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    1. Most of our first jobs were in sweeping through houses: pest control, looking for suspicious activity, that sort of thing

    2. Everyone stares at their drink, a sort of collective moment of silence for lost loved ones

    3. “What sort of irrelevant question is that? You’re here to feel better, not fish for emotional gifts from me

    4. With this sort of mind-set, retiring, changing jobs, or moving to a smaller place are not likely to significantly reduce stress levels – the stress will be there whether it is imposed externally, or whether you have to manufacture it

    5. I was a sort of surrogate mother to her in her teens and we’d stayed in touch … whenever she had a problem she would ring me

    6. you know the sort of thing?’

    7. Several people thought I should make a scene and throw abuse at them both, but I hate that sort of thing

    8. It was his dream that he would marry and have children … and Dan is a man to make his dreams reality … I think he had some crackbrained idea that he could have the wife and family along with my friendship as well … I daresay he thought I would come to terms with Joanna … after all, she was a friend of mine … it made some sort of sense

    9. Thank goodness I went out that evening … if I had been at home on my own, I’d have been completely minus any sort of alibi …

    10. They were sort of inspired by riot grrl bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, and Voodoo Queens

    11. That Stephen Merrett seems a capable sort of man

    12. but what sort of mess is it going to leave my client in? She works in a school, Mum - one of those big private ones

    13. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    14. it was totally the wrong sort of gun, of course, but nobody minded that

    15. They had a load of stuff to dress the hall with … you know the sort of thing

    16. “You’re a little late, aren’t you? Isn’t this supposed to be delivered first thing in the morning? While it is morning, it most certainly is not first thing,” Ackers rambled, trying to get some sort of information out of the paper boy while confusing him at the same time

    17. Pausing with my hands in the washing up water, I watch a bird fly down to the bird table … I’ve never been much good at identifying birds, is that a tit of some sort? Goodness knows

    18. ’ I said slowly, ‘He taught me how to do that sort of thing … not guns, of course …

    19. ‘That’s easy, Liz … a load of stuff was lent out for a themed party of some sort, and we know that Dan was involved in the collection … in fact Henry didn’t check over the stuff until quite recently which was when he noticed the gun was missing

    20. I know he sort of insinuated that he was interested in you but … oh why is life never simple?

    21. Why not? It’s sort of cute, sort of cool, and a little outdated

    22. It is not often that I see Stephen shaken by a crime – he sees too much of that sort of thing – but this has hit him

    23. ‘You could have a problem letting the house with that sort of problem, Liz

    24. Since then, he has acquired a sort of cult following which surged in the 60’s with the peace and Earth-loving hippies and has continued on into the 80’s and 90’s with New Ager’s buying the bulk of the over million bottles hand packed annually

    25. sort of

    26. ‘What sort of idea?’ he called back, amusement audible in his voice – cheeky so-and-so! ‘Oh, hang on, I’ve nearly finished

    27. ‘She’s mentioned temping though, and, as you say, it would be easier for her to get that sort of thing from here than where she is at the moment

    28. What sort of time do you think you might get here?’ I asked, mollified though not entirely convinced

    29. I say garage, it was more a sort of lean to

    30. ‘I spoke to Emma this morning … she’d got it into her head that I was in some sort of danger

    31. Machines were what I dreamed about, the sort that Dan Dare might fly, machines that

    32. I was reading about it, the army are doing that sort of

    33. life while the egg-heads and the bean counters sort out the future

    34. to sort it out, but I know for certain that my body was practically eaten

    35. It remained without a name plate or any sort of reference

    36. pressure and restore myself to some sort of equilibrium

    37. ‘… sort of … he admitted that it could have been

    38. For Cat, who had never accumulated any sort of ballroom skill in her

    39. ’ I said quietly, pausing in my task of sandwich making and staring into the past for a moment, remembering those frightful days when I had tried to sort through the accumulation of a lifetime of marriage

