outline sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Outline sätze (in englisch)

  1. I do not have an outline.
  2. First, I will outline the.
  3. I could see the outline of.
  4. This is the general outline.
  5. But as the dark outline got.

  6. Below is a brief outline of.
  7. The hexagonal outline of the.
  8. Inside the heart outline on a.
  9. Doctrine of Two Spirits outline.
  10. Outline of a Theory of Meteors.
  11. A short outline of this chapter.
  12. Outline Historical Survey of the.
  13. Her eyes and facial outline had.
  14. She can make the outline of a man.
  15. The outline of the game plan was.

  16. And then the outline grew to sixty.
  17. I give her a brief outline of the day.
  18. Before long the steep outline of an.
  19. Part 4 of this outline survey of the.
  20. You can develop a basic outline from.
  21. I felt around the outline of the door.
  22. Sweeping his arm across their outline.
  23. Outline Historical Survey of the Bible.
  24. Word and create the outline of the room.
  25. I could see the outline of their faces.

  26. As can giving them the chapter outline.
  27. She nodded, the tiny outline of a smile.
  28. It silhouetted the pleasant outline of.
  29. An outline should include the following:.
  30. Jim went on to outline the events of the.
  31. Indeed, the outline of the shore was seen.
  32. She stared at his black outline helplessly.
  33. Without an outline and no preparation he.
  34. Outline the main things you want to cover.
  35. We could now see the outline of the tunnel.
  36. The Admiral approved the outline plan and.
  37. As he progressed, the outline became bolder.
  38. Furthermore, on closing, the outline of the.
  39. Here is a simple outline on how to proceed:.
  40. Liam's fingers began to trace the outline of.
  41. Ahead, she could see a square outline of light.
  42. He could barely see the outline of the rocky.
  43. The details, for she knew the general outline.
  44. The following tables give a brief outline of.
  45. He included a vague outline of the street he.
  46. She could see an outline of a woman standing.
  47. I can give here but a bare outline of my trip.
  48. I stopped when I came to an outline of a name.
  49. But inside this outline, it was mostly shadows.
  50. In the blurry outline he saw Hopewell’s logo.
  51. The outline of a man shadowed against the wall.
  52. What’s the bottom line? An outline will save.
  53. Outline your final recommendations and findings.
  54. The stars blurred into the outline of a man, a.
  55. They will already have a very clear outline of.
  56. The soft outline of a woman appeared before her.
  57. He could see an outline of a person through the.
  58. I went and wrote the outline mainly to please him.
  59. His fingers moved to her lips mapping the outline.
  60. This is only a general outline of Premillennialism.
  61. You aim to stick to the outline, to stick to the.
  62. Peter got an orange board with a fiery red outline.
  63. Outline the content that needs to be in each piece.
  64. The aim of this review is to outline the evidence.
  65. Blomkvist ran through the story in broad outline.
  66. There I was able to sketch an outline of the listed.
  67. From our location, I could see the faint outline of.
  68. The kind of outline you need to create is one based.
  69. Outline of Malbay and the vicinity, (in Canada,) 205.
  70. He points to a darker outline of shadow on their left.
  71. Its rigid outline became pliant, melting in his grasp.
  72. He could see the outline of the red sun on the canvas.
  73. And there, ahead, another outline in the Light, Elior.
  74. The outline of it showed off Sue’s figure wonderfully.
  75. It began to lighten its small narrow and round outline.
  76. And he then proceeded to outline a major gripe about me.
  77. SKIING, I'll outline here what ski instructors need to.
  78. It is offered to outline that faith is indeed necessary.
  79. So their servants and vassals only saw a vague outline.
  80. Below is a brief outline of their beliefs, which is in.
  81. I could barely see the outline, my mind filled the rest.
  82. I had the outline in my head but couldn’t do it alone.
  83. Following is a simplified view of the Two Spirits outline.
  84. Doug held Max’s arm still and started the black outline.
  85. Below, the shaded outline of the river could just be seen.
  86. He could see the outline of her breasts under that shirt.
  87. Most of these chips use a small outline J-lead (SOJ) pin.
  88. Haan, An Outline of the History of thePicaresque Novel in.
  89. Jesse could see just the outline of her tail in the water.
  90. At the very top of the whole outline are truth and wisdom.
