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    1. He knew full well their thoughts and could not do anything to assuage the remorse they would grow to endure, but never ignore, as real people must

    2. “Yes, sir, but didn’t the Goddess assuage his loss by sending serpents to wash Tireseas

    3. But nothing could assuage our growing thirst and hunger

    4. Whisperings among the townsfolk in and out of the tavern did not help to assuage his nervous suspicions

    5. Even the more pleasant vision of the wily red-head’s grinning countenance was not enough to assuage the shame stabbing his gut and chest

    6. She checked her comm once again, and to assuage her worry he answered

    7. The door was ajar, but she knocked to assuage the tention

    8. If there was one way to assuage the doubts of his crew, guidance from the council would effect this

    9. It did nothing to allay my trepidations or assuage my fears

    10. Darkburst rested where he lay for two more moons before struggling onwards once again, stopping often to assuage his growing thirst

    1. Our kisses and our caresses in the dark night hours somehow brought comfort and assuaged the loneliness that otherwise threatened to engulf us

    2. Now she wondered if she could have put it right, assuaged her guilt

    3. His restless mind never more assuaged

    4. Jimmy still had questions, doubts that probably could not be assuaged

    5. "Don't be afraid," the sonorous voice assuaged his fears

    6. 11 "But, O my son, let those whom it will leave out from among your children at that time, take my body with them out of this cave; and when they have taken it with them, let the oldest among them command his children to lay my body in the ship until the flood has been assuaged, and they come out of the ship

    7. The result has been a submersion of white moral authority into the pit of an “overwhelming sense of guilt” over racism of the past, guilt that has to be assuaged

    8. On a reprieve, he assuaged his erection

    9. 11 "But O my son let those whom it will leave out from among your children at that time take my body with them out of this cave; and when they have taken it with them let the oldest among them command his children to lay my body in the ship until the flood has been assuaged and they come out of the ship

    10. Glorious heat filled the house and assuaged Charly's regret at having to surrender so much money

    1. I smile and nod my head, and this assuages some of his fears

    2. “Prayer silences the passions of the soul, assuages the rebel ion of anger, dismisses envy, dissipates evil desire, withers the love of worldly things, and brings great peace and serenity to the soul

    3. � At the same time the media exploits our human and identity vulnerabilities, it assuages the fears and trepidations of our ego by giving us sacrificial victims of the consumerist conformity it proposes and promulgates

    4. There is a thing in haircutting that assuages the blood and calms the heart and makes the nerves serene

    1. When the throng had finally shouted themselves out, Grindel spoke his next words carefully, assuaging them with his reasoned argument

    2. It would go some way towards assuaging the guilt she was feeling about how she’d snubbed Piers when Troy had introduced him earlier in the day

    3. with one palm while assuaging his erection with the other

    4. Frankie took so much note of this Charly sent her outside again, assuaging the child's disappointment by promising not to laugh any more—and they did, as a matter of fact, reduce their merriment to a few chuckles and snorts

    5. to her in an assuaging voice

    6. Hers was so brilliant and tender, it drove itself into his heart, assuaging, brightening the dark places

    7. Taking a deep breath in hopes of assuaging his nerves so that the others, especially Feltus, would not notice his anxiety, he replied amiably, “Thank you, Inspector

    8. ” He knew the humble approach in which he ate crow would be the most effective in assuaging the old woman’s temperament while simultaneously allowing him to maintain his dignity and reassert his fine upbringing

    9. When he realized there would be no response from the houseman and deciding that any further remarks would be of no benefit in assuaging 310

    10. He crossed his fingers instinctively while he mumbled a few words of assurance to himself in hopes of assuaging his frayed nerves then methodically opened the heavy double doors leading into the dark and quiet room where a large round table arranged with name cards and armchairs was situated in the dead center beneath a magnificent crystal chandelier that twinkled faintly in the glow from the tall candles in the ornate gold candelabra at the center of the table

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    alleviate assuage palliate relieve allay quench slake appease conciliate gentle gruntle lenify mollify pacify placate surfeit fill satiate gratify indulge mitigate lessen soothe ease moderate calm quiet still soften subdue compose