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    1. There is a mass grave – a surplus of irons that have done their job and gone to rest

    2. The main problem I have with most beers is the chemicals that are in most mass produced beers

    3. you will see a mass of living microbes

    4. of souls in their mass confusion and terror

    5. Melinda's derby name was WMD: Woman of Mass Destruction

    6. Woman of Mass Destruction

    7. Finally she hissed to herself: "Come on Woman of Mass Destruction

    8. However, feeling the pull of a billion, billion stars, feeling the weight of mass

    9. It led with the single, circular visor in the alien suit, set in the center of its main body mass

    10. The biggest mass media is magazines and there are tens of millions of titles and none that print more than a few million copies

    11. If we exterminate the present biosphere with a mass extinction impact and re-seed this planet, the very best we can hope for is mortal humans breeding here in a thousand years

    12. The whole mass of personifications had to be encapsulated in a single model

    13. Knowing how thin the margin is between victory and defeat, Ram Devlin races to the Squidies' homeworld moon with a weapon of mass destruction that could end the war in seconds

    14. He looks to the bed, and notices a mass buried underneath the sheets

    15. It was too big an asteroid to take out only the Kassikan, it was big enough that all it had to do was hit the planet and there would be a mass extinction

    16. An irregular mass elongated and stretched itself, revealing the rough shape of torso, limbs and head, all of them covered in what seemed to be a coating of thick, black, flowing cloth

    17. The sheer mass of stone and brick surrounding him compressed his sight

    18. during her arrest period had left her a mere mass of

    19. Victoria is busy with a predator/prey mass ratio, Glenelle is training wildlife species recognizers

    20. "To understand the quibarta," Desa told him, "you have to understand that it is part of the ecological aftermath of the Energy Age mass extinction

    21. It is a weapon of mass seduction and as such

    22. … don’t think about your feet, Lintze! I stare at the mass of people … families out with their children, young lovers wandering along arm in arm without a care in the world … groups of men – obviously seamen from the ships

    23. a mass darker on the still air,

    24. Following his direction, I spun round and instantly collided with the crazy bus driver in all his swaggering mass

    25. The door grumbled ajar to reveal a doleful, puny young guy in green stripy pyjamas standing beneath a thick mass of curly black hair

    26. Nuplayy couldn't tell how much energy without knowing the mass of the objects and the last few weeks he had been writing about how to determine their mass by observing Narrulla

    27. England’s green and pleasant land is no exception, with every home an entertainment gin palace, where businesses thrive and prosper in the information age, and where the electronically dispossessed watch the valves and fuses of their analogue existence slowly burn down towards a state of mass extinction

    28. Not bothering to dismount, I pull up my sleeve … my forearm is a mass of red lumps, all burningly itching

    29. The sky thought about dawn behind the looming mountain, now a huge dark mass as Dawnsleep ended

    30. The captions gave their mass, target and time til impact

    31. The data flow levels he had detected required a thirtieth of a percent of the mass of the larger bodies to be in He4 condensates

    32. "An eighth to a tenth as much as the average dark body of the same mass,” he answered, “and the pulse frequency averages about one tenth of what we see in a dark body

    33. A one percent error in our mass estimates could also account for the perturbations we see in the dark bodies' orbits

    34. I’m hoping to learn the Laudamus Te from the Mozart C Minor Mass – it is a piece I have wanted to sing for a while, but it is challenging, full of runs needing a lot of breath control

    35. Their mass to energy ratio is too low for such cold fusion

    36. As she stared at the mass of bodies and faces

    37. slowly burn down towards a state of mass extinction

    38. It’s about reaching critical mass

    39. You will have it as a creative mass at your dispense, if you so

    40. writhing mass of perfect, simple, harmonic resolution

    41. "Weapons of mass destruction

    42. Weapons of mass destruction! Said so in the dossier but they never found them, did they! So, how did they know old Saddam had them? Tried to make it all official, didn't they