  91. Now consider the outline of the upper seven spirits, again.
  92. When he opened them I saw the faintest outline of a smile.
  93. Next, mind map or outline everything you need to research.
  94. I could barely see his outline, but I knew his face so well.
  95. Up ahead she saw the outline of a house in the rainy gloom.
  96. This lesson is an outline of the vowel and consonant sounds.
  97. I remain in focus as a white outline, panting in the park.
  98. When I saw him in the parking lot, I noticed an outline of.
  99. Because of this the Astral form follows the outline of the.
  100. Oh, my God… I saw the shadowy outline of a child’s face.
  1. Sonya was outlining the plan to them.
  2. He started by outlining the background.
  3. Another way of outlining the process could be:.
  4. There is a shortage of published material outlining a.
  5. Invest time in outlining the history of it's progress.
  6. Every evening, you’ll receive a newsletter outlining the.
  7. The more I dug through the documents outlining details of G.
  8. In Training the Mind in Seven Points, after outlining how to.
  9. The outlining and coloring of the figures is most interesting.
  10. The feathers outlining his eyes glinted in the dim reddish light.
  11. Lights appeared on a distant hilltop, outlining the walls of the fort.
  12. He smiled and ran the tip of his forefinger against my lips, outlining them.
  13. The outside was candy apple red with shiny metal silver outlining everything.
  14. Delitah had a big yellow star made of construction paper outlining her image.
  15. Let me start by outlining the operation in question from the very beginning.
  16. The color of death; outlining the images of animals they had hunted and killed.
  17. Abdul had seen the look in his eyes when he finished outlining the plan, as if.
  18. Guinevere smiled, looking down and outlining the rim of her teacup with her finger.
  19. My plan…‖ The President went on for another twenty minutes outlining his agenda.
  20. Then he started a discussion outlining the extreme differences between the two types.
  21. The first step is outlining what the goal of a proper option selling program should be.
  22. Sister Mary Charles responded by outlining in detail what each sister was responsible for.
  23. There in front of me was a full-page article outlining former President Brown's shenanigans.
  24. Please note… we will use the above shortcut style when outlining the steps of future searches.
  25. The wind blew her caftan about her, outlining her body; her hair swirled wildly in the tempest.
  26. There were memos dated back to the beginning of the planning stages outlining this on site lab.
  27. It starts with five years permit then lawyers outlining their importance backed by recommendations.
  28. Hopefully she knew about the outlining planets that had been cleared for human habitation in 2063 A.
  29. I spend less time organizing, typing notes and outlining material, and more time just plain learning.
  30. Firm, written contracts are also essential, outlining responsibilities and obligations for both parties.
  31. We will produce a plan outlining the principles and designs which we consider the basis for a settlement.
  32. So now is a good time to set your own staff some small targets and goals, outlining the incremental baby step process.
  33. Caitlin thought that if it had been anyone other than Birnbaum making these accusations, outlining these hypotheses….
  34. By the time he’d finished outlining the whole thing, he’d barely touched me and yet I was so wet I could hardly stand up.
  35. The assistant kept his gaze on the Political Adviser and began outlining a plan of action that he hoped, prayed, would succeed.
  36. In any case it is worthwhile outlining the general nature and origin of these operations, with one or two illustrative examples.
  37. As soon as they woke up, Dyma and Noiu met with them, outlining for them all the details of the place, the boy, and the monstrous man.
  38. Three months later in early February 1988 the administration would publish a white paper outlining its considered opinions on that report.
  39. Several paragraphs of dense text began to scroll across the screen, an unreadable blur of legalese outlining all the details of enlistment.
  40. As expected, Prep sent me an e-mail later that evening outlining the dinner conversation, which was saturated with trading psychology nuggets.
  41. With a phone cradled between shoulder and chin, she poured him a coffee before resuming animated gossip on the phone: Outlining her holiday plans.
  42. By this time he was in earnest converse with Peter, Andrew, and John while Jesus was outlining to James the trip through Galilee and on to Capernaum.
