smoke sätze

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Smoke sätze (in englisch)

God is not a smoke.
I can make it smoke.
You go have a smoke.
Dreams go up in smoke.
No fire or smoke there.
Fred blew out some smoke.
Burning up in the smoke.

Said you wanted to smoke.
You can smoke there also.
Not even a hint of smoke.
Cold smoke left his mouth.
I could smoke it all day.
I don't think I'll smoke.
Smoke clawed at my throat.
Smoke rolled off the roof.
So I read it in the smoke.
A bit of smoke inhalation.
Smoke stabbed at my lungs.
Think of those who smoke.
If the smoke of their.
Smoke rose from the cigar.
Could he smell the smoke?
He then blew smoke in her.
Can't smoke on the press-.
The smoke floated softly up.
Black smoke choked the air.
Wisps of smoke started to.
The smoke was getting thick.
More smoke filled the room.
We saw the smoke from here.
The black smoke grew thicker.
And a shadow of thick smoke.
He peered through the smoke.
We must smoke it out of him.
There still is a mild smoke.
Don't blow smoke in his face.
A tongue of flame and smoke.
The smoke had veiled the sun.
I smoke cigarettes and bidis.
Smoke was filling the garage.
I love smoking my pipe.
One or two were smoking.
He was smoking a cigarette.
This was not a smoking gun.
There's no smoking in here.
The ashes are smoking still.
She started smoking as well.
In fact smoking affects the.
Smoking by the way was allowed.
They began smoking meth again.
Despite a decline of smoking.
Some seem to be still smoking.
We went on smoking the cigars.
He sat in the kitchen, smoking.
Oh, there is no smoking in the.
He quit smoking two months ago.
He had the smoking gun, miss.
A safe source is smoking tobacco.
The effects of smoking on health.
Imagine your life without smoking.
Heat a griddle (tawa) to smoking.
My shirt had smoking holes in it.
Social smoking was a fixture at.
He is sprinting the smoking woods.
The effect of smoking on the heart.
He was smoking a short black pipe.
Sorry, no smoking in the airport.
The officer came out, still smoking.
He really enjoyed smoking pot, to.
A woman smoking – as she should-.
Oh, there’s no smoking in the room.
And stop smoking themselves-to death.
Helping Your Child to Quit Smoking.
Haines sat down on a stone, smoking.
Smoking leads to increased bone loss.
A discussion of the role of smoking.
Smoking cigarettes is very hard to do.
Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking.
Litter of books, smoking things, etc.
Smoking a pipe was Gramboil’s only.
He smoked a big pipe.
He smoked like a fiend.
Fish can also be smoked.
We smoked a couple of.
So then you smoked it?
He had even smoked there.
I’ve smoked on and off.
I have smoked for 30 years.
Next to him Bobby smoked.
I lit a cigarette and smoked.
I smoked as a youth (in the.
But she had never smoked alone.
Baba smoked his pipe and talked.
I guess Harold had smoked just.
Today he smoked as every day so.
Mostly we smoked with alder chips.
He had smoked his lucky cigarette.
Some smoked long, thin clay pipes.
He smoked a little black cigarette.
Ganesh had never smoked in his life.
She declared that I smoked too much.
But then he no longer smoked anyway.
A few pieces of smoked salmon on a.
Jinnah smoked fifty cigarettes a day.
He drank and smoked himself to death.
Nothing was sacred to him; he smoked.
He had the ever-present half smoked.
He paused whilst she smoked furiously.
Holmes smoked for some time in silence.
I never smoked again after that night.
They smoked a lot of cigarettes, but.
The marijuana joint was all smoked up.
After the hit, Casella was smoked out.
He asked me how long ago I had smoked.
I had smoked two cigarettes before he.
She tore off a long shred of the smoked.
Hours passed, and Fishmael sat and smoked.
He hadn't smoked a cigarette in 5 hours.
He rolled another joint and we smoked it.
He has never smoked but always wanted to.
Steng smokes, by the way.
Pa smokes it in a corn cob.
Holy smokes, was that him?
And let our crooked smokes.
They had a few smokes.
Ricci smokes a cigar while THE.
Excellent meat which smokes well.
And I didn't need the smokes anyway.
Tell him if he smokes he won't grow.
The shell flies into a wall and smokes.
An illusion going up in smokes, a pink.
He shoved the smokes back into his pocket.
One smokes, another turns over the papers.
He wondered if she had any smokes stashed.
The fellow's everlastingly cadging for smokes.
Ran out for coffee, smokes, that kind of thing.
The scientist, she smokes electronic cigarettes.
Let you have a couple of packs of Earth smokes.
One of them smokes, another examines some papers.
Where the hell’s Earth? Probably shit smokes.
They both reeked of gun oil, and one smokes a lot.
The self-indulgent excuse is that he smokes a pipe.
But I sold some of those smokes in a bar downtown.
A few of the other men accepted the proffered smokes.
Where’s my smokes? He wandered into the galley.
Vinny dug deep into his pack of smokes and pulled out a.
Apparently, she smokes two packets of Winfield Blues a day.
He smiles, smokes a cigarette and stares with his cold eyes.
It’s kind of like the parent who smokes and curses up a storm.
Needing fresh smokes, he dug out a new pack from his stateroom.
The clear sky was turned into dark clouds with the rising smokes.
I was about to sit on his chair, but It was full of dust and smokes.
Smokes and steams drifted in sullen clouds and lurked in the hollows.
Gone were Elle’s signature smokes and drinks and Gabe's sporty look.
When she gets too hungry, she smokes a cigarette to lessen her appetite.
He buys me smokes and gives the best rubdowns I’ve had in this place.
Dusts and smokes were polluting and spreading every corner of the room.
Smokes, toxins, chemicals—all flew freely from that tower into the sky.
Then again, two packs of smokes a day might have something to do with it.

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