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    1. Every writer needs a room of her own and I guess every band needs a garage

    2. I don’t want to step on their toes, but the band seems totally cool with getting some original ideas

    3. Since the back way wasn't right in the band of city, it wasn't shown on this map

    4. John lies on a single bed, holding his wedding band in one hand, studying it

    5. band walking in the room…It took time for this truth, that God has

    6. He picks up his wedding band off the counter, regards it for a moment, slips it on

    7. Like a walkie-talkie, you know? Scan the frequency but it's such a narrow band and such a low range, you would have to be pretty close

    8. She was not even informed when her You found the Nupie on the local air band, and transmitted Ginger's message to it

    9. After a thousand years we will have a small band of our seed, a few thousand is all we have with us

    10. He took a stethoscope and an old hand-cranked blood pressure band from a leather satchel

    11. I spent hours trying to recall the faces and names of the taken, wondering which of the select band might be behind those other doors

    12. We were a happy band, an imagined brotherhood

    13. his band! I never had so much fun making “weird sounds” that

    14. in a band together for a while

    15. another band for a bit after ours went our separate ways

    16. Just A Band is not what it seems and is likely quite the opposite

    17. The band started to play your favourite song

    18. On the end of the other stick she had folded a point of shiny paper and fastened it on with a rubber band

    19. before carousing loudly with a brass band

    20. There was no real horizon line in any direction out here, the extreme distance was just an indistinct band

    21. a voice announces the name of the band

    22. This means there's a fifty to hundred mile band of land around human settlements where large predators are rare and large herbivores are very abundant

    23. They were clearly in that band now

    24. Jake, these are a suicide band, cause as much destruction as possible, ‘die well’ he tells them

    25. As we came out of a band of them I turned to see my love, my Cath…” he stopped, his voice cracking

    26. In between prayers, they sang as they walked and, because I didn't know the words, but now as a member of the band, I thought no one would notice if I mimed and that way at least show some support

    27. As he walks up Jo’s path I recognise him – that’s Alastair Liddington, the chap that Jo knows … the one with the band

    28. A lovely girl in sheer pantaloons and blouse met them, "The Dusksleep band is already on," she said, "and I'm sorry but the cookfires are already cold

    29. Ava lead them to a table close enough to hear the band but not close enough to be part of the show

    30. With him tied up Wednesdays and Fridays with ‘Mack & Mabel’ and the rehearsals we ought to have for the band, it is not going to be easy getting some practices for Prague as well

    31. She listened to the story unfold with a growing sense of unease and disappointment, a sense that rapidly turned to despair and utter devastation when the pictures cut to the image of an ecstatic twelve year old from Grimsby who would be attending a gala bash in London the following weekend where the boy and his band would finally be unveiled

    32. Having no television and no contact with the outside world meant that Helen never did see a star struck twelve year old girl from Grimsby get all tongue tied and nervous when she met the boy with the angelic voice and his band in London

    33. ‘Jake was hoping to stay over at Jo’s again this weekend but because the band has a gig, Alastair has said he can’t

    34. He looked up at the sky and saw the huge band of thick white clouds heading towards the Hold; a storm was on its way, the first storm of the season

    35. “The bogie is using nothing in the electromagnetic band

    36. They are not in contact with Sol on an electromagnetic band either

    37. ) Type-O-Negative was a band that (I could say that at least a

    38. Highway Men,” by the band with the same same; Maura O’Connel

    39. He sent a message on a narrow band and was answered almost immediately by the

    40. offered no hints as to who the band might be, showing only shots of

    41. the singer or the band might be

    42. the band and the identity of the singer were unknown, because you

    43. engines, provided by a roving band of engineers which had,

    44. following weekend where the boy and his band would finally be

    45. boy with the angelic voice and his band in London

    46. It was loud with conversation and music provided by an excellent band

    47. A real show band

    48. As a result, the great chief's band of braves found it even harder to win the battle

    49. Good looking in a Mancunian guitar band sort of way

    50. The revue was going through a bad phase – Masa’s latest lover had done a bunk with the leader of the band and Masa was spitting blood

