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Vanish en una oración (en ingles)

1. He did not feel it vanish.
2. A toddler could vanish in.
3. If it were said, it would vanish.
4. You have to vanish without trace.
5. Leander had just seemed to vanish.
6. Everything must vanish except God.
7. They flare up and then they vanish.

8. They slip into the crowd and vanish.
9. The sixth and seventh slices vanish.
10. When I cure them, the snakes vanish.
11. It's amazing how your cravings vanish.
12. His friends from The Blue Grotto vanish.
13. So they would all vanish in a few hours.
14. He couldn’t vanish on me again, not now.
15. I expect it will vanish by morn—.
16. The doubts about me will vanish soon enough.
17. In this way, a star can vanish into nothing.
18. Of the fiends will vanish as a cloud of dust.
19. His powers vanish, along with all his dreams.
20. The grandfather caused Jean Valjean to vanish.
21. For all intents and purposes we have to vanish.
22. Cora held his arm tight so he couldn’t vanish.
23. The vicious thoughts will by themselves vanish.
24. He stopped speaking when he saw my smile vanish.
25. She’ll vanish herself and Alan, if necessary.
26. Why did I say that he should vanish somewhere??
27. Those thoughts and objects do not vanish; their.
28. She wished she could melt into the bed and vanish.
29. If her heart chance to come uppermost, they vanish.
30. My reality will vanish; all reality will disappear.
31. That she could not just let it vanish as they could.
32. I felt it would vanish if I, in turn, shut my mouth.
33. His thoughts had been to vanish into the pouring rain.
34. He was quick to vanish down the hall and out of sight.
35. The myths of the elite vanish under any close scrutiny.
36. Elm saw them vanish into the ship with the Citan leader.
37. It will vanish like a wisp of wind one day or the other.
38. Everything would vanish except a few stupid war stories.
39. He looks back up for an instant and sees his sons vanish.
40. Love that comes this way is bound to vanish this way too.
41. Inacio shouted and closed his eyes but Sapa did not vanish.
42. He was afraid that if he let go, she would vanish forever.
43. What is necessary to cause these spectres to vanish? Light.
44. Wealth, status, physical beauty—these can quickly vanish.
45. Tears burning his eyes, Simon watched Ralph vanish once more.
46. Because, if they could, her problem could be made to vanish.
47. The wolf gave a howl of frustration as it watched her vanish.
48. He was frozen as though afraid to move and have it all vanish.
49. I began to vanish and the mirrors started to break into pieces.
50. This should give rise to devotion and hence anger will vanish.
51. Jesus casts you out! he would say, and they would vanish.
52. I stared out the back window, watching Salem vanish from sight.
53. Ciere uses what’s left of her concentration to vanish herself.
54. He starts worrying about the world and his minor worries vanish.
55. They laughed, sang, and happily let thoughts and emotions vanish.
56. John Slater, the driver, so that he should vanish with the others.
57. Just as her pure white figure was about to vanish in the darkness.
58. Marry vanish into the motionless fire of the woods as if she were.
59. Buddah took his followers to vanish into the emptiness of darkness.
60. My frame of reference seems to vanish at the most crucial moments.
61. Some scars were honour-bound to remain, would likely never vanish.
62. Light erupts around me as the Court fae vanish into their fissures.
63. Either they change throughout the years or they simply vanish from.
64. I'm met with such a cosy atmosphere that all my reservations vanish.
65. It may have other powers than just making you vanish when you wish to.
66. His voice was gentle and calm, and quietly, her fury began to vanish.
67. All my fastidiousness would suddenly, for no rhyme or reason, vanish.
68. It was populated, built up, only to vanish again and to be recreated.
69. Often, they prevent the seizing of opportunities that vanish instead.
70. Scott was the first to grab a beer and vanish into the sea of humanity.
71. It was by the bathroom door but seemed to vanish for the longest time.
72. She held on to him suddenly afraid that he would vanish from her again.
73. They could still be in this store…they didn’t vanish into thin air.
74. He saw it vanish, as if jerked under, and then struck out for the shore.
75. The forces unleashed caused continents, even animals and birds to vanish.
76. The next to the youngest brother, Jared, did not vanish until much later.
77. I assumed that all of my problems would vanish as soon as I entered Canada.
78. They, too, suddenly seemed to simply vanish into the thin, flickering air.
