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Present in a sentence | present example sentences

  1. To buy her a present.
  2. I present the key and.
  3. Now back to the present.
  4. Let me present the Lady.
  5. But first I present you.

  6. It is my present to you.
  7. The tree of our present.
  8. To wit, I present to you.
  9. The Past And The Present.
  10. All the present, all the.
  11. I was back in the present.
  12. In the present F flat mix.
  13. Now, in the present time!.
  14. My present to you as well.
  15. Ever present and in motion.

  16. Use only the present tense.
  17. It’s a very nice present.
  18. To all the players present.
  19. His present life had been.
  20. He never sent Wes a present.
  21. Maybe it is — at present.
  22. What makes the present so.
  23. The mayor was not present.
  24. I have a present for you.
  25. Past and present and future.

  26. Carlos, may I present Ms.
  27. At the present time one of.
  28. I would remind all present.
  29. We have at the present time.
  30. It’s a present, of sorts.
  31. That could present a problem.
  32. The Palace Were Present, All.
  33. This does present a problem.
  34. First, let me present myself.
  35. No fuses were present, though.
  36. His Christmas present to them.
  37. I see you got me a present.
  38. She blinks back to the present.
  39. Staying in the Present Moment.
  41. The 13th of the present king, c.
  42. Aunt Hannah's present was her.
  43. They present you with a hefty.
  44. I was present when it occurred.
  45. So, instead of the present 30.
  46. The present only toucheth thee:.
  47. The Chair-Maker was not present.
  48. Live in the host of your present.
  49. That had to be the present Gary.
  50. Makepeace is its present name.
  51. Aunt Louise, the present woman.
  52. I wasn’t present when he fell.
  53. With God's major present (gift).
  54. But it would do for the present.
  55. Just live and enjoy the present.
  56. At present you are moved by the.
  57. I am safe and I am in the present.
  58. The present self is here and now.
  59. Meanwhile, only love was present.
  60. Coast Guard, 1915 to the Present.
  61. But actually, there is no present.
  62. Life in the present, as we speak.
  63. I talked about my past and present.
  64. The chemicals present within the.
  65. The magic is all in the present.
  66. The present process, however, is.
  67. But, what's with the present?
  68. The Best Time to Present Your OTO.
  69. Kul are living at the present time.
  70. You need to have a lawyer present.
  71. Sometimes I do live in the present.
  72. For they are my future and present.
  73. I wasn't present enough to disobey.
  74. I’ll present it to our Board of.
  75. This is what the present moment is.
  76. Back to Nathan and the present then.
  77. The present image refused to budge.
  78. But now tails were present behind.
  79. Present the Best and Outdo the Rest.
  80. Weak sense of being present to the.
  81. Joe took the present off Ethereead.
  82. Nor with his present one, evidently.
  83. But I need to return to the present.
  85. This is why it is called the present.
  86. No, I'd better stick to my present.
  87. Children present a special challenge.
  88. Between the E driven present emotion.
  89. The sarcasm was clearly present now.
  90. Allow me to present the MOBE program.
  91. One at which I was present took two.
  92. Now you must present me with the key.
  93. In the present taking thought as to.
  94. Therefore, it's how you present the.
  95. Present day humans are not there yet.
  96. More individuals are present in the.
  97. Best leave him there for the present.
  98. Spark hadnt been present for a while.
  99. It is a timeless state, ever present.
  100. Your present energy healer is correct.
  1. I am presenting my own.
  2. On my presenting myself at Mrs.
  3. Think about presenting on China.
  4. In presenting the above report, Mr.
  5. But now we’re here, presenting.
  6. In fact, presenting completely new.
  7. Besides, his presenting you the cup.
  8. I am presenting this analysis to help.
  9. Master the Art of Successful Presenting.
  10. A week before presenting to the secret.
  11. Even if the baby had been presenting head.
  12. The external forms of presenting Buddhism.
  13. Master the Point, Turn and Talk Presenting.
  14. Allah is presenting me the road to paradise.
  15. Presenting and Getting the Charter Approved.
  16. Read Paul again, his manner of presenting it.
  17. Then, presenting him with forty gold pieces, he.
  18. Jeffrey Stanzer is presenting at the G-8 meeting.
  19. Harry remained in the cave entrance, presenting a.
  20. Petya no longer thought of presenting his petition.
  21. You looking forward to presenting this case?
  22. Pétya no longer thought of presenting his petition.
  23. She opens her arms presenting herself and her arsenal.
  24. Master the Point, Turn and Talk Presenting Technique.
  25. Many times, we are faced with presenting the invisible.
  26. I am presenting at the Las Vegas Trader Expo on Friday.
  27. Suicide is the pride of terrorist, presenting his belief.