    43. The dancing mass parts like the Red Sea

    44. covered in a mass of small red insects busily

    45. It’s all about the knowing, and Alex already knows how the man will shape up, knows where his weight will be, where his mass and energy are directed

    46. Looking over the side, they saw a mass of

    47. Huff growled at the mass of black insectoid bodies

    48. 'Was this really something he wanted to pursue? Do I actually have so little contact with what he describes as 'conscience'? Am I just a mass of 'I's, each pulling this way and that? Don't I have my own independent will? Do I actually have possibilities I should have, but don't see right now? Do I even trust this strange old man anyway? I wonder who he is and where did he come from? He reminds me of an old guy I worked with at that Government contracting job

    49. of the mass were cut out from under them, the front row of soldiers abruptly

    50. to what happened, as to why we committed mass suicide

    1. SCS Arbitrage hung 300 meters out, holding station alongside Hardway with the ships of the combined fleet massed behind her

    2. As they uttered the very first word of the ceremony the most horrendous wailing drowned out their massed voices and the air was filled with the thud and boom of bass notes and percussion

    3. their massed voices and the air was filled with the thud and boom

    4. The majority was massed together just behind home plate

    5. They simply massed about four hundred yards from the one wall and stood there

    6. And in every future, she saw disaster for this world, great armies massed across the Free Lands doing battle with Alit’aren gone mad from the taint

    7. It was hopeless! What could she do to stop them? In every future, she massed her armies to try to capture and Heal her friends, but in every future, she was defeated, her armies were defeated; it was the beginning of the Age of Chaos

    8. Rather, over the centuries she rotted from within, making it easy for the barbarians massed across her empire"s borders

    9. He hoped these would suffice and once he had massed enough pieces of wet yet not soggy wood, he piled it down neatly to form a fire stack, wishing his flint and stone would be enough to get the fire going

    10. The small cave was irregularly shaped in an angular way; the bookcases and an old study were massed together near the corner of the jutting rock, while a somewhat larger space to the right of the study, a sort of crevice, housed a small cot and a cupboard of what at a glance seemed to be antique wood

    11. Meanwhile all our cannon should be massed along the north shore of the river

    12. I had the cannon massed and loaded with shot just in time as the largest enemy force charged across a clearing toward our center

    13. The massed cannon shredded their attack and they fell back in confusion

    14. She used it to help extinguish the forest of the People of Life, much of which had been set alight by a massed incendiary attack by most of the dwarven wizards

    15. Mark and Talia only escaped being killed on several occasions because the curse would automatically Translocate them an instant before they were absolutely overwhelmed, and even with that it had to re-integrate Talia once when she and Mark were struck by a massed Concussion spell cast by over six thousand Sylvan

    16. other way!” The great voice seemed to end in a shout that reverberated across the massed

    17. Two to three combinations practiced with heavy repetition, these moves were more effective when used in a massed formation

    18. Now, judging that the attitude in the camp was rapidly taking a turn for the worse from the unsavoury news he had delivered, Lewem decided that he would engage with the massed ranks whilst they were kept waiting for their new commander, but his futile attempts to address the crowd and raise their morale fell on deaf ears

    19. During the training, war games and simulated massed battles obtaining a clear victory had always been an extremely difficult challenge

    20. Beyond the rocky crags of the first choke-point, the enemy had massed, the path widened out in points as it wound its way up to the mountain plateau above

    21. From the excitement of watching the results of the Uphrian charge and the damage inflicted by his shock troops the delay had formed a natural gap between the massed units awaiting their orders to advance

    22. They have massed an incredible army at the northern slopes of the mountain and they are prepared to ascend the slope

    23. The horses, camels, alpacas and llamas massed in the haphazard boulevards, paying no mind to the desire of the visitors to pass

