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Accuse in a sentence | accuse example sentences

  1. I know you accuse yourself.
  2. Some of them accuse the supers.
  3. They will all try to accuse you.
  4. On the contrary, he'll accuse me.
  5. I didn't want to accuse her again.
  6. They accuse you of being flippant.
  7. No-one can accuse me of impatience.
  8. Accuse me of putting roots on you?
  9. I accuse no one, Credit evaded.
  10. How dare you accuse me, I joked.
  11. We can’t accuse anyone of kickbacks.
  12. If you try to accuse President Bush Jr.
  13. To accuse any child of that is barbaric.
  14. And she had the nerve to accuse him of.
  15. Destroyers all, they accuse you instead!.
  16. I could never accuse Cuauhtzin of either.
  17. Accuse someone (only) when he is present.
  18. I don't accuse him of any harm, said Mr.
  19. You made me this way, he wanted to accuse.
  20. Why would she accuse our darling Ziggy?
  21. But how can you accuse United of ….
  22. No one can accuse me of lacking determination.
  23. Accuse her of being childish if she hesitates.
  24. Did he accuse you of kidnapping his son?
  25. I am here to accuse him, but to defend him also.
  26. Did she accuse you of raiding the crops?
  27. But in asserting this they only accuse themselves.
  28. At one point, Mudd appears to accuse him of lying.
  29. I’m not the strange one, you are, I accuse.
  30. And he would accuse me of being a sadistic dictator.
  31. What do they accuse you of? Who accuses you?
  32. I would never accuse you of exploiting your followers.
  33. Accuse me of damages and I’ll accuse you right back.
  34. I had heard her more than once accuse me of his death.
  35. It was another for this politician to accuse him of it.
  36. They will accuse, judge, and sentence any one you like.
  37. It was dangerous for a serf to accuse a lord of a crime.
  38. The more complicated lie is to accuse Lincoln of racism.
  39. Father, I accuse myself of having raised my eyes to the.
  40. No one would ever accuse the Texcalla of excessive taste.
  41. But courage! I will not pause either to accuse or repine.
  42. If he remained silent, they would accuse him of cowardice.
  43. At last, he said, To accuse me… I was hit from behind.
  44. And she’d been about to accuse him of all sorts of things.
  45. Tibet from China, the leaders of the PRC continue to accuse.
  46. They accuse us of spending the nation’s riches to protect.
  47. She have the nerve to accuse me of sending her death threats.
  48. She cannot accuse me of showing one bit of deceitful softness.
  49. Is it fair to come out and accuse someone of sexual abuse and.
  50. No doubt they would be ready to defend theirs and accuse others.
  51. As it is, the papers accuse the jury of acquitting prisoners.
  52. They’ll just accuse you of bad blood and scare mongering again.
  53. I do not accuse them all of being conscious of what was to happen.
  54. Do I commit the same sin I accuse others of in appending ‘is an.
  55. It was very difficult for a serf to accuse a lord in a court of law.
  56. She alone could accuse her lover, and destroy him by her confession.
  57. It is the voice of the devil to accuse, blame, manipulate, and slander.
  58. WTF? Did she really just accuse me of blowing her off for a booty call?
  59. If they accuse you of lying, messengers before you were accused of lying.
  60. She wouldn’t want him to accuse her of hiding something that might help.
  61. She knew Herndon wanted to accuse Venna of stealing aluminum from his home.
  62. What would Richard say? Would he bluster? Would he accuse Godwyn of lying?
  63. Pull her to you as if you are about to kiss and then accuse her of wanting to.
  64. No one could accuse him of anything but the most steady sequence in his steps.
  65. He flew to the writing-table, tore open the seal, and read aloud: Accuse no one.
  66. But on the one side there is no ceasing to accuse, nor on the other to vindicate.
  67. As names go, this is perfect as no-one would accuse it of being small and crowded.
  68. No one could ever accuse Chesford Council of not being thorough in their research.
