regain sätze

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Regain sätze (in englisch)

  1. As soon as I regain.
  2. I needed to regain control.
  3. He would his sanity regain.
  4. As Samara began to regain.
  5. Do you wish him to regain.

  6. As the lights began to regain.
  7. David tried to regain his poise.
  8. She had to regain control over.
  9. You need to find ways to regain.
  10. Within months I began to regain.
  11. She will not regain consciousness.
  12. Before the guard could regain his.
  13. She wanted to regain his confidence.
  14. You need to regain your strength.
  15. To face it, I have to regain control.

  16. That hope is man’s means to regain.
  17. And whenever it managed to regain a.
  18. He would try to regain the initiative.
  19. Maybe it was to regain the funeral car.
  20. His plea helped her to regain composure.
  21. A chance to regain her mental composure.
  22. He watched her regain control of herself.
  23. All she needs is for you to regain your.
  24. Rosy paused to regain control of herself.
  25. Before she could regain control, she was.

  26. In this way he hoped to regain his energy.
  27. The agile Thoroughbred managed to regain.
  28. Luke will need time to regain his strength.
  29. Moshe regain control of the quivering mount.
  30. I lost a friendship that I can never regain.
  31. I knew where I had to go to regain my sanity.
  32. Mana stumbled and tried to regain her balance.
  33. The soft, spring air helped her regain control.
  34. I shook my head to try to regain concentration.
  35. Pausing to regain his composure, he continued.
  36. When she began to regain the normal color in.
  37. It could regain it or it could start a reversal.
  38. Henriette seemed to regain some of her composure.
  39. A battle becomes necessary to regain lost beauty.
  40. He could see Korah begin to regain his composure.
  41. I step away, in an attempt to regain my faculties.
  42. To lose it once means twice the effort to regain.
  43. Thankfully, it only took me an hour to regain my.
  44. Desperately, she tried to regain the easy confi-.
  45. Before she could regain her composure, he fired a.
  46. It took me seven whole hours to regain my appetite.
  47. She would rest, and regain her strength and beauty.
  48. It took most of the next day for them to regain a.
  49. After a few minutes, he was able to regain control.
  50. Here are the tips on how you can regain the control.
  51. We had just started to regain some normalcy in our.
  52. Lorrent stood gasping heavily to regain her breath.
  53. I may need a minute or two to regain fully my wits.
  54. Slowly but surely I was able to regain my composure.
  55. Druids in an effort to regain control of their home.
  56. This is our job, we must try to regain their trust.
  57. This allowed him to regain his footing and stand up.
  58. Callie did regain consciousness briefly at one point.
  59. He picked himself up, and fought to regain his breath.
  60. I could only yawn widely as I struggled to regain my.
  61. We have to regain control of the strategic points.
  62. Zeke didn’t regain consciousness before his surgery.
  63. A polished diplomat, he was quick to regain his poise.
  64. After a seizure, it takes time for the body to regain.
  65. She relaxed her grip and waited for him to regain color.
  66. Thankfully, Corey was beginning to regain his composure.
  67. I couldn’t let her escape and regain her Siis powers.
  68. Desperate to regain favour, he held out one of the mugs.
  69. I’m here to help you regain the spirit of Christmas.
  70. By reprogramming your mind, you can regain this ability.
  71. Libby, eyes narrowed, took a step forward to regain the.
  72. He said he would help us regain our land from the humans.
  73. Rich danced sideways, tried to regain his footing, then.
  74. Boroszki did not die, but he did not regain consciousness.
  75. He slowly counted to ten, trying to regain his composure.
  76. He would rest up to let Johnny and Mary regain their lead.
  77. Leonid took a moment to regain his composure and stood up.
  78. It was a good thing, and it helped me to regain my senses.
  79. An echo? Moshe's mind raced as he worked to regain control.
  80. The only thing they can do now is wait and regain strength.
  81. Outside the building, he stopped and attempted to regain.
  82. A second slug of malt helps Ted regain control of his voice.