  28. Walt Disney was a master in presenting the world of magic.
  29. The site shares information with the aim of presenting a.
  30. The maitre d’ was presenting a bill to his last customers.
  31. He should have stuck with presenting children’s telly in.
  32. Begin the interview by presenting yourself professionally.
  33. I’ve been presenting on, let’s say, free streaming video.
  34. By presenting myself as transgender, I would change all that.
  35. The director, in presenting him to the public, added these few.
  36. We will be presenting two versions of this, one in HTML and one.
  37. Finally he sat down, presenting me with a steaming bowl of pasta.
  38. After presenting us with $35,000 apiece, it was time to cut out.
  39. The major saluted the ship’s captain while presenting himself.
  40. Presenting a task to do, suggesting it but without providing any.
  41. Now I’ll be the only one presenting our case before Congress.
  42. Haman went to the king with his plan, and on presenting this plan.
  43. I think that’s what they’re doing: presenting us with a choice.
  44. For example, you may be presenting recipes for making pet remedies.
  45. Major Arntern then started presenting to Raymond his five commandos.
  46. She took the paper he was presenting and, with a dry throat, read it.
  47. Nimitz returned their salute before presenting his hand to the woman.
  48. That would largely be a matter of opportunities presenting themselves.
  49. Presenting the structure back to the coachee and testing its validity.
  50. He’s planning on presenting it to her tonight, as a wedding present.
  51. Giving reasons for activities, presenting with state induction skills.
  52. Miss Thorne announced that they would be presenting Toad of Toad Hall.
  53. That step also included dressing, presenting, and speaking as a queen.
  54. Coming to attention, he saluted the aviatrix while presenting himself.
  55. Janet continued with an air of presenting a great gift to her listeners.
  56. Fifteen minutes later I was presenting myself at Darklow Garda Station.
  57. She turned and walked toward the kitchen, presenting her back and that.
  58. This blockade is a compound one, presenting three distinct characters:.
  59. When you are presenting the first thing you should possess is confidence.
  60. They have differed much in their method of presenting it, but they all.
  61. In writing this book, I am either presenting the truth of the Scriptures.
  62. The trees grew close to the cliffs, presenting a solid mass of blackness.
  63. Sarah then walked in the small lounge, prompting Ingrid in presenting her.
  64. When you are presenting to someone with nothing to write with or nothing.
  65. Lori shared a happy hug with her before presenting her companion to Farah.
  66. Giving reasons for an activity, presenting it with state induction skills.
  67. Commander Riker greeted Garcia the moment he dropped the cloak, presenting.
  68. They aim to destroy existing law while presenting no articulate substitute.
  69. I was merely presenting a theory that better explains what transpired than.
  70. Fernand smiled to her while presenting her the pitcher of water and the cup.
  71. I still resented my wife for presenting me with what felt like an ultimatum.
  72. Obama’s state of the union address, twisting his words, and presenting it.
  73. The girl made a quick curtsy before presenting herself in impeccable French.
  74. By presenting incorrect, falsified or unproven facts and other untruths as.
  75. So in essence these are the things that you should adhere to while presenting.
  76. These ideas are no different than what we are presenting in The Option Secret.
  77. If the same or very similar cards keep presenting, then it is clear that the.
  78. The soles which you are at this moment presenting to me are slightly scorched.
  79. Presenting us with another version that is outside this existing living sphere.
  80. It was the sort of ‘plan’ she would have chastised a rookie for presenting.
  81. Kuthumi, in presenting these qualifications, has interpreted them all newly in.
  82. Harold was ecstatic with the anticipation of presenting the suggestion to Chloe.
  83. This is yet another example of opportunity presenting itself in the stock market.
  84. This interpretation implies that the idea of presenting offerings began with Cain.
  85. They print contradictory articles and call this presenting a balanced picture.
  86. It’s just a matter of delicately presenting our case in a very prudent fashion.
  87. The Custodians of Physics have nothing better to offer than presenting you with.
  88. Whether Providence had taken equal care of Miss Brooke in presenting her with Mr.
  89. He then infused her liver with poison before presenting the corpse to the Mganga.
  90. The latter saluted Zhukov and shook hands with him before presenting the NKVD man.
  91. I still resented my wife for presenting me with what felt like an ultimatum.
  92. The older man also eyed Nancy with obvious satisfaction before presenting his hand.