79. Gratitude, duty, matters essential and important to be remembered, vanish.
80. Heyward drew back, all his ardor to proceed seeming to vanish on the instant.
81. They’re not invisible—it’s too difficult to completely vanish the car.
82. Yet world matters do not simply vanish because Reagan is in the mood to relax.
83. You will simply vanish and nobody will know or care about how brave you were.
84. As mists vanish before a strong wind, the cobwebs vanished from Conan's brain.
85. He saw his one opportunity to earn a bit of extra income vanish into thin air.
86. There was woodland nearby and they could vanish into it, keeping more or less.
87. Sebastian looked up in time to see Mars vanish with a final rumble of thunder.
88. He saw the spark in her eyes vanish again, and knew that it would never return.
89. He pointed it along the long darkness were he’d seen Chunt vanish just a few.
90. You saw him rise to vanish on vast comet staircases, on hikes and explorations.
91. By collapsing the caverns with a lot of small explosions, the island will vanish.
92. She heard her own voice again; her own screams as she saw the road to Elior vanish.
93. The five thousand horsemen followed Carl and the noblemen to vanish into the night.
94. It passes through her slightly open window and hits her donut causing it to vanish.
95. We consider that the space does not disappear, if vanish all existing objects in it.
96. At this level the psychological distinction between subject and object would vanish.
97. When people’s scrolls uncovered on Doomsday, the heaven will be removed and vanish.
98. So great their love they could not bear to let the other vanish alone into eternity.
99. But that object would vanish out of existence in an instant of contact with the wave.
100. Joey looked up the length of the vine all the way to the top where it seemed to vanish.
1. The vanishing of the lady.
2. The Chinese wall is vanishing.
3. Great Vanishing Natural Wonders tour.
4. Our world has been vanishing quickly.
5. They are vanishing, he whispered.
6. Hell is rapidly vanishing from the Bible.
7. She crossed at a trot, vanishing into the.
8. And in the vanishing, Father made comment:.
9. The vanishing use of soul in Leviticus 17:10-15.
10. All that was vanishing since the battles began.
11. The sweltering population on earth and the vanishing of.
12. The Gypsy looked back at the vanishing palace of a queen.
13. And what was the name of this vanishing messenger?
14. She became breathlessly willing, meek to vanishing point.
15. The child nodded her head toward Sara's vanishing figure.
16. Shrank looked at the vanishing lights of the taxi, far off.
17. He stopped suddenly, the grin vanishing from his pudgy lips.
19. Instead, he stared at Gambling City vanishing into the haze.
20. A young couple, huddled beneath an umbrella, was vanishing.
21. With that, Philippe and his men ran off, vanishing into the crowd.
22. A glow took over his body and he started vanishing, like he had before.
23. The Polarian ship bolted after it, it too vanishing into alteredspace.
24. Chapter four: From where came Hell? The vanishing Hell, The many Hells.
25. The vanishing Hell: Why is the number of times Hell is used decreasing?
26. The earth flattening refers to the vanishing of its conglomeration.
27. Her fingertips were like the white cliffs of Dover to his vanishing ship.
28. The second woman’s feet move again, this time vanishing around a corner.
29. He kissed her on the forehead before turning and vanishing into the trees.
30. He could see flashes of black, leaping towards him and then vanishing away.
31. She did not stop painting and did not stop vanishing for days now and then.
32. Suddenly, the young man took off down the street, vanishing without a trace.
33. They told us of the North’s subjugation and then of its vanishing cities.
34. Astray trotted after, vanishing into a jagged, knee-high split in the coral.
35. There was a harsh croaking scream, as it fell out of the air, vanishing down.
36. He would start again, use other words, but the time for it is fast vanishing.
37. There was a sensation as of all sanity and stability crumbling and vanishing.
38. Running out, both ladies shaded their eyes to read the vanishing license plate.
39. He must have done his vanishing and reappearing trick in order to be that fast.
40. The investment crowd disintegrates, vanishing like a wisp of smoke in the wind.
41. Remember, your goal is not just to unveil the story behind their vanishing act.
42. It would do no good to run, but the nerve to remain still was vanishing quickly.
43. He could remember days vanishing so quickly that he could not recall them at all.
