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    1. "Every movement is about power," Diam said, "about uniting people in an action

    2. By uniting in some measure the most distant parts of the world, by enabling them to relieve one another's wants, to increase one another's enjoyments, and to encourage one another's industry, their general tendency would seem to be beneficial

    3. I had dropped my rifle and kitbag and I now held her as tight as a Scotsman would a guinea and I am not afraid to admit that tears streamed down my face also joining and uniting with Helen’s

    4. hand and of uniting the country

    5. Despair, properly understood, helps an individual overcome self-defeating attitudes by placing that individual on the road to spiritual recovery where at some uncertain crossroad that individual must (inevitably) come to terms with his or her undiscovered or inner-self, uniting the Material with the Spiritual, however apart

    6. What seem to be missing are the correlative assumptions uniting the practical requirements of a well-rounded education with the essentials of sound citizenship required for financial and social success

    7. Because so many congregations are uniting out of sheer necessity, Scotland is now littered with closed church buildings

    8. The campaigns of the first caliph, abu Bakr, dealt with defeating, then uniting all the tribal groups of the eastern Arabian peninsula who had been only nominally under the suzerainty of a previously weakened Sassanian (Persian) Empire

    9. “For what purpose are the factionless uniting?” he says

    10. Whether any kind of cultivation method, the core of the science of uniting the content is to

    11. The highest state, ride to live a lie is the science of uniting all things

    12. Only set up the outlook on life values, have their own ideological and cultural mentality, no matter how the science of uniting the also not possessed

    13. proponents, instead of uniting into a monster

    14. Babies had a way of uniting people sometimes

    15. bringing the young man into his family, and uniting Moses to himself as a potential

    16. idols, and false gods is seen as a uniting sexual act, as this was often the case

    17. young man into his family, and uniting Moses to himself as a potential equal,

    18. daughters, so bringing the young man into his family, and uniting Moses

    19. Since he could see that they had much heavy cavalry, Gonzalo waited until nightfall, then had his men infiltrate along both banks of the river to the bridge uniting the two parts of the town

    20. He first praised Roger for introducing in his book “… a courageous president, George Bush, who, uniting his people and its social governing

    21. A frightening thought for me: Euthanasia may remove a person’s ‘suffering’; but thereby restrict the individual from uniting their suffering with Christ’s suffering and potentially suffering essential to the salvation of their soul

    22. The great and the chief end therefore, of men’s uniting into Commonwealths, and putting themselves under Government, is the Preservation of their Property

    23. Uniting all players

    24. If in the end it turned out she could not where then would that leave their relationship that was ultimately leading to their marriage and in the long run, the uniting of their two peoples? This he placed aside

    25. I thought it worth an attempt to avoid open warfare in uniting this world under my command

    26. The one thousand become one within you, uniting in an orgy of anguish on a stage transforming to reality and you could swear you’ve been here before the light surrounds in a sea of pain from more directions than exist that doesn’t seem possible, yet it is

    27. of uniting the body and the mind

    28. bers among their groups; uniting would cause in increase in power and

    29. their domains within a larger whole to create a unifying theory uniting all domains

    30. symbol of a free nation was not the intention of those who saw the need to have a uniting

    31. By uniting large

    32. brain characterized essentially by the uniting of subject and object

    33. occurrence in the brain characterized essentially by the uniting of subject and object" (in

    34. this case, by the uniting of the patient and health)

    35. with the aim of uniting electromagnetism and gravitation

    36. of uniting electromagnetism and gravitation

    37. Mystics do not try to communicate with departed souls; they concentrated on uniting with their own

    38. Korean Peninsula had been partitioned by the Soviets and Americans at the 38th parallel at the end of World War II; with the stated goal of uniting under a common government in four years

    39. in uniting our two species,” the old man said

    40. This is more difficult than the control of the heart or the practice of Nauli or the uniting of Prana and Apana

    41. Without the quality of love bonding and uniting all of us together, there can never be any true peace and harmony between men and countries

    42. This is not a bad thing, but not the purpose of mental prayer, which really is uniting oneself with God

    43. I say then, without hesitation, that you will not find a single text in the New Testament in which the ordained ministers alone are ever called "the Church," or ever act for the Church without the laity uniting and co-operating in their action

    44. His motives race with the phenomena of uniting

    45. Muslim brotherhood is the child of Mohammad and Osama, who uses emotions as the source of blood uniting with the Beast in path to become his disciple

    46. achievement of the most sublime bliss of uniting his Self with the su-

    47. The goal is to keep the lower classes fighting for the remaining wealth, as opposed to them uniting against wealth itself, thus rendering money and, of course, the owner's and controller's power over the lower classes obsolete

    48. uniting disparate tribes of GOGs, exiles, and internal sympathizers is a threat to the energy grid and EvEnet

    49. It is a barrier for the waters to prevent them from mixing and uniting

    50. Syneresis is the uniting of two or three vowels, each of whichis ordinarily possessed of full

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    conjugation jointure unification union uniting amalgamation merger junction association combination blending admixture fusion