wreak sätze

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Wreak sätze (in englisch)

  1. Oh the havoc we wreak when we kill a heart.
  2. And head injuries wreak havoc with immunities.
  3. The traps are effective but wreak havoc on the.
  4. They’d wreak havoc on every nation they came into.
  5. What havoc, I wonder, could such a government wreak?

  6. That in itself would have been enough to wreak havoc;.
  7. Imported or new birds that are infected can wreak havoc.
  8. The female hormones would wreak havoc on a man's system.
  9. On your feet! By the God of Moses, I shall wreak my.
  10. Heroin is highly addictive and can wreak havoc on both the.
  11. Laura has access to a super-machine that can wreak havoc on.
  12. A little drop to wreak havoc in that tortured, twisted brain.
  13. A prolonged deflationary environment can wreak havoc on the market.
  14. Saul, distraught, to his agents yelled so he could vengeance wreak:.
  15. He might remain in Switzerland and wreak his vengeance on my relatives.

  16. The dark creatures under Lucis’s influence wreak havoc on the planet.
  17. But, some of these products could potentially wreak havoc with the bio-.
  18. But still… The internal pressures of the body and all would wreak havoc.
  19. But when you suffer from diabetes, that very same substance can wreak havoc.
  20. In his little evil brain he sought for some excuse to wreak his hatred upon Tarzan.
  21. Any permanent losses to your investments can wreak havoc on the beauty of compounding.
  22. Once out they would wreak havoc on the convoys and be almost impossible to track down.
  23. She couldn’t imagine the devastation Wilson’s secret life would wreak on their lives.
  24. That's when trends from other timeframes sneak up on them and wreak havoc with their plans.
  25. Only those who attempted to wreak havoc on it prior to 9/11 attempted so for its seeming power.