  69. We can’t accuse the Pope’s Legate without evidence, Manfredo said sternly.
  70. How could he accuse me of being a whore like that? Was I only a whore in his eyes?
  71. But we heard nothing there and were driven to accuse the bad condition of our senses.
  72. Maybe they won't believe my story of what happened and will accuse me of killing him.
  73. If the palace guard found the body and a witness accuse me of this terrible deed….
  74. She had come here to accuse her of infidelity, and to get him to engage in infidelity.
  75. Although English, nobody could accuse Miss Tempest of being a bread-and-butter miss.
  76. LORD [divine presence], and Satan [the Adversary] standing at his right hand to accuse.
  77. Have pity on Valentine! Listen—it is impossible! I would as willingly accuse myself!.
  78. Do not accuse the servant to his master, in case he curses you and you are found guilty.
  79. These POWs would accuse him of crimes, and the Americans would surely sentence him to death.
  80. You did not care what became of that girl, so long as she was where she could not accuse you.
  81. At least the Iranian authorities wouldn’t be able to accuse her of being indecently dressed.
  82. You see, these peddlers are the hypocrites that accuse Label Christianity of honoring Christmas.
  83. Why the hell are these broads trying to accuse me of being with their men?! Diane D shouts.
  84. Billy and Doyle had heard Callie accuse me of photographing hellspawn in Pete’s earlier.
  85. She may be damn young for her rank, thought Vance, but nobody could accuse her of being immature.
  86. He would get extremely upset over the littlest of things or accuse her of things she didn’t do.
  87. Just to make sure that you cannot accuse them of anything: because they can accuse you far better.
  88. It’s all been properly paid back, protested Marian, so they can’t accuse you of theft.
  89. I know she does, and I accuse her of it and scold her; but as to taking her up, it would be a pity.
  90. And too much of a coward too ever openly accuse them, or defy them, or disobey them, or judge them.
  91. Henry Beaufort is doing his best to get us out of the mess and they accuse him of being the traitor.
  92. Do not accuse your partner, things will get worse and it could also lead to a strained relationship.
  93. They had not publicized that fact, though, fearing that the villagers would accuse them of blasphemy.
  94. I couldn’t really accuse Adam of cock-blocking when there probably wouldn’t be any cocks to block.
  95. Nobody could accuse him of not being concerned for Rosemary's well-being, both mentally and physically.
  96. So now you know, she heard the low, sardonic voice, accuse, …this is what you’ve done to us.
  97. They accuse me of wanting to clear the space of shanties in order to construct the magnificent Domus Aurea.
  98. Oh my gosh I always laugh when people accuse him of this because their minds instantly go for the salacious.
  99. I’ve a feeling Inspector Kareltin suspects we’re gay, and it would be convenient if he could accuse us.
  100. Then suddenly he broke off and began to accuse the prince of something; he was apparently offended with him.
  1. He is accusing the Court of.
  2. You are accusing me of having.
  3. Bjorgolf in an accusing gesture.
  4. He shot an accusing stare at me.
  5. His accusing eyes never left me.
  6. Look I'm not really accusing you.
  7. Mom, nobody is accusing you of.
  8. They were accusing their own hands.
  9. I’m not accusing you of anything.
  10. We’re not accusing you of anything.
  11. They were hard, questioning, accusing.
  12. Her statement, accusing him of pawing.
  13. Along with the accusing Step-daughters.
  14. His eyes were accusing yet very neutral.
  15. Are you accusing me of something?
  16. Sit: I am not accusing anyone of anything.
  17. Lil’ B focused an accusing glare at Ben.
  18. Now, here was this Jed, accusing them of.
  19. He then pointed an accusing index at Nancy.
  20. DANIEL: That's not true! Stop accusing me!.
  21. It comes out more accusing than he intends.
  22. Are you accusing me of being a thief?
  23. I know, I’m not accusing you, she said.
  24. Her eyes met his and her accusing gaze was angry.
