slimy sätze

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Slimy sätze (in englisch)

  1. Its surface was dry, not slimy.
  2. The slimy figure offered his hand.
  3. Something slimy covered his palms.
  4. In touch! There’s a slimy phrase.
  5. You have a very slimy hand, there.
  6. Neither Agent touched the slimy mess.
  7. Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs.
  8. Therese is saving a slimy ol’ snake.
  9. Tommit’s lips felt unnatural and slimy.
  10. The wrapper turned back into a slimy rag.
  11. It glistened red and slimy in the sunlight.
  12. She was covered in wet slimy crap and paper.
  13. Slimy moss and condensation covered the walls.
  14. Lust, a green slimy lizard appears at the hill.
  15. Ensure that a plant is not slimy or worm-eaten.
  16. The caress left a slimy, for lack of a better.
  17. I determined that the intruders were slimy rats.
  18. Panic sets in as a slimy material coats the ship.
  19. Blooms of purple slimy stuff floated in the puddles.
  20. He reached out his slimy hand willing me to take it.
  21. There is a slimy trail by the cabin door over there.
  22. It didn’t sting, it just felt slimy, slightly warm.
  23. And his fish pond became a slimy frog-breeding hazard.
  24. I would never say the governor was a slimy fuck bag.
  25. The soil was full of worms that were wiggling and slimy.
  26. Emory grabbed the jawbone, heavy and slimy in his hand.
  27. It was all covered with slimy stuff and blood and Ashi.
  28. Nereus plunged into the water and turned into a slimy eel.
  29. It's slimy, but he doesn't care as he takes her hand again.
  30. It was so slimy and ugly I decided to rub my face against.
  31. A slimy hand grabbed Kevin’s ankle and he turned around fast.
  32. It changes from a bright operating room to a dark, slimy room.
  33. Bad smelling and slimy to touch, they can be used as fish bait.
  34. His gift was blowing huge fart balls that were green and slimy.
  35. It seems as if the Black Land has became a slimy, writhing mass.
  36. The smell nauseated him, as well as the slimy, mess under hisfeet.
  37. A pair of long, slimy tongues came out and probed around in the dirt.
  38. Slimy, dark olive skin, caked with boils and swelling ulcers, glinted.
  39. A long slimy tongue slipped out from between long sharp razor like teeth.
  40. The concrete was smooth, wet, and slimy, requiring careful foot placement.
  41. Marza Deepoon Lain throws a handful of her slimy eyeballs up into the sky.
  42. Actually Gollum lived on a slimy island of rock in the middle of the lake.
  43. We had to crawl on our hands and knees through slimy, rotten, smelly water.
  44. The slimy predators oozed green blood as they fled from the seraph trolls.
  45. The slimy knight put out his hand, and on it was something small and green.
  46. One of the green, slimy boulders at the water’s edge was speaking to him!.
  47. Antolini caressing his head like the slimy flitty pig that he was.
  48. George felt around the wal , sliding his hands over the slimy surface as if.
  49. We have to eat the whole thing? Katie asked, holding the slimy green plant.
  50. He wiped the slimy accumulation off the knife with his finger and put it in his mouth.
  51. As far down as he could reach the sides fell away sheerly, dank and slimy to his touch.
  52. Gripping his great knife under his mantle, Conan hoped the slimy brute would pass him by.
  53. Reaching down, he tugged the fat, slimy creature from his skin and dropped it in the sea.
  54. Maggie’s mouth was dry as she ran, and her fingers brushed against the cold, slimy rock.
  55. But it did have a fat slimy tongue, which he bounced gently upon on his trip down the throat.
  56. He reached out and touch the epiglottis, which was slimy and warm to the press of his fingers.
  57. He opened the trapdoor and she had no option but to descend the horrible slimy steps once more.
  58. The sailors went away yesterday evening, they were leaving town to catch some thin and slimy.
  59. The wonder is how they, how you and I, can live this slimy, beastly life, eating and drinking.
  60. The marsh hawk, sailing low over the meadow, is already seeking the first slimy life that awakes.
  61. That was an improvement, but the slimy mess pooled on the stinking rag a mere inch from her face.
  62. He opened the door to the furnace room and glared down at the slimy puddle under the water heater.
  63. The rumors were all around the neighborhood, the stories laced with plenty of kinky, slimy detail.
  64. He could feel a cool breeze flowing over his body, which was coated by a thin slimy layer of sweat.