  83. It might be her only chance to help her family regain the.
  84. The harpy cried in pain as she tried to regain her footing.
  85. She wiped her eyes quickly to regain composure to face him.
  86. It took her a minute or so to regain control of her temper.
  87. She knelt there for a while, trying to regain her composure.
  88. He had to catch at the chairs and tables to regain his seat.
  89. Now, it is up to us to act before they regain their balance.
  90. He caught her stare and dropped his own to regain composure.
  91. Before he could regain his feet Slasher tore his throat out.
  92. He rested his chin on her head and fought to regain control.
  93. Henri slumped back into his chair and started to regain his.
  94. Your goal is to stay calm and regain control of the situation.
  95. That was all it took for the vampire to regain the upper hand.
  96. It was like putting out her benumbed hand to regain her hold.
  97. That’s correct, Paul said, trying to regain his footage.
  98. For a couple of seconds, Mitchell tried to regain his breath.
  99. Starting to regain his composure, he said in an unconvincing.
  100. Yes, whatever, Ava said, trying to regain her composure.
  1. Nicole was regaining her equanimity.
  2. He was now regaining consciousness.
  3. She was regaining her poise swiftly.
  4. Regaining the control room, he spoke.
  5. He shook his head, regaining his bearings.
  6. He hung on for a time, regaining his breath.
  7. We felt that she was regaining her life in God.
  8. Without you, we have no hope of regaining them.
  9. He was slowly regaining the use of his muscles.
  10. By then, Jim Rourke was regaining consciousness.
  11. How’s Evver? She asked regaining her focus.
  12. Whatever, she said, now regaining her senses.
  13. They had no hope of the boy regaining his hearing.
  14. Hey you, she said, regaining some of her voice.
  15. In regaining his footing, he at first refused to move.
  16. Yes, the judge stated regaining focus on the case.
  17. Indra staggered a few steps prior to regaining composure.
  18. Regaining his composure he said, I thought you left.
  19. Remembering the Mother Source, Regaining Women's Powers.
  20. He had died two days later never regaining consciousness.
  21. He was not regaining consciousness, nor was he brain dead.
  22. On the Mount itself the Security officers were regaining.
  23. I think he is regaining conscious, my nightmare said.
  24. He's rapidly regaining flesh since he lost his better half.
  25. Now it was their turn to dream of regaining their homeland.
  26. As it got back up, it staggered before regaining its balance.
  27. The Barachan, regaining his wind, grinned at the panting crew.
  28. I gave some good ones to that Mandy after regaining conscious.
  29. Tell us the whole story, Rachel said regaining her calm.
  30. He’s rapidly regaining flesh since he lost his better half.
  31. Way too close, and he gripped the wheel hard, regaining control.
  32. She was regaining the assurance that Abdullah tried to snuff out.
  33. I’m sorry, Harold, Alex said, regaining his composure and.
  34. Everyone has enough to bear in his own grief!’ And regaining his.
  35. I had it shaved off, he explained, slowly regaining his breath.
  36. Regaining his balance, he took off down the center aisle, pushing his.
  37. Regaining his feet, he forced her along in the direction of the river.
  38. Brownie hit the guard rail and bounced off it before regaining control.
  39. Regaining his balance, Em reached up and started stroking the cat's neck.
  40. Finally regaining some composure, she looked down into the eyes of Jack.
  41. Regaining his composure a few moments later, he packed the note in his bag.
  42. Sure, she said, regaining her composure, It should be a lot of fun.
  43. Regaining my composure I stepped forward and touched the shimmering doorway.
  44. It will help you in regaining your concentration to study well after a break.
  45. Regaining his wits the king questioned: But honorable ancestor, what of our.
  46. What's their position Eye? he asked regaining the control of his thoughts.
  47. Without a backward look he shambled toward the house, slowly regaining his wind.
  48. Are we regaining stealth surveillance on the Chink-link Chain? Four Square.
  49. This time when he responded it was less jovial and more towards regaining control.
  50. I fell on the ground with a thump and after regaining my conscious I quickly got up.
