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    1. That’s because prices don't rise every day – they spurt only during a few short intervals of time

    2. Gates hang loose, buried in bramble runners and the first spurt of cow parsley

    3. Amidst a spurt of black blood, she withdrew them as quickly as they entered

    4. was instantly replaced by a new spurt of energy

    5. Seven pods from three ships spurt into the cloudy space of the Waghtnin and became invisible

    6. There was no time for respite and, as Raven was bent over in pain, a deadly fist slammed into the side of his face, knocking a tooth from his mouth in a spurt of blood

    7. If the research showed that the new drug didn’t strengthen aggression for instance, but subdued it after the initial spurt, that would make it useless

    8. “That’s my Cole!” Mai Bell squealed in excitement when a spurt of blood and leather flew from the rider’s shoulder

    9. The rose called out to the crow to leave the robin be, and the robin, hearing the pain in the rose’s pleas, found an extra spurt of strength

    10. “There’s been quite a growth spurt in recent decades, with programs increasing in the United States and globally

    11. Despite all the good you’ve done and continue to do, anti-technology outbursts spurt up here and there

    12. The hand of black bone in the Dangler’s back clenched its claws together, squeezing so hard that a spurt of glowing magma swelled up and shot out of its severed stump

    13. A spasm takes me by surprise and a single thin, watery spurt flies from my erect, engorged love-rod and lands in her ear

    14. With a sudden spurt Sebastian passed him and arrived at the gate first

    15. He didn’t see the blood spurt out of the head of his comrades

    16. She was about to intervene when she saw Joey roll onto his back, put his feet in the Cyri’s chest and kicked it over him, yanking its blades out with a spurt of blood

    17. spurt out Canadian dollars

    18. Within a flash the money making machine began to spurt out

    19. Cynthia to spurt out her inner frustrations

    20. all day when they’re in a growth spurt, and others will

    21. everything they spurt out to the public, but, I sure as hell

    22. Corey was able to spurt out a few words

    23. that I got another spurt of the jitters

    24. of it all gave me a brief jolt and spurt of energy, and

    25. liquid popping sound, a spurt of blood on a thumb, and he was toppling, moonlit eyes

    26. Star had anticipated the spurt; in case things went wrong with her plan, she wanted the suicide to look genuine

    27. Blood spewed but no spurt

    28. anything to drink, but if the worst came to the worst he could conjure up a spurt of water or two

    29. release, which made me come again as I felt his hot seed spurt inside of me

    30. thoughts, spurt of material or non-material ideas in the mind

    31. Norah jolted and Cam stared as a spurt of water bubbled up from the mouth of the fountain and trickled down the stone

    32. Blood began to spurt out and

    33. Blood spurt out of the sockets in its mouth and yellowish puss oozed out of the suture marks the autopsy doctor had left

    34. “I’m going through a growth spurt

    35. With a spurt of foolish confidence Mary made to cut her pursuit by sprinting past a shack, then around what looked to be a series of large sheds crammed with wool-bales

    36. During toddlerhood, children experience a motor-growth spurt that

    37. Comparatively little occurred during the day, although the political campaign which had begun with the primaries many weeks before was now drawing nearer its close and the campaigners were getting ready for the final spurt to the finish

    38. Nearly falling to the ground, he curses, and a spurt of flame rises from his hand to the treetops

    39. She’d been annoyed about not being able to wear heels to the prom until her dad pointed out to her that last year’s date, Micky Lund, had yet to hit a growth spurt

    40. A spurt of ame bit deep into his face and he fel to the

    41. Maybe I'm having a growth spurt

    42. The movement caused his heart to spurt, spilling some

    43. He probed the hole gently with his fingers, observing the rush of air that sucked in whenever LanCoste drew a breath and the subsequent spurt of bright frothy red spewing whenever he exhaled

    44. She clamped her mouth shut as she felt the surge of vitriol spurt forth in words of anger, at her hatred of being treated with so little respect

    45. Unexpectedly she gave a shriek of delight as she was rewarded with a spurt of water and watched as it poured down the drain