44. The Rolls floated off on its own whispering exhaust, like a cold smile vanishing.
45. Andre stepped back, his smile vanishing to be replaced with a look of apprehension.
46. The clouds parted and the moon came out, vanishing again just as soon as it had come.
47. She was supposed to be vanishing a single dictionary, leaving the other books visible.
48. He felt as though he were flying upwards, and everything were vanishing from his sight.
49. The sandpiper winging through the air, vanishing to one observer but visible to others.
50. We rev up our electric motors and spiral upward, gradually vanishing into the night sky.
51. At the very instant when this apparition was vanishing, the truthful eyes glanced at him.
52. The girl looked up at the rapidly vanishing red helicopter - her face twisted with hate.
53. Water splashed in front of Sebastian who jumped back, the smile vanishing from his face.
54. They sure left in a hurry, said Windzer, staring at the vanishing lights in the sky.
55. It lasted only an instant before vanishing into the abyss of his other captured memories.
56. Any other reported vanishing from that area is merely a sinking caused by drunken pilots.
57. Frowning, Rad laid the back of his hand on her forehead, a few of his worries vanishing.
58. Suddenly she threw up her hands and sank slowly, vanishing with a cloud of little bubbles.
59. Underhill to go vanishing into thin air; or into thick air, as is more likely in this room.
60. When Jehungir came upon the cliffs they were just vanishing among the reeds beyond ear-shot.
61. At the same time, his mother’s words—be strong—drift through his head before vanishing.
62. Elise pursed her lips, but Joe Billie was gone; vanishing into the thick foliage like a wraith.
63. Her face and hands were vanishing, blending with the misty air, disappearing into nothingness.
64. It is probable that this vanishing of hell in our rear is inherent to the arrival of paradise.
65. She yelped and jumped away, immediately vanishing back into the bland mass of faceless people.
66. Nor anywhere, Duncan replies, his thoughts chasing after the jewels of words already vanishing.
67. It was obvious instantly that Miss Quick was the same woman who had been vanishing all evening.
68. It skipped once before vanishing into grey chop that was hard to distinguish from the grey sky.
69. Where and why, on what and how much are all factors that impact while our money keeps vanishing.
70. One of the girls told one of my soldiers just before vanishing that she was going to the future.
71. Bob noticed she was surreptitiously sipping his whisky and the cooking sherry was vanishing fast.
72. Beyond that they were swallowed by a dark khume that ran perfectly straight off to a vanishing point.
73. Her refusal was instinctive but, even before its echo had died away, she sensed her resolve vanishing.
74. She focused on the breath vapors that swirled about her head, lasting only a moment, and then vanishing.
75. The building illuminated, sensing his presence, fluorescent strips extending to a near vanishing point.
76. A spoon of minced scallop with Greek yogurt dressing, the server explained before vanishing again.
77. He understood that, but the sense of the place he had been in was rapidly vanishing out of his mind-grasp.
78. Cook had brought two plates of food into the back office and was now shouting orders to the vanishing crowd.
79. Only the solitary and diminishing rows of lanterns could be seen vanishing into the street in the distance.
80. The walking corpse that had once been a woman was struck down in a field of green, vanishing in silver flames.
81. It has been said that these heathen tribes are a vanishing people, destined to decline and finally to disappear.
82. To superficial observers his chin had too vanishing an aspect, looking as if it were being gradually reabsorbed.
83. He wants to freeze Mercer Goodman like this, the way he looks through the viewfinder, against the vanishing city.
84. Before vanishing out of sight, the lead dame tossed her hat down and blew Christian Axeworth a kiss as it landed.
85. And I think she can move others too - back at the prison I saw the witches retreating into a shadow and vanishing.
86. The hazy glow that normally surrounded the moon was vanishing, and—was that a pin-prick of light nearby? A star?
87. What could it be? I thought of the assistant’s fondness for photography, and his trick of vanishing into the cellar.
88. Don’t drink the coffee, was all he said before vanishing down a corridor and leaving Devon to his own devices.
89. Frodo's vanishing trick; the appearance of the black horsemen; the robbing of the stables; and not least the news that.