  25. I trusted you, she said, her eyes accusing.
  26. And you think I’m accusing you of that?
  27. Eliphaz grew more stern, accusing, and sarcastic.
  28. Clarence Travers avoided his wife's accusing eyes.
  29. He went on with an even, accusing tone of voice:.
  30. In cases of the obvious misuse of accusing someone.
  31. She spoke in a low, accusing voice, slow but clear.
  32. Maybe he was a long way from accusing her of cloning.
  33. The council for the defence pointed an accusing finger.
  34. This guy flips out and starts accusing me of stealing.
  35. On his part, Taylor pointed an accusing index at Ingrid.
  36. Now, your grandma is accusing Jericho of kidnapping you.
  37. She brushed his eyelids down, closing the accusing gaze.
  38. And I hurt him with my eyes, hard and cold and accusing.
  39. Comben looked at her as though he were doing the accusing.
  40. I will say, rather than accusing Stephenie Meyer of pro-.
  41. You don’t blame me? What was he accusing her of?
  42. He cannot say the thing she is accusing him of - ‘queer.
  43. He said Richard was always accusing the teacher of using a.
  44. She thought he was accusing her of abusing her power again.
  45. So that’s why you keep accusing me of using the pills.
  46. He was on the verge of striking a pose and accusing Schmidt.
  47. The words chanted in her mind, taunting, inviting, accusing.
  48. His teeth ground and he looked at me with an accusing stare.
  49. I’m not accusing you of anything, I said reprovingly.
  50. Two arms were wrapped around her back in an accusing embrace.
  51. They brought her to court accusing her of bewitching the king.
  52. Shit! He wasn't asking her if she cheated, he was accusing her.
  53. Matty said, You’re accusing me of killing my father?
  54. Kent was now a bit pissed that Morinda was accusing of taking.
  55. Tannan glanced at me when he said this, a slight accusing look.
  56. What is the good of accusing the dead? The dead are dead, and.
  57. But here, in the dark of the night, an accusing voice needled me.
  58. He closed his eyes against my accusing stare, and I turned away.
  59. The accusing stains had disappeared, but the handle was still damp.
  60. He could turn to tell Anne without her accusing him of lying again.
  61. That’s still an open case, he reminds you in an accusing tone.
  62. Your mum allowed that kind of thing? My tone was very accusing.
  63. Or should I say, he says, pointing an accusing finger toward me.
  64. She’s accusing Diane of meeting her husband at his job last week.
  65. Aditi Sen’s dark eyes were fixed on Devon, but not in an accusing way.
  66. Russell is not accusing anyone here, but we need to know what he knows.
  67. His instinct told him it was not rudeness of which she was accusing him.
  68. Klowa knew by her tone and look that she was accusing him of being spent.
  69. I think you’re misunderstanding me, I’m not accusing you anything.
  70. Is each step, each sound, calculated to prick me with its accusing finger.
  71. He looked him in the eye with an accusing stare and shouted in his face:.
  72. Bulldozer, that is, starts accusing you of being the cause of this or that.
  73. Now, he was accusing me and other channels of falsifying his remarks on Modi.
  74. Getting back on her feet, she pointed an accusing finger at the crowd above.
  75. Isabel and Clara both gasped wildly and turned accusing eyes to the two boys.
  76. But, we can’t go about it by accusing him of things or we will get nowhere.
  77. Parties were formed, some accusing Pierre of Illuminism, others supporting him.
  78. The ‘puppy’ analogy led to his critics accusing him of gross insensitivity.
  79. Stupid! Isn’t this where you nearly lost him last night? By accusing him of.
  80. In a fit of anger he had lashed out at William for accusing Alice of witchcraft.
  81. This business of accusing us of getting fat on Earth’s back is utter nonsense.
  82. She did not answer; she gave Ethan a sharp accusing look and simply turned away.
  83. Some of you are probably reading this and accusing me of being pretentious and/.
  84. Jamie could not believe this woman was accusing her of trying to sabotage EDWARD.
