throng sätze

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Throng sätze (in englisch)

  1. A throng from the ancients.
  2. Hence a throng of souvenirs.
  3. The throng erupts in excitement.
  4. He quits the fashionable throng.
  5. And a throng from the latecomers.

  6. I saw nine towers past the throng.
  7. Perhaps he could calm this throng.
  8. A gasp went up through the throng.
  9. But then the throng of trolls parted.
  10. The throng shepherded him over the.
  11. I whirled around, scanning the throng.
  12. Who is this massive, underpaid throng?
  13. Outside, a throng clamored for attention.
  14. The throng of giants whooped and cheered.
  15. The throng carried her out just before him.

  16. Lorry handed him a paper through the throng.
  17. To blazon broad emongst her learned throng:.
  18. Madelyn joined the throng and stood with them.
  19. A throng accumulated behind where he crouched.
  20. She was in a clearing, a loud throng around her.
  22. And thousand other throng to me! Royal flames;.
  23. He was the prey of a throng of novel sensations.
  24. I made my way through the throng into the church.
  25. We entered the Golden Gate with a throng of others.

  26. Carrie joined her throng of friends at the side of.
  27. He’d blended into the throng of people looking on.
  28. Fresh method did not whisk often amongst the throng.
  29. The throng seethed and milled, yelling and screaming.
  30. Vincent turned around and to his dismay saw a throng.
  31. Though lighted up, this wild throng remained in gloom.
  32. Schmatzenbladder, relieved to have quieted the throng.
  33. Through my heart's palace Thoughts unnumbered throng;.
  34. A throng had gathered at the arena area, cheering him.
  35. Glimpsing intently at every member of the throng they.
  36. The icon was carried further, accompanied by the throng.
  37. A throng of people waited eagerly in hopes of a chance.
  38. But as I circulated about in the throng, I came upon him.
  39. It was incinerating dragons as it passed thru the throng.
  40. Claire took the mic and looked out at her throng of guests.
  41. While a throng of staff employees hovered over the jiggling.
  42. He pressed through the throng to the communications console.
  43. Behind him, a throng of ragged children piled into the city.
  44. Hush, Verity! she hissed, dragging me out of the throng.
  45. A throng of officers of officers, recognizing several of them.
  46. An armed throng was passing, and a terrified throng looked on.
  47. They would never be able to force the cages through the throng.
  48. Some Sileni of the throng sat on benches and hay-trusses by the.
  49. Meanwhile, throughout the morning, another great throng wended.
  50. Darek rushed into the bustling throng that filled the marketplace.
  51. Wheeling, the giants saw a disreputable throng crowding the arch.
  52. A great throng of women and children rushed out to meet the party.
  53. On Shri Maharaj protesting that there will be too much throng of.
  54. Even in the afternoon hustle and bustle of the tourist throng, the.
  55. Far away, above the throng of heads, their wild pyramid is visible.
  56. Heads turned and the throng immediately took up the Custodian's name.
  57. He pasted his best jongleur’s smile back on and waved to the throng.
  58. Selene had arrived, firing arrows into the throng as fast as she could.
  59. As Credit attempted to see through the throng, he unexpectedly spied.
  60. Holding a paw aloft, Grindel implored the throng to silence once more.
  61. She held a hand up to him and continued to the surrounding throng of men.
  62. My stallion plunged and smashed through the glittering throng valiantly.
  63. You and who else? Who can stand against this? (SHE ENCOMPASSES HE THRONG.
  64. Raskolnikov joined the throng of women, who were talking in husky voices.
  65. He smiled at his people, turning and waving to either side of the throng.
  66. Before long they found themselves in a throng going towards the Great Gate.
  67. She heard snippets of conversations as she passed thru the throng of women.
  68. Once on the platform he stopped to survey the area and the gathered throng.
  69. Sombre words were spoken, but the respectful throng was more mindful of the.
  70. Court took her elbow to guide her through the throng of pilots toward the bar.
  71. The first comer seizes a current of the throng and leads it whither he wills.
  72. Although amply forewarned by the approaching clasps of thunder, the throng of.
  73. To this happy throng could be added the ever present Dalrymple Residence guys.
  74. The rope was pulled back in and up the side to the throng of curious onlookers.
