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    1. The result? Naught! All men seem to be enchanted by Mandy, especially Themis! As about me, at a moment someone speaks up and says he remembers me from elementary school - so, my age is revealed before everybody! Later on, Themis suggests our going on an excursion on May Day and all the married hens (who, as usual, have formed a ring around him) hasten to enter themselves for it

    2. On the wrong side of the blanket, I hasten to add, but Wiesse is irrational when it comes to history

    3. Sally is clearly upset but I hasten to assure her that there are worse ways to spend your life … married to someone you loathe for one

    4. not hasten I do, because I paid the hotel -

    5. hasten to correct the error for it is vital to this story

    6. will hasten, like a true friend, to tell me that the sun is out, and I

    7. aggravate the situation and hasten the worse of

    8. “My Lord, Zarko-Bel! You need to hasten to the infirmary

    9. When they reached the landing Zarko stood still for a few moments to regain his breath as he’d had to hasten to catch up

    10. As soon as the former in turn noticed the Nord, he tried to hasten his steps away and back toward the docks

    1. My friends hastened to follow his brilliant example at once and everyone admired their courage

    2. Pleased to aid them, the Boulder Dwarf Gunt hastened their brutal task with the pounding of his war pick

    3. on the left place, France hastened to enter, and

    4. And I hastened to clear the haze

    5. Normally the darkness and coolness would have hastened slumber

    6. Though Kelia’s snoring were quick to be heard, Lunarey’s sleep wasn't so hastened to come, as thoughts of that poor girl refused to leave her mind

    7. A man clad not in Stormcloak regalia but in furs hastened from the door, clutching parchment and panting as he moved

    8. The smoke rose and clotted the heavens, and the winds hastened and snapped the Imperial banners

    9. As the other agent quickly nodded and hastened back into the Keep, Ondolemar sighed once more

    10. She didn't have a very good relationship with her mother, and her father, who was a quiet man and, she hastened to add, a lovable father whom she couldn't reproach, would only shake his head and say things like, "Time will heal

    1. They think I'm some bloody hero, he thought, hastening his pace

    2. Brontes floated down the chamber, his blue flames occasionally leaping out to aid the remaining elves, hastening their job of finishing off the undead

    3. I now needed to fetch some extra bedding from the storage shed, but as I headed for the backdoor something slowed me and I hesitated for a good thirty seconds before hastening outside to complete this task in record time

    4. The hastening of scholastic mediocrity in America‘s (urban) Public School System is understood by the efforts of (its) soft-headed administrators and educators seeking to promote equality of results at the expense of its brightest students, many of whom are routinely held in check in order to allow their less talented classmates ―sufficient‖ opportunity to play catch-up; oftentimes necessitating a lowering of academic standards for the ―benefit‖ of other students who are intellectually less gifted, thereby promoting false impressions of academic achievement where performance results are (oftentimes) questionable

    5. By managing the Cold War and hastening the collapse of the Soviet Union, the

    6. Already crumbling buildings are pelted with projectiles and then torched, hastening their inevitable collapse

    7. 10 O aged man of more power than tortures elder more vigorous than fire greatest king over the passions Eleazar! 11 For as father Aaron armed with a censer hastening through the consuming fire vanquished the flame-bearing angel 12 So Eleazar the descendant of Aaron wasted away by the fire did not give up his reasoning

    8. Jesus said to him If you can believe! All things are possible to him that believes; And immediately the father of the child cried out weeping and said I believe my Lord; help my lack of faith; And when Jesus saw the hastening of the people and their coming at the sound he rebuked that unclean spirit and said to it You dumb spirit that speaks not I command you come out of him and enter not again into him; And that spirit devil cried out much and bruised him and came out and that child fell as one dead and many thought that he had died but Jesus took him by his hand and raised him up and gave him to his father and that child was healed from that hour; And the people all marvelled at the greatness of God;

    9. Thus also did Christ desire to save the things which were perishing and has saved many by coming and calling us when hastening to destruction

    10. looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be destroyed by burning, and the elements will melt with intense heat!

    1. However, any time I try to hold him, his concerned mother hastens to take him off my hands at once!

    2. Later experimentation proved that adding thyroid extracts to the water induces or hastens metamorphosis of tank-kept Mexican salamanders

    3. hastens the Day of Judgment

    4. 23 Note, he drinks up a river, and hastens not, he trusts that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth

    5. fool goes to the correction of the stocks, until the dart strikes through his liver like the bird hastens towards the snare and he does not

    6. is without knowledge, and he who hastens with his feet sins

    7. He who hastens to be rich has the evil eye, and considers not that poverty shall come on him

    8. 5 The sun also arises, and the sun goes down, and hastens to his place where he arose

    9. The captive exile hastens so that he may be loosened, and so that he should not die in the pit, nor that his bread should fail

    10. 16 The calamity of Moab is nearly come, and his affliction hastens quickly

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    festinate hasten hurry look sharp rush induce stimulate belt along bucket along cannonball along hie hotfoot pelt along race rush along speed step on it expedite haste scoot bestir bustle