screen sätze

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Screen sätze (in englisch)

  1. I turn off the screen.
  2. Then I saw the screen.
  3. I frown at the screen.
  4. He looked at the screen.
  5. Save to the Home Screen.

  6. She looked at the screen.
  7. Ok, put it on screen.
  8. She gaped at the screen.
  9. On to the next screen:.
  10. LCD screen to his laptop.
  11. She pointed at the screen.
  12. A strange screen pops up.
  13. He pointed to the screen.
  14. They peered at the screen.
  15. He glanced at the screen.

  16. And the screen went dark.
  17. Then the screen goes blank.
  18. As at the screen he pants.
  19. Smith looked at the screen.
  20. On the screen was a sign.
  21. I pointed up at the screen.
  22. Screen phone calls at home.
  23. On the screen was T’Pau.
  24. Darek gawked at the screen.
  25. He looks around the screen.

  26. The screen was quite blank.
  27. Glor appeared on the screen.
  28. Both men watched the screen.
  29. Gowr appeared on the screen.
  30. I turned back to my screen.
  31. Then he blanked the screen.
  32. Using this screen (Figure 5.
  33. The whole screen was white.
  34. Then the screen went black.
  35. On the screen in front of.
  36. He was greeted by a screen.
  37. The screen flashed red again.
  38. He looked back at the screen.
  39. Danny frowned at the screen.
  40. When the screen went blank.
  41. Distortion of TV Screen, 70.
  42. Music leaped from the screen.
  43. Heymon was poking his screen.
  44. He showed the screen to Del.
  45. It had touch screen control.
  46. Brent squinted at the screen.
  47. The tv screen was now black.
  48. And forth across the screen.
  49. On the screen of my mind --.
  50. On the screen, the speckled.
  51. On the screen was a car race.
  52. Rancid looked the screen over.
  53. The blank screen stared back.
  54. The images on the screen stop.
  55. I just give the screen that.
  56. I pulled the screen open too.
  57. He tapped the computer screen.
  58. Reacher glanced at the screen.
  59. He held the screen out to me.
  60. He touched the screen where.
  61. In the Home screen, tap Mail.
  62. He looked again at the screen.
  63. Even escape into the screen.
  64. At the bottom of the screen.
  65. They both peered at the screen.
  66. The other two looked on screen.
  67. On the screen, a short video.
  68. The old priest eyed the screen.
  69. A photo appeared on the screen.
  70. The words on the screen made.
  71. We see the echo on the screen.
  72. Again the giant screen glowed.
  73. So thick is the forest screen.
  74. An e-mail was up on his screen.
  75. Smith looked back at the screen.
  76. The screen flickered and lit up.
  77. And then the screen went blank.
  78. From the Home screen, tap Maps.
  79. ASer, each scale a screen.
  80. I clutch the screen to my chest.
  81. I watch this on another screen.
  82. There is a suitable screen on:.
  83. The screen blinked and settled.
  84. On the screen, there was a note.
  85. Numbers flashed up on the screen.
  86. She rotated the screen toward me.
  87. A circle appeared on the screen.
  88. Again, he pointed to the screen.
  89. He glanced at his status screen.
  90. I watch the frenzy on the screen.
  91. He noticed that the screen had.
  92. He stood, staring at the screen.
  93. There was no reply on the screen.
  94. The screen swam with indignation.
  95. She swiped the screen to answer.
  96. All you know is her screen name.
  97. You will screen the rest?
  98. Dylan glanced up from her screen.
  99. We had a giant screen television.
  100. Reacher turned back to the screen.
  1. So the screening, I said.
  2. He seemed to be screening my calls.
  3. We start by screening for classic value.
  4. This test is called urine drug screening.
  5. There is often a strict screening process.
  6. Fee-based screening can be found at Stockcharts.
  7. This had been the third screening of the commercial.
  8. I think she’ll be screening out Morton’s calls.
  9. I do my usual initial screening process at this stage.
  10. She laughed at his joking reference to the strict screening.
  11. One thing we don't do is a lot of computer screening for ideas.
  12. Some of these haven’t even started screening in Hollywood.
  13. A wall of cinderblock had been put up, screening off the far end.
  14. Perhaps it is still in the helicopter and is screening the signal.
  15. Preventive Services Task Force, Screening for Ovarian Cancer: U.
  16. I voted for tighter screening, but the rest would not hear of it.
  17. She arranged for her to have a private screening of it at the studio.
  18. They delighted instead on screening the directors and many promising.