  75. I returned through the throng and found to my delight that she was still there.
  76. I wasn’t prepared for the throng of emotions I would feel seeing her like this.
  77. The old man exhorted the huge throng, reminding them again that the promises and.
  78. He had raised his arms to quiet the throng below him, and grinned his famous grin.
  79. The crowd had drifted about, was mingling with the Martians like a carnival throng.
  80. And lo! only this was needed by the throng of idle people for their justification.
  81. The President led the way out of the crowded room, through a throng of doting fans.
  82. He wondered what she was saying and slowly moved closer through the standing throng.
  83. A throng of giggling sheep passed in front of them, blocking their view for a moment.
  84. The throng swept her to a parade marching up Second Avenue such as she had never seen.
  85. A resounding gasp issued forth as the throng fell back away from where she now stood.
  86. The only thing moving was a throng of undead seeping through the newly created breach.
  87. I heard Jonah calling to me across the throng: See you at the War Room, half an hour.
  88. Into this strange stand-off, a man walked quietly through the throng to stand beside her.
  89. I stepped out of the tent, not quite into the throng, scanning the crowd for Chief Porter.
  90. The throng scampered from under their horses' hoofs, for they were the lords of Zamboula.
  91. The two stand in the fast-thinning throng of victims, but they speak as if they were alone.
  92. Towards the end of the journey he was surrounded by a merry throng of very low companions.
  93. There was a stir among the throng of officers and in the ranks of the soldiers, who moved.
  94. In unison came this reply from every Teacher in the throng, Good morrow to thee, Aurial.
  95. Amid this noisy throng, three men stood talking in a low voice and with despairing gestures.
  96. The close-packed throng extended from the other side of the Langham Hotel to Oxford Circus.
  97. The throng had increased in the short interval after Youssaf had left to check on how Moshe.
  98. With what reserves of energy they had left, the starving throng converged on the storehouses.
  99. They just had trouble getting to the loudspeaker through the throng of people on the bridge.
  100. Armed troops hovered on the edges of the throng, ready to move in at any sign of disturbance.
  1. The thronging band of souls;.
  2. And the crowds thronging the streets cheered.
  3. Aglaya brought out these thronging words with great satisfaction.
  4. A retreating regiment, thronging and hurrying, blocked the street.
  5. It’s burning, it’s burning! cried all, thronging nearer and nearer to the fire in their excitement.
  6. This repetition checked the rising up of fresh images and memories, which he felt were thronging in his brain.
  7. A crowd of women were thronging round the door; some were sitting on the steps, others on the pavement, others were standing talking.
  8. The thronging loungers were gaping in true New York lower class awe; the children were literally swelling with delighted vanity.
  9. But in this period, Atlanta was more ill bred and thronging in from all directions, the streets were choked and noisy from morning till.
  10. In the crowd thronging at the entrance to the cell, he had noticed Alyosha and he remembered that he had felt at once a pang at heart on seeing him.
  11. Pale ghosts of a passionate past come thronging, at times, to them perhaps; more likely they join with their companions in cynically singing:.
  12. The go-between, the emissary, had been lost in the wild thronging of civilization, probably hit by a car, or poisoned, or stolen, and there was no time.
  13. He raised his glass and toasted Harry in front of Becky, To your good health Harry, and then headed off into the thronging crowd of suits to mingle some more.
  14. It was a bright, clear day, and many of the visitors were thronging about the tombs, which were particularly numerous round the church and scattered here and there about the hermitage.
  15. Rather than heading towards Krakow, they took the road eastward until they reached the first place that was worthy to be called a town, where they joined the crowd thronging its market.
  16. Retreating into the shadows of a doorway she awaited the coming of the cavalcade which shortly entered the avenue, breaking its formation and thronging the thoroughfare from wall to wall.
  17. Men in clean coats and shining boots, liberated from the factories, it being Sunday, and women with bright silk kerchiefs on their heads and cloth jackets trimmed with jet, were already thronging at the door of the traktir.