    24. There the people massed thickly

    25. I could smell blood, magic blasts and heard the clash of steel as the entire group massed around the one carrying me

    26. He followed it warily, hugging the edge of the paving where the shrubs massed their shadows thickly, until he saw ahead of him, dimly in the dusk, the clump of lotus-trees, the strange growth peculiar to the black lands of Kush

    27. Below you will be the massed ranks of our membership

    28. Within four hours, we had massed to the very foot of the huge stone fortress called the Castle, modeled after the stone Fort Ti across the river

    29. Following the announcement of the decision Swordsmen and Evangelical Christians massed

    30. Under the cover of a torrential downpour the following afternoon, the massed force of the

    31. With all the American forces in Afghanistan now massed along the Iranian border, Taliban attacks around the rest of the country had multiplied and become increasingly bolder

    32. For the Jews who were now massed on the Temple Mount and on both sides of the causeway, the Golden Gate was where their long-awaited Messiah was supposed to enter Jerusalem

    33. If the last night was any indication, they could probably expect a massed infantry assault late tonight, something Winslow was dreading

    34. The two thousand five hundred transports, consisting of barges, tugs, and light craft massed in the invasion ports came under intense attacks from RAF Bomber Command and Coastal Command

    35. This is what they called their B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator whose massed firepower would provide collective protection

    36. Most importantly Kasserine Pass taught the Americans the doctrine of massed firepower, and to coordinate aircraft with ground forces

    37. It was massed with a great number of individuals ranging from the very old to the very young; and all still seemed to have a smile on their face

    38. In an operation that involved the formation of the largest invasion fleet in history, the massed Allied armies successfully landed in Normandy to punch a hole in Hitler’s seemingly impregnable Atlantic Wall

    39. At 05 30 hrs on the morning of December 16th 1944, the peaceful illusion along the front was shattered when two thousand secretly massed German guns promptly opened up with a terrifying barrage to stun the troops on the receiving end

    40. In such a world no more troops would be massed on the border between North and South

    41. Korea than are massed on the border of North and South Dakota; a world in which the citizens of Taiwan, in the shadow of China, would be no more concerned for their sovereignty than the

    42. Yamamoto swore on understanding that this was a massed night air attack on Rabaul, using some of those new American weapons he had been thinking about

    43. made ready for the king; he has made it deep and wide: it is massed

    44. Since then, the Soviet forces massed along the Polish and Baltic states’ borders have launched their anticipated invasion and combat is presently raging in Europe

    45. Pictures or prints can be massed on a wall

    46. massed ranks to make his escape

    47. Now it seems that we are down to ketchup, pickle relish, salsa and steak sauce, and although they historically were fermented, today’s massed produced condiments rely on sugar and vinegar rather than lactic acid as a preservative

    48. The massed bands would, until that key moment, be led by the Royal Marines Director of Music, but he would then ceremoniously hand over the baton to his opposite number in the US Marines

    49. Slow food? Who has time? We chew without swallowing, inhaling artificial aromas and tasting massed produced deceptions

    50. I can look at whole beds of wallflowers every spring, and pass on with nothing but a vague admiration for their massed beauty of scent and color

    1. Scriptures are for guidance; particularly for the masses many of them come to know of the contents through discourses by religious teachers

    2. This was due largely to the masses of people that needed to feed themselves and to their ability to learn from others

    3. Here in this damp little island, where the eyes of the masses dim with disappointment when still young, this man enjoyed the luxury of profession and vocation

    4. Little by little, masses and forms started to regain a relative solidity, and all was soon shrouded in a deep purple twilight

    5. This is the reign of Herod: 10 percent have all the wealth and all the power, and the masses are reduced to unbearable poverty

    6. and soft pedalled guidance for the masses,

    7. Because, up to about the year 1700 sugar was the exclusive amenity of the aristocracy, it came to be greatly prized by the masses as a delicacy

    8. During the week Cyberia cleaned the house, cooked meals and performed a range of other wifely duties while her husband, under the guise of bringing euphonic enlightenment to the masses, rescued black bin liners full of old clothes, books and partially complete jigsaw sets from the doorways of London’s charitable retail outlets