  51. Regaining consciousness in my hospital room, I saw Nic standing at the end of my bed.
  52. Tell her, Noah, says Justin, regaining an upright position, still on his knees.
  53. Good Good he said regaining his confidence, stirring his neck in al directions.
  54. Then, just as she was regaining her equilibrium, she would be back on that damn couch.
  55. Regaining their thoughts, Wendy and Colleen raced to get the horses and their parents.
  56. As titans were regaining their strength, Akira and the other fallen ones fled the scene.
  57. As she straightened up, regaining some control over her stomach, she looked at the tree.
  58. He pointed the staff toward the witch as she lay crumpled, just regaining consciousness.
  59. Regaining his breath he circled Barrad now more cautious hoping to find a new angle of attack.
  60. He was slowly regaining his control, I take it that's when she snuck out on the balcony?
  61. Regaining her composure and wiping her eyes, his mom continued in the same quiet tone as before.
  62. After a few drinks Tonys humor seemed to improve and he was slowly regaining his outrageous self.
  63. The driver, quickly regaining his feet, ran as fast as he could in the direction from which he had.
  64. Orestes was too much of a coward to even think of regaining the right of his Kingship and become King.
  65. Finally regaining some of his wits, and his speech, he blurted out, Rheus has a crush on Sophia?
  66. The only possibility for the original Roidon regaining his mind would be if he made a personal interface.
  67. He was visibly shaken by the question and squirmed in his seat before regaining his proper, staid composure.
  68. He was slowly regaining control, his control, control of himself, while he became aware of what had happened.
  69. My palate was said to be the best in the northern quarter, reflected Uther, his face regaining its color.
  70. Driving out the tyrant or driving out the English, in both cases, regaining possession of one's own territory.
  71. Regaining my posture, I took heed for the door once more, and was disturbed greatly to find it had been locked.
  72. Developing a greater sense of spirituality and ‘oneness’ with others, upon regaining physical consciousness.
  73. But my pose was not heroic, and, to speak the entire truth, I was having some difficulty in regaining my breath.
  74. He remembered the feeling of disarray, regaining consciousness from something that had seemed more real than here.
  75. For a split second she looked hurt, then she covered up her emotions, regaining the air of coldness she always wore.
  76. Regaining his breath and with eyes watering Malcolm takes a tentative drag and is relieved it does not make him cough.
  77. Finally regaining some composure, Broshee glanced back over her shoulder towards the brow of the hill, breathing fast.
  78. He seized the control column and slid his feet to the rudder pedals, stabilizing their movement and regaining control.
  79. I was engrossed with popularity and regaining back my grandfather’s trust that I didn’t thought of suspecting Alex.
  80. Regaining his footing, he sprinted up the street, already calculating the most direct route to Maria’s parents’ place.
  81. Regaining his composure, Locke located Hiss through the dirt haze, stalking in the direction of where Ames must have landed.
  82. Regaining his composure, Samson eased toward the dog with every sense and muscle on red alert, envying the dog‘s ability.
  83. Shomberg stared at her for a moment with disbelief, then broke out into a short laughter before regaining control of himself.
  84. She was noticeably regaining her composure, and it seemed to William that now she felt she had a way out of this predicament.
  85. What the hell’s holding this shut? yelled Chris, snapping for a second and then quickly regaining control of his temper.
  86. After regaining the Jolly Green Giant the image of the tree changed and he was able to see more blockages above the head, Still.
  87. The tour’s passage through the school caused quite an uproar and the teachers had difficulty regaining control after they left.
  88. They’d spent most of the night regaining their formation—now only three columns, with just three ships in the one to windward.
  89. Sometimes, the hunter was too slow at regaining control of the hounds, and the beasts would kill the prey, tearing them to shreds.
