peculiarly distinguishes by the name of the Economical Table, represents the manner in which he supposes this distribution takes place, in a state of the most perfect liberty, and, therefore, of the highest prosperity; in a state where the annual produce is such as to afford the greatest possible neat produce, and where each class enjoys its proper share of the whole annual produce

    2. Although the purpose of television is to entertain (and instruct) and to provide a meaningful outlet for a child‘s (incipient) imagination, it should do so in a manner that correctly distinguishes between what is real from implausible or uncertain (impressions) that that child normally receives; that is to say, that otherwise obscure what is real from what is not real (or make-believe) but only appears to be real whenever taken out of context

    3. What distinguishes this section from atrocities in wartime is intent

    4. The only thing that distinguishes one hallway from another, here, is their length

    5. Yangsi Rinpoche distinguishes between karmic imprints and karmic seeds

    6. the heart; but our God distinguishes between the

    7. The scientific method is central to the explosion of inquiry and creativity that distinguishes Western civilization from societies that lack that approach

    8. "Salvation" distinguishes a notion common to men and women of a wide range of cultural traditions

    9. Look for “la difference” – what distinguishes otherwise similar instances

    10. 6 The Distinguished Flying Cross is a medal awarded to any officer or enlisted member of the United States armed forces who distinguishes himself or herself in combat in support of operations by

    11. The real trick that distinguishes this from other CC cookies I’ve eaten is that the batter is placed in the frig for 12 hours before going in the oven

    12. Your individuality is that sense of uniqueness which distinguishes you from another

    13. for a state of mind which distinguishes between the “known and the

    14. The activity most intimately linked to the consciousness that distinguishes human

    15. What distinguishes entrepreneurial cultures is that they chase

    16. See what distinguishes humans, is humans by their words, can release a spirit content into the world

    17. The thing that distinguishes us, that enables us to be able to do that, is we have a spirit man, we're created in the image of God,, and we can speak words that communicate in ways that the animal world cannot

    18. When a small boy distinguishes himself in an event his parents

    19. Logic is the science of good reasoning, it distinguishes bad from good reasoning

    20. power that distinguishes between the visible world and the invisible

    21. “Heart” in this verse means the heart of the spirit by which it minds and distinguishes between good and evil

    22. a process, as a function of a human being that distinguishes him from an animal

    23. And, it is the subtype program, the “Soul” that distinguishes one

    24. 6) They admit the truth of the prophets’ and messengers’ missions (ptt), but their mediation is what distinguishes these magicians

    25. should be such that it clearly distinguishes your product or service

    26. relative validity, and this distinguishes them from things that

    27. I use that phrase advisedly, because it seems appropriate to young people bereft of the discipline that might make them employable, of the conscience that distinguishes between right and wrong

    28. Still, what potentially distinguishes art is the characteristics of the

    29. This characteristic frequency of inertially “changing” rotation Cycles that are structured by wave Configurations of an innumerable number of different-qualitative Forms may serve as a more or less reliable feature that distinguishes in the Self-Consciousness of each “personality” one Time Flow from another one, that is, that which subjectively (for you!) “was” from that which subjectively (for you!) “is”

    30. The most of them lack that expression of conscious life which distinguishes

    31. It is this "something" that distinguishes that "man" from other men

    32. distinguishes clearly, and is a potential for having everything already accomplished

    33. It will be noticed that in these instances it is chiefly the insistence upon outline that distinguishes these artists from their contemporaries

    34. There is another characteristic of the Scripture doctrine on Satanic action, which distinguishes it froth pagan mythologies

    35. Within the informative-cognitive paradigm one distinguishes be-

    36. But it is, after all, the humour of "Don Quixote" that distinguishes it from all other books of the romance kind

    37. To bring my argument to a close, I would say then, gentle sir, let your son go on as his star leads him, for being so studious as he seems to be, and having already successfully surmounted the first step of the sciences, which is that of the languages, with their help he will by his own exertions reach the summit of polite literature, which so well becomes an independent gentleman, and adorns, honours, and distinguishes him, as much as the mitre does the bishop, or the gown the learned counsellor