  19. Filtering of information sourcescomes as screening of the cult adepts.
  20. You must understand that nine out of ten are eliminated at screening.
  21. For, as we said before, unless his wings were screening the rays of the.
  22. Similarly, ideas submitted from employees go through a screening process.
  23. I can also recommend the screening tool in OmniTrader from Nirvana Systems.
  24. They created a high converting online based multi-step screening, interview.
  25. With every photo, I tell him a story, screening what I don’t want him to know.
  26. This method is used only to specimens that test positive during the screening test.
  27. You can replace them with stocks farther down the list of your original screening.
  28. Our default screening allowed for a 5% deviation in price relative to strike price.
  29. Too bad they had not thought to include occupation as a one of the screening tools.
  30. Martin could tell it was an older screening, maybe even from the archives of the U.
  31. Instructions on screening should be clearly displayed wherever packages are opened.
  32. It would, therefore, be necessary that adequate screening mechanism is put in place.
  33. This current variation of our screening is the most successful breakthrough thus far.
  34. We can begin screening the populations of The Just Alliance for that ability as well.
  35. Case over there, the security guard said, clearing a spot on the screening table.
  36. She was sitting in an armchair placed sideways, screening and was knitting a stocking.
  37. A false-positive result from the screening test will be negative on the confirmation test.
  38. Darren sat in the screening room watching dailies with Phil, a contented smile on his face.
  39. But us nu post-techno zombies, however, are the screening dead gamed alive by entrancement.
  40. She was an addictions counselor and apparently had access to a lab for drug screening purposes.
  41. Creepers clad the sides of the house, screening windows from glare and curiosity of passers-by.
  42. But they insist that it will do a better job of raising warning flags than traditional screening.
  43. Note that Yahoo! Finance offers two free screening tools: a basic service and a more advanced one.
  44. They were very busy with the team to screening of the movie because good revenue was coming to him.
  45. Only one ever slipped through the screening and he was to cause so much trouble to the Brotherhood.
  46. Riefenstahl entered the room to wild applause and was cheered roundly after the screening of the film.
  47. You should use the more advanced tool, since the basic screener does not allow for screening by volume.
  48. His equipment was not sophisticated enough to do a toxin screening and find out exactly what drug was used.
  49. But certainly it had never been used, and would never be used, in a screening process for any job anywhere.
  50. Not daring to wait any longer, I booked a screening room and paced the hall until the third call came at 3:15.
  51. Another testing method that's more sensitive may be used to corroborate a positive urine drug screening result.
  52. This final screening process will force you to focus only on those stocks that have the highest technical merit.
  53. For as we said before unless his wings were screening the rays of the sun no living creature would be preserved.
  54. I moved around restlessly, closing the blast-curtains, metal mesh screening, on the windows where they were open.
  55. About 2:45 pM I received a call from the chairman’s office wanting to know which screening room had been set up.
  56. Screening excludes certain securities from investment consideration based on social and/or environmental criteria.
  57. We all sat in his darkened screening room watching the film and waiting and waiting and waiting for this one scene.
  58. The Screening Tool It is not possible to screen for triangular or rectangular bases using what is commonly available.
  59. Subsequent chapters outline ways to harness the full power of your screening tool to find great trend-trading setups.
  60. She was sitting in an armchair placed sideways, screening the light of the candle from him, and was knitting a stocking.
  61. It is your responsibility, under the law, to take a state approved training course on identification, and put in screening.
  62. Our front-end screening is fairly automated, looking at both performance laggards and where implied expectations are pessimistic.
  63. If she had not passed my initial screening, you would have been instructed to drop her at immigration and to never see her again.
  64. Trees and bushes spread across the front of the home, screening off from the street the concrete stairway leading to the apartment.