  65. YUKKKK! I hate the idea of seeing that slimy lecher again and letting him put his filthy hands on me.
  66. He remembered the cat’s slimy ass, and how it could leave a real pong behind on the arm of a chair.
  67. They were unrecognisable as each one of them was covered from head to foot in brown, slimy excrement.
  68. Clara was still upset with Larry, and she opened her mouth wide and let her green slimy bugs attack him.
  69. Wet, muddy, slimy socks! He should have told me, put it in his will or something, to bury him in shoes.
  70. Conan dazedly realized that he lay on the brink of a great round well, the edge of which was slimy stone.
  71. But because it was wet and slimy, it took all of their strength to hold on to the indentations in the wall.
  72. Taking the stick, she placed a bunch of the slimy green gunk onto the furrow mark across Roric’s shoulder.
  73. What is that stuff? asked Edwin, inspecting the slimy yellow substance that dripped from Zach’s fingers.
  74. They had fanged their undeniably large teeth at me, flashing their menacing eyes and their sickly, slimy smiles.
  75. Connor gulped in fear, wetting his parched lips with his slimy tongue, his fiery cherry eyebrows arched in panic.
  76. They were small and folded at first, drooping and oozing some sort of slimy stuff, but they were definitely wings.
  77. Fishmael sank to his knees and dragged the harpoon, now attached to a mass of slimy green weed, back into the boat.
  78. Two Syclers pushed their way out, leaving slimy, bloody trails as they followed the first Sycler out onto the sand.
  79. He could not swim; and he thought, too, of nasty slimy things, with big bulging blind eyes, wriggling in the water.
  80. Eberhard at that time was an eel fisherman, and since slimy live eels are difficult to handle, he was usually broke.
  81. All of a sudden, something long and slimy came out of her! She hacked the thing out of her throat and onto the floor.
  82. Wiping his nose resulted in silicone on his nose which seems to soak into the skin and stay there as a slimy covering.
  83. I didn’t have to waste my time going to multiple dealerships, and I didn’t have to bother with slimy car salesmen.
  84. To think you might somehow want to become unholy again, dirty and slimy again, having to maintain an alimentary canal.
  85. Still shuddering from the experience, he wiped at his mouth with his hand, only to realize it was covered in slimy filth.
  86. Slimy old George Mason! Not only was he leching after her, but he could also have had a financial motive for killing her.
  87. I tried to scrabble out of the tub, the fish’s slimy skin sliding over my flesh, its whiskered mouth gaping, prehistoric.
  88. He had grown into a big green slimy monster with his teeth as yellow as the sun, and an odor that would kill anything living.
  89. He stared at it almost hypnotically, before feeling it soak through the light mesh fabric, giving his toes a nice, slimy feel.
  90. I leave the morality of the performance to moralists; to me, its chief feature is its cowardice, its sneaking, slimy cowardice.
  91. They spoke shudderingly of how one, sighting the dread, slimy kraken, might never see land again for the curse that was on him.
  92. Brice approached the gate of Shattered Rock and put his hand out, letting his palm slide over the slimy, grease coated exterior.
  93. Furiously he rubs his nose with the towel and succeeds in only removing a small amount as his nose and hands still remain slimy.
  94. His captives, like him, were plastered with dank slimy goo and covered with leaves and the saffron colored bloom of the punk tree.
  95. If you mean hard-ons, that’s true, the Swede said with a sly grin that almost made him look rather slimy all of the sudden.
  96. She was barely able to focus on staying upright, on remaining by his side in the labyrinth of stagnant pools and slimy slabs of stone.
  97. What about the iron gang? Aren’t there troopers around? Johnny moved back from the cart upon a slimy layer of guilt as he spoke.
  98. Valerius lifted her like a child, and with the torch-bearer hurrying before them, they left the dungeon and went up a slimy stone stair.
  99. Nem poked his nose into a couple of shops that interested him and found their proprietors just as slimy in their personalities as Jacoba.
  100. Slipping on a slimy substance she fell into the crystal like water, making her way back to standing she coughed out a mouth full of water.

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