90. Her prospects of marriage were close to nil in a vanishing Italian community where the young men were the first to depart.
91. They turned and started to walk back toward the underground house, their hands at their sides, their smiles vanishing away.
92. They would tell of how the monster had spent only moments there before vanishing, casting horror and fear over the entire village.
93. A cat prowled past, velvet-footed, silent as the night, a vanishing gray streak, intent and terrible, concentrated wholly on prey.
94. A sense in his thoughts that everything he understood was vanishing and he was being swept away into a world he knew nothing about.
95. The vanishing Hell: Why is the number of times Hell is used decreasing? Translators cannot agree on how many times to mistranslate it.
96. Now, a heavy rainfall collapsed from Sophia’s eyes as she started to cry, and endeavored to face her mother, with vanishing strength.
97. They stood and watched five others die, one in the mouth of a dragon, the others thrown off into the black tarn, sinking and vanishing.
98. Ethan smiled with a corner of his lip in a bitter fashion before exhaling, the smoke swiftly vanishing away in little curls and twists.
99. Well, it was pretty obvious that he still has hurts on Dave‘s vanishing act, and the fact that he left his flock unattended then.
100. Then once again the water poured through the top of his head and he told me that I missed a spot before vanishing, as Krazy liked to do.
1. As I looked it vanished.
2. It has vanished from the.
3. And then the dream vanished.
4. She vanished into thin air.
5. And then the storm vanished.
6. It had passed and vanished.
7. To the dirge of the vanished.
8. It was like it had vanished.
9. The terns had also vanished.
10. Vanished on the wind, honey.
11. All had vanished, save love.
12. His armour had not vanished.
13. As if everyone had vanished.
14. They vanished before his eyes.
15. And he vanished around a rock.
16. It was like he had vanished.
17. Took, now: he's not vanished.
18. For thou vanished to infinity.
19. It has vanished from the Old.
20. He left the Gate and vanished.
21. It, however, had not vanished.
22. The face vanished in the crowd.
23. Gary had vanished a while ago.
24. In short, his friends vanished.
25. Tom vanished into the basement.
26. That’s where he vanished to.
27. His mind caved in, and vanished.
28. Brooke vanished into the study.
29. A bat flickered by and vanished.
30. They vanished inside Aunt Tildy.
31. Many towns have simply vanished.
32. It vanished, though Lord knows.
33. To see where you’d vanished.
34. Then they scattered and vanished.
35. It had vanished along with Sigma.
36. His temporary gloom had vanished.
37. He pecked her cheek and vanished.
38. Rafe nodded as his smile vanished.
39. The green circle of fire vanished.
40. Then they vanished from our sight.
41. The twisted body of the vanished.
42. The peace in Elior's eyes vanished.
43. It has all but vanished from the.
44. Where had he vanished to anyway?
45. Yet, all of a sudden, he vanished.
46. He vanished behind swinging doors.
47. All the meaning to it had vanished.
48. The mood of the afternoon vanished.
49. Katrina’s face vanished from view.
50. Medina, his resistance had vanished.
51. Then the mind-net finally vanished.
52. The dog's shape vanished as if it.
53. It flew up, sparkling, and vanished.
54. She had vanished from the air waves.
55. With that she vanished like a shadow.
56. We pulled up our roots and vanished.
57. She vanished from the playing field.
58. That thought quickly vanished with.
59. The DB has vanished from the morgue.
60. In fact his chatting mood vanished.
61. As a balloon wafted over and vanished.
62. His dull headache completely vanished.
63. Lezura’s high hopes slowly vanished.
64. But then his smile abruptly vanished.
65. They vanished around a curve, silent.
66. But the mind-executioner had vanished.
67. Nathaniel had vanished into thin air.
68. All the color vanished from his lips.
69. He’d vanished almost into thin air.
70. It’s as if she’s simply vanished.
71. All expression vanished from his face.
72. Fraternity had almost all but vanished.
73. The emotion vanished from Ash’s eyes.
74. The ribbons vanished, then reappeared.