  65. A number of screening tools have been evaluated and shown to be effective in identifying victims of intimate partner violence (IPV).
  66. What is your normal screening process for renters? I usually interview everyone who calls and interview during the showing of the.
  67. In this private setting, every aspect of trading could be covered, from setting up the watch lists to screening out the best trades.
  68. They are going to send samples out to another hospital for a more advanced screening in order to continue the detective work that way.
  69. The Screening Tool When eyeballing your watch list fails to turn up any relief rally setups, the following screen inputted into Stockcharts.
  70. Insect screening can be quickly repaired using needle and thread, or if you feel the need, there are specialised kits sold in camping stores.
  71. Once in a while we would put in a film at the six-to-nine screening when the crowds were mostly young and the chance encounter of possible.
  72. Then again, she'd never been invited into the screening room, the bowling alley, or any of the seven cabanas lining the back of the Block house.
  73. His arms were resting on the table, and his brow was bowed down on them, the blue cloak being dragged forward and screening his face on each side.
  74. Because of this screening process, it is a little more difficult for new marketers to get approved by CPA networks as opposed to affiliate networks.
  75. How could it be considered to be objective screening, when it was owned by the same company submitting the data? None of this was making any sense.
  76. From that point on, because the wellbeing of the patients and employees in this complex are my responsibility, I do the drug screening tests myself.
  77. It should be a required screening for heart patients not handled immediately on an emergency basis to be screened for stomach acid /reflux problems.
  78. Movement in the jungle showed that beings moved there, just behind the first screening layers of plant life, but none ventured forth into the clearing.
  79. The Screening Tool The coiled spring setup is not often seen among high-beta or volatile stocks, so it will not show up much on your primary watch list.
  80. Martin suddenly was aware of the whole scheme Sloan was attempting as he looked at the screening visual which stopped at the entrance way to Georgetown.
  81. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations on screening for family and intimate partner violence which includes a review of screening tools.
  82. There is validity in that approach and screening tools can be developed off similar indicator patterns, but my preference is to focus on the price structure.
  83. I was inclined to think at one time that he knew who had done it and was screening him or her, but I am convinced now that he is as puzzled as everyone else.
  84. Drug testing conducted in laboratories is performed in two levels with the use of two different types of testing methods: screening test and confirmation test.
  85. The Screening Tool In bull markets this screen will not return many candidates, but in a strong bear market it should turn up several possible blue sea candidates.
  86. Some charting services will offer special screening tools for subscribers, but for our purposes the free stock screeners offered by Yahoo! Finance are sufficient.
  87. Aboard the Hood, Vice-Admiral Holland received orders that together with the Prince of Wales and screening destroyers they were to sail towards the Denmark Straits.
  88. Screening tests are usually performed by immunoassay, a biochemical test that measures the concentration of a substance in a biological fluid, such as urine or serum.
  89. The Commador Cinema in George Street was screening a series of old classics and today’s film was Jaws - in McKee’s view, one of the best suspense films ever made.
  90. Just like any other tenants, those under the program should be treated and provided the same priveleges as non-participants from screening process even up to eviction.
  91. In a recent systematic evidence review, the USPSTF noted several screening instruments with high sensitivity and speciicity for identifying IPV in the health care setting.
  92. This means that a person who has taken only some over-the-counter drugs and submits to urine drug screening may be detected positive for either prescription or illegal drugs.
  93. Torres’s request, all communication networks and transit facility systems in the State and country, had begun screening Sloan’s photo and data profile as a Security Alert.
  94. However, this assumption is valid only to the extent that the human resources department is able to recruit the appropriate knowledge workers through screening and job placement.
  95. She started, glanced round at him, and screening the candle with her hand stooped carefully with a supple and exact movement, picked up the ball, and regained her former position.
  96. Each involves screening out the 10 highest-yielding of the 30 Dow stocks, then investing in all 10 of them, the five highest-yielding of the 10, or the five lowest-priced of the 10.
  97. For example, a person taking prescribed tranquilizers to relieve his stress and another one using barbiturates would both manifest positive urine screening tests for CNS depressants.
