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    1. Venna went thru it all looking for all your garden research," Herndon choked when he heard that, "although it was me that actually did the digging involved

    2. Henry started sorting through the piles of paper with renewed energy, like he was digging for buried treasure

    3. “Hey dad,” he called as he dropped his backpack onto the floor and started digging around in the fridge for something to eat

    4. He risked a glance and saw a child staring out of a smudged window, finger lodged up his nostril, digging for gold

    5. With some digging in some financial back doors he knew thru the merchant's committee, he was able to find that she drew royalties on 'photovoltaic devices' which meant Yingolian crystals

    6. The ground here was rough gravel, they would have a hard time digging scrapes and the top would never stay up, so they only dug into shallow pits

    7. ’ He said, digging out a clean hanky from his pocket and wiping my eyes with it

    8. But the room is not very large and, after a couple of steps, I have the edge of the wardrobe digging into my back

    9. Deciding that, as it is my day off, I shall wear something different, I trawl through the wardrobe, digging out a flattering, mid-calf length woollen skirt in a pretty shade of deep blue that Nick hasn’t seen yet … with a pretty light blue top and my best gold necklace (a present from the school when I left) it would look smart and it would make me feel partyish

    10. I was, to be frank, a pain in the arse, a wet blanket of the dampest order, and I felt as though there would never be an end to the digging of the shallow grave that held what was left of my worthless life

    1. ” Travis digs for his wallet to pay her

    2. Russ digs out a chaw of Redman, offers it to John, who shakes his head

    3. John looks over his shoulder in the direction of the firing, takes off his wedding ring slowly, studies it sadly for a moment, digs out a small hole in the ground with his hand, buries it, puts a rock on top

    4. astral guardian would bring the boy to her arms and to her digs soon enough

    5. The low greyness of the sky blotted out the stars, but as Lucy headed up the road towards Waitrose and the uphill walk towards Chesterton, past the old hospital and the mouldering bones of the old Roman amphitheatre, she felt sure that some astral guardian would bring the boy to her arms and to her digs soon enough

    6. Why? Her new friends, the girls sharing her digs had elected to go on to a small club a few yards down the street, but not she

    7. One digs in his pocket for a grubby cloth and wipes his forehead before exchanging greetings with the Gottesman

    8. "Does she know where home is? Does she know that mum, dad and the rest of the fucked-up Brady Bunch are waiting for her with open arms? Shame about the digs

    9. " Ken digs his fingers into Ted's bony shoulders

    10. She was starving and tired; the thought of beans on toast –the best her digs would offer – was not appealing

    1. Tall wine bottles are great for this! Just dig a trench and place bottles standing up as a barrier around your garden, etc

    2. The gopher or mole sees its reflection and runs away - plus, they can’t dig through the bottles

    3. " That sounded rather small, but then again, she had managed to dig up what happened to Tdeshi on a trail that was twenty decades old, this was only fourteen

    4. Johnny started to dig a hole through his clothes, placing the Super Chip in the center of the hole

    5. This is when you dig into the center of the pile making it look like a volcano has just erupted, then you throw everything back into the center of the pile mixing it up and watering lightly as you go

    6. dig the holes everywhere

    7. There were a few wagon ruts going this way, but at half the washes they had to have the kedas dig to make ramps for the wheels

    8. Then we had to unload everything and dig out sufficient bedding and so on for Liz to cope for the night

    9. Why would it have to be Betty’s smoke detector that plays up? I mutter to myself as I dig in the drawer where the spare batteries live

    10. ‘Yes, she came across when she was seventeen to work for a time at an archeological dig in the Bristol area … we don’t know the details but she became pregnant

    1. Henry is pretty sure that we dug it out earlier this year when the carnival committee had a gangsters and molls themed evening

    2. He dug it into his forearm with a sewing needle and some printers’ ink

    3. The ground here was rough gravel, they would have a hard time digging scrapes and the top would never stay up, so they only dug into shallow pits

    4. He drives on, points out a freshly dug trench

    5. He dug in, waiting

    6. Refusing to eat, refusing to cry out when Smiler dug his elbow into my side as we walked down the corridor, was the sum total of my defiance

    7. The deeper he dug, the weaker it got

    8. I was an excavator, I dug facilities, I should say my bots did

    9. Archeologists have dug up a temple of the Aztecs where they found 42 children that were offered up to the god Tenochtitlan

    10. Meanwhile, Son had just dug a hole in which he planned to burry his

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    dig in English

    unearth dig out excavate discover scoop exhume shovel spade delve mine channel grub burrow enjoy love like understand comprehend follow recognise recognize

    Synonyme für "dig"

    dig jab digging excavation barb gibe jibe shaft shot slam archeological site apprehend compass comprehend get the picture grasp grok savvy poke prod stab cut into delve turn over excavate hollow dig out dig up drudge fag grind labor labour moil toil travail unearth discover scoop exhume shovel spade mine channel grub burrow enjoy love like understand follow recognise recognize