sky sätze

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Sky sätze (in englisch)

We see in the sky.
In the sky to see.
High up in the sky.
The air in the sky.
Look! Up in the sky.
I stared at the sky.
The soul of the sky.

He looked to the sky.
And the sky was blue.
I looked at the sky.
With a gray sky and.
Also, the sky was a.
She looks to the sky.
The sky of her eyes.
The part of the sky.
He glances at the sky.
Aaron looks to the sky.
To my home in the sky.
Look at the blue Sky!.
I looked up at the sky.
It comes from the sky.
And try touch the sky.
Cynd is low in the sky.
They looked to the sky.
I looked up in the sky.
A flare lit up the sky.
And the sky in a twist.
The sky here is orange.
We all touched the sky.
The sky was a dark red.
I studied the sky again.
Roman looked at the sky.
He points up at the sky.
He looked up to the sky.
The sky is too big and.
Beyond, a deep red sky.
Blast it out of the sky.
Their space in the sky.
I reach out to the sky.
Lucky stared at the sky.

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We skied the lines.
We had skied in our.
We Skied The Big One.
I Skied This Way Alone.
He told us he skied here.
And I've always skied as good.
Yes, Ahmed and I skied together.
The last day I skied with him, he.
I knew it was a mismatch, but I skied.
While the other two got lazy and skied.
And the steepest lines she'd ever skied.
Bud Ridenour, skied with me most of the day.
I've always skied free, I never could see me.
You know, he has skied here his last time---.
The only real skiers who've ever skied there.
Well, she skied so low that I couldn't say no;.
I am reminded of a family I once skied with for a.
They walked up a steep grass incline overlooking the grey skied.
The army skied in a long single line in the middle-part of the glacier.
A choir of laughter skied their eyes to the horizon of their imagination.
I was flying when I skied over that big jump yesterday, said Max.
They skied as fast as they could down to Vail Village, where a limousine filled with hot chocolate was waiting for them.
The Fjordane army skied across plains of old ice, pulling heavy sleds and carrying wooden poles with iron hooks for pulling men from cracks.
As the battle approached, and the Fjordane army skied through dim forest, Venn thought of Torvald and wondered how his parents had reacted to the news.
Hannah McKeand (UK) skied to the South Pole from the Hercules Inlet at the edge of the Antarctic continent in 39 days 9 hr 33 min, from 19 November to 28 December 2006.
Catherine Hartley and Fiona Thornewill (both UK) skied to the North Pole – with resupplies – in a time of 55 days from 11 March to 5 May 2001, after setting out from Ward Hunt Island in the Northwest Territories, Canada.
You remember that time Jill had to go through Salt Lake City on her way back from Atlanta, and while they were just waiting there at the gate, she took one look at all the snow in the mountains and said, ‘Screw it, I’m outta here!’ She hopped off the plane, rented a car, and skied Snowbird for the day.
He skied with Balance in Motion,.
But, when I skied down this evenin',.
But he still skied here through it all,.
Blow me to the skies.
It is all clear skies.
For the skies of dream.
Now the skies are cloudy.
Hangs in the starry skies.
I fly to the starry skies.
And as it rends the skies.
I can read the skies and.
The skies over Washington, D.
Keep your eyes on the skies.
Shall be exalted to the skies.
This exalts them to the skies.
Strange lights in the skies.
Lies beneath the starry skies.
Under those skies, they tell.
The skies southeast of London.
And gaze in wonder at the skies.
The skies above and earth below.
He raised his eyes to the skies.
The still ecstatic fading skies.
Watch the Skies (with Ned Rust).
As she spoke the skies opened up.
I can't clear the skies for you.
Our skies are full of whitewash.
Lighting the lamps in the skies.
The skies opened up and a wall.
The shutters open; to the skies.
The skies were gray and overcast.
And at daylight, only the skies.
Evenings, when stars on the skies.
And lit by the rich skies, all day.
Fly now and soar through the skies.
The skies the limit head rush rear.
She looked up at the skies and smiled.
The skies eyes have narrowed in on me.
The sun shone bright with clear skies.
As I floated above the skies to heaven.
Flocks would darken skies hours on end.
Everyone's eyes were fixed on the skies.
With grace and beauty through the skies.

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