  43. We’ll return this to you after the study is concluded, the nurse reassured her as she handed Carol a pamphlet outlining the rules of the study.
  44. Sally continued to shake her head as the information unfolded, outlining every illegal move they and Dominex had made since the beginning of the study.
  45. Instead, I’d made it anonymous, outlining that I was a customer who had found pirated discs from her son (this was Topps’ idea) and who discovered.
  46. His face was completely emotionless, for his job routinely involved outlining, explaining, or recreating the causes of death or violence on a daily basis.
  47. Paul began his presentation, outlining Dominex’s position of innocence and their genuine concern for the individuals who had been harmed by the terrible doctor.
  48. What the hell is this? Sheila scanned memos dated from two months prior, outlining an onsite lab that would carefully screen and monitor each patient’s progress.
  49. Still, realizing that many readers will go on to design their own experiments and surveys, we devote the balance of this chapter to outlining some of the possibilities.
  50. General Voltimir had been in conference with the president, outlining the inexplicable recurrence within compound 4569#3, a secret location somewhere in southeast Russia.
  51. Readers might have noticed that throughout this book I have been quite vague when it comes to outlining strict criteria that tells us when to get in and out of the market.
  52. At this point, the student must begin work on their dissertation although first a more formal proposal outlining the dissertation research must be submitted to the committee.
  53. There was an FBI report outlining a series of unsolved felonies the Templars had been suspected of involvement in, bank robberies, hits for hire against Latino and black gangs.
  54. Carol drafted a letter to the Georgia State Medical Board, outlining her suspicion of Doctor Donovan, evidenced by the drug screen she had done on one of the study volunteers.
  55. I have boldly spoken to Pharaoh from the strength and assurance I have received from this, your pillar of fire! He waved his staff in vertical strokes outlining the fiery display.
  56. Behind the fruit fly was a giant scale model (giant only in comparison to the fruit fly) of the Oviform and surrounding filth, with diagrams and plans outlining the next phases of clean-up and organization.
  57. This short man had on a white leather apron which covered his chest and part of his legs; he had on a kind of necklace above which rose a high white ruffle, outlining his rather long face which was lit up from below.
  58. The Mayor’s Office has been provided with a Memorandum of Understanding from Peyton Consolidated, outlining, in very clear terms, the funding and resources the company is prepared to leverage in support of this venture.
  59. I expanded on the details of my ideas for new versions of chess in a revised version of the book and added a couple of appendices outlining rules for TrimChess (the 6x8 version) and rules for StrongChess (the 10x8 version).
  60. Warm brown eye shadow and black eyeliner to make my eyes seem large and soulful; slight outlining of lips and subtle hollowing of the cheeks, highlighted cheekbones and thicker eyebrows transformed me into ‘Dionysius the sexy pagan’.
  61. So in 1946 he put his concerns into a long telegram to the State Department, outlining how the Russians had always felt themselves under siege from their enemies and how the drive to expand was built deep into the Russian psyche and the communist soul.
  62. She had, as it was her custom, a pronounced cleavage wearing a sleeveless blouse and a skirt in gauzy fabric, adhering to the legs outlining her figure; and my fury would have exploded if I hadn’t seen Leonardo trying to get rid of her stubborn embrace with a grimace of annoyance.
  63. This does not explain, however, the Republican Party‘s lackluster support among the more traditionally moderate to conservative suburban communities located outside the city‘s outlining areas, not to mention upper New York State whose population has overwhelmingly voted Republican over the years.
  64. In response to the cheering of the processionists - who, of course, had not heard the speech, but were cheering from force of habit - Sir Featherstone Blood stood up in the carriage and addressed the crowd, briefly outlining the great measures of Social Reform that his party proposed to enact to improve the condition of the working classes; and as they listened, the Wise Men grew delirious with enthusiasm.