    9. Apart from a few casual jobs that he managed to get during the summer season, when Britain’s residential masses poured out of their suburban homes to spend two weeks basking in the melange of weather systems that blow in across the great western seas, he spent most of the year fishing from beaches and rocky breakwaters, eking out a meagre living by selling sea bass to local restaurants and pubs

    10. perspective of the masses may come in handy

    11. They couldn't build cheron space for that many if they backed out all the crew, so it was populated with stock video during masses

    12. Masses of "anti (this) anti (that)" pour through the

    13. I was hoping to just notice something, to prove we could entangle fourth order condensates with logic simulations rather than large masses of condensed antimatter

    14. In front of that stage the masses danced and laughed and talked

    15. Roman watched as the masses exited the stadium

    16. The masses rose throughout the

    17. masses were on their feet giving the man of the hour a standing ovation, the same

    18. The masses pounded on their tables and shook anything that

    19. The different masses of corn, which, in different years, must supply the consumption of the world, will always be nearly in proportion to the respective produce of those different years

    20. But the proportion between the different masses of iron which may be in use in two different years, will be very little affected by any accidental difference in the produce of the iron mines of those two years ; and the proportion between the masses of gold will be still less affected by any such difference in the produce of the gold mines

    21. "I don't think they would appreciate having the biological masses hear the news that biological life can be preserved indefinitely

    22. "But let me tell you something, after hearing that native girl Desa speak in the cabin of an animal-drawn coach, and Jason from the pulpit, I think Desa would convince more of the masses than Jason on matters of religion and she says she's hardly interested in religion

    23. Been Completely Overlooked by the Masses and Allows You To Swoop in and Absolutely Dominate these Niche Markets in Google!

    24. But masses are composed of individuals

    25. Not by consulting the masses, but by the

    26. slavering could catch only the ignorant masses

    27. which proved the masses can be manipulated in

    28. Or… would their work be so irresistible, continually Produced at a slow pace… that amazed the masses Even further with each new creation

    29. Trajectory for the masses?

    30. From this point of view, the revolt of masses is

    31. how much the masses can be handled

    32. study of manipulation the masses

    33. I want you to see the peeling walls and the masses of trash all around and KNOW that unless you change your ways, you are as ugly as those streets! This place looks like this because of the indifference and selfishness of people, and that indifference and selfishness is exactly what's causing girls like Rosabell to take their own lives!" The tears now streamed down her face

    34. Masses of Falmer had emerged from each of the four paths, trapping the two Bretons in the center of the crossroads

    35. He swayed the masses with words like over

    36. Dictators over in those countries were forced to give up their coveted positions, by the masses who demanded a new way of governance based on equality and integrity

    37. The uprising of the masses in the Middle East countries in 2011 points very clearly to the awakening of its citizens

    38. The water around this area had turned crimson with the blood of the wounded and dying and the dead were rolling around in the surf but in some places they were that thick as to be jammed together in masses

    39. Aspen leaned her head back, and her hair slipped from its pins, the long, wet masses spilling over her shoulders

    40. She slipped her fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck, her fingers plunging into the curly masses, which were fanned across the mat

    41. Others walked through the enormous gates, gawking at the masses of traders and their wares

    42. Even the justification of scientific research and valuable results back on Earth aren’t satisfying the masses now

    43. Her skin recognised his hands, logged them on, sent back masses of data saying

    44. We can also point to the remnants of this subterranean water body, when we consider water that is still being pushed to the surface of the Earth today from deep inside the Earth via underwater vents, fissures and hot springs found all over the Earth, under the pressure of rock masses bearing down on these subterranean water bodies, even after the passage of 4,500 years after the Flood

    45. In the first place, considering the Earth’s present water cycles, we know that the amount of water on the surface of the planet, in relationship to exposed land masses, is sufficient to provide us with a water cycle in which we have evaporation, condensation and precipitation all over the globe