  98. Screening for stocks with heavy-volume price breaks on a daily and weekly basis is the most effective way to catch potential short-sale targets as they initially come under distribution.
  99. He skipped through a power point screening of the desk and the floor around it with the discarded cards then froze the screen for a few seconds when the image of the severed finger appeared.
  100. It was a bill to establish a grant program to improve the mental and emotional health of schoolchildren by having money available for screening and treatment of at-risk kids and their parents.
  1. She didn’t open the screened door.
  2. On the screened in back porch, Will.
  3. Screened under ferns she laughed warmfolded.
  4. She could hear it through the screened porch.
  5. From the screened, whicker mesh of the seraglio.
  6. This was also screened on Shoriki’s TV station.
  7. Not only patrolled but heavily, securely screened.
  8. A little way off another shed with a fly screened.
  9. I smiled and hurried into the screened off enclosure.
  10. All instructions must be screened; all commands voiced.
  11. The clientele that buy our product, I want them screened.
  12. I screened all the staff and I even replaced our head chef.
  13. Caris pulled aside the curtain that screened off the kitchen.
  14. My point is that the physical is not to be screened out, but.
  15. Check that windows and doors are securely screened and latched.
  16. A covered and screened porch in the spring and fall is wondrous.
  17. All the time travelers were screened for emotional stability.
  18. When these are reported, they’re screened out from future events.
  19. The screened high trucks and trailers are piled high with white fluff.
  20. The opposite corner was screened off by a curtain or a sheet hung on a string.
  21. Sitting forwards, however, and screened by her bonnet, those smiles were unseen.
  22. It was common knowledge that roadways and airway ports were thoroughly screened.
  23. Pearl # 9: Most Patients With Hypertension Should NOT Be Screened for Secondary.
  24. Generally the prospective members are screened before being granted a membership.
  25. Then their luggage was screened right here, and they too were thoroughly searched.
  26. Dave came in and pulled a rope that opened a side of the cabin, exposing a screened.
  27. There were stars in the sky and the new moon shone out amid the smoke that screened it.
  28. Not much…he wants to put a screened in porch off of his kitchen and he's got a guy.
  29. There are drugs that can mimic a heart attack, digoxin, for example, which I screened for.
  30. He was partiall;y screened from them by a large potted palm, but he could see them clearly.
  31. Bill the pony stood patiently but dejectedly in front of the hobbits, and screened them a.
  32. I screened the Morningstar Principia database (November 1999) for domestic small-cap funds.
  33. Water from the storm clung to everything, including the pea gravel outside the screened porch.
  34. Borja issued a memo this afternoon to have all my calls screened and monitored for the mean time.
  35. And the blinds, dislocated and unpasted, threatened passers-by rather than screened the occupants.
  36. She studied the screened door off the porch and found it solidly boarded shut with a barn door latch.
  37. As if on purpose, at the very same moment a load of hay was going in, and it completely screened him.
  38. It was on the north side of the river and was screened by a good-sized island on its side of the shore.
  39. What are you doing out there? Stan asked through the screened window without getting up from his chair.
  40. She checked the corners of the screened back porch for signs of the rider and found instead a dusty old rocker.
  41. He began gathering the grape-leaves which screened the sun from the grapes, and won the heart of the gardener.
  42. I followed, taking care to stand on one side, so that, screened by the curtain, I could see without being seen.
  43. That’s why my parents and grandparents screened the phone call and listened to Devin and Maria’s message.
  44. Since they each have more power and serve longer, it makes sense that the senators are screened more rigorously.
  45. Although Rocinante was screened the flies got in in their millions and hid in corners and would not be dislodged.
  46. Anyway, I followed my hunch and screened for possible toxins that could produce the same symptoms as cardiac arrest.
  47. My wife was recently told she has Alzheimer’s disease, and we want her screened for the APP, PS1, and PS2 mutations.
  48. He drew her arm quickly through his and led her to a seat in a bay window, screened from the rest of the room by curtains.
  49. When the conscious mind asks the sub-unconscious for hidden, screened off material, then it has no option but to respond.
