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Wreak in a sentence

Oh the havoc we wreak when we kill a heart.
And head injuries wreak havoc with immunities.
The traps are effective but wreak havoc on the.
They’d wreak havoc on every nation they came into.
What havoc, I wonder, could such a government wreak?
That in itself would have been enough to wreak havoc;.
Imported or new birds that are infected can wreak havoc.

The female hormones would wreak havoc on a man's system.
On your feet! By the God of Moses, I shall wreak my.
Heroin is highly addictive and can wreak havoc on both the.
Laura has access to a super-machine that can wreak havoc on.
A little drop to wreak havoc in that tortured, twisted brain.
A prolonged deflationary environment can wreak havoc on the market.
Saul, distraught, to his agents yelled so he could vengeance wreak:.
The dark creatures under Lucis’s influence wreak havoc on the planet.
He might remain in Switzerland and wreak his vengeance on my relatives.
But, some of these products could potentially wreak havoc with the bio-.
But still… The internal pressures of the body and all would wreak havoc.
But when you suffer from diabetes, that very same substance can wreak havoc.
In his little evil brain he sought for some excuse to wreak his hatred upon Tarzan.
Any permanent losses to your investments can wreak havoc on the beauty of compounding.
Once out they would wreak havoc on the convoys and be almost impossible to track down.
She couldn’t imagine the devastation Wilson’s secret life would wreak on their lives.
That's when trends from other timeframes sneak up on them and wreak havoc with their plans.
Only those who attempted to wreak havoc on it prior to 9/11 attempted so for its seeming power.
This optimistic bent in analysis would wreak havoc on actual trades because it is very unrealistic.
Catkin vowed to himself that he would return one day and wreak havoc and murder upon the townspeople.
But what was the ultimate goal? Wreak havoc for the sheer power thrill? Destroy the team? Destroy me?
On your feet! By the God of Moses, I shall wreak my vengeance upon our enemy with or without you!.
With such abysmal returns, any risk will wreak havoc on the Sharpe ratio, and here it’s a pathetic –.
What I don't want is to leave him behind to play with this technology—to wreak more havoc in the future.
I simply did not understand how Makiss death could wreak such devastating impairment on her mental well-being.
If your friend in there manages to find her for them there will be no end to the havoc they will be able to wreak.
That would certainly wreak havoc on one’s mind and account for the blank look in the eyes that were somewhat 185.
He was a demonic machine, bred for bloodletting, destruction and chaos, indeed designed to wreak havoc on human flesh.
Ashley’s work that is telling against the prisoner; that he is using this public means to wreak a private vengeance.
I had the canon send some shot into the woods to wreak a little havoc, but I couldn’t tell if it had been successful.
The Americans were itching to find some German soldiers to wreak revenge on but so far the Germans had fled in a hurry.
Famished from its long slumber, it would travel down from the snow-covered mountains to wreak havoc on the village below.
As he went past Natalie realised that it was Dr Singh and her threat to wreak some revenge on him returned with a vengeance.

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