    40. It was the sort of voice that aimed a double barrel shotgun at

    41. I know your sort, she thought

    42. hands in lap pose of one who always mixed with the finest sort of people

    43. Billie sat the kettle on a black range cooker, the sort that should never be

    44. Probably a sharp tool of some sort … screwdriver, chisel or something like that, I reckon

    45. When he and Mary were together in that sort of way,

    46. What sort of information do you fill yourself with?

    47. I’ve got to sort that lot out sometime

    48. Later that morning, with Johnny restored to some sort of order, and with firm

    49. Somehow, after my experiences of the previous day, this sort of behavior was almost beginning to feel normal

    50. Maybe she can sort it out

    1. ‘The last few days have been rather nerve-wracking but it’s all sorted out now

    2. It isn’t as bad as I thought … more neglected than anything and by the time I have sorted out the furniture which had been thrown in here – literally, by the look of some of it - and vacuumed the carpet, the place doesn’t look too bad

    3. Once things were sorted, Stephen insisted that I moved in with him

    4. If there was a chance of finding a warm lead then his financial affairs could be sorted out later

    5. At one point, I am nearly tearing my hair out as it looks as though we are going to have three speakers appearing on the same day with nothing for the rest of the month of February … however, in the end, by dint of a lot of pleading and a little manipulation, I get it sorted out

    6. Using Fred’s suggestion, we are packing the barrel with damp sand to hold the tree upright and in the hope that the dampness will stop it dropping quite as fast as they generally do; this, naturally, means we need a sheet of plastic to protect the floor … oh it just gets more complicated by the second! But between us we get it all sorted out

    7. Have you sorted out the sleeping

    8. ‘That’s all sorted out

    9. ‘We’ve got your escorts sorted out, Lintze

    10. ’ I commented suddenly aware that I have said more than I should, ‘There are lots of practicalities to be sorted out

    11. Look at how much needs to be sorted, Sally!

    12. Death certificates were signed and lodged with the appropriate authorities, funeral arrangements planned and paid for, paperwork sorted and solicitors engaged to deal with the minutiae of closing down a life

    13. ‘Well, that’s sorted that out

    14. Karen really sorted her out!’

    15. ‘It’ll be a relief for you once it’s all sorted out, Sally

    16. Look, Jo, don’t get in a state over this – it’s nasty but it is not the end of the world and we will get it sorted out, I promise you

    17. Have you got transport sorted out yet?’

    18. She flushes but goes on to tell me that they’ve got it all sorted out now

    19. In her usual efficient way, Jane has got the reception all sorted out – various people have been dragooned into helping and all the food has been ordered

    20. There’s some salad … what can I have with that? Anything in the tinned line? Ah yes, a tin of tuna in mayo … that would go nicely with the salad and maybe a jacket potato … sorted! Feeling very righteous after my session at the gym and carrying a plate of healthy dinner, I mooch into the lounge … don’t much fancy TV … a book it is! By nine thirty, I am nodding, so call it a day and go to bed

    21. ’ She said once we are sorted out among the tea cups ‘What can I tell you, Miss Grey?’

    22. such I sorted it out into a system of greater clarity and effectively

    23. ‘I’ll have to give notice, but there’s nothing to stop me getting my stuff sorted out and shifted over here, Dave

    24. ‘I was really worried, but when Bunty found out she came with me to the doctor and sorted it all out for me

    25. I’ve hunted all sorted of game over the years

    26. He has a couple of debts to pay, a couple of issues to resolve from the old days, but once everything is sorted he wants nothing more than a season ticket to Ibrox, and, anyway, things have a habit of turning down at the corners when Ken gets involved

    27. Jock has sorted it

    28. “Let’s get you sorted out, then,” he said, “Come on

    29. is weighed and sorted, I really didn’t have an option

    30. Just when it's all sorted

    31. Now that things with Angie had been sorted out, he was keen to get home, to see his little girls again

    32. Anyway, he needed to get a job sorted out and the longer he was away, the more difficult that would be

    33. “I have to get these names and figures sorted in my head before we arrive in Chicago, Saturday afternoon, and it takes me longer these days to cement new things into my mind than it once did,” he admitted, waving the papers in his hands