    1. Kortrax cracked the horizon and the mountain of city was silhouetted on his banded face

    2. She had the most elaborate hairdo, of two dozen double banded pony tails on hair that was still thick and black

    3. The gathering of Magi banded their power together then sealed the Rift – and so it would remain, silent and dark, for many years to come

    4. “And then Your Majesty saw a divine messenger coming down from Heaven who chopped down the tree, but left its rootstock standing, banded with rings of iron and copper

    5. “Not gonna tell you that, but we have families that live in adjoining farms and have banded together, like it was back in the seventeen hundreds

    6. * They were proud of that and banded together like true brothers

    7. She took in a deep breath to marshal her energies, then turned to follow the lad toward the heavy, wooden doors banded with iron strips

    8. The posse banded a human pill box,

    9. 2 While this was going on, an invidious rumour was uttered abroad by men who had banded together

    10. 2 While this was going on an invidious rumour was uttered abroad by men who had banded together to injure the Jewish race

    11. They banded with the Stalactite Orcs and enthusiastic Goblins of Mount Crow as they infiltrated the woods beyond the looming castle

    12. If what was left of the tribe banded together, they could take

    13. The other was dressed like them in a white, girdled khalat and a flowing head-dress which, banded about the temples with a triple circlet of braided camel-hair, fell to his shoulders

    14. Conan pointed with a muscular brown arm toward the east, banded in dazzling gold by the lifting sun

    15. The inner curve of the further wall of that court differed from the others he had seen, in that, instead of being smooth, it seemed to be banded with long lines or ledges, crowded with small objects the nature of which he could not determine

    16. It was banded by narrow ledges, apparently cut out of the solid stone, and ranged along these ledges or shelves were thousands of tiny figures, mostly grayish in color

    17. He was dressed in banded leather wearing gauntlets of a silvery metal that flexed as easily as his fingers

    18. Stacked and banded, her carefully copied

    19. 1970s when the two programmers banded together to write

    20. Many normal bystanders banded together in Louisiana and other neighboring states and drove over with their boats and helped pluck people out of the water

    21. armies banded together to defeat the nonbelievers

    22. In fact, one group was so upset about the changes that it banded together and killed me

    23. The windshield disintegrated and bits of banded glass rained down in my lap as Jenna fired at the truck

    24. Oscil ators are indicators banded between two extreme values that reflect short term

    25. Banded up, in what

    26. I took out seven banded stacks of a thousand dollars each and handed them over

    27. There were ten neat, banded stacks of paper

    28. "Have you seen the state of our room? After just a day!" After the hiring clinic, most of the instructors had banded together and rented a large house down near the station, but they were having to share rooms

    29. His mouth was shut with tight banded

    30. there are a lot of supposed ways of dealing with the inner children being banded around and probably they are someway effective, but

    31. ‘Are they! A banded krait is one of the most poisonous snakes in the

    32. I have banded most of them, and this way I

    33. “Sir? Why haven’t all the freighter captains banded together and put an end to them?”

    34. Finally you realize that, the student with banded eyes hits and steps on the things while he moves no matter how he struggles to avoid them, in addition to that he doesn’t know the direction he has to take

    35. And after that, the teacher rearranges the things again and asks the same students who did recently that practice, to move between them again with not banded or covered eyes

    36. They banded together to fire Lex and hire Solomon

    37. Remus smiled gently, and pointed to where the tailstock spur dug into the core of the tree, at the point where all the hundreds of spreading rings had banded down to a single point

    38. “Thought the monkey’s and gorilla’s would have banded together

    39. Some authors have reported that the coral banded

    40. The Coral Banded Shrimp is a very popular invertebrate that is kept in many marine aquariums

    41. Coral Banded Shrimp are usually found in small crevices or hanging from live rock in the

    42. If your Coral Banded Shrimp loses one of its arms or claws, don't worry

    43. The Coral Banded Shrimp is usually lumped in with the other cleaner shrimps but this behavior

    44. These Coral Banded Shrimp are usually very hardy if they have been acclimated slowly

    45. Coral Banded Shrimp Profile Facts and Care Information

    46. especially other banded coral shrimps

    47. The exception to this rule is a mated pair of Banded

    48. Coral Banded Shrimp Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Difficult to breed them in the home

    49. Coral Banded Shrimp Compatible Tank Mates : Avoid keeping them in an aquarium with Lionfish,

    50. from the banded coral shrimp

    1. The words 'Darceenian Flame' curved in purple lettering, distorted on a blazing ball like the banding of Kortrax centered in the deep blue mainsail of her foremast

