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    1. He recognized the symbolism of pride that must underwrite all such

    2. The analysis is used to decide whether Chubb will underwrite management liability coverage for specific technology risks

    3. underwrite this additional cost, his offer was readily accepted; with those

    4. He then offered to underwrite all of my costs for July

    5. "No, father; I cannot underwrite Article Four (leave alone the rest), taking it 'in the literal and grammatical sense' as required by the Declaration; and, therefore, I can't be a parson in the present state of affairs," said Angel

    6. Here is one to the jaw for all that is noble and valuable and conducive to dreams, and here comes one on the ear for all the suffering those dreams underwrite

    7. And didn’t the Medicis underwrite Raphael? Hadn’t his own father subsidized the Rothko kids’ therapy bills? “A little lower,” he told the art hanger, a blue-eyed ectomorph who, two years out of Bennington, was clocking sixty-five dollars an hour

    8. Thirdly, you can be a writer or grantor of options and underwrite the buyers

    9. At the time of the filing, Pressprich was to manage the syndicate that would underwrite the offering, but that firm was soon replaced by White, Weld and Company, a leading New York City investment banking firm prior to its merger in 1978 into Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith

    10. This helps them understand how to properly underwrite insurance

    11. We've struggled to underwrite moats based on intellectual capital, say in a company like Qualcomm, where its earnings power is enormous if all its patents hold up

    1. investment house underwrites an issue of stock, it charges the issuing company a

    2. When you buy a put or a call, someone has to sell it to you (underwrites it)

    3. The leading investment bank underwrites the initial public offering (IPO) and there will be hype about the company in the marketplace

    1. They were crammed with books on property taxes, real estate law, underwriting, and other scintillating topics

    2. , which managed the underwriting group, had planned to price the shares between $17 and $20

    3. Products are designed, risk is assessed, prices are determined (underwriting) based on the actuarially determined likelihood of a claim being submitted, insurance products are assembled, approved by various state and federal agencies, marketed, sold, administered and claims are processed when submitted

    4. As though to appear balanced, even after consuming a pint, Palit conceded to the presence of black sheep on the underwriting side of the fence as well

    5. In most states if someone has a group policy a lot of the carriers will cover a preexisting condition, but can raise the price if they are a medical underwriting state

    6. “flotation costs” which are a payment or a percentage of the proceeds to the underwriting

    7. The credit score of the borrower is a major component in and underwriting

    8. fooled by the fantasy of the feeble theory underwriting the serious part! All the models and theories show

    9. These are the definitions underwriting cosmology and while my work is that much ignored;

    10. The underwriting is very important when one is running an insurance business

    11. The losses from insurance contracts, commonly known as underwriting losses, come from insurance contracts on which the company had to pay claims

    12. When the claims are more than the premiums received, there is an underwriting loss

    13. The most important function in the insurance company is underwriting

    14. For example, in a life insurance policy, the underwriting unit is the one that figures out how long a 40-year-old male, nonsmoker, with a clean bill of health is expected to live

    15. If the underwriting unit is wrong, the loss ratio will be higher than expected, and the company will lose money

    16. It turned ugly very fast and was due to poor underwriting

    17. Risk Selection: Identifying the risk it is willing to take, which means being good at underwriting and pricing

    18. In an insurance company like Allstate the underwriting department defines the expected losses for a specific group of insured

    19. Hence, trade selection, like insurance underwriting, is the key to this business

    20. It is probably the most important function at TOMIC, underwriting and the decision-making process on the risks to be acquired

    21. The selection of markets (underwriting) is very important

    22. Risk management is a continuous process involving everything from underwriting (selecting the trade), sizing of positions, and active money management

    23. You will need to be extremely disciplined in order to follow the trading plan, making sure that the entries and exits are followed, and that the underwriting is done correctly

    24. In underwriting you have a process for trade selection and risk management

    25. One of the key success factors of TOMIC is the underwriting skills of you as manager

    26. To improve your underwriting skills, meaning trade selection, you have to be open to feedback

    27. Underwriting options is an approach that is rarely recommended to new traders, but it can have an appeal to experienced investors - even if they are new to options

    28. ” It is true that the reputable underwriting houses consider themselves as bound in some degree by a fiduciary responsibility toward their clients

    29. Although at times they participate in selling operations, which carry larger allowances than the ordinary market commission, their interest in pushing such individual issues is less vital than that of the underwriting houses who actually own them

    30. ” The reader will find it interesting to learn about ancient abuses at the hands of investment bankers, while the folks at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley may shed a few tears of nostalgia when they read about the good old days of 20% underwriting spreads on the likes of American Bantam Car Corporation Convertible Preference Stock

    31. It is true that this difference of $3 per share was paid not to the management but to those underwriting and selling the shares

    32. Finally, most of the high returns on IPOs are captured by members of an exclusive private club—the big investment banks and fund houses that get shares at the initial (or “underwriting”) price, before the stock begins public trading

    33. It is a tribute to the honesty and competence of the underwriting firms that they are able to combine fairly well the discordant roles of adviser and salesman

    34. In 1959 we stated at this point: “The bad results of this unsound attitude show themselves recurrently in the underwriting field and with notable effects in the sale of new common stock issues during periods of active speculation

