spat sätze

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Spat sätze (in englisch)

  1. He spat on the ground.
  2. He spat into her face.
  3. He spat the words out.
  4. She spat out her words.
  5. Saldon spat in his face.

  6. She spat out the Earth.
  7. Whitey spat out his food.
  8. He spat before he spoke.
  9. For the beer I spat into.
  10. Mochni spat on the ground.
  11. I hate you, she spat.
  12. You love me? He spat.
  13. Then he spat on his hands.
  14. Ah!‘ he spat in disgust.
  15. They spat in the eyes.

  16. Go to hell! She spat.
  17. She hissed and spat when.
  18. Another spat on the ground.
  19. I stood as though spat upon.
  20. Yes, yes, she spat it out.
  21. The captain spat in annoyance.
  22. He almost spat out his words.
  23. She wants a lovers’ spat.
  24. Gollum turned and spat at him.
  25. What I told ya, he spat.

  26. She spat out the two words.
  27. He spat it out and shuddered.
  28. Torm turned his head and spat.
  29. Some even spat at the trolley.
  30. Stein nearly spat with disgust.
  31. Screw you, I spat at her.
  32. Finally the Drong spat: OK.
  33. What the hell? she spat.
  34. He spat full in Amalrus' eyes.
  35. She hates me, Marie spat.
  36. She almost spat out the words.
  37. She spat again and stormed off.
  38. Chalmers spat the cigarette out.
  39. I spat and turned away from him.
  40. You pig! spat the Captain.
  41. You idiot! The taller spat.
  42. He's in the helm, Meo spat.
  43. Elijah spat on the floor saying.
  44. What do you want? he spat.
  45. The older ones spat at our feet.
  46. How dare you, sir! he spat.
  47. This last was spat out in disgust.
  48. Whitton nearly spat out her drink.
  49. Shane Warne - Brian spat out his.
  50. They spat on the stone street….
  51. Then finally he spat, ‘Parley?
  52. She smiled and spat into her palm.
  53. Mama said as he spat on Ish's face.
  54. The lads nearly spat their food out.
  55. The Judas! the old woman spat.
  56. Looking down at him she spat out:.
  57. His revolver spat out at her twice.
  58. I shook my head, spat on the ground.
  59. When we came back, they spat on us.
  60. He spat out what he could and re-.
  61. Then they spat on her and hated her.
  62. Rabscuttle spat out the white stick.
  63. Archie grunted and spat on the floor.
  64. He spat water, then started laughing.
  65. Instantly, we spat out the pacifiers.
  66. Stupid girl_ he spat in my face.
  67. That’s bullshit, he spat out.
  68. Roland turned his head and spat again.
  69. Thanks asshole! She spat at him.
  70. The bald man spat on the ground again.
  71. Not seeing me anymore! he spat.
  72. Matt spat out the smelly old gym sock.
  73. He spat at the man while cursing him.
  74. You plowed her field! I spat with.
  75. She spat it out at Reinhardt’s feet.
  76. Dawes spat and rushed for the young man.
  77. He was verbally insulted and spat upon.
  78. The frontiersman spat full in his face.
  79. Irma spat on Jarek, who remained silent.
  80. Gollum hissed and spat, but he did not.
  81. It's a bit late for that, she spat.
  82. She spat at the floor of the padded cell.
  83. I spat with contempt as I looked at him.
  84. Johnny Grundy spat on the ground and said.
  85. How could you? Crug spat at his son.
  86. Elimbos replied and spat in Eva’s face.
  87. MILL sign, and then spat in its direction.
  88. Someone should fucking die, Ben spat.
  89. Blow me, he spat with a hoarse voice.
  90. She wouldn't tell you! Leah spat out.
  91. For shame! and he spat on the floor.
  92. He stammered, flushed, then spat it out:.
  93. He’s with her isn’t he! She spat.
  94. Nero was becoming exasperated and spat out.
  95. They crackled and spat as they took flame.
  96. Travis glared at Eckels' checkbook and spat.
  97. She would have gone to me,’ Atourum spat.
  98. The old slave hissed and spat into the fire.
  99. Tylin spat in the Sekku’s face in return.
  100. Yi Feng shouted angrily as he spat in anger.

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