  18. As a result; the younger generation rebels blindly against all of society’s meaningless complexity by indiscriminately rejecting all thinking, all information, all education, and thronging to movies like Dumb and Dumberer.
  19. Then she men thronging about her, he would be newly impressed with the fact that every one of would make him happy again by letting him discover that, popular though she was, she preferred him above any other man in all the world.
  20. And the King saw Song ahead of a million dancing feet thronging to the rhythm of insurrection and vigilantism, calling out in the euphoria of revolution's transcendence for his head to be the ceremonial feast of their peace offering.
  21. From the yacht, the land is a passing delight of forested hills and mountains, rocky headlands, hidden beaches and coves, palm fringed shores, exotic old cities overlooked by ruined chateaus, beaches thronging with scantily clad, bronzed young bodies… freedom inaccessible to those trapped aboard the throbbing prison of a ship.
  22. A glance at the clock speedily obliterated her self-satisfaction and set her running … her train was due to leave in five minutes’ time! Safely on the train, though still panting from the exercise and more than a little overwhelmed by the crowds of commuters thronging the station subways, she settled herself in a seat and, leaning her head against the headrest, closed her eyes, forcing herself to relax.
  23. While the troops, dividing into two parts when passing around the Kremlin, were thronging the Moskva and the Stone bridges, a great many soldiers, taking advantage of the stoppage and congestion, turned back from the bridges and slipped stealthily and silently past the church of Vasili the Beatified and under the Borovitski gate, back up the hill to the Red Square where some instinct told them they could easily take things not belonging to them.
  24. While the troops, dividing into two parts when passing around the Krémlin, were thronging the Moskvá and the Stone bridges, a great many soldiers, taking advantage of the stoppage and congestion, turned back from the bridges and slipped stealthily and silently past the church of Vasíli the Beatified and under the Borovítski gate, back up the hill to the Red Square where some instinct told them they could easily take things not belonging to them.
  25. How I loved those moments in our metaphysical discussions (discussions which formed the major portion of our intercourse) when thoughts came thronging faster and faster, and, succeeding one another at lightning speed, and growing more and more abstract, at length attained such a pitch of elevation that one felt powerless to express them, and said something quite different from what one had intended at first to say! How I liked those moments, too, when, carried higher and higher into the realms of thought, we suddenly felt that we could grasp its substance no longer and go no further!.
  1. The square thronged with people.
  2. The quays were thronged with hurrying feet.
  3. The other elves are thronged around Beatrice.
  4. Within moments they were thronged by the mill-.
  5. The church has been thronged for days and weeks.
  6. More foreigners than Indian thronged the ashram.
  7. Of corn, hosts thronged; but higher than all of them.
  8. They thronged into the pub, taking off coats, scarves and.
  9. All the windows are thronged with sightseers, chiefly ladies.
  10. A crowd thronged round the scene of the crime from early morning.
  11. The causeways, usually thronged, showed only a trickle of traffic.
  12. Snetkov came in, and the nobles thronged round him, congratulating him.
  13. People, my people, were thronged around us as we passed through the village.
  14. So many journalists thronged to the school that day that it turned into a news studio.
  15. Enjoying himself, he nevertheless guessed why these lemmings thronged to his private sea.
  16. Soon the Passover would be celebrated at Jerusalem; the city would be thronged with visitors.
  17. The streets were thronged with cheering crowds, flowers or colored carpets hung from every window.
  18. The persons above described might have been recognized among the fashionable crowds which thronged the St.
  19. Me, Gavin and twenty others made our way through the packed masses of the villagers who thronged all around us.
  20. Pass on, pass on! the captain reiterated, frowning sternly, and looking at the prisoners who thronged past him.
  21. These, after exhausting other modes of amusement, now thronged about Hester Prynne with rude and boorish intrusiveness.
  22. It was quiet by comparison with the old days, when hundreds of visitors and thousands of townspeople thronged not just.
  23. He hurled the hilt at the figures which thronged the arch, and bounded toward the pool, his face a convulsed mask of hate.
