tiff sätze

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Tiff sätze (in englisch)

  1. We can't keep doing this Tiff.
  2. Tiff was twelve and had a good head.
  3. Our little tiff about my use of the.
  4. After a ten-second tiff, he released it.
  5. I see the fight as two perfectionists having a tiff.

  6. Probably turn out to be a lovers' tiff, nothing more.
  7. Khaled had a tiff with a guy and both had a sort of a fight.
  8. Shortly after my visit to Jayde, Dale and I had a tiff over the.
  9. She’s safe at home, probably just still mad at me because of our tiff last weekend.
  10. But it is a merry war, a family tiff, in which let the outsider beware of interfering.
  11. Okay, Charlie and Len are boring me, so we’ll leave them sitting there having their tiff and move on.
  12. I also wasn’t sure Callie’s religiously inflected understanding of things would be a net gain for Tiff.
  13. For example, images may be stored as original, uncompressed TIFF documents or saved as space-saving JPEG documents.

    Wir haben leider kein Beispiel Sätze für dieses Wort.

    Wir haben leider kein Beispiel Sätze für dieses Wort.

  1. Bertha Supple told that once to Edy Boardman, a deliberate lie, when she was black out at daggers drawn with Gerty (the girl chums had of course their little tiffs from time to time like the rest of mortals) and she told her not to let on whatever she did that it was her that told her or she'd never speak to her again.
  2. So the more stupid you are… the wiser you are? The more incompetent you are, the more selfish you are, the more successful you are…? The more friends you will have? And all of their tiffs have to be based upon things that are as meaningless as possible? Either that; or trivialize the possibility of having an illegitimate child out of wedlock as a one-liner joke? So the more superficially attractive you are; the more you will be loved? The more beautiful you are, the thinner you are, the more exclusive your job is, the dumber you are: the more friends you will have and the happier you will be? Huh?

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