    46. As these land masses moved away from each other, the width of the crack between them would widen and the speed of the flow of water from beneath would decrease, due to increased surface area

    47. “Soroven Keep was swamped with these masses not three days before we set out

    48. No, no, he was a public master, irrespective of his so-called good efforts in support of the masses (a hideous term)

    49. Druantia still hovered high in the sky, her Green Men still ploughed through the dark masses, crushing demon bodies with their feet and fists

    50. Over a hundred Shadow Hounds charged through the masses while Arawn’s shadow form flew into the front lines of demon ranks to release over two hundred Fire Lions

    1. “The priority for this patrol is to find out what the Turks are up to Brigade need to know if they are massing for a serious attack

    2. As Dorro and Forgo’s vessel ventured forth from the harbor in the morning darkness, folks were already massing along wharfs and celebrating their good fortune

    3. He reported that even though this was the best place for the Re Che to stop us, they were instead massing behind a river some distance to the east

    4. The Stygians, ever a menace to the northern nations, were apparently not connected with this movement; for they were massing armies on their eastern borders and their priests were making magic to fight that of the desert sorcerer, whom men called Natohk, the Veiled One; for his features were always masked

    5. Carrying a camera with waterproof housing that weighed almost as much as he did, pasty white, frail looking, with stringy hair that fell into his eyes, Stu ran toward the approaching animals which they could plainly see massing on the open meadow in front of them

    6. � His desk at the Daily Telegraph looked decidedly a lot safer now as he glanced furtively at the German soldiers massing for an assault less than 200 yards away

    7. Stalin is also not excused in this regard for despite being warned by both American and British intelligence, he simply dismissed all reports of German troops massing on the eastern border

    8. Our first air strike from our local fighter-bomber detachment has cooled down a bit the enemy’s ardor but Muang Phin is now reporting by radio that the enemy is apparently massing for another attack

    9. The enemy, being many times stronger, was always able, by massing his forces at points of his own choice, to break through fronts that were far too widely extended

    10. They are actually massing on the northern side of the hills facing you

    11. While there are no indicators that the Germans are massing troops for such a push South, I have to agree with the British that it would be a potentially catastrophic move for us if successful

    12. He sat and took the goblet Herne proffered, “The Dark is massing,” he spoke without emotion but there was a tremor in his voice

    13. That is why this attractor repeatedly emerges, massing memetic particles into idyllic imagitons of human consciousness, inspiring spiritual leaders with love and empathy to invent charitable virtualnisms through which to socially love one another, collectively and individually, through philanthropic systems

    14. It simply skipped into his brain, and stood next to the massing water which nearly

    15. When death really comes, is not what the ordinary decent dier wants quiet, that he may leave himself utterly in the hands of God? There should be no massing of temporarily broken-hearted onlookers about his bed, no leave-takings and eager gatherings-up of last words, no revelling’s of relatives in the voluptuousness of woe, no futile exhortations, using up the last poor breaths, not to weep to persons who would consider it highly improper to leave off doing it, and no administration of tardy blessings

    16. Dozens of plant-dinos were massing where I’d stepped off the bank

    17. There are also reports of North Korean troops massing at the demilitarised zone with South Korea, while it has fired missiles at Japan, which failed to explode

    18. The Universe is not only massing Energy together, it is creating conscious connections

    19. Instead of forming themselves into small independent intelligent communities: they began massing themselves together in huge numbers like the herds of the animals whose brains they had eaten for millions of year

    20. Thankfully, I noted that the crowds were massing on the opposite platform, leading to the city centre

    21. Human overpopulation had reached such a critical mass of density that humans began massing together and killing each other

    22. It was a genetic reaction of a species which had become so numerous: it was blindly, instinctively trying to correct its excess numbers by inventing something called war: massing as many humans together and having them all kill each other