  24. A crowd had thronged for the event, having heard of the terrible man, the infamous murderer, kidnapper, rapist…mercenary.
  25. The streets thronged with revellers and the abbey was illuminated in the glorious ambers and reds of candles and torchlight.
  26. The lower part of the sky-blue walls had been thronged with thick specks of dust caused by heavy rains in the past few days.
  27. As our crowd thronged through the gate, we saw courtyards so large our town of Nazareth could be set in them many times over.
  28. They added great colour to the event that was also thronged with tourists, some of whom followed on there from the Tralee Festival.
  29. He was the only guest left sitting at this time; the others had thronged round the table in disorder, and were all talking at once.
  30. These people, laughing joyfully, thronged round me and caressed me; they took me home with them, and each of them tried to reassure me.
  31. As the sacred edifice was too much thronged to admit another auditor, she took up her position close beside the scaffold of the pillory.
  32. At all events when, after many hours, the door was opened and people thronged in, they found the murderer unconscious and in a raging fever.
  33. The palace was thronged with wide-eyed, trembling servitors, but the chamber where the king lay was empty save for himself and the renegade priest.
  34. The shops were all brilliantly lighted for the display of their Christmas stores, and the pavements and even the carriageways were thronged with sightseers.
  35. The ancient caravan road was thronged with white-robed horsemen, in a wavering line that stretched from the walls of Khauran to a spot far out in the plain.
  36. Her brother, Ian Karozitch, was also there, suave, alert, dignified, losing no opportunity to make friends with the distinguished company that thronged he prince's rooms.
  37. As a result of his spreading abroad the news that Jesus had healed him, the Master was so thronged by the sick that he was forced to rise early the next day and leave the village.
  38. As he came into the waist the crew thronged about him Zingarans, all of them, half naked, their gaudy silk garments splashed with tar, jewels glinting in ear-rings and dagger-hilts.
  39. Roger and his companions observed this impressive parade from a department store, for it was impossible to do that in the streets, which were thronged with admirers bursting with joy and enthusiasm.
  40. Beyond an occasional drumming, all was quiet in the native quarter, and the streets were thronged as usual by the proletarian Ashantis and slaves, though the upper classes did not show themselves much.
  41. The floor of this great circular hall was thronged with chieftains, warriors and women, and at one end was a great raised platform upon which squatted the most hideous beast I had ever put my eyes upon.
  42. Most of that day he was thronged by those who came in response to the word that Amos had been cured, and who were attracted by the story that the demons had gone out of the lunatic into the herd of swine.
  43. It resulted from a growing population which thronged the steppes west of the inland sea—which still later, much reduced in size, was known as the Caspian—to such an extent that migration became an economic necessity.
  44. He made no request of Jesus for healing, but the Master knew full well that this afflicted man came to this breakfast hoping thereby to escape the crowds which thronged him and thus be more likely to engage his attention.
  45. Then a medley of voices reached his ears, and the room was thronged with the finally roused people of the court—knights, peers, ladies, men-at- arms, councillors—all babbling and shouting and getting in one another's way.
  46. They thronged about us, smiling and nodding and waving their hands; and as the details of what we had done were recited by Long Arrow they kept shouting strange singing noises, which we supposed were words of gratitude or praise.
  47. When Nevyedovsky went out of the room, the crowd thronged round him and followed him enthusiastically, just as they had followed the governor who had opened the meetings, and just as they had followed Snetkov when he was elected.
  48. The night heralding Election Day witnessed more increase in the number of visitors that thronged our compound, but this time around heavily built young men, with large shoulders and macho man physics virtually took over our premises.
  49. The other great houses belonged to kinsmen or to childhood friends of Julia's, and beside s them there were countless substantial houses in the squares of Mayfair and Belgravia, alight and thronged, one or other of them, night after night.
  50. It was thronged, but somehow at sight of Hilary the human masses fell respectfully apart—albeit the men and women there had forgotten themselves, even forgotten each other for the time being, in their poignant eagerness over the big race.
  51. One moment the whole desert was hidden with the rolling fleecy billows, piled mountainously, stratum above stratum; the next, the sun shone from a cloudless sky on a naked desert —no longer empty, but thronged with the living pageantry of war.