  85. Before Tdeshi was born, she corrected, accusing him of a pronoun infraction.
  86. Her cousin might have thought she was accusing her of something, and gotten upset.
  87. Petersburg, lay before me in a new light, that of awakened and accusing conscience.
  88. When he got back, he had a whole story of Alore accusing him of being a wizard again.
  89. He turned her around and grabbed her face, his words coming out harsh and accusing:.
  90. Emma accusing him of changing ever since the baby arrived; since he gave up drinking.
  91. Throwing the bed sheets away, Miri got out of bed and pointed an accusing finger at him.
  92. The accusing professor quit teaching a few days before the elections, which I easily won.
  93. The meeting had not gone well, the Prime Minister accusing him of withholding information.
  94. Initially the police had been most unfriendly towards her by accusing her of killing Doug.
  95. You’re just after accusing me of being crazy! There are no weapons aboard this ship.
  96. Glaring back at the accusing faces he cleared his throat and with an ironic smile he spoke.
  97. Are you accusing me of killing them? Doug said, starting to fade out of consciousness.
  98. But he lost it when he started calling in sick and accusing his colleagues of spying on him.
  99. But you weren’t the one who did this! It was Charlie, what are they accusing you of?
  100. Help! Kidnap! cried Prue, accusing me, in her Confusion, of the Crime she had committed.
  1. I accused them of it.
  2. No one is being accused.
  3. They accused him of lying.
  4. I have not accused you of.
  5. Tobias had accused her of.
  6. She said Wayne accused you.
  8. I was accused, tried, and.
  9. These men accused me of.
  10. Can he be accused of having.
  11. Having more or less accused.
  12. The hussar Pikhtin was accused.
  14. I’ve all but accused him now.
  15. Accused me of letting him down.
  16. Do you know the accused?
  17. I have accused You of cruelty;.
  18. He is accused by Saint Antoine.
  19. Others were accused of kissing.
  20. They would be accused of heresy.
  21. The actions accused of the Bush.
  22. You have accused me of cowardice.
  23. Still, I’d accused him publicly.
  24. Mesmer was accused of immorality.
  25. The accused heroin dealer and Mr.
  26. He didn’t want to be accused of.
  27. You are being accused of witchcraft.
  28. The accused may answer the question.
  29. This is your fault! She accused.
  30. The accused was calmer than the judge.
  31. Her eyes were focused on the accused.
  32. She's the one who really accused him.
  33. I forget what you were accused of?
  34. I am accused of bewitching Merthin.
  35. Friar Murdo has accused her of heresy.
  36. That, Sunny-Jim, is the crime accused.
  37. They are the people who were accused.
  38. Whereas Aaron stands accused of murder.
  39. While, the one mistakenly accused as.
  40. I got grounded and they accused me of.
  41. You have been accused of the crime of.
  42. The accused wishes to take the stand.
  43. When he realized, it was accused himself.
  44. Ser Glendon has been wrongfully accused.
  45. ROBERT: Samantha has accused you of rape.
  46. He’d been accused of being effeminate.
  47. Are you the accused in this case?
  48. He might even be accused of killing him.
  49. You are accused of being his accomplice.
  50. You tried to kill me, she accused.
  51. Was it possible the accused drug lords.
  52. I hate her! I hate her! I accused her.
  53. Kyle has accused you of some things the.
  54. I was once more accused of inborn idiocy.
  55. You’re in on it, too, she accused.
  56. Playfully, she’d accused him of cheating.
  57. The accused turned about, looking startled.
  58. The accused will now make a bogus statement.
  59. He is accused of crimes against humanity.
  60. Still less could he be accused of ambition.
  61. Vincy had accused him of poisoning her son.
  62. A Nevada State Senator has been accused of.
  63. People accused him of behaving like a lord.
  64. Nobody ever accused him of singing off-tune.
  65. I know Paul was accused of stealing money.
  66. By whom will the accused be defended?