    2. Then, for their collective protection and security, these settled peoples began the seemingly necessary banding together into ever-larger agglomerations

    3. My arms weren't even bear but it felt like he was banding me with his hands

    4. Brixby shot and the arrow skipped off the box's banding

    5. Her bikini was a mix of red banding on the top and bottom with little blue swirl patterns in between

    6. “Because each captain is in this business for himself; banding together would imply some sort of alliance—not happening, little one

    7. It is a banding together as a people for the common goods and common health of the commons of themselves – their Mother Earth, their living waters, their pure air, their universal shelter, satiation, and sanitation

    8. “I’ve heard rumors that some of the clusters of pirates are becoming more organized; banding together and accruing enough wealth to acquire hardware such as that,” she pointed to the large craft fast approaching, “from certain manufacturers who harbor no qualms regarding the character or purpose of their clients

    9. Did the North American Indians ever learn the historical lesson of banding together to fight a larger enemy? No

    10. Few people can develop complications after banding such as infection, bleeding, urinary problems or ulcers at the treated site

    11. They may then have to go in for another banding procedure

    12. But overall, hemorrhoids are less likely to recur after banding as long as one doesn�t get constipated and avoids straining during bowel movements

    13. However, this procedure is less common than banding since its success rate is not as good and symptoms can recur after several years, requiring further treatment

    14. However, these methods are less effective than banding

    15. The most popular solution is known as Gastric Banding

    16. Gastric Banding is becoming the most common surgical procedure for treating obesity in the world, especially in America

    17. Despite this, it is always best for people who opt for the gastric banding to carefully understand the pros and cons associated with this invasive procedure

    18. Asia, Africa, Europe, are to the east--America is provided for in the west, Banding the bulge of the earth winds the hot equator,

    19. A lot of nineteenth-century ironmasters back on Old Earth had experimented with ways of banding cast-iron artillery pieces to strengthen their breeches, but few of them had been truly satisfactory

    20. Though banding together in tens of thousands, the lion-maned buffaloes of the West have fled before a solitary horseman

    1. when I have broken the bands of their yoke, and delivered

    2. They were sort of inspired by riot grrl bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, and Voodoo Queens

    3. The Bayside Sex Deviants are going to work the shit out of the Battle of the Bands

    4. bands, no ticker tape parades, no gushing fountains of love

    5. It had a few glowing spots and bands in its atmosphere, often obscured by bands of clouds

    6. Desa wished she could get a little more into the music, there are lots of real bands in Lastriss, thirty to fifty active at any one time, and she never saw more than a few of them when she was here, this could be the only one she would see this time

    7. There could be a lot of activity in the packet headers alone, with all the data areas of all the other bands standing idle, but occasionally there was activity in what she called the 'data'

    8. Usually it was in all thirty seven bands at once, and would sometimes last for significant fractions of a second, sometimes only a few tens of microseconds

    9. I played in some bands and was in the university, even wrote a text

    10. The furniture never had any manifestation in the visual bands of his universe, the view was always what Gordon’s Lamp saw

    11. Her long and thick grey hair was tied in multiple tails with jeweled bands

    12. holds interest throughout is an art that few bands or individual musicians

    13. For of old time I have broken thy yoke, and burst thy bands; and thou say, I will not

    14. Despite the peace process his first thoughts are always of paramilitary graffiti, marching bands and shots to the back of the head

    15. A lot of the pubs have live bands at the weekend

    16. Then he set them round with three bands of iron rod, roughly mimicking the the contour of the base, and proceeded to stand the numbered staves around its perimeter

    17. Before any time at all they were coaxing the bands up the outside of the tub, tapping them higher until seated at their proper latitudes round the container

