skill sätze

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Skill sätze (in englisch)

1. He has all his skill.
2. A skill I never learnt.
3. I use my skill to heal.
4. A testing of our skill.
5. At the fruit of my skill.
6. They are a survival skill.
7. Listening is a skill, too.

8. Courage is a learned skill.
9. Strength as well as skill.
10. Not the result of skill.
11. A rare reward of his skill!.
12. It is my one great skill.
13. Someone with your skill set.
14. Rate yourself in each skill.
15. His skill was social skills.
16. It cares that you have skill.
17. Data visualization is a skill.
18. Those with the skill can move.
19. It's a real skill to teach this.
20. So I own yours the needed skill.
21. It's a valuable skill to have.
22. This is a skill that requires.
23. Good cops often have that skill.
24. This skill takes time to master.
25. In part this is a survival skill.
26. Namibia’s skill are up to date.
27. Dominic marveled at their skill.
28. It is an essential skill in any.
29. Saving life requires great skill.
30. Learning any skill is a mind game.
31. You knit with great skill, madame.
32. Neither skill is a necessary 163.
33. I give my time, my skill, my sleep.
34. Learning a new skill could be handy.
35. Soros has great skill identifying U.
36. Cross my maze of skulls with skill.
37. A little skill and a lot of luck.
38. Skill carves my virgin snows of love.
39. All we have is our unusual skill set.
40. Her skill grew at a phenomenal rate.
41. Master the skill to renew yourself.
42. Shanghai possesses the required skill.
43. I’m not sure of their skill sets.
44. Imagine a skill for every individual.
45. Skill without self-mastery is hollow.
46. I have some skill as a hunter at need.
47. Meditation is a skill not an exercise.
48. Developing any skill requires practice.
49. The market is open to those with skill.
50. He is of a great skill in card-tricks.
51. You have a strong team with the skill.
52. I highly recommend learning the skill.
53. Listening is also a very special skill.
54. He had the skill; I just had the luck.
55. He smiled at the workings of the skill.
56. The more valuable your skill set, the.
57. Without hard work or skill, open what:.
58. For most, it is our only lasting skill.
59. M: Writing is both a talent and a skill.
60. WEALTH SKILL #4: Protecting Your Money.
61. That is, after all, your greatest skill.
62. You have skill and you have brains too.
63. It was a skill that could come in handy.
64. It takes more skill to kill with that.
65. No more concern, they had skill to turn.
66. You are about to learn another new skill.
67. And the older man had the edge in skill.
68. This is a skill that is also taught in.
69. This can build your skill and efficiency.
70. The skill was to make it so that it was.
71. It was time to put his skill to the test.
72. When reinforcing a new skill, reinforce.
73. They have neither the time nor the skill.
74. She has the skill to get into Elite files.
75. This sort of trifling? Even had you skill.
76. I guess repetition is the mother of skill.
77. The tires make big loops, this is a skill.
78. I’ve some skill at herbs, Rob said.
79. Had he imparted the skill with Adrinius?
80. A higher degree of skill would be required.
81. But inspiration is no substitute for skill.
82. Communicating with God is a skill that we.
83. Is it a practiced skill? Leonid asked.
84. He had never seen such a display of skill.
85. It's just an unorthodox skill, there is.
86. This type of sword thrusting requires skill.
87. I knew I had the skill to imitate his voice.
88. I don’t have the time to learn a new skill.
89. If only I had the poet’s skill at words.
90. Active Listening is a key skill for any coach.
91. The Ordu is a marvel of skill and discipline.
92. It is a skill that takes many years to build.
93. He cannot fight, and has no skill with wood.
94. He was beyond my skill to quiet or console!.
95. A navigator? That’s a good skill to have.
96. Jerry, sometimes that is a necessary skill.
97. This is a skill you can develop with practice.
98. Each skill is a building block for the horses.
99. They additionally have the neither skill nor.
100. The horse can't either, it becomes a new skill.
1. He is very skilled at it.
2. We are gifted and skilled.
3. Hitler was a skilled orator.
4. People who are skilled and.
5. This shaman is very skilled.
6. Dupree proved to be skilled at.
7. A highly skilled typist cannot.
8. Yet another skilled agent is dead.
9. Those jesters were so skilled and.
10. The skilled artisan does not as a.
11. They were all skilled with weapons.
