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    1. But a person with Alzheimer's will put things in inappropriate places—an iron in the refrigerator, a wristwatch in a sugar bowl—and will not be able to retrieve them

    2. “I wasn’t able to retrieve the Chip

    3. With the codes he was able to retrieve under the guise of a security survey for the real world, he was able to access more and more of the code and schematics of the female side

    4. But leaving that aside, the journey to Minca will take several weeks, I should think, and assuming that I retrieve that Element and return safely, I shall have a long journey across Europe to get to the last touching place … if I don’t get going on that fairly quickly, the winter will take hold and I shall not be able to go until the spring

    5. ‘No …’ he conceded ‘Also, they can’t know which order you are intending to retrieve them … the Ercolano episode may just have been them assuming you would act because the volcano was near to eruption

    6. ‘We cannot retrieve the fourth Element without using a massive guard – you agree?’ he replied

    7. ‘Then let’s fool the Antis into believing that we have all four Elements and, once they have been convinced, we can find a reason for Lintze to visit the area and retrieve the Element safely

    8. To my utter amazement, he goes on to say that Joris’ last mission was to guard me on my quest to retrieve the last of the Elements, emphasising that without Joris’s protection, the task would have failed – he also manages to suggest that Joris had a hand in the retrieval of the other Elements without actually saying so – but I’m not going to quibble over that

    9. ’ He said sadly, ‘You are the only person who can retrieve the Elements either from this side of the point or from Earth

    10. actually possible to retrieve information from the

    11. Five minutes later, I retrieve my trolley and resume the shopping

    12. Breathing heavily, she laboured to lift the stone, swivelling it on one corner and, leaving it balanced precariously resting against a smaller rock, she bent to retrieve the broken corpse of the bird

    13. Retrieve the phial and bring it to me here

    14. I imagine your family are keen to retrieve the body of your brother

    15. Ten minutes later, clutching my car keys and wincingly aware that my bank account is now some £40 lighter, I retrieve my fully functional car

    16. The young travelers would be on their own from the arrival in Bassie-Normandy, to Paris, where Lawrence Spelman would retrieve them and return with them to Redditch

    17. Victoria wondered how long she'd worked on that speech, but Glayet continued, “You will NOW retrieve your gear, except for the sleeping bag which you said is under your little prize

    18. By late Saturday night she was so bored she found herself sitting in front of the television trying to brush her hair with her good hand, but when the brush snagged and tumbled to the floor she didn’t even try to retrieve it; instead she found herself weeping hopelessly

    19. "Can I help, with your hair?" He asked softly, bending to retrieve the brush

    20. together and waded out into the shallows to retrieve the

    21. Bishop of Bourges to retrieve a stolen relic,’ he said

    22. retrieve a stolen relic

    23. a man’s life, or to retrieve the relic of Saint Jacques?

    24. We were only able to retrieve a dozen magazines and only two of them turn out to have serious math in them

    25. retrieve the tooth but it wasn't there

    26. She busts up laughing as he goes to his car to retrieve the blanket and basket

    27. Frustration grew and he growled, scrambling back to his feet and fumbling to retrieve his sword from between two rocks

    28. Something compelled him, however, to reach back into his long robe’s pocket and retrieve the same note he had lingered on earlier

    29. After quietly exiting, she started to head toward the physician’s tent to retrieve her remaining gear for transfer

    30. Resisting the urge to look back and possibly draw more attention, she made her way to the physician’s tent as instructed to retrieve her remaining items, including her sword and her satchel

    31. Their gift lies deep within the Arkstone and this is the only way to retrieve it

    32. Ben had only to retrieve at the right time

    33. Once the subject is has been put into a stage of consciousness called the alpha state, the person will then likely be able to retrieve portions of his past memories

    34. They gave me list after list of needed supplies, and I did my best to retrieve everything on those lists

    35. While Fletcher was checking the cryo chambers, Chris took the opportunity to return to the bridge and retrieve the other pistol and one of the four flare launchers from the small locker at the rear of the bridge

    36. Maybe it would be possible at a later date to return and retrieve the body, or at least give him a proper burial

    37. Once we have entered a safety zone we will release the locks and you can retrieve your items

    38. Sebastian has seen evidence of this recently while on his rescue mission to retrieve Aspen

    39. "He asked me to retrieve a program from

    40. He left the cabin that morning and headed for the nearest airbus stop with one objective in mind: retrieve the life that they had tried so hard to remove

    41. The message continued: ‘Torbin, you are instructed to travel, alone, to my Earth compound and retrieve Raiya and Roidon

