saturate sätze

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Saturate sätze (in englisch)

  1. Screams saturate the house.
  2. Saturate yourself with His Word.
  3. It begins to saturate your life.
  4. Saturate a sponge and squeeze out the.
  5. Saturate yourself with the Word of God.
  6. She doesn’t want to saturate her market.
  7. Feel the love completely saturate you from head to toe.
  8. I’ll saturate the ground with most of the water I have.
  9. Ever hear of that? She thought 'new mown hay' was the best to saturate the skin with.
  10. You saturate the market! In this case don’t keep flogging a dead horse, ride that old.
  11. Apparently an underground spring shifted and began to saturate the soil some months ago.
  12. Exactly, it would actually run without it, but saturate the surrounding area with neutrons.
  13. The element will saturate water like a sponge and takes approximately forty-eight hours to charge.
  14. If 46% or more of the voters already favor him, we’ll pay to saturate the airwaves with his promises.
  15. I swalowed hard to saturate my dried throat and answered I can’t figure out what they are asking for?
  16. I was wondering what could have caused this urgent need for sleep, when I felt a dense torpor saturate my brain.
  17. I cannot put it in him - that is his faith; but I can put it over him - and it will saturate him from head to toe.
  18. Resolutely his mind rebelled and forced a topple of further memories to saturate and cover the sanctity of the naked ones.
  19. It would saturate my favorite chair with its hair, scratch up my favorite pair of boots and other little things just to annoy me.
  20. Just sit and think of a beautiful white light washing over you, especially in the area of your lungs and colon, and let it imaginatively saturate your skin as well.
  21. I cannot see the hermitages of the monks and nuns but know and sense the presence of the hermits who saturate the forest surrounding the monastery with their powerful energy.
  22. I would often wake up in the mornings after these things started happening, and I wouldn’t want to get out of bed sometimes for hours, because as soon as I woke up my mind would begin to be flooded with revelations from God as His love and glory would saturate my being.
  23. When you learn the Word of God and saturate your mind with it,.
  1. He was saturating himself with steam.
  2. Anthony screams and falls to the floor, blood saturating his shirt.
  3. They found that Radio Shack could open 25 stores per major city before saturating.
  4. When I returned on board, I was wellnigh asphyxiated by the carbon dioxide saturating the air.
  5. The boy’s dog had been killed and strung up over the child’s bed, blood dripping and saturating the sheets.
  6. But the fact that there are borders for the elements and bodies does not mean that they are for the saturating and creating them Space.
  7. As the evening wore on, the rain falling on the iron roof of the shed became heavier and heavier, saturating the workshop with loud noise.
  8. Frost resistance of concrete is ability to keep strength and working ability at action of cyclic freezing and thawing in the water saturating conditions.
  9. Charles Tandy once told me [O’Neil] that their strategy was to experiment in each city to see how many stores they could open up before saturating the market.
  10. The wind swooped out of the southeast quadrant across thousands of miles of warm open ocean, saturating itself with moisture that it unloaded over land a degree or two cooler.
  11. Even if all our attempts at limiting chemical pollution succeeds, our electromagnetic production will increase via more dependence on electricity, no matter how it is created, and on an ever expanding inter-cell-network that is saturating the entire planet and its emergent neo-cortex in EM over-population.
  1. Eating a lot of saturated.
  2. Saturated fat and trans fat.
  3. Where is saturated fat found?
  4. An increase in saturated fat.
  5. Limit saturated and trans fats.
  6. The cell phone was saturated in.
  7. Blood saturated his ravaged shirt.
  8. This we are saturated with: imaging.
  9. The ground was saturated and muddy.
  10. Being saturated with this solution.
  11. Ears saturated with elaborate speech.
  12. The memories over saturated his mind.
  13. Don't consume saturated or trans fats.
  14. All fried foods High in saturated fats.
  15. Sweat saturated their slacks and lined.
  16. Her light-blue blouse was saturated in.
  17. Eliminate all sources of saturated fats.
  18. Eliminating saturated fats and red meat.
  19. These are your saturated fats and trans fats.
  20. But the more saturated fat we eat, the more.
  21. The waves were saturated with masses of blood.
  22. Paying attention to the amount of saturated.
  23. The saturated ground provided little support.
  24. Now the stones saturated with contemplations.
  25. Biggish guy’s fat is saturated with alcohol.
  26. Select foods that have minimal saturated fats.
  27. Fish contains very little saturated fat, and.
  28. Then more it is saturated, the more it is holy.
  29. Its fur was saturated with rain and every joint.
  30. Not all saturated fats are bad! The fats in palm.
  31. The bandage on his wrist was saturated with blood.
  32. Even though the papery wick had been saturated in.
  33. Saturated fat sources are potato chips, baking, red.
  34. At room temperature, saturated fats are hard and solid.
  35. Its shields became saturated with energy as the enemy.
  36. The air saturated with diesel fumes burned in my lungs.
  37. My tears saturated my hands, as they ran down my cheeks.
  38. Then the clouds exploded and in seconds I was saturated.
  39. This would include foods that are high in saturated fats.
  40. Once again, the wagon was saturated with delicious aromas.