12. Highly skilled as a tape reader, Dr.
13. His security details are skilled.
14. The skilled negotiator goes further.
15. It took one skilled in stealth to do.
16. He was also a rather skilled magician.
17. No matter how highly skilled was the.
18. Charly said, You seem skilled at this.
19. Of the forty five skilled press operators.
20. But I’m skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
21. I was extremely skilled in the techniques.
22. Namibian extras and actors are skilled in.
23. Work them up to that when they got skilled.
24. Some are the work of very skilled craftsmen.
25. Lawyer: A person skilled in the Law of Moses.
26. The lowest and least skilled of the village.
27. The new soldiers, clearly more skilled than.
28. A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly.
29. Neither were they skilled at shooting arrows.
30. But these two fighters were unusually skilled.
31. She was both a skilled therapist and social.
32. They were all quite skilled at ignoring Akito.
33. She required twenty-four-hour skilled nursing.
34. Skilled craftsmen were worth a tenth this much.
35. He wouldn’t know that she was skilled already.
36. He was a perfect scout; wily, quick and skilled.
37. Unlike Gāndhi, Jinnah was a very skilled lawyer.
38. Skill, (can or could): To know how, to be skilled.
39. She was skilled in all lady-like accomplishments.
40. The killer is a very highly skilled anatomist.
41. I know that his team is selected and very skilled.
42. A skilled Brahmin would reverse the spell!.
43. But Ocling was skilled at the Lobster’s Gavotte.
44. She'd noticed how assured and skilled she'd become.
45. You’re clearly a highly skilled investigator to.
46. David was a Hebrew king skilled at playing the liar.
47. Effective listening is key to being a Skilled Helper.
48. I had to use helpers who were not skilled or trained.
49. In his maturity he was a skilled herdsman and farmer.
50. He apparently is skilled at correcting this condition.
51. Xenubo was a skilled angler, well known all over the.
52. They are very skilled CIA non-classified operatives.
53. She is skilled at interpreting the meaning of dreams.
54. I heard he was quite skilled in preventing scars also.
55. I heard he was a skilled merchant and a brave warrior.
56. Union commanders for his tenacity and skilled military.
57. My sister was always more skilled in the art than I.
58. But, it has been done by skilled players a time or two.
59. The Parthian light cavalry were skilled mounted archers.
60. A young man and woman who were skilled coiffeurs and a.
61. He was revered amongst his mates as a superbly skilled.
62. He is exceptionally skilled at executive anal copulation.
63. Theoretically the Skilled Helper approach draws on three.
64. He believed he was skilled at answering questions vaguely.
65. Sensei again appeared to be a talented and skilled leader.
66. The most determined and skilled squadron in Bomber Command.
67. There are, however, many skilled professionals in the field.
68. Fisk was nineteen years of age and very skilled at hunting.
69. She looks like a movie star and is a highly skilled speaker.
70. Are any of you skilled with a longbow? Dunk asked them.
71. Sorus, another skilled in the arts of magic, stepped forward.
72. We have found that executives who are skilled at evaluating.
73. He is quite skilled and relaxed with a sword in his hand.
74. But Samantha was skilled in all the martial arts of fighting.
75. You’re a skilled swordsman, Ivar, I will give you that.
76. Many businesses are constrained by the shortage of skilled.
77. These men are skilled soldiers, some of the best of the best.
78. So skilled at saying the exact thing I didn’t want to hear.
79. The word of God is a sharp sword, and our Father is a skilled.
80. The Skilled Helper also helps their coachee to transfer newly.
81. Tommy was not a skilled worker and he earned good money at CN.
82. This is a skilled trader’s tool, not a buy-and-forget entry.
83. The Skilled Helper facilitates the coachee by helping them to.
84. I am the most skilled warrior here, said Donovan angrily.
85. Furthermore the Skilled Helper remains in a state of external.
86. A man skilled in this particular kind of work was sent with us.
87. He had always been quite skilled at holding his breath as well.
88. The person who did this is very skilled at human dissection.
89. He strokes his chin thoughtfully with his long, skilled fingers.
90. Our prince was skilled in many ways, not least in his powers of.
91. And Lowe had men who were well skilled in hunting down runaways.
92. Other P I’s in the hands of skilled crews could be devastating.