    34. He can see a narrow strip of dirt and gravel, he can see across the courtyard to the opposite barn where Davie is supposed to be getting the van sorted out, and he can, if he swivels his eyes upwards, see sky above the barn roof

    35. ” Harry sorted through the little barrage of questions, “I was; I finished earlier than expected; No there were two other candidates and that seemed enough for the event

    36. Right, that’s sorted

    37. prepared to let Jacob go until he’d sorted things out and

    38. They passed out handbills and sorted out standing arrangements for those arriving too late for seats

    39. involved until he’s sorted it all out

    40. He handed them to Tom who sorted quickly through them, picking out his sister’s underwear, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers that he gave to her

    41. shouted at a group of idling slaves to get the last crates sorted

    42. However, the children were sorted

    43. I’m glad that we’ve sorted out the issue with the food today

    44. “I have an idea! Helez can stay here with us until this thing is sorted out

    45. the junk mail in the house and sorted it into piles

    46. Ashpenaz agreed to the request, on condition that it was only temporary, until they had sorted out the problem

    47. Those who had part of the medical supplies in their rucksacks took them off and sorted out what kit they had between them

    48. “Right you two lets get you sorted out get your wounds redressed and if there is anything bad about them report to the medics if you can find any

    49. “Now take what is happening in France I would have that sorted out in no time I can tell you we have to get our lads out of the trenches and get them to show a bit more aggression going forward after all its only the Germans we are fighting

    50. transport sorted out, now how about these?'"

    1. Henry started sorting through the piles of paper with renewed energy, like he was digging for buried treasure

    2. He’d even got as far as starting to turn out his belongings, sorting a great heap of garments, knickknacks and furnishings into black plastic bags already heaped in his car so he could drop them at the charity shop near his office during his lunch hour

    3. As I’m sorting the dry washing in my bedroom, I hear a car outside

    4. That’s a relief, you’ve had enough of this sorting out business – they can stay there

    5. Terry was sorting out his wardrobe for the

    6. ‘Upstairs sorting out Ashley

    7. He told her that he was sorting out some trouble, the old business, kids trying to muscle in

    8. Belle set him to sorting yarns and threads for her blankets and rugs and stringing them on her traditional looms

    9. It was while she was cleaning her teeth in the bathroom, her mind busy with mentally sorting out what they could take and what they would have to leave behind, that she had heard the doors to the sitting room clatter

    10. rummaging though their lockers, sorting through the odds and ends

    11. I went back to get the music from the car and started sorting it into sets

    12. He had been working as casual labour in the winter of 2013 employed in the vicinity of Coonabarabran sorting grain

    13. I was actually sorting through Kit’s memories

    14. Patrice smiles up at her then shifts her attention back to her mail sorting

    15. Patrice pauses in her sorting

    16. Kate, you and Amanda start sorting out some packs of provisions and medical supplies ready to go in this shuttle

    17. Today’s Committee meeting had given him the job of sorting out a communication problem between the different facilities

    18. Danny can give you a hand sorting out the

    19. and sorting through it, looking for a paper ,”that bastard C-zar’s little cousin is in the Berchtesgaden

    20. ” Soon after this our little gathering broke up and we all went off to finish sorting our stuff out and to get an early night before we moved up front tomorrow

    21. The Instructors took great delight in sorting us out since we had the” luxury of living next to the f sea and probably were f commie surfers too

    22. The Generals were involved in sorting out squabbles amongst the men, those that were not fighting the fires, anyway

    23. In all honesty, we did not particularly mind sorting out white long haired liberal students out as they were insufferable at the best of times

    24. We had a good old time sorting them fatherly out

    25. ‖ Many individuals susceptible to teeming influences extending beyond their capacity to assimilate what is being conveyed and in what manner and why, for that matter, entirely dependent has the public become on its media ―mouthpieces‖ commissioned to do their thinking for them in a fruitless attempt at sorting out unintelligent pieces of information that, taken collectively, are even more meaningless, thereby frustrating further efforts to attain (true) knowledge while unsettling core beliefs

