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    1. My hope is this will reacquaint (or acquaint) the reader in some of the most famous and influential writers of our time, all, curiously enough – from Scotland

    2. The same most respectable and well-informed authors acquaint us, that when any person undertakes to work a new mine in Peru, he is universally looked upon as a man destined to bankruptcy and ruin, and is upon that account shunned and avoided by every body

    3. "If you'll allow me to acquaint you with a little of my history

    4. “You are to be my liason in America, to acquaint the American women with my collection! My representative!” He laid out his plans before her, without giving her a chance to interrupt

    5. Our journey through life will oftentimes acquaint us with individuals ―greater‖ or ―lesser‖ than ourselves

    6. 8 Despise not the discourse of the wise, but acquaint yourself with their proverbs, for of them you shall learn instruction, and how to

    7. I spotted Carmen’s parents and the girls; I was yet to acquaint myself with the rest of Carmen and Kevin’s friends and relatives

    8. 12 In this way Jesus sought to acquaint his followers with many of the reasons underlying his practice of increasingly using parables in his public teaching

    9. Stopping only once and that was at the port city of Albans to provision what little he needed and to acquaint himself with the lax governorship of the East Coast

    10. Owners/trainers should acquaint the

    11. The high priest of the temple of the moon is named Tezcat, the most evil and devious priest that it has been my misfortune to meet, he is the leader of a group of six or seven like minded priests, full of pride and cruelty, I shall acquaint you with them all, don’t under estimate their power, I had the distinct feeling at the priests meeting this morning, they spoke to me with the correct deference but I felt an underlying threat, as though they didn’t expect me to be around much longer, I fear that Jodas was right with his talk of security, I can sense an underlying plan being put in place either that, or their evil plot is already running its course

    12. Let's see if we can acquaint you with this fun fruit

    13. This trip was essentially for Bernard Abro and I to acquaint ourselves with our

    14. teacher-preceptors are constantly after the seeker to acquaint him with

    15. he will again acquaint him with that knowledge which is the most sub-

    16. As the word “knocker” came in general in the first verse including every call and shout that result in upsetting spiritual concussion, therefore the Almighty wanted to acquaint us with this knocker, so He says:

    17. In this noble fortress, the Almighty God wants to draw our attention to some universal signs which show man the Might of his Creator and acquaint him with His great Favor and Care about him, so that he may turn from his inattention and recover his consciousness, then he desists from his shunning and adopts the right path

    18. Yet the Almighty wanted to acquaint His Prophet with the persistence of those in their disbelief as He (glory to Him) is omniscient of them and of what folded in their hearts of tendency to this life and what settled in their spirits

    19. As a proof of that printing, God wanted to acquaint man himself with the printing which has been fixed on his spirit’s surfaces

    20. After that, the Almighty wanted to acquaint man with the necessity of following the guidance of his Provider in his moving in this life and in his enjoyment with the yearnings which He created for him in order that all his actions become good and his enjoyment and relish entail happiness and bliss for him

    21. To acquaint you, man, with your spirit, God stated to you the high rank that He honored you with among all creatures and showed you your position in this great universe in which He made you upon the best formation among all these creatures

    22. God wanted to acquaint us with that who arranged universe and made everything in it accurate so as to move from the glorification of this universe to the glorification of its Creator and Provider and to resort to Him by our spirits

    23. In this noble fortress Almighty, Allah wants to show man His continuous care of him and to acquaint him with His permanent protection and sympathy to him

    24. God begins this fortress with a group of universal things in order to acquaint you with the Grandeur of Him who guides you and to illustrate His comprehensive Favor upon you

    25. The overall meaning: In this fortress, God, the Almighty wants to exhort us and to warn us of denying the truth as He wants to acquaint us with the punishment of the denires and the intense torment that will afflict them

    26. Having revealed some verses which acquaint us with ourselves and show us the charity of our Creator upon us, the Almighty wanted to clarify the way that leads to belief in order that we acquire the humanist qualities

    27. After He elucidated to us that breaking in the obstacle is the means which helps one reaching belief and that this belief uplifts its owner and makes him a perfect man of noble merits, God wanted to acquaint us with the fate of this noble man and the recompense he shall find at his Provider for the deeds he has rendered