75. Then he kissed her cheek and vanished.
76. And then the ocean vanished completely.
77. Both the yacht and he vanished utterly.
78. Marius' political fevers vanished thus.
79. Dedrick said, Pendleton has vanished.
80. The path ahead vanished in the downpour.
81. The girl’s consciousness had vanished.
82. The prospect, however, quickly vanished.
83. In these meditations, his pride vanished.
84. The pain in his legs and ankles vanished.
85. All our thirst, which vanished when the.
86. And then, just like that, it all vanished.
87. Unfortunately, Bishop Peter has vanished.
88. The security guards had vanished, but I.
89. He vanished and then instantly reappeared.
90. Amazed, he shrugged, nodded, and vanished.
91. A step forward and it vanished altogether.
92. There was a shriek and the light vanished.
93. Frowning, Sorren turned away and vanished.
94. More things, we heard, melted and vanished.
95. They seemed to have existed, yet vanished.
96. Tim came up as the men and Quonez vanished.
97. My car had vanished with the bikers, but.
98. When I approached, it vanished with a jerk.
99. It moved into the mist and vanished quickly.
100. The red line slowly vanished into thin air.
1. It vanishes into the dark.
2. Every few years Rattigan vanishes.
3. All the fun vanishes from the game.
4. When winter vanishes spring emerges.
5. The fed vanishes around the corner.
6. Regina vanishes and the trail is cold.
7. The music stops, and Veronika vanishes.
8. It vanishes in fog; we know not where it goes.
9. The vision of flames in Loki’s eyes vanishes.
10. Her powers were sealed and she her memory vanishes.
11. It comes when it wants to, and it vanishes at will.
12. Ryodan vanishes into the night without another word.
13. He says we will be safe here until the sun vanishes.
14. The skeletal child vanishes along the beach whispering.
15. He vanishes in the blink of an eye, leaving me baffled.
16. The feeling of the cool, grimy bricks on his face vanishes.
17. A mole could trace it, and there it vanishes among the reeds.
18. The inter-orange space vanishes and the walls (peels) become.
19. He will taste her assent before, like her memory, it too vanishes.
20. I move my hand to hold his, but Zachary vanishes at vampire speed.
21. The word vanishes, fades, an erased ghost of laughter in your head.
22. Then we should try to find some, before the planet vanishes again.
23. Then without warning it was gone, vanished as a bubble vanishes when burst.
24. He takes his first step into the emerald sphere, and everything vanishes away.
25. Failure to complete this mission is irrelevant if this installation vanishes.
26. All at once, blood vanishes from her cheeks, leaving her face a shocked ashen.
27. Then any urge to blindly fear what we do not yet understand vanishes completely.
28. Every few weeks another instructor vanishes, sucked up into the engine of the war.
29. A shot of the balustrade at the entry vanishes and I see a long shadowy corridor.
30. In the eighteenth century, the ancient melancholy of the dejected classes vanishes.
31. I guess what truly makes us all happy is love no matter if it vanishes after death.
32. When strong faith vanishes, distinctness of type in moral development vanishes with it.
33. Eliminate money and the drive of the human species vanishes? she asked bombastically.
34. A mysterious wrinkle is formed, then vanishes, then re-appears; an air-bubble rises and bursts.
35. Naturally, as soon as her head hits the pillow, all tendency to sleep vanishes as though by magic.
36. Dropping to the driver's seat, she vanishes into the darkness of the roof hatch as the lid slams shut.
37. The positive vanishes for the adopted child who is searching for his or her mysterious biological parents.
38. Then as Anthony drives forward and is about to mow her down, she vanishes into a swirly smoke of blackness.
39. The individual is eliminated and vanishes in unquestioned submission to the will of those who wield state power.
40. Seconds later, however, the horde swallows up the priest, and he vanishes within wave after wave of roiling turmoil.
41. Then the terrible noise vanishes and he is whole again, with a greater knowledge of who it is who has helped him here.
