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Spat in a sentence

He spat the words out.
He spat into her face.
He spat on the ground.
She spat out her words.
Saldon spat in his face.
She spat out the Earth.
Whitey spat out his food.

He spat before he spoke.
Mochni spat on the ground.
For the beer I spat into.
They spat in the eyes.
She hissed and spat when.
Then he spat on his hands.
I hate you, she spat.
Ah!‘ he spat in disgust.
You love me? He spat.
Another spat on the ground.
Go to hell! She spat.
Yes, yes, she spat it out.
I stood as though spat upon.
Gollum turned and spat at him.
Torm turned his head and spat.
He spat it out and shuddered.
She wants a lovers’ spat.
The captain spat in annoyance.
What I told ya, he spat.
She spat out the two words.
He almost spat out his words.
What the hell? she spat.
Screw you, I spat at her.
She hates me, Marie spat.
Stein nearly spat with disgust.
She almost spat out the words.
He spat full in Amalrus' eyes.
Finally the Drong spat: OK.
Some even spat at the trolley.
You pig! spat the Captain.
Chalmers spat the cigarette out.
She spat again and stormed off.
I spat and turned away from him.

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