  1. I have outlined in the.
  2. As it was outlined earlier.
  3. I shook my head and outlined.
  4. Bart outlined what had happened.
  5. I told him, and outlined my plan.
  6. I have outlined this in MY Word.
  7. Your cock was outlined perfectly.
  8. I have 3 more books outlined and.
  9. The headmaster outlined his worries.
  10. God's mount outlined against the sky.
  11. Some of them will be outlined below.
  12. He outlined the challenges he saw1:.
  13. With only bits of the edges outlined.
  14. Rory outlined his life since leaving.
  15. These sacrifices are outlined for us.
  16. The facts may be outlined as follows:.
  17. Please stick to the workout as outlined.
  18. The differences are outlined in Table 27.
  19. I came to the door and outlined the agenda.
  20. The notes outlined the methods the cells.
  21. He made notes as she outlined her suspicions.
  22. Crosby outlined all the scenes, I said.
  23. That path is clearly outlined for you by the.
  24. He outlined all the helpful books he has read.
  25. She outlined the process we have to go through.
  26. Distant shell-bursts still outlined the trees.
  27. Dust outlined where the boxes should’ve been.
  28. Elementary technic may be outlined as follows:.
  29. Our seven goals have been outlined further above.
  30. With the prepayment penalty clause outlined above.
  31. Pick up the tools of the trade outlined in this.
  32. She went over the case he'd outlined against her.
  33. Glued-on circles of sapphires outlined the nipples.
  34. He outlined in detail his entries, adds, and stops.
  35. A ray of moonlight outlined his profile, and Jean.
  36. Simply follow the rules as I've outlined them here.
  37. My simple methods outlined in this book should work.
  38. How to Play It Use one of our systems outlined later.
  39. The rest of the terrace was outlined with beautiful.
  40. He went through the procedure and outlined the risks.
  41. The only truth is MY Truth and it is all outlined in.
  42. I shot the video-short just as Mysterieau had outlined.
  43. How to Play It Use one of our systems as outlined later.
  44. When everyone had found a seat she outlined the program.
  45. A slight variation is the Mythic Structure outlined by.
  46. I started down another branch of the red outlined tree.
  47. A tall red-haired woman with a lovely outlined oval face.
  48. As with the others, he outlined his plans for the world.
  49. Be sure to stick to the route I outlined for us to take.
  50. He listened intently as she outlined her plan of action.
  51. LaTrue, who nodded his approval as Angie outlined a plan.
  52. Her sleek Galanos dress outlined a firm, stunning figure.
  53. Jim outlined the procedures that would be followed in the.
  54. We settled in at the table as I outlined what had happened.
  55. Jean Valjean stared at the window outlined on the polished.
  56. Cosette's thin and sickly face was vaguely outlined by the.
  57. Some thoughts about these issues are briefly outlined below.
  58. A streetlight outside a near window outlined his puffy face.
  59. The social structure wasn't as rigidly outlined as that of.
  60. To create a custom menu, follow the steps outlined below: 1.
  61. And you chose not to fit in to what we outlined as important.
  62. One after another they became more clearly outlined against.
  63. There were the four lines outlined with inexorable clearness.
  64. By faithfully practicing the exercises outlined in this System.
  65. Elizabeth outlined to him what she termed their cover story.
  66. It is prone to melt throughs, and this has been outlined in a.
  67. To create a custom toolbar, follow the steps outlined below: 1.
  68. The science has been nicely outlined in many books and courses.
  69. As you read on, keep in mind what I have outlined in this chapter.
  70. I have warned them and I have outlined MY plans and MY terms for.
  71. Look at us up here, outlined on the hilltop, Yigal answered.
  72. The written accent is also used for other reasons, outlined below.
  73. Assemble it in the same way outlined above for the bridal bouquet.
  74. The true faith, the true worship of Adonai El Shaddai is outlined.
  75. TAKE ACTION: Simply follow through with the actions outlined above.
  76. Greek word aion draws many of the conclusions he had outlined at:.
  77. Maxwell could never have imagined the possibilities outlined above.
  78. Here is a review of the system as we outlined it in this chapter:.
  79. He outlined his proposal and Ritchie immediately saw the benefits.
  80. Staff and their responsibilities are to be outlined in the contract.
  81. MY Scripture? I have outlined the things to look for in these last.
  82. With the system outlined in this book it is unlikely you need to be.