  67. He was accused of date-raping Amy in 2005.
  68. Then he accused me of sleeping with my ex-.
  69. The things I said to you, accused you of.
  70. He's the one who accused RCMP commissioner.
  71. He was afraid he was going to be accused of.
  72. Jesus, when they accused Him, said not a word.
  73. What are we accused of? I interrupt him.
  74. You goof, Visola accused with a chuckle.
  75. A man who is accused of rape! he added.
  76. He was being accused of something, after all.
  77. The door soon opened and the accused appeared.
  78. Jesus many times accused some of the Pharisees.
  79. He was wrongfully accused of cheating at cards.
  80. They were usually accused of stealing property.
  81. I became a suspect and was accused 12 years ago.
  82. According to the informant, the accused heroin.
  83. Especially to me, John’s memory again accused.
  84. I asked what I was accused of, but got no reply.
  85. He repeatedly accused others of believing in a.
  86. Anyway, as much as I have been accused of Devil.
  87. What’s wrong with you? I accused harshly.
  88. They accused him of having been involved in the.
  89. Ser Glendon stands accused of grievous crimes.
  90. They accused Him of saying He was The Son of Man.
  91. Now they stood before the accused woman and the.
  92. Also see: RCMP accused of watching female inmates.
  93. Thomas was sick of being accused of knowing things.
  94. Nothing, accused of murder, what about you?
  95. That’s true, but they don’t know the accused.
  96. Rights of the accused to counsel and trial by jury.
  97. It was committed in 1985 and I was accused in 1997.
  98. And your brother was accused of aiding our enemies.
  99. I could say the same about you, I accused him.
  100. You’ve lost weight, he accused with concern.
  1. What’re you up to? she accuses.
  2. To what? Lie to us? Marcus accuses.
  3. Monique accuses the group of being aggressive and.
  4. What do they accuse you of? Who accuses you?
  5. Christopher Hitchens accuses the Dalai Lama of claim-.
  6. My brother directly accuses you of the murder and theft.
  7. He accuses Mama of being stupid for living in this neighborhood.
  8. The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me, he complains of my gab.
  9. Nothing's a secret when a slut accuses a virgin of whoring around.
  10. The encounter begins with Denise, who accuses the group of having.
  11. The entire house was in chaos and pandemonium of curses and accuses.
  12. He accuses himself, he curses himself, he implores my forgiveness!.
  13. There is one who accuses you even Moses on whom you have set your hope.
  14. How any father could hear his daughter’s curses and accuses from anybody.
  15. Then, of course, she forgets where she put it and accuses everyone of taking it.
  16. Even today she accuses me of having been dishonest with her to conceal the sale.
  17. I heard about Sharon, you did that didn't you? he accuses in an unfriendly voice.
  18. During our conversations she constantly labels others and then accuses them of labeling.
  19. The conspiracy is a success if everyone accuses anything but detect the true conspiracy.
  20. Christina is really jealous and always accuses Eric of cheating on her even though he hasn’t.
  21. Occasionally, someone accuses me of saying that today is a good day regardless of how it is going.
  22. Therefore in the light of what the most respected academic group on Earth accuses me of, I therefore.
  23. I state it emphatically that science accuses me to be not schooled to the point where I am able to have.
  24. Every now and then we read in the newspaper that a union or someone accuses a foreign corporation of such things.
  25. The god Poseidon subsequently rapes Medusa, and Medusa earns the wrath of Athena who accuses her of being unchaste.
  26. So that, besides all the other absurdities growing out of this resolution, there is this additional, that it accuses Mr.
  27. For instance, in SHAM, Steve Salerno accuses psychiatrist Thomas Harris and similar authors of claiming that you were.
  28. As I expect, she’s not happy and accuses me of neglecting her, but I know she will support anything to make me forget Chan.
