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Sort in einem Satz (in englisch)

It has a sort of.
It was a sort of.
As a sort of joke.
I sort of lost it.
Of a sort at least.
They are a sort of.
What sort of a God.

Sort of give God a.
The magic sort of toy.
It was sort of musty.
A sheet sort of thing.
That sort of not nice.
You know the sort of.
He asked me what sort.
A sort of tabula rasa.
This is its own sort.
That sort of thing is.
He was trying to sort.
These are the sort of.
It is sort of expected.
I am sort of their pet.
I was sort of astonished.
Sort of like fire opals.
He was kidding, sort of.
Nor heating of any sort.
You have him, sort of.
You sort of passed out.
It was a weird sort of.
Sort of like a sour mash.
But He has some sort of.
He had the same sort of.
I am nothing of the sort!.
Being the sort of man he.
I know that this sort of.
Ice One had some sort of.
It was a bag of some sort.
It’s the sort of thing.
It was some sort of clan.
The sort of Chav that is.
Patrice pauses in her sorting.
The sorting belt was still now.
Sorting out what it meant for them.
Not sorting with a nuptial ceremony.
The Day of Sorting has been appointed.
And Sav listened, sorting out the words.
She is sorting favours for the cotillion.
Danny can give you a hand sorting out the.
My brother had already begun sorting the.
Jacoba scowled and went back to his sorting.
Terry was sorting out his wardrobe for the.
Last, there were the sorting machines that.
We're sorting out some things, she said.
I was actually sorting through Kit’s memories.
We had a good old time sorting them fatherly out.
There’s just one or two that need sorting out.
At the top of the panel are three color sorting holes.
Taisei was sorting through his latest stack of pictures.
Ariella joined the boys as they were sorting the weapons.
I’ve got a full plate sorting through other things today.
I already have a squad of commandos sorting that little.
With a merry, smiling face Pierre was sorting his purchases.
Your mother and I will be busy for a while sorting things out.
Next to her on the grass at a woman, sorting and drying herbs.
Yes, sorting stuff out for the Walf, the Vulcan remarked.
He developed a strategy for sorting out the troublemakers at St.
The family was escorted to the sorting field by a security guard.
Tom found his father in the woodshed, sorting logs for the fire-.
Carol stopped sorting, and dialed the number on the phone message.
Yes? she said, her fingers momentarily ceasing their sorting.
But there––I doubt she intended to die before sorting it out.
Maybe it’s sorting out at all those books of hers in the basement.
As I’m sorting the dry washing in my bedroom, I hear a car outside.
This sorting begins early and continues throughout our lives, but is.
The lads didn’t notice as they had been sorting out the beer stash.
Now she was sorting through the lipsticks she kept in her pencil case.
The few minutes whilst I was sorting the tea gave us both time to think.
He was sorting out his packets when Will took his gun from his waistband.
James began sorting through the outgoing mail as he had done every morning.
I have it sorted out.
The Gods Are Sorted; My.
Just when it's all sorted.
I’m all sorted out here.
It will all get sorted out.
By then we’d sorted out.
When we have sorted out the.
He sorted through the strewn.
As he sorted through all the.
These will be sorted out, not.
Colin sorted through his memory.
Karen really sorted her out!’.
Maria sorted through the tote bag.
Humphrey sorted through the prints.
With sobs and tears he sorted out.
Have you sorted out the sleeping.
However, the children were sorted.
Come on, let’s get this sorted.
Have you sorted the vehicles?
He told me he’d sorted this out.
Until things got sorted out properly.
Grain was sorted in hand sieves and.
BELIEVE me the problem got sorted out.
It was time to get the teams sorted out.
I would have sorted myself out in no time.
These returns are sorted from low to high.
Nothing was sorted yet, but it would be.
We got things sorted out, Orcher says.
It was all sorted out after a while and I.
Have you got transport sorted out yet?’.
They seem to have sorted their differences.
She loved it when things sorted themselves.
Gareth sorted through the money in his pouch.
Pivot in correct place in sorted array/list.
These dreams may have sorted out from every.
Look at how much needs to be sorted, Sally!.
Sorted sequence at the end of the execution.
I wondered how they kept all this sorted out.
Ring in the relatives and you’ll be sorted.
Combinations Are Sorted by the EPLN Criterion.
He was a rival of sorts.
I’m just out of sorts.
They got up to all sorts.
A distant cousin of sorts.
His pets are of odd sorts.
I heard a jingle of sorts.
I know all sorts of things.
I guess it takes all sorts.
It was a solution of sorts.
In all sorts of ways.
But there was hope of sorts.
It was a junction of sorts.
All these sorts of things.
They’d make all sorts of.
All Sorts of Categories for.
It was a promotion of sorts.
Indeed any bargain of sorts.
There are many bad sorts in.
It was a gut feeling of sorts.
It’s a present, of sorts.
All sorts of things occur to.
He told us all sorts of things.
It created an alcove, of sorts.
It's used in all sorts of ways.
They do a night shift of sorts.
Money and wealth of all sorts.
There are three sorts of sin:-.
A longing of sorts, he thought.
You said all sorts of things!.
They drank, a communion of sorts.
It was a step forward, of sorts.
He seemed out of sorts and was.
But there was a problem of sorts.
It was like a gold rush of sorts.
I learned all sorts of things.
There was even a toilet of sorts.
There are all sorts of emotions.
There are all sorts of flavors.
It created a bond of sorts for me.
He continued I'm into all sorts.

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