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Acquit in a sentence

Colmore, I acquit you.
It seemed to acquit him.
Of these charges her children acquit her.
Therefore you have no choice but to acquit.
I have a business charge to acquit myself of.
The juries who acquit every criminal are ours.
Acquit: To hold not guilty to the debt load of sin.

But, Fanny, if your heart can acquit you of ingratitude.
But, Fanny, if your heart can acquit you of ingratitude—.
Rommel, he said, as if he was pleading to a jury to acquit.
God says: … to find out which of you would best acquit himself.
Knox said, I believe that a military tribunal would acquit you now.
If he does not acquit himself of his task with caution, not only will all.
It would be shameful, disgraceful, not to acquit him! cried the official.
When the opportunity comes, thus you would have been equipped to acquit yourself well.
That's why they'll acquit him, because he struggled against it and yet he murdered him.
Let them acquit him—that's so humane, and would show what a blessing reformed law courts are.
The facts could be placed before a jury but then the court or the judge could acquit the guilty.
The merchant, desiring to acquit Maslova, insisted that Bochkova was the author of the conspiracy.
The merchant, anxious to acquit Maslova, insisted that Botchkova was the chief instigator of it all.
He wanted to see Gould in his true colours and he was interested to see how James Wong would acquit himself.
She said that she didn’t care how long it took; she was determined that he was going to acquit himself in bed with her.
The foreman, however, said that it was impossible to acquit her, because she herself had pleaded guilty to having given the powder.
On the one hand the judge was immensely relieved that the jurymen were screaming out to acquit as that might possibly save his judicial career.
Her heart and her judgment were equally against Edmund's decision: she could not acquit his unsteadiness, and his happiness under it made her wretched.
Her heart and her judgment were equally against Edmund’s decision: she could not acquit his unsteadiness, and his happiness under it made her wretched.
What in a great measure justifies the criminal in his own eyes, is his conviction that the people among whom he has been born and has lived will acquit him.
I am satisfied it means the end; they will surely kill him, but if that is the Master's choice, then let us acquit ourselves like men of courage; let us go also that we may die with him.
The fact that they are accidents does not acquit them of its responsibility - the magician looked at us without reacting and, with an indifferent gesture in his glacial face, continued:.
For such reasons, I was very glad when ten o'clock came and we started for Miss Havisham's; though I was not at all at my ease regarding the manner in which I should acquit myself under that lady's roof.
Woe upon any nation when only those who possess money and influence can secure ready justice before its courts! It is the sacred duty of a magistrate to acquit the innocent as well as to punish the guilty.
For these reasons he asked the jury to acquit Kartinkin and Bochkova of stealing the money; or, if they found them guilty of stealing he asked for a verdict of theft, but without participation in the poisoning, and without conspiracy.
From a legal point of view, the thief must be convicted for robbery, or at least for the illegal appropriation of the property of others; but from the medical point of view, we must acquit him, because he is not responsible for his acts.
Maslova was charged with intentional poisoning of Smelkoff, and with robbery as a motive, while the jury, in their answer, denied her guilt of the robbery, from which it was evident that they intended to acquit her of the intent to kill.
The poisoning was committed by Maslova alone; therefore he begged the jury to acquit Kartinkin and Botchkova of stealing the money; or if they could not acquit them of the theft, at least to admit that it was done without any participation in the poisoning.
What superlatives! What adjectives! How acquit Bonamy of sentimentality of the grossest sort; of being tossed like a cork on the waves; of having no steady insight into character; of being unsupported by reason, and of drawing no comfort whatever from the works of the classics?
If we consider the testimony by the Amalekite in today’s day and age, we would probably acquit him of any retribution for his act, but what does David do? He has the Amalekite killed, on the spot! Why, because the Amalekite took a life of an anointed of God, even though Saul’s sins were terrible, to put it mildly.