42. Once your mind kicks into gear and captures your attention, your ability to hold onto the experience of happiness vanishes.
43. When this desire vanishes, there remains no further need for the body, and man is free from the vicious circle of births and deaths.
44. His usual flawless appearance is soiled by his hair sticking out, and his calmness vanishes as he paces the cold floor in front of me.
45. Take away the Imaginary Linear Line from human awareness: and abstract civilization crumbles, disappears, and vanishes before your eyes.
46. In essence, numerous fish had caught his eye, and when fish pass by, Conseil vanishes into his world of classifying and leaves real life behind.
47. The slightest prospect of succeeding in their design, however delusive that prospect might be, keeps up their hopes until the delusion vanishes.
48. Some of the founders of religions were astonishing individuals, but all their glory vanishes in my eyes when I cease to think of them as human beings.
49. In the twinkling of an eye, the circle vanishes entirely and Ralph feels the tremor of the emeralds in his grasp, as if their power has come home to roost.
50. Because, moving from the periphery to the center point, Ether meets on the way a Zone of Destruction, where its necessary quantity vanishes per unit of time.
51. Lowering the sword, he pulls a knife from his belt and hurls it in the beast’s direction, but the monster vanishes and the knife explodes harmlessly against a tree.
52. When she turns her face away, she vanishes into her own shadow (the new moon), and when she meets the sun in closest conjunction, she also hides his face - an occultation (eclipse).
53. It is also better than the present life in its continuity and eternity, for the bliss of this life is temporal and soon vanishes while the bliss there is unbroken and lasts forever.
54. Our interview is over – it didn’t help that Stripehead turned up an hour late for it – and there’s a quick hand shake before Stripehead vanishes into the milling crowds outside the hotel.
55. The life to come is also better than the present life in its continuity and eternity, for the bliss of this life is temporal and soon vanishes, but the bliss to come is unbroken and lasts forever.
56. One would not exchange that shadow for all brightness! The angel soul is there, uninterruptedly there; if she departs, it is but to return again; she vanishes like a dream, and reappears like reality.
57. Once you come to truly understand something in context through the sense of Pure Wonder: then any urge to lionize, glorify, worship, romanticize, idealize and distort what you truly understand vanishes.
58. Even as her universe is assimilated and everything around her vanishes and transforms itself into an elegant ballet of logic and perfection, she understands your purpose and the terror makes her finally understand.
59. While performing this serious and difficult work she was saying to her sister in that sweet and adorable language of children, whose grace, like the splendor of the butterfly's wing, vanishes when one essays to fix it fast.
60. All I say is that it is not argument that convinces me of the necessity of a future life, but this: when you go hand in hand with someone and all at once that person vanishes there, into nowhere, and you yourself are left.
61. But thirty feet below sea level, their dominion ceases, their influence fades, their power vanishes! Ah, sir, live! Live in the heart of the seas! Here alone lies independence! Here I recognize no superiors! Here I'm free!.
62. The self-gratification that comes from shopping vanishes almost instantly once you get home with your purchases… unless they are necessary and useful; in which case you will not get any thrill from buying them in the first place.
63. He finished with a series of Productions and Vanishes amongst the audience, the old coin behind the ear stuff, and then, like Cinderella, he left with his meal and beer voucher before last orders when his Dad turned up to give him a lift home.
64. All I say is that it is not argument that convinces me of the necessity of a future life, but this: when you go hand in hand with someone and all at once that person vanishes there, into nowhere, and you yourself are left facing that abyss, and look in.
65. Once humans come to realize that there actually is a reason for everything: not only that, but an understandable reason which we as wondering humans can discover, can grasp: then all urge to blindly worship whatever we do not yet understand vanishes completely.
66. When you take away the context of an overpopulated human society: the factor of social standing vanishes because it only exists in the context of a pyramidally structured accumulation of overpopulated human society where people are fighting each other to get to the top of the shitpile.
67. But this difficulty vanishes if we accept the authority of Euripides, for the altar of Zeus Astrapæus becomes located on the northwest wall of the Acropolis; and from this lofty position above the Pythium, with an unobstructed view of the whole northern horizon, it is most natural to expect to see these flashes from Harma.