93. He was very skilled at exploring paradoxes of space and geometry.
94. He would have to seek out an Ael Tarael skilled in that practice.
95. They are skilled fighters, even while riding on horses or camels.
96. The Skilled Helper aims to help their coachees develop the skills.
97. He was either very poorly socially skilled or deliberately evasive.
98. Even weakened, he was still a skilled fighter and brilliant killer.
99. Why is there now a focus on skilled virtual bankruptcy assistants?
100. He said to the dignitaries around him, This is a skilled magician.
1. With my skills, do I.
2. Some of them had skills.
3. I have no special skills.
4. There are job skills and.
5. He used to have two skills.
6. This man had social skills.
7. Any skills you had would.
8. She has other … skills.
9. In this case their skills.
10. His skill was social skills.
11. They have the right skills.
12. Coping With Stress - Skills.
13. Jackie, you do have skills.
14. The final section is skills.
15. He has skills of both worlds.
16. I trust your skills as a.
18. Just watch the skills, nigga.
19. These steps are called skills.
20. Your talents and skills are.
21. His skills are still evolving.
22. Those that had healing skills.
23. If I can learn his skills and.
24. Those that had weapons skills.
25. He has all the technical skills.
26. Get Training and Acquire Skills.
27. Wanted: Job Skills on the Loose.
28. Now, the three basic skills in.
29. Their physical and motor skills.
30. I have skills you've never seen.
31. Use the Learn New Skills chapter.
32. Namibia’s skills are up to date.
33. Not even you possess such skills.
34. His arithmetic skills had dulled.
35. He wants to use the skills he has.
36. You have to learn the skills first.
37. His basic skills are in place, but.
38. They resented his leadership skills.
39. But Communications Skills have al-.
40. Take sales skills with a score of 5.
41. What sort of skills do you mean?
42. Too many lives depend on your skills.
43. You’ve got some mad skills, sister.
44. You still have skills with flower.
45. Entrepreneur must have the skills to.
46. Your martial skills are not weak.
47. Ask yourself, what skills do I need.
48. You will need the following skills:.
49. His sleuthing skills paid off and he.
50. She told me all about your mad skills.
51. And many more magickal skills as well.
52. Teach the uneducated, give them skills.
53. She had no skills so starvation loomed.
54. It will be a way to test his skills.
55. There are no technical skills required.
56. It is as if you lose all social skills.
58. Let him develop his skills in every way.
59. It’s tailored fit to your skills and.
60. Formerly, good black jack skills meant.
61. He had neither the skills nor the power.
62. Blended with the skills learned in the.
63. That is when I taught the various skills.
64. I question your paternal skills Menendez.
65. We had to learn survival skills early on.
66. Focus is one of the best skills you will.
67. Selma did not have the skills to handle.
68. I’ve been trying my new found skills.
69. Your skills are highly regarded and the.
70. Don’t get mad, get some skills training.
71. It has a system for improving your skills.
72. Unless that is beyond your medical skills.
73. Does he have proven organization skills?
74. She needs to improve her social skills.
75. You begin with zero skills as a white belt.
76. Use your visualization skills to practice.
77. He tried to pass on some of his skills to.
79. I was really questioning my writing skills.
80. Soon his skills were catching up with hers.
81. Set some limits on the programming skills.
82. Polish up your grammar and literary skills.
83. Whether the skills shortage can be overcome.
84. The last test was a marshal arts skills test.
85. What have I said about learning new skills?
86. We must have faith in our talents and skills.
87. Personal skills will come about accordingly.
88. Clearly my character-judging skills are off.
89. These consist of a variety of probing skills.
90. You have very fine logical skills, Hester.
91. The Lines of Scientific Skills (Figure 70 D).
92. His skills in the green woods are unsurpassed.
93. As he honed these skills on the job, he was.
94. She was always practicing, honing her skills.
95. Do you know that all my skills have been.
96. Excellent! For I fear my skills are a little.
97. Must be self reliant and have practical skills.
98. Although our martial skills may not be as.
99. Does he have excellent communication skills?
100. Although monotonous, their skills were growing.

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