  29. The same person who had forgotten to tell the driver to go along the Appel Quay accuses the driver of the car for going the wrong way.
  30. Well, you can say what you like, but Bishop Henri accuses you of stealing the treasure, and he has sent me here to demand its return.
  31. To conceal his crime, he then rapes and kills his brothers and sisters as they lie in their beds and accuses everyone else in the neighborhood.
  32. Sartre is even more severe than I am and he accuses the I not of lying without knowing it but of lying and not wanting to admit that it is lying.
  33. As soon as someone accuses me or criticizes me, as soon as I am rejected, left alone, or abandoned, I find myself thinking, Well, that proves once again that I am a nobody.
  34. As though to certify these attempts to smother democratic debate as the official policy of his administration, the President of the United States accuses the Tea Party people of fear mongering.
  35. Kirsten Mads' daughter, what is it that you know of this matter in which Morten Bruus accuses your rector? Tell the truth, and the truth only, as you would tell it before the judgment seat of the Almighty.
  36. Roger told him once: Antonio, in the United States, which your government accuses of repressiveness, we can travel wherever we want and whenever we wish without having to bribe anyone for that privilege.
  37. For the grievances against Louis Philippe, there is one deduction to be made; there is that which accuses royalty, that which accuses the reign, that which accuses the King; three columns which all give different totals.
  38. Just as prolonged and stubborn is the struggle now proceeding between the old and the new conception of history, and theology in the same way stands on guard for the old view, and accuses the new view of subverting revelation.
  39. He taunts Cervantes with being old, with having lost his hand, with having been in prison, with being poor, with being friendless, accuses him of envy of Lope's success, of petulance and querulousness, and so on; and it was in this that the sting lay.
  40. The person responsible for the mistake accuses the lowest man in the chain of command of making the mistake; thus causing the confusion in the driver’s nervous system and his mishandling of the clutch and gears, causing them to jam, stopping the car in front of Schiller’s Deli just as Gabriel Princep comes outside with a sandwich in his hand.
  41. I am come in the name of my Father and you received me not; but if another come in his own name that one will 52 you receive; And how can you believe while you receive praise one from another and praise from God the One you seek note Can it be that you think that I will accuse you before the Father? you have one who accuses you Moses in whom you have rejoiced.
  42. Moreover, she is always trying to sabotage me in various stupid ways: She steals my back up floppy discs and accuses me of losing them, yet I see them as soon as she opens her drawer; she refuses to show me some useful things on the computer; she gives me to type the wrong texts and then she says I am the one who doesn't work right; she drops hints I am illiterate and I don't know the computer program, and so on.
  43. And yet, the Musalmans are ever averse to having vande mataram as the Indian national anthem for it would require their veneration of her! What rank ingratitude for a land that contributed to Islam its Musalmans in their millions! But in catering to their Islamic whim, Gandhi’s Congress gave India a national anthem that salutes Sind, a province of Pakistan! What should be India’s objection if its neighbor accuses her of hegemonic designs to set up an Akhand Bharat?
  44. But no, says Annie, she has the Maid clapp’d in Prison fer it—the Fool—fer, sure, when the Maid’s Trunk is search’d an’ the Spoons found, she is swiftly condemn’d as guilty o’ the Theft! Now, the Husband comes Home, pretendin’ he was in another Town the previous Night, an’ the first Thing he hears is o’ the Maid’s Imprisonment, whereupon he goes into a Passion ’gainst the Wife, whereupon she accuses him o’ bein’ the Maid’s Lover, whereupon his own Mother accuses him o’ the same, an’ the Poor Man receives such a Tongue-lashin’ from the two Women that the Quarrel betwixt him an’ his Wife can ne’er be mended more, whereupon both Mother an’ Wife take Horse fer the Mother’s Country Seat, leavin’ the Husband to rage alone! An’, i’faith, ’twas the End o’ their Marriage, fer the Bitterness betwixt ’em grew such that ne’er did they live together as Man an’ Wife again.

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