    46. In many cases their genitals become deformed and cancerous, and grow so big: that the chick breaks its own shell before it has developed lungs to breathe and dies prematurely, because all its growth spurt has been sucked up into its cancerous genitals swelling into a cancerous growth so huge: that its swelling genitals crack the chicks shell before it is ready to live

    47. That created the insanity of all people who shaved, having to buy shaving cream in cans of compressed air… then they further toxified the shaving cream either with an emulsifier that expanded outside the can on contact with air, with only a slight amount of compressed air inside the can to spurt out the gel… or when it was rubbed on the skin, or both

    48. His horns would go through a nice growth spurt over this

    49. What was the historical Legacy of Alexander the Great? A brief spurt of bloody wars and conquests

    50. He was a Semitic cultural spurt: that came from 3 cultures pressing against each other; and re-creating a new cultural center where none existed before

    1. The wound spurted blood so fast, I knew it would only be a matter of minutes

    2. The partial stump spurted very dark ooze and blood and the creature finally collapsed, twitching even after it fell

    3. Blood spurted everywhere

    4. Blood spurted from the animal's neck in great torrents

    5. ” His frustration was worse than ever as he spurted acid

    6. Dirt-splashes spurted and bloomed, and they all ran back into the house…mostly

    7. One day, Shan appeared over the hills encircling Pyr, and had with him not only the armies he had marched off with weeks before, but horses as well, and men, catapults and hellish contraptions that spurted fire and death

    8. Blood spurted out over me and I shoved him off

    9. He heard sobbing; and two voices just up ahead, and his feet spurted up in a renewed trot

    10. The catamaran’s motor, hanging slightly off its back, spurted into action, and they were off to the center of the river

    11. spurted my load nearly to the roof

    12. She giggled and spurted out,

    13. The poor baby screamed at the top of his lungs as blood spurted out of his shoulder

    14. Blood spurted and the hand—partially severed, flopped wildly on the end of the waving arm

    15. Blood spurted out of his wound

    16. Shields crashed against shields, and between them spears drove in and blood spurted

    17. great wounds he had inflicted at his first pass spurted a thick, dark fluid

    18. Will you?” Carmella spurted out the words „will you" as though she was asking me to marry her

    19. to endure what the young man spurted at me with his tongue

    20. she spurted out the same phrase:

    21. Her behaviour and the words that she spurted out of her

    22. Suddenly, a great surge of stinking half-digested krill spurted up from the recesses of the fish's innards and those great white teeth opened, to reveal Xiphias shining down on a shingle beach

    23. The claws sunk deeper and blood spurted from the severed arteries

    24. A powerful streak of gushing blood spurted out of the

    25. When the leopard landed in a flurry and spurted towards

    26. And the tears spurted from Churchill’s eyes

    27. Hot blood spurted out in strong pulsed gushes, but he seemed not to notice

    28. Blood spurted like a fountain from his chest and little Toby pitched to one side

    29. even remotely damaged, and yet blood stil spurted out of him in a thick jet

    30. suddenly spurted out at Watson as he lay on the boathouse floor with

    31. of white tendrils as his blood spurted like a gusher ruining his immaculate

    32. “When the oceans are spurted;”

    33. He says: “When the sky bursts apart, when the stars are scattered, when the oceans are spurted; and when the graves are dispersed

    34. The sphere was a brilliant orange; splashes of molten magma spurted and oozed from its surface

    35. Blood spurted from his jugular and his head dropped to the side as he collapsed onto the ground

    36. Blood spurted out from his carotid artery, fountaining out, spraying the floor and nearer vats with his life-blood

    37. One member from the coven approached with a live lamb and handed my mother a pearl handled dagger; she plunged it straight into the poor lamb’s heart and its blood spurted all over my mother’s robe

    38. As the voice of local pop idol Roman Tam burst into the cabin, the driver spun the wheels and spurted into Salisbury Road anxious to drop his fare in the New Territories as quickly as possible so he could return to the busy short hires of Tsimshatsui

    39. carbine cracked and three ries spurted ame in the direction

    40. “But,” he spurted, “what about the baby?”

