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Schema sätze (in englisch)

  1. The following is the schema for the sessions table.
  2. Each type of object is defined by an object class stored in the directory schema.
  3. Many books have been written on the science of systems, but the concept (or schema).
  4. The following code is the schema for that table, which you can run in your database: CREATE TABLÈcensor` (.
  5. A class schema object contains references to the attribute schema objects that together form the object class.

  6. At fifty-nine, Shirley Dibs had grown to appreciate a regimented life and being late wasn’t part of that schema.
  7. All of the domains in a forest, including those in separate trees, share the same schema, configuration, and GCS.
  8. The schema are themselves stored as objects in Active Directory, called class schema objects and attribute schema objects.
  9. Using a method of your choice (command line, phpMyAdmin, and so on), enter the following MySQL schema into your database:.
  10. He began a discussion of their inner construction, constantly mapping their previous experiences onto the schema illustrated.
  11. First thing in the morning a reliable schema comes to mind, and after a routine of stretches a voice reasons its way from the person.
  12. What are the columns for and what type of data will we store in them? The following table is a guide to the preceding database schema:.
  13. Different forests do not share the same schema, configuration, and GCS, nor are trust relationships automatically created between forests.
  14. The host was most anxious to clarify the translation of all the talk of centers and brains into the more concrete schema of the octave's structure they had just recently begun to map.
  15. The schema specifies the attributes that each object must have, the optional attributes it may have, the type of data associated with each attribute, and the object’s place in the directory tree.

  16. If you create additional domains in the same tree, they all share the same schema, configuration, and global catalog server (GCS, a master list directory of Active Directory objects that provides users with an overall view of the entire directory) and are connected by transitive trust relationships.

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