  50. Less than five minutes later, Louis XIV left the palace at a gallop, closely screened by Captain Des Ouches and ten riders.
  51. We screened for a broad range of diseases and we found a host of endemic conditions as would be typical of this population.
  52. The deck was made of oak, and there was an overhang from the house to give shade, it was screened in to keep out mosquitoes.
  53. We want it screened with commentary; for this age, authority is any voice-over narration to the best powerpoint presentation.
  54. They were screened off from the rest of the grounds by trellis work that was covered with climbing plants that were in full bloom.
  55. They went inside, including Officer Gomez, who moved to the screened front porch to avoid the rain, which had started falling again.
  56. The ladies had passed near it in their way along the valley, but it was screened from their view at home by the projection of a hill.
  57. While Can was so engaged Elise was moving around peering out of the tattered screened windows but could see nothing in the milky gloom.
  58. In the Church-Christian doctrine, to Christ who did really exist, is attributed the fantastic conception of being God Himself, screened.
  59. Since that first price parameter cannot be screened for, a further eyeballing of the charts is usually required to weed out invalid setups.
  60. Therefore, I followed him without a word, to a retired nook of the garden, formed by the junction of two walls and screened by some rubbish.
  61. After relieving me of a flask of urine and a test-tube of blood to be screened for diseases unable to be otherwise diagnosed, I was released.
  62. They never know if their work is good until it’s screened, sometimes months or years afterwards, and then it’s too late to change anything.
  63. In addition to this primary list of trading stocks, you should add, on a daily basis, a few stocks that are screened for special trading setups.
  64. Quite sedately they walked down the path until a big hydrangea bush, studded thickly with great clumps of blossoms, screened them from the house.
  65. When all was done Faramir led them to a recess at the back of the cave, partly screened by curtains; and a chair and two stools were brought there.
  66. It should be a required screening for heart patients not handled immediately on an emergency basis to be screened for stomach acid /reflux problems.
  67. What these reporters did not realize: was that what had evoked this response was the only unscripted question that had not been screened ahead of time.
  68. In the back of this part of the cafe were several booths, open to conform to the law, yet sufficiently screened so that there was at least a little privacy.
  69. Many of our best investments would have screened very poorly—with negative cash flow, horrible returns on equity, declining sales and suspect management.
  70. The snow was not quite all gone from the park; a little dingy bank of it yet lay under the pines of the harbor road, screened from the influence of April suns.
  71. It was a carved ivory-handled mouthpiece in the shape of a beautiful naked lady, curved from the feet up to where the screened bowl that the tobacco went into.
  72. The waggon had drawn up under the churchyard wall, in a spot screened from view, and the driver, nothing loth, soon hauled down the poor heap of household goods.
  73. What then follows is the scenes were the partner�s calls get screened, and the inability to talk freely whilst in the presence of the �friend of a friend�.
  74. But the next room, from which I expected her to come in, the bedroom, screened off by a thick curtain, consisted literally of a bedstead, as appeared afterwards.
  75. Sometimes there is a mist at night and, whilst we are screened by the 15meter high walls of the excavation, stray light might illuminate the mist above ground level.
  76. That night, Matilda sat in the back garden, screened from the outside world by the row of hedges which skirted two sides the lawn and a large bushy area at the far end.
  77. Smith Goes to Washington, a series of commissioned wartime propaganda films, and had ended with Rendezvous in Space, a film screened at the New York World’s Fair of 1964.
  78. When new employees are in the onboarding period—they’ve already been screened, offered a job, and completed a few weeks of training—Zappos offers them a chance to quit.
  79. Not less acutely was it felt by Fanny, who had edged back her chair behind her aunt's end of the sofa, and, screened from notice herself, saw all that was passing before her.
  80. Norman Rumble loved the dawn; he walked over to the lab and took in the morning air as the sun started it daily ascent along the top of the cavern’s plasma screened ceiling.
  81. Not less acutely was it felt by Fanny, who had edged back her chair behind her aunt’s end of the sofa, and, screened from notice herself, saw all that was passing before her.
  82. Several attempts were made to dislodge sharpshooters in the woods, but screened amid the pinnated foliage of royal palms, and using smokeless powder, they were difficult to locate.