Casaubon's leaving a copy of himself; moreover, he had not yet succeeded in issuing copies of his mythological key; but he had always intended to acquit himself by marriage, and the sense that he was fast leaving the years behind him, that the world was getting dimmer and that he felt lonely, was a reason to him for losing no.
The jury in their verdict acquit her of the intent to rob, or participation in the stealing of valuables, from which it follows that they intended also to acquit her of the intent to murder, and only through a misunderstanding, which arose from the incompleteness of the president’s summing up, omitted to express it in due form in their answer.
Fanny's disposition was such that she could never even think of her aunt Norris in the meagreness and cheerlessness of her own small house, without reproaching herself for some little want of attention to her when they had been last together; much less could her feelings acquit her of having done and said and thought everything by William that was due to him for a whole fortnight.
As it is, the papers accuse the jury of acquitting prisoners.
And the deeper he went in domesticity the more did the sense of acquitting himself and acting with propriety predominate over any other satisfaction.
Sometimes she could believe Willoughby to be as unfortunate and as innocent as herself, and at others, lost every consolation in the impossibility of acquitting him.
Casaubon's time of life, she had no means of knowing, so that he could not have the advantage of comparison; but her husband's way of commenting on the strangely impressive objects around them had begun to affect her with a sort of mental shiver: he had perhaps the best intention of acquitting himself worthily, but only of acquitting himself.
You are acquitted, Captain Croker.
You are acquitted, Captain Crocker.
Those are acquitted of what they say.
Yeah! Dana has been acquitted Mom! ….
They were busted for it and acquitted.
And thank you, God, she’d been acquitted.
Whatever you do, you will be acquitted at once.
On June 13, 2005 he was acquitted on all counts.
Junie had been acquitted of Michael Campion’s death.
Evans had been acquitted of sexually abusing a girl 3.
He acquitted them both and put all the blame on Maslova.
When his case eventually went to trail he was acquitted.
The public roars with delight that the torturer is acquitted.
But, brother, have you no hope then of being acquitted?
He’d come back to the Ellsworth compound when Chandler was acquitted.
Had they had Kelsen as defense counsel, they would have been acquitted.
Columbus was eventually acquitted, but his reputation had been tarnished.
Dreyfus was finally acquitted in 1906, twelve years after his imprisonment.
He had recourse to the law everywhere, and the tapster was everywhere acquitted.
Oh! it was the Kolpakoff business, and of course he would have been acquitted.
For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.
Diego Olivera stood before the court at his retrial and he was acquitted of all charges.
But everywhere the public-house keeper managed to bribe the officials, and was acquitted.
Put Me in remembrance; let us contend together; state your case, that you may be acquitted.
Had you but added the words, ‘without intent to cause death,’ she would have been acquitted.
It is true Stepanov had sulfcrcd for it ; but he had been acquitted by public opinion, as it was.
A score or so of years ago, that woman was tried at the Old Bailey for murder, and was acquitted.
Ten years after her death, even after I was acquitted, the public still believes I killed my wife.
Some were pleased, others frowned, while some were simply dejected, not wanting him to be acquitted.
He had lost a great deal of weight and he had, according to reports, acquitted himself well in battle.
Khalifa was arrested after the explosion and deported to Jordan where, after a trial, he was acquitted.
Marilyn acquitted herself well in her work on this film, demonstrating her growing ability as an actress.
Multiple murderer who was acquitted due to a combination of his race and the venue in which he was tried.
But you really do admit the justice of what I have said in his defence?--I am happy--and he is acquitted.
At the impeachment trial, the Senate finally came to a vote and Johnson was acquitted by one vote falling.
This acquitted young woman and Provis had a little child; a little child of whom Provis was exceedingly fond.
That he would be acquitted, all the ladies, strange to say, were firmly persuaded up to the very last moment.
He'll be acquitted of everything at once, and ladies will wave their batiste handkerchiefs from the platform.
But at last the High Court of Appeal went into it and the poor fellow was acquitted and put under proper care.
Danglars acquitted himself like a man placed between two dangerous positions, and who is rendered brave by fear.

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