    42. But she didn't make any move to retrieve it

    43. Retrieve it and follow me

    44. And the poor, sticky, stinking ape, unable to borrow a coat, had to streak down the street to retrieve them, followed by a jeering, hooting, mob of drunken mates

    45. There was one good thing though the lads that had been sent out to retrieve water bottles returned laden with some and carrying bottles of German soda water as well

    46. Dusty Miller had been killed by a shell as he tried to retrieve some ammo for us and the rest of the lads had either fallen to machine gun shrapnel or shell fire

    47. His attention focused on his pocket, he went to retrieve the device, and at that precise moment he collided with the woman, spilling about a third of his drink and a good portion of hers, most of it over her

    48. Using this crazy machine, would drawl away the nesting hens so that he could send in his remote controlled race car with a glued on battery operated claw arm that would reach in and gently retrieve the eggs (he was, sometimes, smart)

    49. It has a little propeller that whizzes through the water as you retrieve the line, and big, shiny eyes made of glass beads to twinkle and refract the light

    50. Saldon’s sword clattered to the floor, distracting the beast for a moment, Manna leapt forward to guard the man as he leapt to retrieve his weapon and Halon knocked and loosed off two arrows into the demon’s neck, forcing him to recoil slightly as the arrowheads pierced his skin

    1. They had just retrieved the Super Chip from the United Order, they should be celebrating!

    2. The guard retrieved the tray from the mattress and put it outside in the corridor

    3. I glance at the Element briefly by the glow of the lightstones … I’ve not looked at it properly since I retrieved it

    4. at this notes that he had retrieved from his pocket

    5. As you experienced when you retrieved your tawstones, the memories were locked away safely

    6. In which case, they may not know that we have retrieved the other one already

    7. ‘So it’s not as urgent that the fourth one is retrieved as soon as possible

    8. ‘No … it’s not as urgent, though it has to be retrieved

    9. There is a collective gasp at the statement that the Elements have been retrieved from Earth, followed by a susurration of whispers as those present chew over the news, not to mention a certain amount of nudging and nodding in my direction as people identify me

    10. Keeping my eyes down, I mull over the statement … the last Element? What is he talking about? I haven’t retrieved the last one yet … He goes on to describe how we were pursued by Antis, escaping through Joris’ skill, though stopping short of mentioning that Joris actually killed two men and completely skirting over the actual cause of Joris’ death

    11. ’ He replied slowly, ‘When you retrieved the Element it would have appeared … you just didn’t see it

    12.  Persistent cookies: A persistent cookie resides on the hard drive of the user and is retrieved

    13. Brent went immediately to the shed and retrieved the extra set of snowshoes for Tam

    14. He sat on the ground and retrieved the map

    15. He retrieved the spear, grimacing at the sucking noise it made and moved to the front of the deer

    16. The sachet of powder has been retrieved from the lab and is now locked in the controlled substance cabinet

    17. ” He retrieved the staff from there acquiescent hands and strolled leisurely back to the house

    18. Socks and shoes, an overcoat grabbed from the hall, car keys retrieved from the living room, these are the components of ordinary life that he gathers unto him as he walks back into the nightmare

    19. Roman opened the only closet in his house and retrieved one

    20. Heather retrieved a warm washcloth

    21. retrieved a small jar from under one of the chairs

    22. He retrieved a washcloth hanging

    23. put the card in her pocket, picked up the vase, and retrieved her book bag

    24. The trio stopped at the station and retrieved Chloe's valise then strolled through the chill air of the late December afternoon to Clive House and home

    25. retrieved a towel for me, and placed it against the couch

    26. "What is it you want me to see?" She asked, only a few inches from his face, he still hadn't retrieved his hat and his cologne was stronger than she’d realized

    27. They retrieved the bodies of fallen friends and family and gave them a proper burial a few miles away

    28. retrieved his inhaler, and squirted a long spray of mist into his mouth

    29. Without asking, Roman retrieved him a glass of water

    30. Brushing the dirt from her knees, she retrieved the coarsely woven length from the floor and proceeded to wined it up

    31. Again he retrieved her hand, checking her pulse

    32. fallen and the Bailli’s men had later retrieved the corpse

    33. Demera retrieved the ball from Johnny’s hand and rubbed it in his palms as

    34. Next he placed a small scale between them and then retrieved a stack of wrapped Ben Franklins from his briefcase

    35. Finally he retrieved a black notebook

    36. retrieved their animals and left the busy square in front of

    37. Other than the samples they have actually retrieved from the surface, which are very, very, few, they have nothing but data about our world