  90. She was immediately met by Millicent, who squared up to her aggressively, and she faltered in her step before regaining composure.
  91. And there Democrats who forgathered every Wednesday night to devise ways of regaining the were sick friends with whom he had to sit.
  92. Brightness was convinced that she was dying, but she had slowly recovered, regaining a little strength with the passing of each moon.
  93. He flailed his arms wildly for a fraction of an instant—the stones atop the tower were wet and slippery—before regaining his balance.
  94. The colour regaining from the whiteness he imposed upon himself by the constant wringing and twisting of his hands in a nervous gesture.
  95. Thomas Afro-American Hospital, she lost an arm to amputation and died later that morning at the age of 43, never regaining consciousness.
  96. I wanted to have an influence in decreasing the divorce rate, rescuing children from ignorant parenting, and regaining the healthy social.
  97. I had been so confident of regaining the treaty at once that I had not dared to think of what would be the consequence if I failed to do so.
  98. She is weak from the many things that have happened to her, but she’s regaining her strength, which is a long story better left for Moshe.
  99. There was comfort also in Tom, who gradually regained his health, without regaining the thoughtlessness and selfishness of his previous habits.
  100. Slowly regaining consciousness, Darkburst kept his eyes closed for a moment, trying to mentally ease the pain that was coursing through his body.
