satiate sätze

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Satiate sätze (in englisch)

Both were of passion satiate.
Nothing can satiate my greed and voracity.
The journey one takes does satiate the need for a.
Eventually he would have to satiate his own desire for her.
During those trying times the Believers will satiate their.
He cleverly invented all manner of gimmickry to satiate the people with talk.
No! He had earned enough military glory to satiate any man, he insisted to Mrs.

Nothing short of mundane and perfunctory aawargi (recklessness) would satiate his soul.
We work more hours and our senses are increasingly overloaded by entertainment to satiate us.
Laeron snaked out of the room and launched off the balcony, his wings opening to the air and carrying him to satiate his hunger.
If a healthy dessert option isn't available, try a cup of coffee with skim milk to help satiate your desire for something sweet.
Wouldn’t that enable her to satiate her lust even more? Oh, how had he got into the no-win situation, making it all win-win for her?
He would have to use the Kelvan device to determine who it was, but he was reluctant to tap into that much power just to satiate his curiosity.
Here they entered the ring with long daggers in mortal combat with helpless beast, to satiate the wicked lusts of ten thousand degenerate spectators.
The rouge wrote that she wants a lover to satiate her lust, the wherewithal of whom she had ditched could be heard from the horse’s mouth, besides a husband to cater to her monetary greed.
When it comes, let your hunger guide you on as one amongst many, united, rather than as a sell-fish individual seeking to satiate his craving with a mouthful of bass, torn from the hook of the weak.
In the chequered history of Hindustan, its Rajas and their Samantas, who came by dime a dozen all, saw the adjoining territories as but pieces of real estate to be usurped to boost up their vanity or to satiate their greed, and/or both.
Oh yes, how he would satiate in the brutal cycling of emotions that he labored to induce; surprise and confusion; anger; fear; hope crushed to despair; agony---he was able to identify each by its unique and desperate smell in the sweat and the breath of his victims.
But with a machine?! Kitara started to leave and then turned back, not sure of what made her more angry, the fact that Garcia had been intimate with a machine, or the fact that he and she had been intimate earlier and it was still insufficient to satiate his needs.
If only the ‘Fortune 500’ was in compilation in the times of the Mohammedan rule in India, it would have been no surprise that the Musalman Nawabs, leave alone their Sultans, would have taken the cake, leaving the Hindu Rajas a few crumbs to satiate themselves with.
When a mass collapses into this roiling writhe of being tortured with one's own impotence to satiate one's appetites, either its governors must lead this ravenous wrath into a war of revenge or it shall rend the State with its agonizing throes of self-dismembering rebellion.
Over behind the barns there was always another barbecue pit, where the house and yams and chitterlings, that dish of hog entrails so dear to negro hearts, and, in servants and the coachmen and maids of the guests had their own feast of hoecakes season, watermelons enough to satiate.
These festivals took place quarterly, when the King paid his periodical visit to show his respect to the deified shades of the departed, and also to satiate his real, and their imaginary, blood-lust, by the decapitation of twenty victims, whose blood was collected in the sacred bowl.
Removing this page from its section and placing it carefully with the other article from the same paper, Feltus placed this neatly folded issue gently atop the previous copy then eagerly grabbed the next edition in order to satiate his sudden thirst for more on this fascinating storyline that was reminiscent of a weekly mystery serial, such as Ellery Queen.
For the foreigners who arrived without love they converted the street of the loving matrons from France into a more extensive village than it had been, and on one glorious Wednesday they brought in a trainload of strange whores, Babylonish women skilled in age-old methods and in possession of all manner of unguents and devices to stimulate the unaroused, to give courage to the timid, to satiate the voracious, to exalt the modest man, to teach a lesson to repeaters, and to correct solitary people.
Yet, still, these triumphs failed to satiate the hungry State,.
He will doubtless seek other means of satiating his.
Giddy and intoxicated as I was with such satiating draughts of.
And she was satiating his stomach and soul with what she had learnt.
I held her tightly inhaling her fragrance, marveling at her complexion, satiating my soul with beauty.
A smart educational system is based around the reality that mere employment and wage earning is not the central purpose of human existence nor a satiating meaning.