    23. might? Caldon has said they are massing without a care for what is to come

    24. Pushing out the very existence of the whole world massing for war… while he and his royal entourage lolled about in their privileged positions which they had enjoyed for 100’s of years without stop as their god-given right

    25. The border of Poretani was just ahead and my scouts had reported a massing of troops there

    26. Gates are typically the weakest points in a fortification; get enough ramming, bombardment, and a heavy enough massing of troops and any gate can fall; except maybe these gates

    27. The massing of troops in the narrow tunnels would create a bottleneck that could prove catastrophic, if they had death holes through which boiling oil could be poured down onto the attacking troops and the tunnels themselves could likely be caved in, if need be, to stop an invasion

    28. I would gather all of my people together on Pelatia, as I did not think that the Orlandian’s would suspect a massing of Sallaconese people on a moon that we had never claimed as one of our own

    29. Not necessarily a flow of actual lines (although these often exist); they may be only imaginary lines linking up or massing certain parts, and bringing them into conformity with the rhythmic conception of the whole

    30. Even in the darkness, they saw the vultures massing above

    31. Stryver, massing his papers before him, whispered with those who sat near, and from time to time glanced anxiously at the jury; while all the spectators moved more or less, and grouped themselves anew; while even my Lord himself arose from his seat, and slowly paced up and down his platform, not unattended by a suspicion in the minds of the audience that his state was feverish; this one man sat leaning back, with his torn gown half off him, his untidy wig put on just as it had happened to fight on his head after its removal, his hands in his pockets, and his eyes on the ceiling as they had been all day

    32. One behind another, round or pointed, piercing the sky or massing themselves, like sailing ships, like granite cliffs, spires and offices, wharves and factories crowd the bank; eternally the pilgrims trudge; barges rest in mid stream heavy laden; as some believe, the city loves her prostitutes

    33. “I want to preserve Wyrshym’s army and add it to Kaitswyrth’s, Zhaspahr! Assuming Kaitswyrth’s estimates of the heretic forces massing against him are remotely accurate, he’s going to need all the reinforcements he can get, and Wyrshym’s too far forward for us to support him

    34. The Yankees were massing for an attack on the Western and Atlantic Railroad, the line which connected Atlanta with

    35. moment it withdrew them, and brought up new forces, massing them about

    36. This plan would have succeeded if the four companies of the English guards and the brave Belgians of Perponcher's division had not held the position solidly, and Wellington, instead of massing his troops there, could confine himself to despatching thither, as reinforcements, only four more companies of guards and one battalion from Brunswick

    37. All this serenity had been traversed by but a single word of haughty pity; perceiving on his left, at a spot where there now stands a large tomb, those admirable Scotch Grays, with their superb horses, massing themselves, he said, "It is a pity

    38. The battle once begun, its very various changes,—the resistance of Hougomont; the tenacity of La Haie-Sainte; the killing of Bauduin; the disabling of Foy; the unexpected wall against which Soye's brigade was shattered; Guilleminot's fatal heedlessness when he had neither petard nor powder sacks; the miring of the batteries; the fifteen unescorted pieces overwhelmed in a hollow way by Uxbridge; the small effect of the bombs falling in the English lines, and there embedding themselves in the rain-soaked soil, and only succeeding in producing volcanoes of mud, so that the canister was turned into a splash; the uselessness of Pire's demonstration on Braine-l'Alleud; all that cavalry, fifteen squadrons, almost exterminated; the right wing of the English badly alarmed, the left wing badly cut into; Ney's strange mistake in massing, instead of echelonning the four divisions of the first corps; men delivered over to grape-shot, arranged in ranks twenty-seven deep and with a frontage of two hundred; the frightful

    39. At this distance of time I cannot remember whether I ever gave a thought to Polina; I seemed only to be conscious of a vague pleasure in seizing and raking in the bank-notes which kept massing themselves in a pile before me

    40. "A grand massing and marshalling of testimony

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