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    1. He gunned the V8 and spat stones against the crumbling dry stone wall that

    2. Johnny took a quick, almost furtive sip of the tea and nearly spat it out all over

    3. He spat the words out

    4. Then, her three emitters spat out wide and ghostly streams of heavy nuclei

    5. The truck would idle for a moment, waiting for traffic to clear or for lights to change, and as the truck moved off I spat oaths of vengeance in my head, while I fought for breath through my clogged nose

    6. I pulled the paper out and spat into the whirlpool of running water

    7. Son then filled his mouth with the firewater and spat it through the

    8. flames of the torch and the guards screamed in pain as Son spat fire upon

    9. This, combined with Iain’s quite understandable jitteriness as he faced leaving not only the life he knew but also the world he had spent his life on, made for some uncomfortable silences and more than one irritable spat

    10. Then he saw his pack over by another tuft of brush a few yards away and spat it out

    11. D'nore threw an inglethor, a laleet and a lumin, "Out," he spat dejectedly, "three and out

    12. As she walked along the line of potential suitors she spat out insults at every one of them

    13. It was then they started taking photographs and mimicking her every time she cursed her burned fingers or spat on the ground

    14. He crossed the small plaza to the cathedral, reviewing the spat in his mind

    15. Now who spat that out? I shoved it in my pouch with the soil

    16. Tom grew impatient with her dallying and, placing his soft lips upon her petals, he bit off her head and spat it out onto the grass

    17. "That was a separate spat," he said

    18. He offered me the milk and wine and I accepted, toasting him and all his crazy plans, but it was so sour I almost spat it out

    19. As she walked along the line of potential suitors she spat out

    20. Mama said as he spat on Ish's face

    21. “I have had enough of this,” she spat out

    22. Looking down at him she spat out:

    23. Turning towards Naria he spat out, “You witch! You are nothing but a filthy hybrid! Not even really one of us… an abomination! Yet they allow you sit on the throne that is mine by birthright!

    24. "You and your 'family' have produced some of the sickest and cruelest members of our society," Tarak spat out

    25. in mine,’ Kassim spat into his hand and offered it to

    26. The fat man turned his head and spat to one side,

    27. ’ Andy spat out, his paralysing shock transforming into anger

    28. When we came back, they spat on us

    29. He spat it out

    30. “Hooooooik, ptoi! The Terrifying and Terrible Lord Ursa just spat in your cereal! Wince in disgust and fear as your source of morning nutrients has been spoilt by the Terrifying and Terrible Lord Ursa!” Said the Terrifying and Terrible Lord Ursa

    31. Matt spat out the smelly old gym sock

    32. He spat into the fire and ran a hand through his hair

    33. ’ The old woman spat on

    34. He spat at the man while cursing him

    35. "I could give a rotting hell about your money, Destroyer," Nathalia spat while the coins began clinking on the wood floor

    36. Struggling against his staff, she spat at him, though even her mucus was out of range and fell harmlessly at his feet

    37. Yes the TV was suddenly on with the sun was shining through the windows and suddenly the screen was filled with a vision of the most horrible face I had ever seen then it began to laugh historically and a fiery finger came up and pointed at me, and the vision screamed an unearthly scream as Fliss jumped up upon the bed and spat and growled and spat again

    38. " The meter spat it out, Lemoss looked perplexed and tried again, this time two ducits spat out

    39. ’ Pierre spat on the floor in

    40. to swallow any more and spat his food on the ground

    41. Before I reached the clearing’s edge, I spat them out

    42. “That’s not it, is it? You are weak!” I spat in his face and he used the back of his left hand to wipe it off

    43. As he spat out the twig,

    44. the thing he spat out

    45. He broke a tooth, and spat it out with fury

    46. “What’s there to explain? She was your sister, damn you!” she spat the words at him and hit him with her fist on his chest

    47. “By the breath of the Holy Marduk, Your Majesty, she’s lying through her teeth!” he spat, fear in his eyes

    48. ” The silver-headed Nord spat

    49. He spat into her face

    50. spat onto his fingers

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    Synonyms for "spat"

    spat gaiter bicker bickering fuss pettifoggery squabble tiff clap acclaim applaud

    "spat" definitions

    a quarrel about petty points

    a cloth covering (a legging) that covers the instep and ankles

    a young oyster or other bivalve

    come down like raindrops

    become permanently attached

    strike with a sound like that of falling rain

    clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval

    engage in a brief and petty quarrel


    clap one's hands together