  83. And who's been encouraging it? Who's screened it by her authority? Who's upset them all? Who has made all the small fry huffy? All their family secrets are caricatured in your album.
  84. Daniel looked across the room and saw an old painting, probably a print, he thought, showing part of the village and, partially screened by a couple of cottages, the convent building.
  85. Probably, the absorption of energy acts as an anesthetic too: on one hand it weakens the victims, on the other hand exhaustion is often screened by the sweet delight of offering.
  86. Oblieska pointed to the rear of the tavern and whispered that the man they wanted to see was waiting for them there, behind a partition that screened off the rear of the establishment.
  87. Peter become even more agitated, what if his suitcase was screened before he had a chance to search it? The thought of being arrested, and then ending up in a Greek prison, petrified him.
  88. Foil-shielded cable, sometimes referred to as screened twisted-pair (ScTP) or foil twisted-pair (FTP), is thinner, lighter, and cheaper but is also less effective and more easily damaged.
  89. The aperture was so screened and narrow, that curtain or shutter had been deemed unnecessary; and when I stooped down and put aside the spray of foliage shooting over it, I could see all within.
  90. The bed was screened off by a green curtain, which ran the length of the room, and besides the sofa there stood by the table a large, soft easy chair, in which Marya Timofyevna never sat, however.
  91. She opened her note immediately, glad to have anything to do, and happy, as she read it, to feel that the fidgetings of her aunt Norris, who was also to dine there, screened her a little from view.
  92. One study found an astonishingly high rate of false positives (60 percent for men, 49 percent for women) among patients who were regularly screened for prostate, lung, colorectal, or ovarian cancer.
  93. He looked her over one more time, hoping that the sorrow in his eyes did not show only to be halted by the swinging open of a screened door and the quick flooding of the porch light down unto the steps.
  94. Why were you at the riot at the Immunity Center? her ear could discern that the voice was screened, since the vocal filters made it too clear – the voice had been cleansed of all its impure 546.
  95. No, not for me that fabled place of stone rooms and screened enclosures, where she the ancient lady who looked more like a statue in alabaster than a living thing held quiet court with her mute twin sister.
  96. The station master would contrive to keep the platform corner screened whenever possible by luggage wagons, crates or other items so that people would not be able to easily see the ice block without paying a fee.
  97. No nook in the grounds more sheltered and more Eden-like; it was full of trees, it bloomed with flowers: a very high wall shut it out from the court, on one side; on the other, a beech avenue screened it from the lawn.
  98. That summer, for the first time, he worked as trainer for the White Sox’ Triple A Tucson Toro’s, so we got a really good deal on a fancy townhouse close to the plant with nice pool and screened in gazebo for parties.
  99. But through the half-opened door I had distinctly seen some one come suddenly out from behind the curtain that screened Tatyana Pavlovna's bed, and that some one was standing at the back of the room behind Tatyana Pavlovna.
  100. An overview of these aspects could only be made out whenever they could be screened from a conservatory that is detached and insulated out from these environments so that existence would not be considered out to be our kind of lives.