    38. "What spilorceria!--as an Italian would say," said Don Quixote; "but for all that, consider yourself happy in having left court with as worthy an object as you have, for there is nothing on earth more honourable or profitable than serving, first of all God, and then one's king and natural lord, particularly in the profession of arms, by which, if not more wealth, at least more honour is to be won than by letters, as I have said many a time; for though letters may have founded more great houses than arms, still those founded by arms have I know not what superiority over those founded by letters, and a certain splendour belonging to them that distinguishes them above all

    39. In the lower stages of civilization imagination more than reason distinguishes man from the animals; and to banish art would be to banish thought, to banish language, to banish the expression of all truth

    40. In all human action not that which is common to man and the animals is the characteristic element, but that which distinguishes him from them

    41. which distinguishes that otherwise most unfortunate condition, and gave

    42. feeling, and toying with that leak that distinguishes our sex, and it so

    43. The fierceness of his countenance now seemed to slumber, and in its place was to be seen the quiet, vacant composure which distinguishes an Indian warrior, when his faculties are not required for any of the greater purposes of his existence

    44. What distinguishes me from Johnson is that I have the will in spades

    45. In fine, it might have answered very well the making a skew of; its enormous head seemed, in hue and size, not unlike a common sheep's heart; then you might have trolled dice securely along the broad back of the body of it; the length of it too was prodigious; then the rich appendage of the treasure-bag beneath, large in proportion, gathered and crisped up round in shallow furrows, helped to fill the eye, and complete the proof of his being a natural, not quite in vain; since it was full manifest that he inherited, and largely too, the prerogative of majesty which distinguishes that otherwise most unfortunate condition, and gave rise to the vulgar saying "That a fool's bauble is a lady's playfellow

    46. We gave, in short, a loose to mirth; and now, nothing would serve him but giving his hand the regale of going over every part of me, neck, breast, belly, thighs, and all the et caetera, so dear to the imagination, under the pretext of washing and rubbing them; as we both stood in the water, no higher now than the pit of our stomachs, and which did not hinder him from feeling, and toying with that leak that distinguishes our sex, and it so wonderfully water-tight: for his fingers, in vain dilating and opening it, only let more flame than water into it, be it said without a figure

    47. It is man’s inclination to ask and to answer the question why that distinguishes him from animals lower in the food chain

    48. It is his ability to translate observation and knowledge into profitable investment actions that distinguishes the contrarian trader from the run-of-the-mill devil’s advocate or naysayer

    49. What distinguishes this pullback is its position in the evolving market structure as the first pullback following a potential trend change; normal pullbacks are continuation patterns in established trends

    50. In most cases, it is an element of the operating system that distinguishes between requests for files on the local drive and those on the network

    1. Either that or the illness causes a block in distinguishing between healthy good moods and mania

    2. He began picking through the throng of disfigured amputees, searching for the man's only truly distinguishing feature

    3. This man was one of those people with no distinguishing features who somehow still managed to always look menacing

    4. But though America were to send fifty or sixty new representatives to parlimnent, the door-keeper of the house of commons could not find any great difficulty in distinguishing between who was and who was not a member

    5. But her most distinguishing feature

    6. Coming back to the question of distinguishing between fact and falsehood, I think it is clear from our limited abilities in the fields of science and many other disciplines, that we are very far from knowing everything that there is to know

    7. The troops had been buoyed up with the prospect of a stiff struggle at the end, and a chance of distinguishing themselves, and it seemed, by the abject surrender, that they had marched and endured for nothing

    8. The unreflective opinions of the ―common man‖ remain the distinguishing features of our (great) republic

    9. That is to say; they strove to supersede conventional customs and practices with quasi-nihilistic manners whose unscrupulous rejection of conscientious values ultimately created a mix of (moral/spiritual) confusion whose legacy has unhappily become a distinguishing characteristic of today‘s youth

    10. Taking these three passages together it’s evident that the Greek term which is rendered “discerning” means a distinguishing or discriminating between things that are under consideration; hence, the one who possessed the gift of “discernings of spirits” was able to make distinction between a person who spoke by the Spirit of God and one who was moved by a false spirit

    11. She also went about the passages, corridors and the larger cavities where hallways met with astounding ease, especially considering the poor light and lack of distinguishing features in such a maze of wild irregularity

    12. If Othman and Muawiyah, his nephew, were among the ones that were sent on the northern campaign that succeeded in distinguishing them in some manner by the time of its hugely successful end in AD 644 with the acquisition of Syria, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Armenia, and if they were the tribal relatives of Mohammed, was the North African campaign launched to distinguish the familial relatives as a counter to that earlier achievement?

