bring sätze

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Bring sätze (in englisch)

  1. Bring a suit and tie.
  2. I can bring you home.
  3. Bring me to the earth.
  4. They then bring it up.
  5. What A Day Would Bring.

  6. Bring it up and use it.
  7. Bring a bottle of wine.
  8. To bring it toward you.
  9. He didn’t bring it up.
  10. Bring a bottle of water.
  11. That He could bring about.
  12. If I bring the fires of.
  13. Bring a game of checkers.
  14. Bring the young fellow in.
  15. He wishes to bring us to.

  16. Did the turkey bring you?
  17. Don't bring this up again.
  18. Can you bring it too?
  19. I forgot to bring the wine.
  20. I'll bring the car around.
  21. With whatever you bring us.
  22. I had nothing to bring home.
  23. Bring the priest here now.
  24. I couldn’t bring it all.
  25. He was able to bring more.

  26. That bring the fog and mist.
  27. I will bring her to Calras.
  28. It will bring faith to you.
  29. You can't bring about any.
  30. It can only bring to.
  31. But here you bring in the.
  32. Bring it along by all means.
  33. Bring the spirit down to us.
  34. When you bring laughter to.
  35. Should you choose to bring.
  36. If I could bring you smiles.
  37. He raised his arm to bring.
  38. He can't bring his chariots.
  39. Bring to a soft boil or 238.
  40. Bring all firepower to bear.
  41. Towers, and can bring to thy.
  42. Follow me and bring your bag.
  43. Defying the sun I bring rain.
  44. Bring healing to the Body of.
  45. Bring The Hate, Bring The Gigs.
  46. It never fails to bring sleep.
  47. Harry would try to bring it up.
  49. Let me bring Tee his lunch.
  50. I think I’ll bring Susan.
  51. Then bring it to the basement.
  52. It is enough to bring you to.
  53. He’d bring a score of guards.
  54. Michael could bring more tears.
  55. Make Jemelda bring this to me.
  56. Bring that brat with you!.
  57. Why did he bring sunglasses?
  58. Promotion can only bring the.
  59. The which he will bring unto.
  60. Find him and bring him here.
  61. Bring joy and fun in your life.
  62. You cannot bring them with you.
  63. No one should bring Elior pain.
  64. You will bring me good fortune.
  65. I can bring one for you, Fumai.
  66. Bring God forward in your life.
  67. I bring this token here to you.
  68. The LORD will bring on them the.
  69. I wondered how she could bring.
  70. Lord, bring healing to our land.
  71. They bring out the wood cut-out.
  72. And bring the last of that wine.
  73. He couldn’t bring himself to.
  74. Then why does she want to bring.
  75. Isn't Tim clever to bring it?
  76. My mission is to bring you in.
  77. Should you choose to bring your.
  78. And what do changeful years bring.
  79. Get him and bring him in here.
  80. Bring two small bags to your car.
  81. My suggestion is that you bring.
  82. You are trying to bring them to.
  83. And the desire to bring it about.
  84. This is where some owners bring.
  85. I’ll bring it up on the screen.
  86. I had to bring him back on rails.
  87. God’s ways will bring us into.
  88. Going to bring the harvest in.
  89. The mouth of the righteous bring.
  90. I'll have Mom bring you a blouse.
  91. I wanted to bring this for you.
  92. She was to bring her mother’s.
  93. They wanted me to bring him back.
  94. And bring beer, lots of cold beer.
  95. Stop stirring and bring to a boil.
  96. I didn’t only bring them in to.
  97. How could she bring a date here?
  98. Only don’t bring the idea of a.
  99. He couldn't bring himself to hit.
  100. They also bring unity to the body.
  1. With Panny bringing up the.
  2. Brosnan will be bringing up.
  4. I thank you for bringing us.
  5. Bringing home the bacon, did.
  6. C3: We are bringing in Cyndie.
  7. I told you I was bringing her.
  8. When we started bringing her.
  9. She is bringing it in her pail.
  10. They're bringing our two kids.
  11. She had a way of bringing out.
  12. Okay, I’m not bringing it up.
  13. After bringing about the union.
  14. And bringing something with it.
  15. Finally bringing it to the flame.
  16. Bringing out all my inadequacies.
  17. See, I'm bringing people already.
  18. There they are bringing new wine.
  19. What are you bringing to the.
  20. Sorry that I keep bringing it up.
  21. I’m bringing them back with me.
  22. Are you bringing the boys?
  23. For bringing me home, a while ago.
  24. Holt and Meg bringing up the rear.
  25. Are stirred toward bringing into.
  26. Nobron was bringing his up behind.
  27. Clydie is bringing all the milk.
  28. I think she’s bringing a lot to.
  29. And he plunged deep, bringing them.
  30. Continue Bringing the Ascension of.
  31. I’m bringing this to the general.
  32. He’s bringing evil upon the city.
  33. Bringing new wonder to live within.
  34. Yeah, no use bringing up the past.
  35. Bringing out the best in each other.
  36. To me, bringing this book in is an.
  37. Thanked me for bringing him closure.
  38. I’ll be bringing her home shortly.
  39. Bringing him back was as easy as that.
  40. I’m bringing the car around now.
  41. That is usually done by bringing us.