  93. In the Preface to Part Two, I talked about presenting you with models, not belief.
  94. Presenting yourself professionally would also help you in building your confidence.
  95. Letterman was presenting his top ten list of Indiana’s Hoosier Gifts to Humanity.
  96. In a way, Zorokin was presenting her with a convenient solution to a tough dilemma.
  97. Moreover, presenting them as the upshots of one's own misdeeds might be inaccurate.
  98. Most sites have the common mistake of presenting boring specifications and data in.
  99. A professional method of presenting one's talents and abilities, and of acquiring the.
  100. The Western Allies helped in this charade by presenting him as cuddly ‘Uncle Joe’.
  1. He presented it to me.
  2. He presented him to the.
  3. And for the kill presented.
  4. The papers presented by Mr.
  5. All signs presented to us.
  6. Now presented in this book.
  7. Presented here in this book.
  8. I presented her the Kit Kats.
  9. Each of them was presented.
  10. I presented it to the Omvia.
  11. This presented a huge dilemma.
  12. The data presented in Figure 3.
  13. Thus, we presented the proof.
  14. Jesus Presented at the Temple.
  15. We are becoming the presented.
  16. He presented her with the rose.
  17. The captain presented a pistol.
  18. But I have never been presented.
  19. This is everything I presented.
  20. Then he presented me with a box.
  21. The man on the stage presented.
  22. It is not attractively presented.
  23. In the presented case study, the.
  24. And she presented her other cheek.
  25. He proudly presented the passport.
  26. He presented a sinister image as.
  27. Presented in this publication are.
  28. He presented Kelsang Gyatso with.
  29. The trophy is presented with the.
  30. The results presented in Figures 7.
  31. The analysis presented in Figure 3.
  32. But she hadn't presented the idea.
  33. The kids have all presented lists.
  34. He presented it to Madame Magloire.
  35. That presented a problem for the U.
  36. The request was presented too late.
  37. Many ways are being presented now.
  38. I presented the argument that the.
  39. These plaques were presented at a.
  40. Averaged data presented in Figure 1.
  41. Some presented arrays of locally-.
  42. The wheel presented another problem.
  43. Now presented during the games play.
  44. Relationships presented in Figure 6.
  45. A number of subjects are presented.
  46. Mom presented me with a handkerchief.
  47. That night, she presented it to her.
  48. Quindich presented me with a glass.
  49. In the models presented in Figure 3.
  50. There two ways presented themselves.
  51. Pa’s own outfit presented a problem.
  52. Otto next presented his hand to Lisa.
  53. There a queer scene presented itself.
  54. Each presented a customer with forms.
  55. His nephew had presented it like an.
  56. Another very military man presented.
  57. You’ve heard it presented several.
  58. Consequently, we are presented with.
  59. In the example presented in Figure 2.
  60. The results are presented in Table 5.
  61. The results are presented in Table 8.
  62. Escrocevitch presented itself to him.
  63. The Kelly formula is presented below:.
  64. The dilemma presented no easy way out.
  65. The ideas presented by Smith and the.
  66. He presented a startling sight as he.
  67. Later on, they presented the plans -.
  68. The results are presented in Table 15.
  69. Board and it was approved as presented.
  70. Tatham, presented their views briefly.
  71. The results are presented in Table 13.
  72. He presented the fax to Detective Sgt.
  73. He presented him to Ash and Lady Ariel.
  74. She looked at the ID the man presented.
  75. The Day they are presented to the Fire.
  76. Nancy finally presented her right hand.
  77. He was presented with a chalice and a.
  78. That area presented no signs of looting.
  79. All participants presented their views.
  80. This schedule presented an opportunity.
  81. It has been presented hundreds of times.
  82. Thus, the analysis presented in Table 4.
  83. These issues are presented in Chapter 3.
  84. With a bow he presented his dish to her.
  85. And now another problem presented itself.
  86. I noted that it was all presented as fact.
  87. Each is presented as a ‘lottery ticket.
  88. Together, the findings presented in Sects.
  89. The weight function can be presented as.
  90. The sentry on the landing presented arms.
  91. You have to be presented to the Elders.
  92. Summarizing the data presented in Figure 8.
  93. He presented us with a formal accounting.
  94. Communication presented a bit of a problem.
  95. LeeAnn laughed at the image this presented.
  96. I presented the document to them in early.
  97. She prepared and presented her own program.
  98. With a proud smile, he presented it to her.
  99. Contrary to the data presented in Figure 8.
  100. Within three months a report was presented.
  1. And it presents a solution.
  2. Thank you for my presents.
  3. The chart below presents the.
  4. He wanted me to open presents.
  5. He showered her with presents.