    13. I see how the mammoth planet that terrifies me seems like a haven to him, a place where he can disappear into its great space, never distinguishing himself, and never being held responsible for his actions

    14. drawn up, it was easy to create a filter that could be applied to the potential solutions, though she had some difficulty distinguishing between definite requirements and wish

    15. His only distinguishing vesture was a headdress rather reminiscent of those worn by the Tsoyaha, like a thin piece of cloth wound all around the head

    16. Vilfredo Pareto the Italian economist used this chart in distinguishing the key factors which contributes significantly to the results

    17. This tool is highly used in performing causal analysis software industry in distinguishing which are the vital factors which we need to concentrate in analyzing any outcome

    18. the flesh—but is the distinguishing mark of a real

    19. the process whereby it is done consists in distinguishing the elements in terms of some aspect

    20. After this foundation distinguishing objects is laid, it becomes easy to label nominative objects such as blanket, bottle, food, toy and so on

    21. A glow prevented me from clearly distinguishing his

    22. The fact that Zoroastro was distinguishing me with the honor of his presence was nothing I was grateful with in any way

    23. Their pale skin was a distinguishing characteristic of their population

    24. He was nothing to look at; medium height, slim, light brown hair and no distinguishing features apart from a disarmingly candid gaze through one green and one brown eye

    25. This road couldn"t be seen from Hank"s place because of the low hills in between, but by looking up to the ridge I should be able to recognise a distinguishing feature or building

    26. and to another the effecting of miracles, and to another prophecy, and to another the distinguishing of spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, and to another the interpretation of tongues

    27. late thirties the man was still very much in shape and had very distinguishing features that added

    28. approaching the sixth sub-race a distinguishing expression which one who looks for it will soon begin to recognize

    29. The world seemed much safer than the night that Monica was still having difficulty distinguishing from her dreams

    30. are based upon the lack of ability or interest in distinguishing women's needs from a

    31. Always remember that dogs can have a hard time in distinguishing two commands, especially if they are conflicting

    32. Czechoslovakian flags and the students ran on, brandishing the red and white flags with their distinguishing blue triangles

    33. The section on distinguishing features' was underlined in

    34. I had always been good at distinguishing smells, but this had grown more acute after my sight had gone

    35. Each version of the License is given a distinguishing version

    36. Think of these as distinguishing characteristics

    37. distinguishing factor of Power Coaches is that they must have an

    38. “It began with a heavy fog or mist in which there is the faint but distinct outline of a ship, perhaps a cargo vessel, on the deck of which there is the silhouette of a man, probably of a high social order given his coat with tails and his top hat that seem to be distinguishing features of him

    39. “I’m sure it would be a very distinguishing feature

    40. Perhaps the lack of extraordinary looks or distinguishing features caused Wickland to have the sense they had met before

    41. Even though the warden didn't look like the warden, there were distinguishing colors which differentiated him from other humans and with Roqford's eyes he would recognize the warden anywhere, even in a crowd

    42. It is this distinguishing impulse of human consciousness that provides the moral

    43. By distinguishing the process of channeling in this way it is easier to understand and learn – to learn in the sense of separating it out of normal thinking and feeling, and to understand when “our” thoughts and feelings indeed arise within ourselves, and when they are being passed to us by a spirit

    44. She stepped to the brother who she felt was slightly smaller; the one without the armband or distinguishing crescent moon on his ass

    45. It was his way of distinguishing himself from the privileged upbringing of the Gandhi family, and in his speeches he projected himself very much as a pulled-up-by-my-own-bootstraps achiever compared with silver spoon-sucking bungalow babies

    46. Distinguishing lies from the truth was tough with so much misdirection

    47. A distinguishing feature of PERT is its ability to deal with uncertainty in activity completion times

    48. The hundred is distinguishing figure attaining a whole within a whole showing the great virtue of the Trinity doctrine in fullness unity

    49. Without the distinguishing ability of the Neo-Cortex, the limbic and reptilian brains do not have the ability to differentiate between reality and what it sees on television

    50. But two claimants to elite status are one too many! Believing that others are of inferior race, that sub-humans exist, that God establishes a hierarchy among humans by distinguishing the small designated community from the rest of humanity, means that the Other may not claim the same status as ourselves

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