  42. And they’re bringing the kids, too.
  43. Thank you for bringing me home Roric.
  44. The flat was bringing in a nice £400.
  45. Frankenstein bringing a monster alive.
  46. They are so afraid of bringing.
  47. Different ways of bringing off a coup.
  48. But bringing down into the brain the.
  49. Bev started more slowly bringing the.
  50. They’ll be bringing a witch-pricker.
  51. Then I started bringing them over to.
  52. Thank you God, for bringing me safely.
  53. Wait, why are bringing it here?
  54. Don't mind about bringing a present.
  55. She thanked us again for bringing the.
  56. She needed help bringing in some boxes.
  57. Thank you for bringing me the news so.
  58. This article is dedicated to bringing.
  59. Bringing up the rear were the actual U.
  60. For bringing you here without reason.
  61. He knelt quickly, bringing it up to aim.
  62. What are they bringing? Mercy on us!’.
  63. They are bringing him back here tonight.
  64. It was the Owslafa bringing up the ever.
  65. Thanks for all the joy they're bringing.
  66. Why are you bringing this to me?
  67. Couple that with bringing it up to your.
  68. Kurak entered bringing him fresh clothes.
  69. No, why are you bringing this up?
  70. But bringing him back is something else.
  71. You’re not bringing anyone on board.
  72. The point where Danny regretted bringing.
  73. His legacy was realized by bringing the.
  74. Many feel confident only by bringing to.
  75. Bringing Sue with me as we continued to.
  76. He insisted on bringing the Rand girl.
  77. What had we done by bringing Randall in?
  78. Ekaterina followed, bringing the shotgun.
  79. Do you see they are bringing the vessels.
  80. Separate trains bringing what? he wondered.
  81. They are bringing her, our Protectress!.
  82. He kept bringing it up in our discussions.
  83. There’s nothing much to bringing a baby.
  84. Other bringing knees to chest as fast as.
  85. She is bringing four other children to me.
  86. Herndon was busy bringing the boat to dock.
  87. There are no records for bringing one back.
  88. Forgive me for bringing this up, Charlotte.
  89. Bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top.
  90. Add the salt and stir well while bringing.
  91. A way of bringing some control back to her.
  92. But he was already bringing the ship about.
  93. He seized her wrist, bringing her to a halt.
  94. Before bringing home a cat ask the shelter.
  95. I hadn’t even thought of bringing a torch.
  96. On top of that, you are bringing the whole.
  97. The earth bringing forth thorns and thistles.
  98. At that point, the woman spoke up, bringing.
  99. No, it’s just me bringing in the towels.
  100. Her maiden strewments and the bringing home.
  1. They brought him to Him.
  2. USA and brought it over.
  3. I brought it with me.
  4. He brought me to a bar.
  5. This brought an end to.
  6. I had brought you there.
  7. Jay brought it for me.
  8. He brought it down at me.
  9. The games are brought out.
  10. You brought them with you.
  11. She had brought six pink.
  12. That brought a quick frown.
  13. The boy brought his horse.
  14. His father brought him a.
  15. The month that brought her.
  16. A shout brought no response.
  17. She brought him here to die.
  18. It cannot be brought about.
  19. He brought her back to life.
  20. He even brought up marriage.
  21. Who brought the boy in?
  22. He had thousands brought in.
  23. Travel has brought us closer.
  24. Yet you had brought it home.
  25. But what brought about the.
  26. Disney has brought into our.
  27. The thought brought a smile.
  28. It brought tears to her eyes.
  29. He brought in an experienced.
  30. Peoples was brought to Pharaoh.
  31. This brought joy to his heart.
  32. God brought all into creation.
  33. My friends, I've brought help.
  34. You should have brought him.
  35. They brought to Him a denarius.
  36. That brought me back to Earth.
  37. Cara brought bottles of water.
  38. Brought it, too, upon Nicolas.
  39. Mama said and brought Ali down.
  40. He brought out the best in her.
  41. That’s what brought him here.
  42. The boy brought himself hither.
  43. So they brought to him a penny.
  44. She brought a big bag with her.
  45. I brought him here al the way.
  46. Then brought his hand into view.
  47. Cypriots have brought her to a.
  48. His mother brought in the meal.
  49. She was brought slightly back.
  50. I should have brought him down.
  51. I’ve brought her some tea.
  52. His excited shouts brought us.
  53. The Haad Licence was brought up.
  54. He brought peace to this valley.
  55. I brought that up at the meeting.
  56. His influence is brought to bear.
  57. For it was he who brought about.
  58. Boran brought down the elevator.
  59. They brought it upon themselves.
  60. The small boat was brought to her.
  61. They were either brought here by.
  62. Cliff had brought them all water.
  63. The very thought brought a fear.
  64. It brought all that trouble back.
  65. She closed them as I brought my.
  66. Cain brought his offering to God.
  67. He brought the tea up to his lips.
  68. A small squeeze brought him back.