  6. The age of reason presents us.
  7. They unwrapped the presents to.
  8. Even as he presents his excuses.
  9. It presents the person with the.
  10. Which presents a problem for you.
  11. Here is how McGarvey presents it:.
  12. Notice that eleven (11) presents.
  13. But nothing presents itself to him.
  14. Lin took out the Christmas presents.
  15. He placed the two presents on the.
  16. There were presents under the tree.
  17. People had sent other presents too.
  18. To everything it presents the bless.
  19. Hardy annuals he presents her with.
  20. All the presents were under the tree.
  21. He had brought them endless presents.
  22. Presents were wrapped and exchanged.
  23. Malloy followed with their presents.
  24. He gave it me to carry the presents.
  25. They even had presents under the tree.
  26. The Project presents systemic solution.
  27. There were two presents underneath it.
  28. Hell being cast into Hell presents an.
  29. Darwin presents the following opinion:.
  30. Buying Birthday Presents for your Child.
  31. I'll unload the presents! Joseph Jr.
  32. They will celebrate and send presents to.
  33. Spaghetti and the Opening of the Presents.
  34. Presents are supposed to replace Presence.
  35. This presents a layered image to deliver.
  36. She gestured toward the piles of presents.
  37. Berndt presents papers for the three of us.
  38. Akoulína (collects and folds her presents).
  39. Common sense presents you with some answers.
  40. I did not need presents to be Lisa's friend.
  41. A pile of unopened presents lay on the floor.
  42. See how nicely the presents are wrapped?
  43. The Bible presents us with the teaching that.
  44. In my e-books I presents the methods I have.
  45. To take off the straps presents no difficulty.
  46. Water, then presents it to person(s) saying:.
  47. We’ll strike when the opportunity presents.
  48. But there is a question that presents itself:.
  49. This is a common scam and it presents a huge.
  50. He had not stopped buying her little presents.
  51. But an interesting inquiry here presents itself.
  52. His face presents a map of purples and yellows.
  53. The Clerk jumps up, the Sentinel presents arms.
  54. The following chart presents the cost analysis.
  55. Now, there's one little point presents itself.
  56. And then you can show me your cake and presents.
  57. This presents ever-flowing water on the ground.
  58. Gingerly, he presents a faded canvas duffel bag.
  59. The children shout, delighted, as he presents it.
  60. Coming back flashing her latest presents around.
  61. The concluding section of this segment presents.
  62. You buy your grandkids presents and then you die.
  63. On this occasion the presents were unusually good.
  64. A concave mirror presents of distortion of facts.
  65. I really like the way Jeff presents himself and.
  66. Joe Elegant presents his compliments, he said.
  67. The presents that were under the tree stayed there.
  68. They were congratulatory presents, Worth said.
  69. The situation, as it presents itself, is very clear.
  70. I had packed all of Diamond’s presents in the trunk.
  71. Thatcher presents her guest with a pair of cuff links.
  72. This presents a model of how individual, group, and.
  73. Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers took hold of the presents.
  74. Depressed, he asked to show me the tree and presents.
  75. He remembered wrapping presents and stringing popcorn.
  76. This book presents the central principles behind the.
  77. Addie and young Fred received Christmas presents that.
  78. This is only a small selection of the assembled presents.
  79. Then he gave each man presents in proportion to his rank.
  80. Instead, he presents her to Himself in such a condition.
  81. He doesn't care for money; he wouldn't take my presents.
  82. The base of the tree was surrounded by wrapped presents.
  83. He watched as the kids placed the presents on the floor.
  84. Also, Ezekiel 1:10, visually presents us with an 11 and.
  85. The sea presents a barely audible wash on the other side.
  86. What do I do with sis’s presents, he asked as he.
  87. Open presents! Open presents! the twins screamed in.
  88. The cancer presents as ulcerated skin lesion on the labia.
  89. Yes, sir, if it was his birthday there’d be presents.
  90. Jeff, this is one of the most incredible presents that.
  91. It wasn’t about the giving of presents; it was about the.
  92. Passover; it was about the sixth hour, when he presents.
  93. The following presents the new IT organization structure:.
  94. Jehoshaphat presents, and tribute silver; and the Arabians.
  95. Why, my first word should tell you what this tale presents.
  96. We ate until we were full and then opened all our presents.
  97. This presents a problem to which there is no ideal solution.
  98. Sophie’s friends came round a few times with presents and.
  99. The sandstone presents nothing remarkable in its appearance.
  100. This time William arrived with a lady, but with no presents.

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