  26. This optimistic bent in analysis would wreak havoc on actual trades because it is very unrealistic.
  27. Catkin vowed to himself that he would return one day and wreak havoc and murder upon the townspeople.
  28. But what was the ultimate goal? Wreak havoc for the sheer power thrill? Destroy the team? Destroy me?
  29. On your feet! By the God of Moses, I shall wreak my vengeance upon our enemy with or without you!.
  30. With such abysmal returns, any risk will wreak havoc on the Sharpe ratio, and here it’s a pathetic –.
  31. What I don't want is to leave him behind to play with this technology—to wreak more havoc in the future.
  32. I simply did not understand how Makiss death could wreak such devastating impairment on her mental well-being.
  33. If your friend in there manages to find her for them there will be no end to the havoc they will be able to wreak.
  34. That would certainly wreak havoc on one’s mind and account for the blank look in the eyes that were somewhat 185.
  35. Ashley’s work that is telling against the prisoner; that he is using this public means to wreak a private vengeance.
  36. He was a demonic machine, bred for bloodletting, destruction and chaos, indeed designed to wreak havoc on human flesh.
  37. I had the canon send some shot into the woods to wreak a little havoc, but I couldn’t tell if it had been successful.
  38. The Americans were itching to find some German soldiers to wreak revenge on but so far the Germans had fled in a hurry.
  39. Famished from its long slumber, it would travel down from the snow-covered mountains to wreak havoc on the village below.
  40. As he went past Natalie realised that it was Dr Singh and her threat to wreak some revenge on him returned with a vengeance.
  41. Of course, there is no way that JáhmWüd can allow The Eliminator to wreak havoc and death throughout his dimensional neighborhood.
  42. He could spend hours redesigning the lives of his friends on the mental plain and wreak havoc in their relationships and their lives.
  43. This means that everyone can connect to this network because it has no security key and wreak havoc on those that are connected to it.
  44. Athene thought it more probable that they feared the father and were hedging their bets in case he came after them to wreak vengeance.
  45. That is plausible but to suppose that a score or even two of Naud fighters could wreak such destruction on a battle-cruiser-class vessel.
  46. It was not necessarily for its symbolism, only those who attempted to wreak havoc on it prior to 9/11 attempted so for its seeming power.
  47. That inscrutable thing is chiefly what I hate; and be the white whale agent, or be the white whale principal, I will wreak that hate upon him.
  48. Certainly, such a wrenching market decline today would wreak havoc on the financial and social structure of the republic, as it did 70 years ago.
  49. I rushed back to the room where she continued to wreak havoc into her pillow and I sat next to her again putting my arms around her as best I could.
  50. Who is more wrong than he, who, when reminded of his Lord's revelations, turns away from them? We will certainly wreak vengeance upon the criminals.
  51. Once in force inside his perimeter, the enemy would then be free to wreak havoc and even capture the port of Pusan, making any final withdrawal impossible.
  52. If the king did not intend to attack Paris, Ralph asked, what was his plan? No one knew, and Ralph suspected that Edward had no plan other than to wreak havoc.
  53. At heart they hate their horrid fates, and so wreak their poor spite on me who stand for everything they have not, and for all they most crave and never can attain.
  54. All the while the Elf recounted to herself everything the Matriarch had told her about how to remedy as far as possible any unintended damage she might wreak on an innocent victim.
  55. I was possessed by a maddening rage when I thought of him, and desired and ardently prayed that I might have him within my grasp to wreak a great and signal revenge on his cursed head.
  56. The Olsens and the Michauds were also vastly encouraged by the president’s slanders against the abolitionists and read into them the license to wreak havoc upon any one that spoke out against slavery.
  57. Lover? Higgins asked quickly, a touch of apprehension in his voice and his eyes at the mere suggestion of something so scandalous that could wreak further havoc upon this case and their investigation.
  58. But we’ve come to realize that prolonged downturns in the market can wreak havoc with an investment portfolio, especially in the early years of one’s retirement, and any good rule of thumb has to account for that possibility.
  59. His plan was to let the Artooroian fleet locate his Surveyor Craft, and as soon as they had, he and the Minion Droids would wreak havoc on the flag ship, steal a suitably armed space craft, take off, and force Grobut and Stazl to land on the nearest planet.
  60. The bad news that typically precipitates the need for an operating turnaround, as well as the ongoing uncertainty that revolves around management's turnaround effort, can wreak the kind of havoc on stock prices that value investors are keen to capitalize upon.
  61. I paid little attention to it at the time, but the next day I had good reason to recall the circumstances, and at the same time gain a slight insight into the depths of Sarkoja's hatred and the lengths to which she was capable of going to wreak her horrid vengeance on me.
  62. After cooler heads intervened, and counseling on how they could express and manage their anger, they had a heart to heart discussion and realized that the once unpalatable words which they thought were harmless grew in mighty proportions to wreak havoc in the relationship.
  63. I saw in this, wretched though it made me, and bitter the sense of dependence and even of degradation that it awakened,—I saw in this that Estella was set to wreak Miss Havisham's revenge on men, and that she was not to be given to me until she had gratified it for a term.
  64. Thus, if you are interested in using these names as the basis of a shorting strategy, I advise that you couple it with additional mechanical strategies such as moving averages and stop-loss orders so as to avoid the havoc they might wreak on a shorting strategy during market bubbles and the immediate aftermath of bear markets.
  65. He now promised his people greater material wealth; double the daily wage earned on the farm in exchange for absolute silence about the totemic Kokopoulos who, Kicheche, would assure all and sundry, would wreak death and destruction should the merest whisper of indiscretion come to his ears as Head Mganga, as Kandowere now styled himself.
  66. I left him there in the hands of his servants, who did not dare and were not able to interfere in his defence, and I come to seek from thee a safe-conduct into France, where I have relatives with whom I can live; and also to implore thee to protect my father, so that Don Vicente's numerous kinsmen may not venture to wreak their lawless vengeance upon him.
  67. She would call him the ‘glorious dead’, a man who had devoted his time on earth to seeking out injustices, cut down in the prime of his life by people who only wanted to spread terror, people who conspired in the dark corners of human existence to wreak destruction, who caused the death of innocent consumers everywhere, whose only manifesto was to destroy order and create chaos.
  68. From that moment on he was the cruelest of the cruel, and I am awaiting the day when he shall win the goal of his ambition, and feel the carcass of Tal Hajus beneath his foot, for I am as sure that he but waits the opportunity to wreak a terrible vengeance, and that his great love is as strong in his breast as when it first transfigured him nearly forty years ago, as I am that we sit here upon the edge of a world-old ocean while sensible people sleep, John Carter.
  69. They are further represented as seeking liberty to transmigrate into the bodies of two thousand swine, and as accomplishing the destruction of the whole herd as by the passage of some malignant whirlwind; * at another time as possessing a slave-girl at Philippi, and enabling her owners to make 'much gain’ by her supernatural spiritualism; a 'divination’ so effectual that when the spirit was cast out there was no legerdemain remaining, or natural clairvoyance, so that the 'hope of their gains was gone:’—loudly crying up the apostleship of Paul and Silas as 'the servants of the Most High God,’ so as to fasten the brand of their abominable advocacy upon the ministers of the Gospel—and then leaving the wrathful proprietors of the dispossessed medium to wreak their vengeance on the evangelists before the magistrates of Philippi, who beat them cruelly with rods and cast them into the prison.

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