68. But, strange to say, although she had so made up her mind not to be influenced by her father's views, not to let him into her inmost sanctuary, she felt that the heavenly image of Madame Stahl, which she had carried for a whole month in her heart, had vanished, never to return, just as the fantastic figure made up of some clothes thrown down at random vanishes when one sees that it is only some garment lying there.
69. He paddles up to the weir, gets out, picks up his canoe, carries it round to the other side, gets in, and vanishes in the windings of the water and the folds of the hills, leaving the girls in the tennis-courts--you remember the courts are opposite the weir—uncertain whether to titter or to blush, for he wears I suppose the fewest clothes that it is possible to wear and still be called dressed, and no stockings at all.
70. You are used to being in the limelight, because you‘re the main worship leader during youth and Sunday services, then suddenly, everything vanishes before your eyes like a deflated balloon, because you were faced with all those gossip and wrong interpretations about you being friends, and I‘d say, close friends with a guy, who happens to be in the same congregation you are in and a youth leader, just like you.
71. Don’t I feel in my soul that I am part of this vast harmonious whole? Don’t I feel that I form one link, one step, between the lower and higher beings, in this vast harmonious multitude of beings in whom the Deity- the Supreme Power if you prefer the term- is manifest? If I see, clearly see, that ladder leading from plant to man, why should I suppose it breaks off at me and does not go farther and farther? I feel that I cannot vanish, since nothing vanishes in this world, but that I shall always exist and always have existed.
72. Don’t I feel in my soul that I am part of this vast harmonious whole? Don’t I feel that I form one link, one step, between the lower and higher beings, in this vast harmonious multitude of beings in whom the Deity—the Supreme Power if you prefer the term—is manifest? If I see, clearly see, that ladder leading from plant to man, why should I suppose it breaks off at me and does not go farther and farther? I feel that I cannot vanish, since nothing vanishes in this world, but that I shall always exist and always have existed.
73. On the edges from where the light of the moon comes out there again she wanes till all the light vanishes and all the days of the month are at an end and her circumference is empty void of light; And three months she makes of thirty days and at her time she makes three months of twenty-nine days each in which she accomplishes her waning in the first period of time and in the first portal for one hundred and seventy-seven days; And in the time of her going out she appears for three months of thirty days each and for three months she appears of twenty-nine each.
74. On the edges from where the light of the moon comes out, there again she wanes till all the light vanishes and all the days of the month are at an end, and her circumference is empty, void of light; And three months she makes of thirty days, and at her time she makes three months of twenty-nine days each, in which she accomplishes her waning in the first period of time, and in the first portal for one hundred and seventy-seven days; And in the time of her going out she appears for three months of thirty days each, and for three months she appears of twenty-nine each.
75. The positivists, the communists, and all the preachers of the scientific brotherhood preach the widening of that love which men have for themselves and for their families and for the state, so as to embrace all humanity, forgetting that the love which they advocate is the personal love, which, by spreading out thinner, could extend to the family; which, by spreading out still thinner, could extend to the natural country of birth, which completely vanishes as soon as it reaches an artificial state, as Austria, Turkey, England, and which we are not even able to imagine, when we come to humanity, an entirely mystical subject.
76. The frightful 18th of June lives again; the false monumental hillock disappears, the lion vanishes in air, the battle-field resumes its reality, lines of infantry undulate over the plain, furious gallops traverse the horizon; the frightened dreamer beholds the flash of sabres, the gleam of bayonets, the flare of bombs, the tremendous interchange of thunders; he hears, as it were, the death rattle in the depths of a tomb, the vague clamor of the battle phantom; those shadows are grenadiers, those lights are cuirassiers; that skeleton Napoleon, that other skeleton is Wellington; all this no longer exists, and yet it clashes together and combats still; and the ravines are empurpled, and the trees quiver, and there is fury even in the clouds and in the shadows; all those terrible heights, Hougomont, Mont-SaintJean, Frischemont, Papelotte, Plancenoit, appear confusedly crowned with whirlwinds of spectres engaged in exterminating each other.

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