    26. I was up in the bedroom, sorting out my undies drawers - something I’d been meaning to do for a long time - when I heard Terry shout

    27. Howard-Smythe was sorting though a litany of items that needed to be taken care of

    28. I figured that she must have done all of the fridge cleaning and mail sorting that she needed to do, and that she was on her way back to the beach

    29. He put Tracy to work on the morning report and was sorting through the mail that had arrived on Monday

    30. One midweek afternoon, a couple of weeks after the funeral, I was sorting out the filter on Martha’s washing machine when she received a visitor

    31. He was sorting out the last of the things he had brought with him from Grabensheim when he heard footsteps in the examining room

    32. Ethan found the crowbar, while Andy was rummaging about in another side of the room, as if sorting something by hand

    33. Was John of Revelation able to see all the “wars and rumors of war” that the world has never been without clearly enough to make a short reference to it? Or had he relied on his Master’s’ teachings that he had heard firsthand? There would be many wars in the eighth century (AD 700) after the initial sorting out of the seventh, as the Christian “center of gravity” shifted toward the northwest

    34. Was John’s warning “The Number of the Beast which is 666,” predictive of this particular sorting out? Was the number 666 meant to have an historical connotation, as chapter 18 seeks to determine?

    35. Next to her on the grass at a woman, sorting and drying herbs

    36. What was it with these women? It did occur to me that they had not had a lot of contact with our mother over the years, was that it? I decided to hold my own counsel and went on about sorting what was left of Ma‘s possessions

    37. A few minutes later, a small crowd of gray-clad men and women—and Peter—stand in the hallway, sorting through stacks of clothes

    38. Manda sat on her bed the next morning, sorting through a box marked “Goodwill” that she had found in Sierra’s front closet

    39. The few minutes whilst I was sorting the tea gave us both time to think

    40. She put down the stack of mail she had been sorting and stood up and grasped Manda’s hand

    41. Taisei was sorting through his latest stack of pictures

    42. Although it was the custom to vary the order of march daily, it was also a nuisance requiring a lot of time wasted sorting out tumen each morning

    43. Retweetist helps you spot and analyze Twitter trends by sorting tweets based on the number of times they've been retweeted

    44. Was Geist trying to teach him a lesson because of the truck incident? Could a lieutenant colonel be that small” Or was he just trying to save his own oak leaves? The thoughts were caught up and slowly returned to their pigeonholes by the sorting hand of sleep

    45. “There’s just one or two that need sorting out

    46. you are sorting through house after house looking for the perfect home for you and your family

    47. I am involved in making transportation arrangements and sorting out the deluge of desires which are being collected by my System

    48. Rick is a farmer at heart and sitting in boardrooms, making decisions and sorting out problems, never appealed to him but, I must say, he’s doing an excellent job of it

    49. doing the occasional housekeeping, like sorting their clothes

    50. Jacoba scowled and went back to his sorting

    1. all sorts of physical activities such

    2. Ensure that she is exposed of both men and women doing all sorts of

    3. On the walls, there were all sorts of posters of superheroes and some Indian cartoon of a monkey guy with a beard

    4. across all sorts in his long career as a country estate agent

    5. hear all sorts of creatures out here in the wilds of Gloucestershire, and the old house

    6. While we were packing boxes, we chatted about all sorts of things … she told me some stories about her childhood which were very similar to some of my own memories – not really surprising, we’re both country girls, after all

    7. We had all sorts of tats, especially Michael, that's why he's so messed up

    8. Apostle Paul went through all sorts of trials in his life

    9. He sorts through some more shots: a dead sheep, an

    10. Had a nasty time last year – skin cancer – she had all sorts of therapy which made her pretty poorly, but it seems to have worked

    11. It is so complicated forming relationships in middle life … people tend to have all sorts of clutter by that stage

    12. Betty is sweet and offers me all sorts of remedies for my headache, but I put her off by telling her I have taken something already