  52. But the house was not enough at last, the public thronged the street, people of all callings, all classes, all ages : bourgeois, noblemen, their children, countesses, marquises, prostitutes, were all struggling in one infuriated, half-crazy, rabid mob.
  53. When he had finished with his speech, the governor walked out of the hall, and the noblemen noisily and eagerly—some even enthusiastically —followed him and thronged round him while he put on his fur coat and conversed amicably with the marshal of the province.
  54. Today however the sun was shining, a fresh breeze danced lightly through the trees,and the odd sensation that all the buildings were quietly humming was probably caused by the fact that the square and all thestreets around it were thronged with cheerful excited people.
  55. What seas lay beyond, green, leaping, and crested! What sun-bathed coasts, along which the white villas glittered against the olive woods! What quiet harbours, thronged with gallant shipping bound for purple islands of wine and spice, islands set low in languorous waters!.
  56. But this was not so easy a matter, for the streets were thronged with people, and Rome was already a prey to that low and feverish murmur which precedes all great events; and at Rome there are four great events in every year,—the Carnival, Holy Week, Corpus Christi, and the Feast of St.
  57. The children of the Male and Female Foundling Hospital who thronged the windows overlooking the scene were delighted with this unexpected addition to the day's entertainment and a word of praise is due to the Little Sisters of the Poor for their excellent idea of affording the poor fatherless and motherless.
  58. But granting all this; yet, regarded discreetly and coolly, seems it not but a mad idea, this; that in the broad boundless ocean, one solitary whale, even if encountered, should be thought capable of individual recognition from his hunter, even as a white-bearded Mufti in the thronged thoroughfares of Constantinople? Yes.
  59. Duncan found it difficult to assume the necessary appearance of unconcern, as he brushed the dark and powerful frames of the savages who thronged its threshold; but, conscious that his existence depended on his presence of mind, he trusted to the discretion of his companion, whose footsteps he closely followed, endeavoring, as he proceeded, to rally his thoughts for the occasion.
  60. Fusillades in the centre of a town, a sudden charge with the bayonet in a thronged market-place, the unexpected firing of a mine, and similar proofs of the "patriotism" of one party or the other, may be expected at any moment; and although pretending to inclusion in the list of civilised nations, either party will spurn the idea of notice or warning previous to the bombardment of a town.
  61. She lifted the most naïve, stern-looking little face, on which there quivered and gleamed two little crystal tears, and gazing at the crowd that thronged about her said in a grave, earnest voice, such as they had never heard her use before, pointing to me: "Mais c'est très sérieux, messieurs, ne riez pas!" She did not notice that all were standing, as though fascinated, admiring her bright enthusiasm.
  62. Blows and abuse and hellish suffering were avenged in one red gust of fury that raged like a typhoon from one end of the ship to the other, and when it had blown itself out, but one white man lived aboard the Venturer, and that was the blood-stained giant about whom the chanting blacks thronged to cast themselves prostrate on the bloody deck and beat their heads against the boards in an ecstasy of hero-worship.
  63. He also yielded to none in his admiration of Rossini's Stabat Mater, a work simply abounding in immortal numbers, in which his wife, Madam Marion Tweedy, made a hit, a veritable sensation, he might safely say, greatly adding to her other laureis and putting the others totally in the shade, in the jesuit fathers' church in upper Gardiner street, the sacred edifice being thronged to the doors to hear her with virtuosos, or.
  64. With feasters thronged within their walls,.
  65. Some thronged to the roadside, hailing the king and the riders from the West with glad cries; but stretching away into the distance behind there were ordered rows of tents and booths, and lines of picketed horses, and great store of arms,.
