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Smoke in a sentence

If the smoke.
Smoke on the.
The smoke.
A smoke screen.
And her smoke.
They had smoke.
The cigar smoke.

Plenty of smoke.
I smelled smoke.
The smoke gave.
night for a smoke.
there is no smoke.
Smoke, soot and.
and the smoke it.
Perfume of smoke.
Anyway, you smoke.
‘I need a smoke.
God is not a smoke.
You don’t smoke.
No smoke or flame.
in a puff of smoke.
the smell of smoke.
smoke in his mouth.
and smoke came down.
Smoke curled from.
I can make it smoke.
breathe in the smoke.
A great smoke went.
He stopped smoking.
Omar was smoking a.
Smoking in the shed.
(Smoking is the #1.
smoking is not allowed.
be smoking in their car.
Smoking and drugs are.
up with his pot smoking.
I love smoking my pipe.
One or two were smoking.
It had stopped smoking.
Options to quit smoking.
Studies of smoking and.
road, smoking a cigarette.
Mahwissa start smoking it.
in that smoking pipe?.
He was smoking a cigarette.
This was not a smoking gun.
The voltmeter was smoking.
sensory aspects of smoking.
mediated by tobacco smoking.
of smoking into a bad taste.
effects of stopping smoking.
Its nostrils smoking, the.
years of smoking cigarettes.
There's no smoking in here.
He was smoking cigarettes,.
The ashes are smoking still.
She started smoking as well.
me to the dangers of smoking.
Rory smoked a.
He never smoked.
And smoked ganja.
The girls smoked.
He smoked yet some.
He smoked in silence.
He smoked a big pipe.
They smoked in silence.
smoked heavily at that.
We smoked a couple of.
So then you smoked it?.
I smoked the joint.
He smoked like a fiend.
Fish can also be smoked.
Brosy smoked cigarettes.
The smoked salmon arrived.
smoked down to the filter.
I have smoked for 30 years.
Next to him Bobby smoked.
Every cigarette you smoked.
I’ve smoked on and off.
The coat-tails smoked worse.
I lit a cigarette and smoked.
I smoked as a youth (in the.
asked if I cared if he smoked.
great the more weed we smoked.
Baba smoked his pipe and talked.
were those who had never smoked.
and smoked cigarettes and cried.
He also smokes.
slave to the smokes.
Smokes, snaps, tunes.
‘Oh… he smokes a pipe.
Steng smokes, by the way.
Bored, she smokes another.
Holy smokes, was that him?.
They had a few smokes.
at home, he sneaked smokes.
Pa smokes it in a corn cob.
And let our crooked smokes.
Ricci smokes a cigar while THE.
Excellent meat which smokes well.
And I didn't need the smokes anyway.
Tell him if he smokes he won't grow.
puffing circle smokes with his cigar.
"You said your father smokes, right?".
The shell flies into a wall and smokes.
An illusion going up in smokes, a pink.
He shoved the smokes back into his pocket.
He wondered if she had any smokes stashed.
The fellow's everlastingly cadging for smokes.
Ran out for coffee, smokes, that kind of thing.
The scientist, she smokes electronic cigarettes.
Let you have a couple of packs of Earth smokes.
Where the hell’s Earth? Probably shit smokes.
They both reeked of gun oil, and one smokes a lot.
The self-indulgent excuse is that he smokes a pipe.

Synonyms for smoke

fume smoke smoking dope gage grass pot sens sess skunk weed bullet fastball heater hummer