  69. That brought a lopsided smile to.
  70. And so the military is brought in.
  71. The thing you want is brought to.
  72. The raven and the cane brought me.
  73. I brought him around to the goons.
  74. What business brought young Mr.
  75. He brought her a toy house, with.
  76. Surely fate has brought me to you.
  77. Jenni had brought about the change.
  78. She had brought him into adulthood.
  79. And brought its coolness to the air.
  80. LaTrue brought a man into the room.
  81. I brought him in to see the Khakhan.
  82. Hmmm, I brought the remains of Mrs.
  83. Food and wine were brought to Moses.
  84. You brought some hip boots?
  85. She brought to him a sense of ease.
  86. I have brought you into this world.
  87. She brought me a glass of white wine.
  88. For the second time she brought me.
  89. He was rounded up and brought to me.
  90. You werent, so he brought you here.
  92. Loring was brought out in handcuffs.
  93. He brought his horse to a halt and.
  94. The man brought three puppies with.
  95. The barman brought him another beer.
  96. She brought out a parade of perfumes.
  97. The rucksacks they brought with them.
  98. Traders from Erech brought the news.
  99. When he brought her food and water.
  100. Yeah, someone just brought it out.
  1. It brings us out of.
  2. Which brings me to –.
  3. Hope he brings the cont.
  4. This brings us to Goal 2.
  5. The one factor brings a.
  6. Which brings us to Friday.
  7. That brings me up to date.
  8. Enjoy the peace it brings.
  9. Crime brings in cash and.
  10. This brings me to my fa-.
  11. Teddy brings me the long.
  12. But that brings me comfort.
  13. It brings us closer to God.
  14. She brings a bowl of water.
  15. The Word of God brings life.
  16. The waitress brings us soup.
  17. And that brings us back to.
  18. Teddy brings his fire coat.
  19. The Mustang brings her home.
  20. Which brings us to the Spirit.
  21. R and brings her back to life.
  22. That brings me back to Union.
  23. That brings our heart to heart.
  24. It brings out your creativity.
  25. What brings the three of you.
  26. It brings $800 at the auction.
  27. But if the LORD brings about.
  28. The tea always brings me back.
  29. All this in many cases brings.
  30. Which brings me to a question.
  31. This brings up the concept of.
  32. And how sin brings about death.
  33. It brings up too many memories.
  34. This brings the book to a close.
  35. He brings out the worst in you.
  36. And that brings us to our list.
  37. Q: What brings about a change?
  38. This brings me to another point.
  39. It brings peace to two families.
  40. This brings me to my first point.
  41. It brings to mind all the times.
  42. This brings to fulfil ment the.
  43. He brings his lips back to mine.
  44. What brings you this joy?
  45. That brings great honour to God.
  46. He brings up his bottle to toast.
  47. Which brings me to the point….
  48. He brings his hand flat to mine.
  49. What brings you this way?
  50. Mass brings distinction and the.
  51. It brings the whole into balance.
  52. Which brings us to my next point.
  53. This immediately brings to mind.
  54. So he brings on a different style.
  55. Which brings us to the last point.
  56. The land brings me peace and joy.
  57. She often brings but one to bear.
  58. Which brings us to the free trade.
  59. This brings me to my next rule:.
  60. Prayer brings the blessing of God.
  61. Life itself brings these moments.
  62. Each movement brings up a galaxy.
  63. What brings you up this way, Mr.
  64. She brings the meaning to my life.
  65. Case he brings in germs, I s'pose.
  66. It brings reality to our doorstep.
  67. It brings in its train a host of.
  68. No one brings a flame thrower.
  69. What brings you back? He asked.
  70. Brings out the darkness of her eyes.
  71. He brings an increase in lifestyle.
  72. And the earth brings out its loads.
  73. Brings joy to the King of the North.
  74. Tis you that brings stupidity here.
  75. Curb appeal is what brings buyers.
  76. Which brings us to the next chapter.
  77. He is just and he brings salvation.
  78. Now knowing this brings me to the.
  79. It brings back memories of when I.
  80. It brings a sense of security and.
  81. All of which brings me to my point.
  82. Paul brings up a crucial point here.
  83. This brings us to an important point.
  84. He brings it towards Johan’s head.
  85. He brings victory over these things.
  86. Any failure that brings benefit to.
  87. It brings the truth about the full.
  88. Q: What brings in the waking state?
  89. What brings you into the forest.
  90. Such expanding brings about cooling.
  91. What brings you here? he said.
  92. And so he brings in false solutions.
  93. The learning he brings with him is.
  94. Love brings self esteem and balance.
  95. The fear of man brings a snare, but.
  96. Love brings happiness and not hatred.
  97. This brings to an end our session.
  98. What brings in the most money?
  99. This brings clarity in thoughts and.
  100. What brings you up here tonight?

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