  1. There are throngs of people.
  2. Patients will come to him in throngs.
  3. If he comes up here he'll be mobbed by the throngs.
  4. She drifts through the throngs of well-dressed elite.
  5. One evening, after the throngs had again deserted the.
  6. Soldiers, both wounded and unwounded, met him in throngs.
  7. Both throngs of fans knew that this was a critical face-off.
  8. As the giant statue's roar could be heard many came in throngs.
  9. But there weren’t like great throngs of people on that uptown train.
  10. The red-haired woman stood amongst the throngs of sweating, dirty prisoners.
  11. Did she miss the bustle of the city; the sense of being among throngs of people.
  12. I got out of my truck and walked through throngs of people, most of them unknown to me.
  13. The word soon spread and throngs collected at the theater on the hillside east of Polis.
  14. But no throngs swarmed the white-paved streets to fling roses before the conqueror's hoofs.
  15. Yes, Uther has chosen to return to London, to rejoin the throngs there, she admitted.
  16. All the tumultuous interrogation points of revery recurred to him in throngs, but without troubling him.
  17. Throngs of women were coming children hurried by their sides, staggering under buckets of steaming molasses.
  18. Somehow he’d managed to stay away from the throngs of reporters, with their prying cameras and microphones.
  19. As the ship made its way up the river, throngs of Germans rushed to docks and quays along the way to watch her pass.
  20. The ride over was delayed by throngs of people gathering at the terminal, from the best we could tell, all in support of Bob.
  21. But his mind wandered back to the city streets: the noise, throngs of people, the silky layer of soot that covered everything.
  22. Then they set into measured motion, moving step-by-step down the polished steps, across the open courtyard through the throngs.
  23. She placed them on the table and sat in an old chair he had found among the cluttered throngs of furniture in the cramped space.
  24. There, he would on average work for the next ten hours at the end of which he would rejoin the public throngs to fight his way home.
  25. He entered the city unquestioned, merging himself with the throngs that poured continually in and out of this great commercial center.
  26. Many in the harbor, however, were amused to see a Man and three Halflings running across the wharves frantically, weaving in and out of the throngs.
  27. Ribbons, hats, cheese, beer, napkins, plates, even full glasses of champagne went flying into the air as throngs of guests mobbed the beaming couple.
  28. He walked past the closed door, studied the throngs around him pursuing Christmas gifts with forced gaiety, and then he darted back the way he had come.
  29. These cast a flickering, uncertain light over the clearing, and in that light they saw throngs of naked, painted figures along the fringe of the clearing.
  30. Terence froze and turned his head in that direction to see a familiar figure making his way carefully through the throngs of guests and slowly approaching him; 145.
  31. The first cry of the enlightened and increasing throngs is: death to thieves! Progress is an honest man; the ideal and the absolute do not filch pocket-handkerchiefs.
  32. But John continued to preach with great power, and his disciples began at about this time to preach to the overflowing throngs which gathered around John at the Jordan.
  33. In a local Macy’s, Hilfiger hung in huge gold letters against the wood paneling and throngs of kids stood under the sign holding shirts up to each other for first looks.
  34. The first cart was an open topped chariot with some green-robed women standing in it, throwing red and yellow petals out towards the throngs of people on either side of the street.
  35. The reverence and concentration of the throngs told a story of hope for tomorrow – a story of triumph – a story of pulling together – a story of splendor and real democracy.
  36. At dark, all of Brady arrived and throngs of people clogged the sidewalks along Main Street, drifting from store to store, picking up hot cider and gingerbread cookies as they went.
  37. How had interspersed throngs of civilian Lincran peasants managed to overthrow the well-funded and generally indomitable KULMOOG you ask? Everything happened while we were away on Garbotron.
  38. For many hours a day, seven days a week, he preached to vast throngs, and each sermon was a workout, delivered in a booming voice, punctuated with broad gestures of the hands, arms, and body.
  39. Under his feet the hard marble of the floor took on the semblance of the moving sands of the desert, and to his eyes the throngs of gaily dressed, haughty men were as unreal as the emptiness of the air.
  40. Jesus spoke to them in the early afternoon after the preaching of Peter, and when he had finished, he said to his apostles: I am weary of the throngs; let us cross over to the other side that we may rest for a day.
  41. In the Council of Ministers the question was agitated whether vignettes representing slack-rope performances, which adorned Franconi's advertising posters, and which attracted throngs of street urchins, should be tolerated.