    38. You could have retrieved it along with the phone

    39. They’d splash water at her as the girl retrieved their floating orb

    40. As the others left, I retrieved my sling

    41. He retrieved a flashlight from his toolbox and

    42. She retrieved the still sleeping Eury from Hesper, then went into the house

    43. Carius ordered that the man be escorted to the field doctor’s tent, and that water be retrieved

    44. Nerissa retrieved the torch that the watchman had dropped on the pier

    45. “Y'all are the first to be retrieved;” Dena announced

    46. We retrieved a gateway

    47. Rikke had availed herself for reading of the history book retrieved ever so cautiously from the chest in the war room

    48. He climbed nearly to the top and retrieved a small wooden drawer

    49. He carefully opened the wax paper sleeve and retrieved the piece of parchment it contained, all of it crinkling loudly in his hands

    50. He hoped the ship had been affected to the same degree – that their subjective time was only counted in days – otherwise their corpses should have been retrieved by the B’tari recon crew

    1. He sits up at the edge of the bed and retrieves a half bottle of supermarket scotch from the bedside table

    2. She retrieves a new thermometer, Jaden opens his mouth and she places it under his tongue

    3. As I begin to flick through its yellowed pages, he stops me and retrieves the book

    4. Sniffing authentication traffic and cracks the hashes it retrieves

    5. The 45 enlisted personnel and seven-officer complement on the Sundew was scheduled for winter leave, but some of the crew would stand available for SAR missions on the ice (Kucera, “Coast Guard Retrieves the Buoys…,” 1983)

    6. Dippa retrieves the roll of black plastic rubbish sacks from where they had rolled under the table and peels one off

    7. Shutting the window behind him he goes to the back door and unlocks it, stepping outside he retrieves his large rucksack and steps back inside the flat and shuts the door

    8. � Putting the ram in the corner Curly Pete retrieves his jacket and gives it a shake; �Back to Steve's place, we'll beat him up there

    9. He retrieves the body of his accomplice and leaves

    10. Lewis retrieves his jacket from the kitchen and they leave together

    11. She opens the door and retrieves something

    12. It’s the same mechanism that retrieves

    13. retrieves an Ultra Mobile PC from the inside of his

    14. He retrieves his mobile phone and begins

    15. John goes to the rack and retrieves an L-Class rifle

    16. Captain Blitner’s eyes grow distant as he slips a pale hand into the pocket of his uniform and retrieves a white bottle

    17. Then she detaches the ID, retrieves the original from her pocket, and compares them

    18. A device that looks similar to the StarPad is inside the room we use, but this machine retrieves data gathered from different sample sites around Belvun

    19. retrieves and gets plenty of exercise

    20. He retrieves the business card that started it all

    21. Once again, Thomas retrieves the business card and drives even more intently than before

    22. The merchant raises his index finger, suggesting to Cass to wait; while his other hand retrieves a tray from under his table

    23. The boy quickly reaches into his pocket and retrieves two precious necklaces

    24. She retrieves one of her hands grasping Becky, and then slides it comfortably along Becky's tiny soft cheek

    25. She humbly obeys as he retrieves the box in his rear pocket with his fumbling hand

    26. She retrieves her brush and straightens the back of his hair

    27. “ Nhance, the Apache Tears are an opaque form of obsidian, a Sagittarius stone which retrieves souls, while the diamond signifies the purity of my love for you

    28. He stares for a while at the receipt, then retrieves Julie’s letter, takes his letter, and holds them as if to tear them both up…

    29. He retrieves the ring

    30. stands up and goes to the back of his cave and retrieves an

    31. Toomb opens the safe and retrieves an official-looking

    32. Toomb retrieves a

    33. The code that the helper method retrieves appears in bold

    34. Retrieves - Slow and steady pace retrieves are more effective in catching a strike than moderate and steady increase

    35. With a tense little exhale, she retrieves the hotel key and runs it through the computer

    36. Once the session has entered the transaction state, the client can begin to transmit the commands to the server with which it retrieves the mail messages waiting in its mailbox

    37. First, though, he reaches into Jerry’s pocket and retrieves his key chain

    38. The first line of code ➊ retrieves a Java future object, which indicates that the send transaction has been properly broadcast to the network

    1. They then went about the school retrieving all their possessions and packing their bags

    2. Retrieving his journal, Duncan took time to immediately write down his first impressions on everything

    3. White Feathers's supply of ice blocks was nearly exhausted before the last week of August, which prompted discussion of an alternative plan to the tedium of retrieving the blocks from beneath their scattered holding buoys in the lake

    4. Chris could not think of anything else they would need so he and Fletcher set about retrieving thirty or so of the plastic tubs and then they carried them all back to seating area two, soon discovering that they were awkward things to carry