  1. Then she regained her cool.
  2. He regained control of his.
  3. And he regained his composure.
  4. I suddenly regained my sight.
  5. Regained those, and then some.
  6. She quickly regained her feet.
  7. Chunt regained her senses and.
  8. The Furies regained their balance.
  9. He quickly regained his composure.
  10. Joey regained himself and stood up.
  11. Lezura regained her composer easily.
  12. After medical treatment I regained.
  13. Pougatcheff regained his good humor.
  14. I stepped back, my composure regained.
  15. Joey had soon regained full awareness.
  16. Thomas regained some of his composure.
  17. He regained consciousness and moaned.
  18. The Leader had regained his composure.
  19. The girl never regained consciousness.
  20. Flannery quickly regained his balance.
  21. When Mei Yinxue had regained conscious.
  22. In a moment he had regained composure.
  23. He had only regained consciousness at M.
  24. Mia Doulton has regained consciousness.
  25. It rose; and night regained it's place.
  26. The other men had regained their footing.
  27. Pierre regained consciousness and sat up.
  28. Moreover you have regained your freedom.
  29. Mercer blinked and regained his balance.
  30. Some weight is dropped and then regained.
  31. A few seconds later, he regained control.
  32. No, he hasn’t regained consciousness.
  33. She regained her calm and pleaded with him.
  34. She soon regained her normal cheery poise.
  35. He had regained consciousness that morning.
  36. His voice had regained a strange composure.
  37. When both women had regained control, Abby.
  38. Maileena coughed as she regained her breath.
  39. Before Vinny regained consciousness, Alvin.
  40. It means you regained the tactical initiative.
  41. His composure regained, he cleared his throat.
  42. I regained my couch, but never thought of sleep.
  43. By the time Pam regained her sense of time and.
  44. She blushed, but quickly regained her composure.
  45. The Elf had regained her poise and was speaking.
  46. He had obviously totally regained his strength.
  47. As she regained her strength, she grew restless.
  48. Alex seemed to have regained control of himself.
  49. They regained their pace with Elizabeth in front.
  50. Ortega nodded and regained her fragile composure.
  51. He never regained consciousness after the crash.
  52. The sheriff regained his composure and looked up.
  53. It was several minutes before she regained her.
  54. Buddy sighed in relief and regained his composure.
  55. He stumble but regained his balance within half.
  56. When the operator eventually regained control of.
  57. We regained the road and set off after Hiacoomes.
  58. But Llewellyn's next words regained his attention.
  59. I regained consciousness when it was closing time.
  60. When she regained her internal power, did she.
  61. He had suddenly regained his full range of motion.
  62. Cynthia regained her composure then started to cry.
  63. Ye Manqing was taken back but regained her posture.
  64. When Halfdan regained consciousness, he saw Yngvild.
  65. She seemed to have regained her composure somewhat.
  66. If not for that, I would surely not have regained.
  67. By that time, the shorter agent regained his senses.
  68. Meanwhile, Cynthia had regained some of her composure.
  69. The fisherman slowly regained his footing and looked.
  70. The two women regained a shared vision of what their.
  71. He has not regained consciousness since his admission.
  72. When Bo regained consciousness, he found himself in a.
  73. Dan was momentarily stunned but quickly regained his.
  74. Eventually the couple regained their self-control and.
  75. Evremond regained her natural balance—and swung true.
  76. The sun was hanging low when Olivia regained her senses.
  77. By that time, she had regained control of her emotions.
  78. At last George regained some of his composure and asked.
  79. The items themselves gradually regained some value and.
  80. But by now Ivan had apparently regained his self-control.
  81. Thankfully, a short while later I regained my composure.
  82. He tensed every muscle and quickly regained his keenness.
  83. By now Dan had regained his sense of righteous propriety.
  84. The news of my regained liberty overwhelmed him with joy.
  85. When Tyrone regained his strength he helped the friendly.
  86. But the young man regained his heroism mannerism and said.
  87. I regained the antechamber and retrieved my hat and coat.
  88. I regained my senses in the back of a padded security van.
  89. When the woman had regained control again, Akenji gently.
  90. Roman continued to run toward us, then regained his senses.
  91. When Jean eventually regained consciousness his initially.
  92. The Greek cities on the coast also regained their freedom.
  93. Darya Pavlovna had almost completely regained her composure.
  94. There was a long pause in which they regained their breath.
  95. Behind him, the figure regained its substance, and loomed.
  96. I’m all right! Saul shouted as he regained his feet.
  97. Andrew regained his balance and said, Look at this place.
  98. After a while Bilkara stirred as she regained consciousness.
  99. Then he regained his own chamber with the stealthy tread of.
  100. She regained consciousness only to discover that she could.
  1. If he regains it, your valour.
  2. Even if the convicted regains.
  3. Gregory regains his composure, if only briefly.
  4. For a split second, Anthony looks shocked, but he quickly regains his cool demeanor.
  5. As he regains his composure Brandy thinks, I have, and I always will wait for you.
  6. After the violent, killing frost, it may be years before the emerald isle regains its legendary green.
  7. He is deeply Linked with the elf Nemia right now, as you can tell, even as he regains his full strength.
  8. Tell him when he regains consciousness that there are more than enough witches here to light a few bulbs.
  9. If—er—when he regains consciousness—you might tell him that his father, Bishop Chalmers, is waiting to see him.
  10. Darren regains consciousness as he fights for breath; Lewis's foot on his neck feels hard and rough and he cannot move it.
  11. Lewis laughs and starts coughing, when he regains his breath he looks Suzy in the eyes; I cannot stop for me, let alone anyone else.
  12. At this stage the crims are below, about done, when Vatavai regains consciousness, takes stock of the situation and smashes his way out.
  13. Unless he recovers quickly and regains condition we won’t have much chance, Ulbrickson had griped to the Associated Press a week before.
  14. But all that has been wrought by those who wield the Three will turn to their undoing, and their minds and hearts will become revealed to Sauron, if he regains the One.
  15. This is promptly reversed and taken in the opposite direction, before the opening market sentiment regains control and brings the market back to the opening price once more.
  16. But both alike erred, from failing to grasp the truth which would have reconciled them—that man has lost the hope of life eternal under the law, and regains it by the grace of God in redemption.
  17. When he had so unexpectedly encountered Jean Valjean on the banks of the Seine, there had been in him something of the wolf which regains his grip on his prey, and of the dog who finds his master again.

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