  83. Development Program centers on the Marketing Activities outlined as.
  84. Initial stop losses are currently set to those outlined in Chapter 10.
  85. There are a few ways in which you can counter the threat just outlined.
  86. On top of the plume is a tall dark column, its edges outlined in fire.
  87. Kevin then outlined the plan that had been evolving in his mind since.
  88. Whereas the ways outlined here on how to capitalize on your ownership.
  89. This is so because as outlined earlier, even when free of de-motivation.
  90. I really think that in my life, running my company as outlined here it.
  91. If you follow the tips that I have outlined in this book, you will lose.
  92. The program just outlined wil provide you with a continuity of contrasts.
  93. Once situated, Joel briefly outlined what his phone calls had been about.
  94. Bergen succinctly outlined the events surrounding the account held by Ms.
  95. Matt and Yakov outlined plan A and B to all parties and requested that.
  96. Many, but not all, headed for the rallying point outlined in the message.
  97. ROSE SURGERY It read in bold gold letters outlined in black so it stood.
  98. It was a reflection of her gentle face, outlined by the strong, full moon.
  99. Some of the types and sources of retirement benefits are outlined below:.
  100. Yes, you can weed out the dogs by doing the basic research outlined below.
  1. The outlines were very thick.
  2. The outlines of the cave appeared.
  3. She quickly outlines what she knows.
  4. Conybeare's Outlines of Geology, &c.
  5. He outlines the Second Beast fairly.
  6. Bloom’s taxonomy outlines this for us:.
  7. Finley outlines all of the identity factors.
  8. There were numerous red outlines all around him.
  9. I only have outlines of what needs to be done.
  10. Paul outlines the problem of the human condition.
  11. Figure of outlines of hills near Clarksburgh, 59.
  12. Selena could only see the outlines of their bodies.
  13. The marketing plan is a document that outlines your.
  14. From his outlines I can tell he takes school serious.
  15. There were bruises forming, outlines of his fingers.
  16. He remembered the general outlines from Hebrew school.
  17. But Kiera could see faint outlines of a balcony above.
  18. Then the outlines were filled in black, red and white.
  19. What tablets, outlines, hang for thee, O millionnaire?
  20. Article 5 outlines the steps to amend the Constitution.
  21. Her outlines were not the outlines for heroic attitudes.
  22. A marketing plan outlines specific actions you intend to.
  23. Far ahead I could see the first faint outlines of a town.
  24. I didn't use outlines, cards, charts, or any of that crap.
  25. A darkening blue mist blurred the outlines of the foliage.
  26. I saw outlines and shadows, but couldn't make out anything.
  27. Those things with definite outlines can be counted, exactly.
  28. Now, the shadows slowly gave way to more distinct outlines.
  29. HEY, THAT HURTS! Outlines of tree branches were marked.
  30. Fog began to peel off of the traced outlines like blue smoke.
  31. She was a business woman wearing a dark suit with outlines so.
  32. Those looking herein for even the barest outlines of a school.
  33. Rajan, Shipra and Nafizah designed the sets outlines for shoots.
  34. These two outlines (two tables of stone, or cornerstones).
  35. By degrees the outlines became fixed, although bathed in shadows.
  36. Across the path, ’mid shadows wide, and outlines, too, the wall.
  37. He read outlines of Confucianism and Taoism, and learned that, far.
  38. The quickly glimpsed outlines of a city slowly disappeared into the.
  39. When it came to my family in New York, I only ever gave the outlines.
  40. Outlines of butterflies were there, as were Our footprints, every one.
  41. Lurking behind them, Leesa saw the outlines of three more dark figures.
  42. There were still outlines of the bodies on the sidewalk where they had.
  43. The outlines of their faces could be seen as huge portraits in the sky.
  44. This bonus section outlines some of the foods you should stay away from.
  45. Phillips, Outlines of the Geology of England and Wales, vii, 203; ix, 146.
  46. The outlines of the bridges lay shapeless in the mist one behind the other.
  47. The bullets carved the outlines of a naked man and a woman standing side by.
  48. While we drink our coffee, he outlines the service he’s drafted it so far.
  49. After a while, the outlines of the landscape revealed themselves dimly to me.
  50. Draw outlines of the groups with the affinity cards at the top of each group.
  51. You can tell by his ad where he clearly outlines the benefits of his product.
  52. I thus already have the main outlines of a plan to achieve our goals in Japan.