    28. The facts of the states and the drive to be treated in fire will acquaint him with the compassion of his Provider

    29. And that who helps you draw near to God and acquaint you with Him, you are owing gratitude to him for all your life, and unable to repay him charity equal to his

    30. As learning lessons from the affliction descended upon the destroyed nations is not accomplished without belief, and as believing in the Day of account is associated with and depending on believing in God, therefore the Almighty began this fortress with verses that acquaint humanity with their Creator who brought them to this existence, and who is at the same time the Originator and the Director of all this universe

    31. To acquaint us with the earth revolution which brings the night and with the part of the night in generating these boons, God mentioned the following verse in order that we may think of this sign in addition to the previous signs and thus our belief will grow deeper until we surrender to our Creator entirely

    32. To acquaint us with the bad actions of those nations which entailed them destruction, the Almighty says:

    33. Indeed, if man meditates on a camel, he will sense wisdom in creation and precision in making that acquaint him with its great Creator and wise Maker

    34. In this noble Fortress the Almighty orders his noble Prophet (cpth) to help people swim in the name of his Provider, that is to acquaint them with the might of this Creator and his high prestige in order that their spirits swim in that endless greatness and be immersed in that Potency which man cannot apprehend its borders or limit

    35. God wanted to acquaint us with the fact that shunning makes one veiled from the truth, while drawing near to God makes one realize the loftiness of what he hears of the verses of his Provider

    36. He wanted to acquaint you, man, with that the one who obliges you with these graces is caring about you and loving to you

    37. The Almighty began this fortress with a group of verses that acquaint you with the events which will happen on that momentous day, so that you may recognize His Super Might and Majesty and know that the Almighty has created all these beings out of His Mercy upon you and to ensure your life

    38. Having revealed the changes on land surface that will be caused by breaking down the tenfold, God wanted to acquaint us with the changes which will happen in the sea, such of stopping the functions of the sea animals, God says:

    39. Then, God wanted to acquaint us with the Grandeur of the One who sent us these words and His Supreme Prestige so that we may hearken to His Speech and

    40. Having reminded us with some miracles which bespeak the Greatness of the source of this revelation, God “glory to Him” wanted to acquaint us with the standing of His noble Envoy whom He selected to be a preacher and an adviser for all people

    41. I say: the Almighty God drove this blind man to the Messenger’s followers sitting in such circumstance when he (cpth) was talking to those heads in order to reveal this fact to us and to acquaint us with the freedom of choice granted to man

    42. Then the Almighty draws man’s attention to himself to acquaint him with his origin and formation so that if he thinks of this small point, he may get knowing his Provider through it and be guided to his Creator

    43. Those signs acquaint us with the Greatness of our Creator and make us hearken to His admonition and advise

    44. They are signs that acquaint you with the way leading to the everlasting life and eternal felicity under the wing of God’s noble Prophet (cpth)

    45. Then God wanted to acquaint you with His Supreme Self and to draw your attention to His Might, so He mentioned to you that your Provider who will recompense you for your deeds and give you what you deserved due to a strict account; this Provider is:

    46. ’ In this context, it means to reveal something after it was imperceivable and to disclose it and acquaint with it after it was hidden and obscure

    47. In the context of Almighty Al’lah, the verb ‘fataha’ is used meaning to show a person the truth of a certain matter, make him aware of it and acquaint him with it

    48. I should keep contemplating and thinking about all God's signs (wonders) in this universe in the morning before the sunrise and in the evening before the sunset that is to acquaint myself with the Might of its Creator and appreciate the charity of our Provider for the innumerable and limitless benefits which result from the sequence of day and night

    49. Having revealed some Verses which acquaint us with ourselves and show us the Charity of our Creator towards us, the Almighty wanted to clarify the way that leads to belief in order that we acquire humanist qualities

    50. After He has elucidated to us that breaking the obstacle is the means to achieve belief, and that this belief uplifts the believer and makes them a perfect person of noble merits, God wishes to acquaint us with the fate of this noble person, and the recompense they shall get from their Provider for the deeds they have rendered

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    acquaint familiarise familiarize introduce present

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    cause to come to know personally

    make familiar or conversant with