  42. Viva le France! She pumped a fist into the air and, by the time she got within shouting distance of the throngs of people partying in the streets, she was confident she could find Ahndray without anybody recognizing her.
  43. Raine McLennan had become a fixture on Orcas in the summertime, offering sought-after, colorful descriptions of past, present and future life experiences for the throngs of tourists who haunted this beautiful island every year.
  44. He recounted their experiences in Galilee when time and again great throngs of people enthusiastically followed them around and then just as ardently turned against them and returned to their former ways of believing and living.
  45. He discerns not the unspeakable sorrow taking hold upon the unnumbered throngs of earth-born creatures as they realize themselves cut off forever from existence, from life, from eternal life, with its unfolding ages of bliss to the redeemed.
  46. Three times, she hobbled through the crowded open square, which was simply a block in the pueblo’s center without buildings, trees, or pavement: just a hot, lumpy, dusty, place where buses arrived, departed and throngs of people milled about.
  47. At night the impressive spectacle of the temple and its pilgrim throngs was brilliantly illuminated by the great candelabras which burned brightly in the court of the women as well as by the glare of scores of torches standing about the temple courts.
  48. Meanwhile, David Zebedee and some of his former messenger associates took it upon themselves to hasten on down to Jerusalem, where they effectively spread the report among the throngs of visiting pilgrims about the temple that Jesus of Nazareth was making a triumphal entry into the city.
  49. The next day as the monks unbolted the door to let the throngs of tourists in, he changed and mingled with the crowds as he planned his escape route and, he knew that even with his inside contact, he only had a limited window of opportunity, as the Prime Master would be back the following day.
  50. When this necessary, and, happily, grateful duty had been performed, each of the foresters stooped and took a long and parting draught at that solitary and silent spring*, around which and its sister fountains, within fifty years, the wealth, beauty and talents of a hemisphere were to assemble in throngs, in pursuit of health and pleasure.
  51. At the noise thus produced, the officers ran out in throngs from the cafe, passers-by collected, and a large and merry circle, hooting and applauding, was formed around this whirlwind composed of two beings, whom there was some difficulty in recognizing as a man and a woman: the man struggling, his hat on the ground; the woman striking out with.
  52. This barricade was furious; it hurled to the clouds an inexpressible clamor; at certain moments, when provoking the army, it was covered with throngs and tempest; a tumultuous crowd of flaming heads crowned it; a swarm filled it; it had a thorny crest of guns, of sabres, of cudgels, of axes, of pikes and of bayonets; a vast red flag flapped in the wind; shouts of command, songs of attack, the roll of drums, the sobs of women and bursts of gloomy laughter from the starving were to be heard there.
  53. In swift-moving scenes the pageant of his life passed fleetingly before his mental eye—a panorama wherein moved shadowy figures which were himself, in many guises and conditions—a skin-clad barbarian; a mercenary swordsman in horned helmet and scale-mail corselet; a corsair in a dragon-prowed galley that trailed a crimson wake of blood and pillage along southern coasts; a captain of hosts in burnished steel, on a rearing black charger; a king on a golden throne with the lion banner flowing above, and throngs of gay-hued courtiers and ladies on their knees.
  54. Let us not weary of repeating, and sympathetic souls must not forget that this is the first of fraternal obligations, and selfish hearts must understand that the first of political necessities consists in thinking first of all of the disinherited and sorrowing throngs, in solacing, airing, enlightening, loving them, in enlarging their horizon to a magnificent extent, in lavishing upon them education in every form, in offering them the example of labor, never the example of idleness, in diminishing the individual burden by enlarging the notion of the universal aim, in setting a limit to poverty without setting a limit to wealth, in creating vast fields of public and popular activity, in having, like Briareus, a hundred hands to extend in all directions to the oppressed and the feeble, in employing the collective power for that grand duty of opening workshops for all arms, schools for all aptitudes, and laboratories for all degrees of intelligence, in augmenting salaries, diminishing trouble, balancing what should be and what is, that is to say, in proportioning enjoyment to effort and a glut to need; in a word, in evolving from the social apparatus more light and more comfort for the benefit of those who suffer and those who are ignorant.

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