  1. The screens then turned to.
  2. We never do screens like that.
  3. Once more she changed screens.
  4. Place on screens in dehydrator.
  5. Pilate nodded toward the screens.
  6. The screens had a kind of rhythm.
  7. He can see them all on his screens.
  8. Numbers flashed across the screens.
  9. He gets up and looks at the screens.
  10. I nod and turn away from the screens.
  11. Glayet poked some screens of her own.
  12. Jaden checks the screens for weapons.
  13. Before the ship arrived screens had.
  14. Check the star fields and the screens.
  15. When the market is trending, screens.
  16. Threat level 11% shows on the screens.
  17. Danny looked up at one of the screens.
  18. He changed screens several time, 274.
  19. Two men sat watching a bank of screens.
  20. The walls were thick, the screens sure.
  21. My look now spots the television screens.
  22. His eyes wandered around several screens.
  23. They watched the big screens in dismay….
  24. There were only her lab screens remaining.
  25. Monitor screens started flashing complex.
  26. There was a wall of screens in their office.
  27. Philip and sarge were staring at the screens.
  28. The screens in the station suddenly flickered.
  29. There were screens both for educational and.
  30. We will need blood pressures and drug screens.
  31. Network or XUSING Project with the screens of.
  32. Then T noticed something on one of the screens.
  33. Amy noted the time in the corner of the screens.
  34. After a second, the phone screens came to life.
  35. The screens were open and I could hear the rain.
  36. All monitors and computers screens were on and.
  37. Large screens are set up across the globe where.
  38. Screens on the two long walls allowed for video.
  39. Suddenly, the screens from the turrets dithered.
  40. Screens them, and seem half petrified with sleep.
  41. He leaned onto the table and studied the screens.
  42. The coordinates appeared on the top of our screens.
  43. He checks the screens and sees Stage 2 53% complete.
  44. Ava worked some more on screens no one else could see.
  45. I did some low price-to-book screens, says Koza.
  46. The message on the screens was not finished, however.
  47. I had two full tox screens done on Chantry’s blood.
  48. She was courteous enough to leave her screens visible.
  49. Shut up, said Zaphod, and show up the screens.
  50. Speaking of screens, invest in a good screen protector.
  51. I managed to deactivate all their security screens.
  52. I CHECK THE screens before I go to meet Amar and George.
  53. Occupied all screens with its simple static exhortation.
  54. There are, of course, wider screens for you to consider.
  55. He was able to create the same screens for Thor Odinson.
  56. I can see shit on the screens, some hunter replied.
  57. I stared at the screens, wondering which one it would be.
  58. From her screens he glimpsed some of what she was up to.
  59. Don’t you monitor the screens? I asked as he left.
  60. Above the fireplace was one of the biggest view screens.
  61. That’s always fun to watch on the screens or holograms.
  62. The Major turned to one of the screens to see two medics.
  63. Asia rubbed at her eyes and starred at the screens again.
  64. Screens of tigers covered the wal s and several laptops.
  65. I've always considered screens to be too backward-looking.
  66. The screens in front of me were still devoid of the enemy.
  67. A brief flurry of clouds cleared from his forward screens.
  68. The floor was of polished wood, screens shielded the door.
  69. On the wall at eye level, seven flat screens gazed blankly.
  70. Josephine faced the screens one last time then approached.
  71. She then returned her attention on her observation screens.
  72. If you need instructions, please watch the screens overhead.
  73. He was reading through four screens in his head at one time.
  74. Menu screens flashed past at lightning speed on the display.
  75. The sergeant was focused on what was going on in the screens.
  76. Both noted the three blips on their screens at the same time.
  77. In my office I have seven screens with over eighty stocks.
  78. Computer screens gave you a sense of safety, a feeling that.
  79. It spread out far wider than our viewing screens could reach.
  80. TV screens which monitored all the grounds and the approaches.
  81. On the holograms and screens, however—now that’s a show!.
  82. No problem, Martinez said, his eyes glued to his screens.
  83. His cheeks had a flush of colour as he pointed to the screens.
  84. There were diagnostic images on her screens when Thom came in.
  85. One of the screens has a line of code on it instead of an image.
  86. After all President David appeared on TV screens in the evening.
  87. One of those screens that said she had no results would pop up.
  88. She paused there and ran diagnostics and looked at the screens.
  89. Sim, Trent and several others watched the big screens in dismay.
  90. In the old days, television studios used blue screens to do this.
  91. You have a great tan from the number of screens in front of you.
  92. It was spectacular, even in the view screens, said Brendan.
  93. He was bringing up screens that Caramarin had never seen before.
  94. Indeed, the screens cut to the stadium's skybox, tucked away in.
  95. There are also doctors in robotic remote controlled LCD screens.
  96. Batistuta jumped back as al the screens in the airport suddenly.
  97. I can tell by the way she watches the screens, eager but afraid.
  98. Dan looked at Mike concerned, than took a glimpse at the screens.
  99. Akhim returned to the room as two of the screens lit up with data.
  100. Wait! screamed Molly, checking her screens and her handheld.

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