When they were lost still in satiating their emotional appetite, Sripada Swami walked in, and in a gesture that none had visualized, he hugged Gautam's prodigal son.
When we become the good entrepreneurs gaming for a better world, we are economic organs of monergic will acting with the financial co-intention of making ourselves a living-profit system, while simultaneously satiating the incessantly increasing appetite of a culture of profit-taking.
The Boblovian message has grabbed hold of our culture using many of the same tools that are employed in pushing a message out in front of people that again, is seemingly intended to drive an action towards purchasing, and consuming, or in informing or propagandizing, or satiating via mindless distraction.
Mitchell then felt a sense of sinister enjoyment by the act of psychological torture; ironically bringing light to his own vulnerable incapacity to fight back his previous abuse, now all seeming to mount into a man satiating his need to even the score on everyone who's victimized him; with Slicky now bearing the brunt.
Giddy and intoxicated as I was with such satiating draughts ofpleasure, I still lay on the couch, supinely stretched out, in a delicious languor diffused over all my limbs, hugging myself for being thus revenged to my heart's content, and that in a manner so precisely alike, and on the identical spot in which I had received the supposed injury.
I was satiated and happy.
But still, I wasnt satiated.
The Plague cannot be satiated.
Cherrie has had her soul satiated.
I left the area satiated and happy.
Lucky for them I was already satiated.
I was completely satiated, and confused.
He was satiated but for how long he asked.
Chevalier waited for her and satiated himself.
We exited the cafeteria satiated and in good spirits.
May I be satiated by the four joys of descending and.
The meal was splendid and we’d become fully satiated.
As his hunger was satiated, he felt his control return.
As soon as I felt completely satiated, I stopped licking.
After feeling fully satiated I washed myself in the fresh.
Through this offering all the guests are satiated with an.
It is only when you are satiated with the changeable and.
As a calculated measure, I decided to leave fully satiated.
I was satiated and hydrated, sleepiness was just around the.
He woke up Friday evening totally satiated and a little sore.
Because they contain no fiber, they will not keep you satiated.
It is always hungry, never satiated, always looking to dominate.
I wondered if Medea climbed such rocks after her rage was satiated.
My appetite not satiated, I started tracking down the movies for the.
I grabbed a second and drank over half of that one before I was satiated.
His was the overwhelming slumber of the torpid bear and the satiated leech.
Now Horatio and Lancelot were rouz’d from their Lethargies of satiated Lust.
Lusts satiated, Irma and Amanda climbed off the men and told them to fuck off.
When Holnami had eaten and satiated her hunger Olin gave her some information.
Finally his anger was satiated for a while and he sat down heavily, his head in his hands.
The prey would live, unable to move, so the hatchlings could feed until they were satiated.
Many are those, satiated with emptiness of the world, who seek to find a way out of the impasse.
In this way appetites will be satiated and we don’t have to worry about messing up the count.
Her love by now could have satiated his lust, obliterating the traces of his infatuation for me.
As the sun sank into the ocean, the satiated group meandered back over to the two living hearths.
The child, with his brioche, which he had bitten into but had not finished eating, seemed satiated.
Within ten minutes the cow had completely disappeared and Piers knew that they had satiated themselves.
I'm as sleepy and as much satiated by ecclesiastical good things as though I had been the whole day in church.
The black and red monster was not yet satiated, but frothing at seeing the goal and subsequent powerplay opportunity.
His lifeless eyes turned to take in the scene, and although he appeared satiated, there was an obvious hunger within him.
Sex satiates the soul.
Why, luckily for men, the hard nuts to crack for the final favor are few and far between! But then, the harder the struggle to win women over, the sweeter would be the pleasure in having them, wouldn’t it be? Oh, what else draws a man to a woman than his desire to access her persona specifics? Won’t woman bare her veiled assets for her fancied man to dabble with her private accounts? But after a few jaunts of his to her favored joint, what would be left in her for her lover to explore, and for her to show him more? And thereafter, how could she cater to his innate need for variety and what else she could conjure up to sustain his enticement? Oh, the poor thing, seeing his interest in her wane in time, won’t she turn more so eager to keep him in good humor? Of course, the more she gives her man; even more she satiates him, doesn’t she? And it’s only time before she finds her paramour bypass her favors for lesser flavors.

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