  53. Outlines can only be said to exist in appearances as the boundaries of masses.
  54. Conybeare and Phillips, outlines of the geology of England and Wales, vii, 203.
  55. This is to ensure maximum clarity of facial features and outlines without the.
  56. Its outlines were indistinct, but it was taller than a man, and not very bulky.
  57. She glanced at the stark outlines of the mountains all about them and shuddered.
  58. Section 2 of Article 1 outlines the structure of the House of Representatives.
  59. Bright yellow eyes and dark shadowy outlines were appearing from all directions.
  60. Farther ahead could be seen, now clearly, the outlines of the City that was the.
  61. They already knew those basic outlines, there was little detail she could fill in.
  62. These are the broad outlines of the recommendations proposed during the Conference.
  63. By now, I was only a couple of feet away and could see their outlines in the gloom.
  64. A moving in checklist – this short document outlines all the things you need to.
  65. One of the books he had read showed outlines between the differing Clans and their.
  66. I trust you will give me more detailed reports than the mere outlines you sent home.
  67. I told him the skeletal outlines, and when he heard about the shots by the bank, he.
  68. We could see the dim outlines of the decks above, but we could not recognize anybody.
  69. I have used outlines for the letters so your child can colour them in if they want to.
  70. The next chapter outlines the tragic results of taking this broad road to destruction.
  71. As my eyes often did they focused in on the white outlines of the scar on her forehead.
  72. Next, there begin to appear on either side vague outlines of houses, walls, trees, etc.
  73. She gazed across the murky space at the shadowy outlines of the corvettes nearest at hand.
  74. The outlines, for example, are first incised, and then the picture is finished with color.
  75. We’ve several structure outlines already plotted, and I’ve had a bit of fun with them.
  76. If a 3d observer outlines an experiment to be conducted with human measuring instruments (i.
  77. My daughter asked about my trip at dinner that night, but I would give her only the outlines.
  78. I barely breathed as I traced the outlines of a few grubby pencilled words written in Arabic.
  79. Before we left, the outlines of the next campaign began to filter down to the tumen commanders.
  80. You may want to consider a disclosure statement form that outlines exactly what it is you will.
  81. Spirits outlines, but written on a scroll, you are presented with a very short or little scroll.
  82. Ancor ran over, and indeed, did see the outlines of a large fleet highlighted by the rising sun.
  83. Did I expect to see the phantom outlines of a pair of pants way up there on the highest branch?
  84. Three pairs of eyes sized her up, lingering like hungry predators on the outlines of her figure.
  85. Repelled, they regrouped among shade, which afforded their jet outlines an excellent camouflage.
  86. I felt the perfect skin and the outlines of her bone structure, the small ears and straight nose.
  87. History outlines and portrays this struggle as both individual efforts and as by groups of people.
  88. A letter of intent often outlines the major issues that will be discussed in future negoatiations.
  89. In sections 5 and 6 of Article 1, the Constitution outlines the rules of congressional procedure.
  90. A tall girl, with large dark-blue eyes, ivory outlines, and a gloss of darkness on her smooth hair.
  91. He saw the outlines of something huge in his mind, and he didn’t like the shape of it, not at all.
  92. Anne developed an information product which teaches her principles and outlines focus questionnaires.
  93. The above outlines (two “tables” of “stone”) are the refinement of the precept from the Dead Sea.
  94. Forest-growth and underbrush had invaded the evenly planned groves, but their outlines were still visible.
  95. But at the initial stage the editors and their paper outlines drawn in biro ink were the order of the day.
  96. Our high end technology enables us to reconstruct images from any angle and visualize anatomical outlines.
  97. Martin watched the screen of the heat sensing equipment looking for any white outlines that might be a man.
  98. Lov watched as some of the outlines attacked each other, slamming together and bowling apart, over and over.
  99. The light of an obscure moon was just sufficient to render objects, though dim, perceptible in their outlines.
  100. Caris could see that the huge posts had originally been sharpened into points, though their outlines had been.

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