    5. I should imagine now that they will pass the information onto the Intelligence lot to see what they make of it and I will tell you something else it’s a good job we stopped those Turks earlier on from retrieving them

    6. busy gathering up the check and retrieving her coat

    7. Retrieving a fresh thigh length wrap from the closet he held it up coaxing her to come and put it on

    8. task of retrieving her arrows

    9. These utilize strategic resources like breaking down complex problems into parts, making comparisons, retrieving memories, and relying on progressively more intricate mental models of the world and our own minds

    10. I put in my “virtual browser” request, the task of retrieving all the events where I did stuff that I was not supposed to do and all the ones I didn’t do that I was supposed to do

    11. Poor Faith, so anxiously bent on retrieving the situation in regard to the church, had caught him in one of his terrible moods

    12. I stood up retrieving the Cartier box from my drawer “In the spirit of honoring your beauty

    13. He rummaged around in the weeks, retrieving Mike’s front bumper

    14. stories and speculation as to how she might go about retrieving that

    15. retrieving documents for him were also watching their visitor with a suspicious eye

    16. I was in charge of burying it and retrieving it

    17. She put herself out, and when we were too young to drive, she did more than her share of taking groups of us to movies and parties and retrieving us afterward

    18. They wrapped up their bows and arrows after retrieving the ones they’d shot, then flew back to the crater at a relaxed pace

    19. They both now worked at retrieving first Naaman, then Azareel, Benjamin, and Yigal

    20. Retrieving the seal-mark from Yigal, he continued on, leaving the others to resume their original positions

    21. He hurried to pick up the seeds, retrieving them as best he could

    22. Retrieving the seal-mark from Yigal, he continued on, leaving the others to resume their

    23. this, leaned in and began retrieving the pins from the dead

    24. ” She cast Summon, and the retrieving Translocate produced a five by two foot mirror, its dark wood frame ornately carved in the shapes of flowers

    25. Retrieving his thrown sword from the body on the ground, the black cloaked Titus was already accessing his next target and the screams of the injured man filled the air behind Titus as the mercenary realised his manhood had been skewered

    26. Titus managed to evade the shield bash that followed, with a deft sideways roll retrieving Tress’s fallen sabre as he did so

    27. With a quick thrust he finished the second guard’s struggle and also retrieving his blade, he spun around to face the stunned Chancellors whose faces were now white as snow at his savage act

    28. As they moved, they scattered the floor with light-emitting crystals, then after retrieving their fellow’s body, they each smeared their faces with his blood to mark themselves with a scent that would protect them

    29. The lifeless body was unceremoniously dumped back to the ground and after retrieving his weapons Corvus cautiously moved out

    30. "So I guess we hold out here?" asked Summers, retrieving the beacon

    31. In other words they were retrieving the autobiographical

    32. On one of our retrieving trips we found our pots and the first one we started pulling up was really heavy and required two of us to pull

    33. The truth was, I didn’t care about retrieving Zeus’s lightning bolt, or saving the world, or even helping my father out of trouble

    34. had intentions of eventually coming back and retrieving the gun but

    35. Lui smiled again and lifted his suit jacket retrieving a small handgun from his pants’ waistline

    36. Peter and his family were a long way up, they could even see other families buying or retrieving their homes

    37. He fished around in his bag, pulling out a warm jacket and retrieving his coke, immediately snorting up a super hit then starting in on the tequila

    38. "The Communists were merely retrieving stolen property

    39. " The realistic theory is that the Soviets finally determined the Romanov treasure was still intact and a chance of retrieving it had become evident, he had said

    40. retrieving empty containers he had dropped around the planet on previous trips

    41. Greg resumed the process of retrieving the empty cargo containers

    42. She turned to leave the room retrieving her knife as she went

    43. Retrieving the loosed bolt, he made his way in that direction,

    44. RETRIEVING THE ESCAPE PODS cost a week

    45. retrieving Rory's wallet which had fallen out, took him by the

    46. waters retrieving loose nets

    47. dog, retrieving birds that were shot or trapped by the hunter

    48. Many times there is greater knowledge available within you regarding this lifetime and regarding previous lifetimes but like any unused or ignored aspect of being it will slowly reside in smaller and smaller quantities, that is, it is not at the front of your mind where you are consistently retrieving and accessing it, so it becomes less dominant in your mind

    49. They had instructed me with the task of retrieving the new Rakai for the purpose of overthrowing the Prestige System, so with the help of my wizard friend, I was sent to a filthy little planet called Earth, where I met this young boy who was supposed to be the Rakai,” Lezura rolled her eyes, “and boy what a Rakai he is

    50. Now, in addition to losing two adorable girls, Jeff was faced with the impossible task of retrieving them

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