    41. spurted across the child’s face, making him bawl inconsolably

    42. His victim clutched at the stump, staring at the blood that spurted foreign from it, finally feeling the painful retraction of muscle and tendon

    43. Her heart quickened and she spurted into a faster sprint as her adrenaline rushed and excitement engulfed her

    44. Flames spurted from fissures in the rocks, and everywhere

    45. At a slow and steady rate, the pipes were lowered into the water reservoir and a fountain of acidic water spurted out of the top

    46. Blood spurted from his nose and his neck cracked as his head was jerked to the side

    47. Blood spurted as the giant’s head went rolling, even as his body remained motionless still grasping the sword buried in the ground

    48. Stepan screamed and the blood spurted from the stump where his finger had been

    49. The roar of Thannic’s war cry was only drowned out when the double machine cannons he manned spurted to life, as they belched out twin flames of molten fire

    50. Amelia was surprised when a bubble of laughter spurted from her own mouth

    1. head down, crushing Hadley's head, spurting blood over the Piano

    2. Lacking a head and heart, the woman’s lower half continued to stumble around, spurting black blood wherever it went

    3. Chase, pleased at the terrific hardness of his tool, lay back and enjoyed his pumpings, keeping both of her hands on his bare ass, pressing down on his buttocks when she felt him spurting inside of her

    4. “I never went off in a girl before,” he told her, his cock still in her but not spurting now

    5. Not fully before he caught a view of his headless body, as one of the creatures appeared to be cauterising the cut artery spurting blood from his neck

    6. After the flag waved over San Juan, and reaction from the excitement enabled us to realise the sad realities of victory, there seemed little glory for the silent forms that lay on the field where they had fallen; or the hundreds of wounded who were helpless in the thicket, or crawled to the rear, with blood spurting from their wounds, to the dressing-station improvised in the creek bed

    7. Some pleaded to be killed rather than left to the enemy; several, with blood spurting from their wounds, started to run through the mud; others called for rifles, swearing that they would die like men, not like dogs

    8. The man in the door was on the ground with blood spurting everywhere

    9. How quickly the lemon grass I cut back has soared; in three months spurting up and over like a green water fountain from near ground level to one and a half metres

    10. She’d been unable to resist sucking his cock until he came spurting all over her breasts

    11. He began to feel something different in his head, a growing anticipation, a building of something intense, and then suddenly they both yelled as they came in one huge climax, with her pussy squeezing his cock in the contractions of the orgasm, and him spurting inside her

    12. I was expecting Zacchaeus’ hand, so I lashed out at his cheek through my claw like fingernails, implanting my fangs deeply into his veins, his blood spurting out when he reeled his head to the side from the shock of my nails scratching at his face

    13. with pieces of metal and glass stuck in his body, and fountains of blood spurting from his

    14. conscious, with blood spurting form his cut lip

    15. promise of thrashing weapons, of spurting blood

    16. He reaches up to touch his suddenly throbbing neck, warm blood spurting in time with his dying pulse

    17. This surge had caused the pressure release valve’s ceramic safety disc to burst sending a jet of reactant in a fountain spurting from the top of the vessel This fountain hadn’t stopped until the process was shut down a few seconds later, bringing the whole production line to a halt

    18. It sat deep inside, blood spurting out

    19. The Hyrkanian reeled back, suddenly ashen, blood spurting over the links of his hauberk; his saber slipped from his nerveless fingers

    20. Kerim Shah bent his bow and sent a shaft into the mass, and those touched by the arrow burst like bubbles in spurting flame

    21. The black's head flew into the air; the headless body took three staggering steps, spurting blood and clawing horribly at the air with groping hands, and then slumped to the dust

    22. "Dog of hell!" Her blade swished as it cut the air in an upswinging arc with a blur in the middle, and the headless body slumped down, spurting blood

    23. He was dying, his blood spurting from his torn throat, his eyes wide in horror as I drank what hit my face

    24. As he sprang up, he saw the monster, spurting blood hideously, rush toward the cliff-end of the bridge, obviously intending to descend the stair that connected the arches and renew the feud

    25. Rinaldo dropped with his skull shattered, and Conan reeled back against the wall, blood spurting from between the fingers which gripped his wound

    26. Blood already had been spurting from Chica's punctures but after the new blow, it flowed over his face and reddened his shirt