    35. In 1977 the winds in insurance underwriting were squarely behind us

    36. Very large rate increases were effected throughout the industry in 1976 to offset the disastrous underwriting results of 1974 and 1975

    37. Unless rates rise at a comparable 1% per month, underwriting profits must shrink

    38. Recently the pace of rate increases has slowed dramatically, and it is our expectation that underwriting margins generally will be declining by the second half of the year

    39. And it also is clear that as long as many large insurers feel compelled to choose that second op tion, there will be no better day for underwriting

    40. A third incentive drives the investment bankers who do the underwriting

    41. The insurance company’s investment departments normally receive continuous new injections of cash from the underwriting departments, growing out of increases in premium volume and, it is hoped, from underwriting profits

    42. First, it demonstrates that profits can be obtained in many ways by investors, as, for example, the profits garnered by those members of the public fortunate enough to obtain Schaefer Corporation common stock on the initial underwriting who then sold their stock within the ensuing eighteen months

    43. Sponsors Attuned to the Needs of Bankers and the Wall Street Underwriting Community


    45. Yet it seems likely that Facebook was a lot less sensitive to the needs and desires of the underwriting community than were the Hertz Sponsors

    46. Sponsors have proven to be very skillful resource converters who appear to be very sensitive to the needs of bankers and the Wall Street underwriting community

    47. Insurance company stocks tended to be depressed because the companies were suffering underwriting losses from their pure insurance operations, and the stock market emphasized earnings from operations rather than other elements that made insurance companies valuable, namely, the steadily increasing profits from dividends and interest on their investment portfolios, and the huge pools of liquidity built up through their holdings of marketable bonds and stocks

    48. It apparently resulted in the withdrawal of Wall Street sponsorship from Leasco,1 and at the minimum contributed to Leasco’s inability to consummate a public underwriting in 1969 or 1970, which has much to do with the outcome of the story that is the subject of this case

    49. 75 per month in the event the units were sold pursuant to a planned public underwriting of these preferred shares and warrants

    50. The investors were to obtain one half of the gain from the underwriting, as measured by the difference between 90 and 72, plus $

    1. 5 And this is the copy of the letters which Jonathan wrote to the Lacedemonians: 6 Jonathan the high priest and the elders of the nation and the priests and the other of the Jews to the Lacedemonians their brothers send greeting: 7 There were letters sent in times past to Onias the high priest from Darius who reigned then among you to signify that you are our brothers as the copy here underwritten does specify

    2. 18 But for all this his pains would not cease for the just judgment of God was come on him therefore despairing of his health he wrote to the Jews the letter underwritten containing the form of a supplication after this manner: 19 Antiochus king and governor to the good Jews his citizens wish much joy health and prosperity: 20 If you and your children fare well and your affairs be to your contentment I give very great thanks to God having my hope in Heaven

    3. He wanted to come by the loft to pick out two or three pieces, but to William, in the winter light through the sooty window, it all looked reactionary, redundant, underwritten by the motions of a system too vast to comprehend, the way planetary spin inflects the movement of wastewater down a drain

    4. Like, what if a train was speeding down a track threatening to kill two people, and if you yanked a lever it would go onto another track and kill only one? Or, like, what if the numbers were bigger? A million, say, versus a couple hundred thousand? What if the train was the system underwritten by liberal humanism? What if the lever was? What if moral paralysis was its whole end and raison, a bait-and-switch, a three-card monte? The system kept all threats to itself in sealed compartments

    5. It may have been compelled by legal considerations growing out of the sale to the public at that time of a new issue of preferred stock, underwritten by large financial institutions

    6. 9 billion debt sale to the public in May 2001, underwritten by financial institutions that justified the issue in terms of future earnings and cash flow

    7. ” Posner was later a central force in the wave of leveraged buyouts and hostile takeovers that swept the United States in the 1980s, as he became a major customer for the junk bonds underwritten by Drexel Burnham Lambert

    8. It came public in June 1998, underwritten by Robertson Stephens and Hambrecht and Quist, first-tier bankers in high-tech offerings

    9. Also sponsors and investors received two large dividends where the funds for paying one of the dividends came from a loan with liberal covenants, and for the other, from the proceeds of an underwritten common stock offering to the public

    10. For example, sponsors and investors received two large dividends where the funds for paying one of the dividends came from a loan with liberal covenants, and for the other, from the proceeds of an underwritten common stock offering to the public

    11. Leasco was to arrange at its own expense (if it could) that these units would be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, so that they could be sold publicly, preferably through an underwritten public offering

    12. The Schaefer family interests could have contemplated, and may well have studied, merely offering some of the Brewing stock held by Arjayess and the four trusts in a so-called underwritten secondary offering

    13. "Be it enacted, That the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, being convened at the city of Washington, on the second Wednesday of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, the underwritten President of the Senate, pro tempore, did, in the presence of the said Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and count all the votes of the Electors for a President and Vice President of the United States; whereupon it appeared that James Madison, of Virginia, had a majority of the votes of the Electors as President, and Elbridge Gerry, of Massachusetts, had a majority of the votes of the Electors as Vice President; by all which it appears that James Madison, of Virginia, has been duly elected President, and Elbridge Gerry, of Massachusetts, has been duly elected Vice President of the United States, agreeably to the constitution

    1. White, Weld, as manager, underwrote 218,000 of the 1

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