  41. Basically, there is a connection between saturated fat and.
  42. Nutritionists say saturated fats increase health risks if.
  43. The exclusion of the sauce and cheese meant less saturated.
  44. When a fat is "saturated" it has achieved its maximum weight.
  45. How so? He fed saturated fat from animal sources to rabbits.
  46. His heart pumped wildly as hot sweat saturated his clothing.
  47. The easiest way to tell the difference between saturated and.
  48. I told him that we’d about saturated the video game market.
  49. Hair that is not well saturated can be very strong and tough.
  50. Here are some saturated fats that are high in saturated fat:.
  51. She’s lucky we’re here… and with saturated fat, too.
  52. Saturated fats are commonly found in animal products such as.
  53. Then the usually dry riverbeds become saturated with torrents.
  54. There are two different kinds of fat, saturated and unsaturated.
  55. They had figured out how to plant in a saturated mulch rich in.
  56. Coconuts and coconut oils contain a high amount of saturated fat.
  57. Therefore, trans fats have fewer hydrogen atoms than saturated.
  58. The seven ponderous ramps were well saturated with sewage water.
  59. The rain that had saturated his body was coming to a gentle spit.
  60. The water is saturated with the salt and cannot receive any more.
  61. When the final curtain fell on World War II, Japan was saturated.
  62. Fat (saturated fat included) is absorbed fast and will leave you.
  63. The Atkins diet says that saturated fat is overrated as a bad fat.
  64. It is a moment saturated with a peace which is overwhelming and.
  65. Paying attention to the amount of saturated fats in the food you.
  66. Draw near to God so that you can be saturated with Him to the bot-.
  67. The second is fat which can come from mono and poly saturated food.
  68. This SOLUTION , which has no empty space left is called a SATURATED.
  69. Look for hidden sugars, preservatives, and saturated bad fats.
  70. His voice was saturated with sarcasm, but the quaver was still there.
  71. Our body needs the saturated fats found in milk to function properly.
  72. In other words, these places have been saturated with pure vibrations.
  73. Monounsaturated fat molecules are not saturated with hydrogen atoms -.
  74. Brushing herself down from the saturated embrace, Just what I needed.
  75. Some of the bulkheads were burning hot, deeply saturated with fiery red.
  76. Coconut oil is an exception, being saturated even though it is a liquid.
  77. Is it the rain that you’re willing to be saturated in with every drop?
  78. Only about one-tenth of your calories should be derived from saturated fat.
  79. Low fat foods usually cut out the saturated fats, which are not bad for us.
  80. However, they live in a tiny town and felt the market was becoming saturated.
  81. The road and fields appeared saturated with rain but no clouds were visible.
  82. Tired firemen stood on guard, their once yellow uniforms saturated in black.
  83. She became hopelessly stalled on page twenty-six, which was saturated in pink.
  84. I was saturated with the goodness of God and the miracle that happened to me.
  85. The shaman was right; the stench of man saturated the air where humans lived.
  86. If you try to market a newsletter to a saturated market, it will not take off.
  87. There’s a different quality to his voice now: haunted, saturated with guilt.
  88. Men eat a lot of saturated and trans fat causing fat liver which interferes the.
  89. When in all actuality saturated fats are the ones that are healthy for our hearts.
  90. Marius' blandishments, all saturated with fancy, were, so to speak, of azure hue.
  91. The fats should be primarily unsaturated and low in saturated fat and cholesterol.
  92. Most fast food is overly processed and filled with sugars, salt, and saturated fats.
  93. The saturated road no longer absorbed the water, which ran along the ruts in streams.
  94. Even biographies not saturated with disease were vulnerable to holes and distortions.
  95. G: Well, we analysed current market trends and concluded that the market is saturated.
  96. G: Well, we analysis current market trends and concluded that the market is saturated.
  97. Palm oil (non-hydrogenated) is another healthy tropical oil that is highly saturated.
  98. In addition to large amounts of saturated fat from animal-based foods, Americans eat.
  99. While coconut oil is high in saturated fat, some evidence suggests it does not cause.
  100. When they reached the camera saturated street, they donned their respective holo-masks.
  1. It saturates his entire being, giving him the merest glimpse of infinite power.
  2. And once the picodust saturates the planet, then the picodust moves to phase two.
  3. The waste material accumulates and saturates the tissues, which causes autointoxication.
  4. The primary component of the Soul – is the Spirit that it saturates and hardens (adds hardness).
  5. There the dust that saturates the air gives such rays the appearance of a luminous fog; but above.
  6. As we will say in the next articles, the Spirit saturates elementary particles – can say that they contain him.
  7. But if meaning were meaningless, then why would it mould matter in a meaningful manner? Meaning saturates the universe.
  8. God, Jevan, it is so much more than a longing, it is a craving, a cascading desire that saturates every corner of my being -.
  9. Barrons saturates space when he’s in a good mood—not that I would ever really call any mood Barrons exhibits good—but when he’s furious, it’s hard to breathe.
  10. The Spirit – that's exactly the One Something that permeates and saturates the Universe, and changes somehow the underlying Substance, and is exactly what the other religious systems called the Logos, the Word, Voice.

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