    27. And, sure enough, from what she could see, Finn, who was howling curses, was in the rowboat but had one leg hanging out and blood spurting from the end of it, where a foot used to be

    28. The springs were still spurting out water that was

    29. spurting out many grunts and sounds that resembled words, and a

    30. Rafael had nicked the neck of the man who held him and blood was spurting from the wound

    31. The panther hit the ground much harder on its side, spurting blood and spewing slithering guts from its torn belly

    32. They just stood in shocked silence as they watched the blood spurting from the warden's neck

    33. motion Halfshaft had snapped his finger and sent a jet of water spurting into his face

    34. He felt it licking his face, and some sort of liquid spurting on to his chest

    35. Within minutes they saw the Salesian monk lying in a pool of blood, and blood was still spurting

    36. Before I knew what I was doing, I had my left hand wrapped around his throat, keeping his snapping teeth off me, and I slammed the knife upwards into his heart, blood spurting out around the blade and down the handle

    37. Sheriff Logan opened his mouth trying to speak, but only blood came spurting out

    38. But his enthusiasm was always spurting forth, bubbling and boiling, and he never gave me time to really get to know and understand him

    39. They got in and drove off, gravel spurting from under the wheels

    40. He opened his mouth to speak and blood came spurting out

    41. Blood was spurting out of the man’s chest in rhythm to his heartbeat

    42. The arousal of your caress, the passion of your kisses, the vibrations, the tension, the agony, the love I feel, yours and mine, the hardness of your body, your need to bury yourself into me, to suck every part of my body, to build me up, on and on and on and on until I can stand it no longer, until your helpless growl of release triggers me off as well and I feel your love spurting into me

    43. Witch doctors cut their heads off: and tried to read the tracks that their headless bodies made as they ran headless around a yard… spurting blood; until the body died and stopped running purely mechanically: driven by terror-crisis-fear instincts

    44. Ramses the Pharaoh of Egypt: was supposed to block the spurting semen of the Semite tribes from exploding and erupting out of Egypt and populating the world with their offspring

    45. On those words an explosion rang out from behind the couch, sending the guard flailing into the unlit fireplace with blood spurting from his thigh

    46. He could hear the little sing-song of the milk spurting into the pails

    47. The arrow was still buried in her neck, but the blood was oozing rather than spurting from the wound, so it must have lodged in her muscles, missing the major blood vessels

    48. The Charisian’s pivot gun roared again, spurting smoke that was darker and far browner than Lance’s, and another round shot went ripping through the water, missing the cutter by little more than its own length

    49. O I was in a Rage of Tears and Madness! Paying no Attention to the spurting Blood, nor to the Pain in my Hands, I smasht at the Window with both Fists whilst calling to Littlehat, who, e’en now, was moving farther and farther away

    50. With no hesitation at all, he shoved the blade into his brother’s thigh, then jumped back to avoid the spurting blood

    1. I remembered my mother when she still had spurts of kindness and wondered what she had been like before she became a monster

    2. GUN FIRE explodes in fits and spurts as others around them fire at paper targets

    3. She watched as the red liquid came in little short spurts from the girl's wrists

    4. What these guys ind is that they’re now seeing spurts or waves of growth

    5. Where they used to see gains one pound at a time, from one week to the next, they’ll now see gains of 3, 5 or even 10 pounds in spurts

    6. Since he was letting her set the pace, her words came out conversationally rather than in spurts and puffs

    7. When added to Mystic's growing damage list, it could be said that crises were growing in spurts of geometric progression, which I had always heard was the case with tragedies at sea