    13. A moneychanger is like a merchant of sorts

    14. Over dinner, the conversation turned inevitably to life on Errd, Kara finding herself facing all sorts of questions … embarrassingly, mostly questions she found she couldn’t answer about things she took for granted

    15. and frogs and all sorts of wildlife scuttled around the banks

    16. Just beyond that was an alcove of sorts that led a bedroom

    17. He had built fountains and temples and monuments and all sorts of architecture in cities that weren’t in Israel

    18. ‘Joris has a collection of paintings, sculptures … oh, all sorts of things … it’s enough for a small museum

    19. There are several boats moored against the harbourside, the walkway strewn with ropes and other seafaring sorts of things … most of which I couldn’t put a name to if I tried

    20. ‘She was only about seventeen; her mother had offended a small group of Welsh nationalists … the upshot was that they kidnapped the girl and stole her away to Wales, demanding all sorts of things in return for her safety

    21. that lays the plot of one George Stephens, out of sorts,

    22. Her father went berserk when he was informed that Tiffany was helping the police with their enquiries and was quite ready to give her a good thrashing and to call her all sorts of nasty names

    23. The roadway is busy here at the entry to what must count as docks … wagons piled high with all sorts of goods trundle heavily along, drawn by much sturdier ggs than my elegant Sefir

    24. There would be all sorts of programmes – plays, documentaries all sorts of things

    25. The table was laden with all sorts of food, and Mistress Sera and another man, obviously a cook, were bringing the main dish into the room and placed it in the center of the table

    26. Each time I stopped for a drink, I did my best to be casual and filled my mind with all sorts of loopy trivia to try to keep my nerves at bay

    27. Chapter 39 : Jo : Karen sorts out the Operatic Society

    28. He rabbits on suggesting all sorts of things and gradually normality is resumed … by the time he parks in the drive of the house I’m more or less on an even keel … if feeling totally washed out

    29. With them out of the way, they would then address the young boys in their own language, explaining that they did not want to kill them, that they could offer them a sanctuary of sorts

    30. Joanna managed to get a degree of sorts - no idea how, she never did any work I could see - however, Jed's hard work paid off and he landed a good job with a local manufacturer

    31. call her all sorts of nasty names

    32. Around that pen was a large space filled with all sorts of men, each holding small pieces of parchment and making a racket

    33. I’ve tried all sorts of tactics … turning it inside out and grabbing hold of the corners of the duvet through the cover and trying to get the wretched thing to turn itself back the right way; winding the cover back over my arms and then grabbing the duvet and shaking hard … nothing seems to work

    34. He looked carefully moving all sorts of crates and

    35. Tam continued with an explanation of sorts

    36. Claimed all sorts of pressure had been brought to bear on the committee and more or less accused Bunty of having slept with half of them … there was actually a case brought against him for slander but it fell through when he speedily retracted his statement

    37. “Oh no,” he replied, “The castle itself had a garrison – of sorts

    38. instruments, and that of all sorts

    39. One of the evening classes I did all those years ago, was on cooking and covered all sorts of things from the very basic to the more ambitious

    40. The young men had come across all sorts of unexpected objects in

    41. It wasn’t anything particularly fancy by any standards, but we used to put all sorts of stuff in – it always tasted wonderful

    42. ‘Been hearin’ all sorts of funny

    43. For all his scientific qualifications – and he has a degree of sorts according to these records – he’s not all that bright

    44. had bought into the cooperative and established an American headquarters of sorts for their commercial forays into the continent

    45. “It’s a present, of sorts

    46. continued, “There are all sorts of safeguards, not least of which is the

    47. A scrimmage of sorts was being played out on the sports field and the permanent citizens of the Park---the squirrels, birds, and bugs---added their own ambiance to Harry's afternoon walk

    48. He grows all sorts of things in his back yard and then freezes

    49. She hesitates, all sorts of emotions flitting across her face

    50. Gradually, she tells me that they’d had a massive row and that she’d made all sorts of demands with the result that Andy stormed out of the house

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