    18. His father handed him a spanner and showed him how to tighten the bolts of the bands until he could tighten no more, as his father then went back to the storeroom for another armful of pre-fitted moldings and boards

    19. I think she lives somewhere up around Moranga Vang because most of these bands live up that way or over toward Reshplaza

    20. And bands of any size were best avoided

    21. We have to know what is the extent of this trend toward increasingly disconnected random, roaming bands of Naud, why the shift toward conscripts, and what is up with gathering these 'allies' from other peoples?!---very Un-Naud-like to say the least

    22. Using differential calculus, a slide-rule and a box of one hundred assorted elastic bands, he set about calculating the Pong Ratio of seven known elemental odours

    23. It is to expel those foreign capitals from a trade which their own grows every day more and more insufficient for carrying on, that the Spaniards and Portuguese endeavour every day to straiten more and more the galling bands of their absurd monopoly

    24. Minor attacks from small bands were common enough, but never before had the ern been able to form such an army in the east as the one that were preparing to descend upon Saparen

    25. Military bands gathered from around the country, civic

    26. No Hollywood blockbusters or manufactured boy bands

    27. Over ten million frequency bands of compressed digital code, one to tune to, which would've been so simple if these band's did not constantly alter as soon as each was tracked and locked onto

    28. The place was so big, it could hold 3 bands and 15,000 people without any one

    29. Alex and Abigail were reciting the Talmud off by heart in between bonking furiously, loud thrashing bands covering up the noise of their loud thrashing, thus passed the week

    30. Boom! went a saluting gun, and away went transport after transport; the bands playing, the troops, relieved from the tedium of the wait, cheering as only such enthusiasts can cheer

    31. On the 13th the flag ship “Seguranca” signalled the start; and with colours flying and bands playing, the vessels glided out to mid-stream and dropped down toward the sea

    32. Then their bands burst into the Star-Spangled Banner; and stretched across the heavens, with silver stars shining from a sky of blue and the crimson glare of the setting sun intersected by white fleeced bars of cloud, the very spirit of Old Glory was typified

    33. A power radiated from it, an almost palpable, physical thing, that drew him closer– as though the moon, trapped inside, was trying to break out, oozing through the rough, grainy surface in bands of bright, cold light

    34. Bands of iron slowly tightened around her entire body

    35. They knew that the moment the locals bands together they would be in serious trouble and so it turned out

    36. From the rubber bands, strands of Herminia’s hair trailed across the surface of the water

    37. He held me against his body for a very long moment, his arms iron bands around me, and I realized with a sudden shock that I was running my fingers through his hair, over and over

    38. He had once been manager of a highly successful nightclub in Vancouver, British Columbia, that featured rock bands and had dance floors on three levels

    39. Some killings were done by bands of Union deserters, for whose actions the Union Army cannot rightly be blamed

    40. Half of all southern white men dodged the draft, even forming bands that drove away Confederate officials

    41. The white blouse had full, loose sleeves, and wide bands at the wrist

    42. The resistance color bands are taken true to actual values

    43. But I could hear them now, satanic verse after satanic verse, uttered with that same regurgitating quality those European metal bands preferred

    44. He made them put the crates of precious metals in the rear of the ship, strapping them down with strong bands of woven plastic and bolts through the provided eyelets into the floor-holes

    45. Bands of armed men wearing the same nondescript mixture of uniforms that they had seen on the train when they crossed the Polish border seemed to have stationed themselves at key crossroads and intersections

    46. The bands of armed militia were not to be seen, and when they passed through one small hamlet, the loud sounds coming from a tavern indicated that they were probably spending the day’s impost collections

    47. Militia bands continued to be present on all the country roads they traveled, and their store of zlotys was steadily depleted as they paid the required imposts at each stop

    48. There were no Polish guards around, only Red Army troops, and the blue collar flashes and cap bands of the officers in charge marked them as NKVD

    49. The many small bands of desert raiders, faced with incalculable opportunity, quickly coalesced around a charismatic leader and the rest was Moslem history

    50. 2 And Saul's son had two men that were captains of bands, the name of the one was Baanah, and the name of the other Rechab, the

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