    8. They heard the shots this time, the bullets hitting the surrounding waves with small spurts of water

    9. He was grabbing at his neck and staring at the blood pouring from him in weakening spurts

    10. Blood spurts from the wound, and he screams again, pressing his forehead to the ground

    11. I then jump backwards and watch as blood spurts in short bursts from his severed carotid arteries

    12. Blood spurts in bursts from the wound, and after a few seconds the man collapses

    13. pipes rattled and the water emerged in rusty brown spurts, but after

    14. Greatest Progress comes not from spurts and stops but rather from steady, consistent effort

    15. Blood spurts hot from his skin and he can’t help his scream

    16. He instantly collapsed like a ragdoll slumped into her arms, covering her body with dark spurts of blood

    17. what’s not? It’s already happening in fits and spurts with Medicare and some

    18. It was a cozy room, clarity came in spurts

    19. Little spurts of urine set the audience guffawing

    20. Suddenly he groaned loudly and little spurts of semen sprayed over his chest and onto his face

    21. He spurts out loud… ―that can‘t be right… I must have mis-read

    22. while blood spurts from his

    23. But there were scattered, tiny spurts of oil

    24. "Occasionally, I'll have my spurts

    25. The rain blew in torrents against the northern and western sides of the building, sounding oddly like incessant spurts of machine-gun fire in the battlefields of war-torn Europe, and shook the panes of glass in the windows as if threatening to break through the barriers to bring torment to those encased inside the bastion that stood firm and strong against the assault

    26. The heavy, wet spurts of semen smacked into them at 35 miles per hour

    27. Its surroundings are dull and extremely infected With a coating of dust which covers its interior A dimmed light is shattered in the rear The components are covered with a mist Portraying visions of love that were missed Spurts of water seeps to drown memories sounds Emptiness fills a cushion all around

    28. There was a series of spurts of dark liquid as the

    29. growth spurts in the near future

    30. The sky seemed filled with spurts of color, as magic was shot from Fairy to Pixie and Pixie to Fairy, all in hopes of defeating the other

    31. These revelations of the name of God came in spurts, and every time God revealed a different part of His name, it expanded who He was; until Jesus came, and then He was given a name that is above every other name

    32. volcanic and spouted ominous spurts of smoke

    33. Spurts of blood landed on the dash and windshield as the shots rang

    34. from Marcus's mouth in short gasping spurts as he

    35. It is not the spasmodic spurts that count on a long journey, but the

    36. Blood spurts, and he goes down

    37. It had been like this since the beginning of time itself: a windowless white cube flooded with a dead fluorescent light that percolated into every crevice of his being, Truscott with his cheerless grins and endless questions, with occa¬sional spurts of bile from Meadows, interjected like venomous punctuation – and all under the inscrutable gaze of the guardian of the door

    38. Remember that weight gain is not usual y a nice steady graph, but something that goes in spurts

    39. My breath came to me in short spurts as I

    40. A bandy child, asquat on the doorstep with a paper shuttlecock, crawls sidling after her in spurts, clutches her skirt, scrambles up

    41. My account of the races on the Oakland Estuary is based on Bill Leiser, “Who Won?” San Francisco Chronicle, April 14, 1935; “Husky Crews Make Clean Sweep,” ST, April 14, 1935; Bruce Helberg, “Second Guesses,” WD (no date, clipping from Bob Moch’s scrapbook); “Husky Crews Win Three Races,” ST, April 14, 1935; and “Washington Sweeps Regatta with Bears: Husky Varsity Crew Spurts to Turn Back U

    42. “Famous revolutionary,” you say, and the laughter pumps out of your chest like blood, great almost painful spurts of it splashing up the building faces toward the marquee moon

    43. Many men have been praised as vividly imaginative on the strength of their profuseness in indifferent drawing or cheap narration:—reports of very poor talk going on in distant orbs; or portraits of Lucifer coming down on his bad errands as a large ugly man with bat's wings and spurts of phosphorescence; or exaggerations of wantonness that seem to reflect life in a diseased dream

    44. In general, markets tend toward efficiency, and random walk prevails most of the time; when markets are more predictable, it is usually in short spurts of activity, which can sometimes be identified through specific patterns in prices

    45. The reason for the sudden spurts of progress is the hard work done on the plateaus, but it can be difficult to keep up very hard work for seemingly no reward

    46. 7) shows the falling 20-day SMA giving the road map lower as it moves in spurts

    47. Bleeding from an artery comes in powerful, rapid spurts, in time with the pulse

    48. If you must urinate do it in short, sharp spurts and allow it to dissipate between spurts

    49. If they want to buy, the Dow spurts green

    50. Steam spurts from the valve of the coffee urn

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