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    1. Wherever you are and in whatever occupation

    2. fulfilled through you in whatsoever occupation you are

    3. Make them sign not only on the original but on the copies as well and each should state his name, address and occupation when signing

    4. There was no one in sight, although signs of itinerant occupation remained; an

    5. Then he told me the story of a British naval officer who traveled to India during the British occupation and became enamored with Sikhism, and how the guru, whom this officer was learning from, advised the man when he wanted to convert to Sikhism

    6. The Nigerian occupation of the northeast had ended a generation or two before, no one was sure because it had fizzled away slowly

    7. You see my name, right? I'm from Earth, North America, the part that was traded from USA to Canada after the occupation

    8. What kingdom is it that we subscribe to when we choose our homes? How much land is sufficient? How large of a house is conducive to claiming that we are Kingdom oriented? What is the proper mentality to hold for occupation and self-life? When guests come, what is the proper way to house them and feed them? What I find is that even across the United States of America the answer to these questions are vastly different depending on where you live

    9. When he had been young, in the dog days of the Nigerian occupation, the stars had been lights in the sky

    10. But his mother had been a Senator from the late great state of Ohio, his father an officer in the occupation in charge of keeping order in the senate chamber

    11. She knew about his mortal life, he had been a victim of racial hatred during the occupation

    12. suitable occupation or inoccupation a piece of the inward or outward

    13. This occupation has brought my family the wherewithal to be quite comfortable, and afford many experiences which others, less fortunate, might therefore go without

    14. Ben is sitting on the drive by his bike just staring into space – this lad needs occupation, I think

    15. he didn’t need their approval for the occupation he had

    16. Paul's old occupation before he changed his ways

    17. The policy must be as violent as that of Indostan or ancient Egypt (where every man was bound by a principle of religion to follow the occupation of his father, and was supposed to commit the most horrid sacrilege if he changed it for another), which can in any particular employment, and for several generations together, sink either the wages of labour or the profits of stock below their natural rate

    18. both to choose what occupation he thought proper, and to change it as often as he thought

    19. The department and yourself survive on these children, they help with your salary and your occupation, so what does the mighty department propose to tell me

    20. not by his own will, but under Soviet occupation

    21. occupation, where it still

    22. were under foreign occupation, is a proof that he

    23. occupation, when people from here would have been

    24. The Ottoman occupation fol owed, which

    25. culminating in the occupation of the capital

    26. absence of another occupation, I started to

    27. under foreign occupation, is evidence that it has

    28. Ottoman occupation, the capital was at Istanbul

    29. The number of vagrants was scarce anywhere sensibly increased by it ; even the wages of labour were not reduced by it in any occupation, so far as I have been able to learn, except in that of seamen in the merchant service

    30. She knew that keeping herself out of some occupation would make the notion of her sister in the hands of those wretched men appear in her mind

    31. Pursuit of knowledge was my 24/7 occupation

    32. Both of the dog's bodies started fitting from the shock of the sudden occupation

    33. So even though our profession or occupation may differ, the ultimate objective remains the same

    34. Surviving on the farm has been a full time occupation, but I knew all along, that I would have to get off my butt and do something with my life and I knew it wouldn’t be here

    35. The necessary occupation of a ditcher prepares him to work in the trenches, and to fortify a camp, as well as to inclose a field

    36. Whatever, in time of peace, might be the ordinary occupation of those who go to war, so very tedious and expensive a service would otherwise be by far too heavy a burden upon them

    37. In the republics of ancient Greece and Rome, during the whole period of their existence, and under the feudal govermnents, for a considerable time after their first establishment, the trade of a soldier was not a separate, distinct trade, which constituted the sole or principal occupation of a particular class of citizens; every subject of the state, whatever might be the ordinary trade or occupation by which he gained his livelihood, considered himself, upon all ordinary occasions, as fit likewise to exercise the trade of a soldier, and, upon many extraordinary occasions, as bound to exercise it

    38. necessary that it should become the sole or principal occupation of a particular class of citizens; and the division of labour is as necessary for the improvement of this, as of every other art

    39. It is the wisdom of the state only, which can render it for his interest to give up the greater part of his time to this peculiar occupation ; and states have not always had this wisdom, even when their circumstances had become such, that the preservation of their existence required that they should have it

    40. The practice of military exercises is the sole or principal occupation of the soldiers of a standing army, and the maintenance or pay which the state affords them is the principal and ordinary fund of their subsistence

    41. The practice of military exercises is only the occasional occupation of the soldiers of a militia, and they derive the principal and ordinary fund of their subsistence from some other occupation

    42. Waddell joined her in Pensacola, Florida, and as he later put it, he entered into his old occupation of cruising in the Gulf of

    43. after their occupation of the Arab territories, which roughly

    44. reconciliation, and to ensure that the occupation of Richmond

    45. This occupation continued through the end of the American Civil

    46. This ended the French occupation

    47. Associated with this occupation

    48. place and the red lights of occupation indicating there were already crewmembers in them

    49. “If you’d avoid mucking around in the sewers, your true occupation wouldn’t be so obvious,” Hollowcrest muttered

    50. With their black fatigues and training rucksacks, their occupation was unmistakable even in the dark

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    moving in occupancy occupation business job line line of work military control possession holding tenure ownership use tenancy affair calling craft capture attack seizure