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Acid in a sentence

Acid does that.
Acid, and a trip.
Either the acid.
with a hit of acid.
Use an acid mulch.
* Acid in the body.
One is leaking acid.

acid than a good one.
keep that lactic acid.
comprised of uric acid.
vapor but sulfuric acid.
an acid, cancer, killer.
See boric acid in index.
said he, in an acid voice.
The lighter acid washed.
May 8 was the acid test.
It is a natural acid trip.
The acid melted her flesh.
in stomach acid production.
5 and less = Strongly Acid.
with calcium and folic acid.
destroyed from stomach acid.
The acid was up in his gut.
Centaur blood is like acid.
procured the arsenious acid.
Her voice was cool but acid.
the same level of folic acid.
his, he got an acid reaction.

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