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Bear in a sentence

It was a fine bear.
He could not bear it.
Bear with a sore paw.
I'll bear it in mind.
Too gentle to bear it.
She could not bear it.
Man can not bear the.

The truth came to bear.
But bear me stiffly up.
Only a bear could love.
He flew at Momma Bear.
We do have bear -alarms.
And be eaten by a bear.
A knock to hard to bear.
It was too much to bear.
No, I could not bear it.
Haakon was a bear of man.
I was loaded for bear.
He could hardly bear it.
Bear it, however, he did.
The burden he must bear.
It is too bad to bear.
Then I gave him a bear.
Bear it still for me a.
How did you bear it?
And bear it to the chapel.
Though I do bear a grudge.
I shall bear that in mind.
Bear with us, our brother.
Then the tree hit the bear.
That you're my teddy bear.
I could bear it no longer.
I can’t bear to lose you.
It was a bear, he would say.
He slept with a teddy bear.
So, she had a bear as a toy.
I’ll bear that in mind.
They are those who bear a.
But I find it hard to bear.
Have a bearing upon us.
It has no bearing on us.
I was bearing witness to.
How are you bearing up?
His trailer burnt a bearing.
This has no bearing on Annie.
Bearing the brunt of annoyed.
Her imperious bearing was gone.
A green runabout bearing ISF.
Losira arrived bearing his tea.
Her whole bearing more subdued.
It becomes bearing the iniquity.
Is your wife bearing a child?
Exit Dolores, bearing the bodies.
She knew that noble bearing, too.
A red diamond bearing the words.
She had a maternal bearing that.
Bearing much fruit in The Beloved.
Bearing a torch ablaze at the prow.
Bearing witness from the Throne.
I set out bearing only my faith in.
He growled, bearing his teeth at her.
Bearing to waypoint was 278 degrees.
But the child she is bearing is not.
Bearing this in mind, we should ask.
They might have been bearing a coffin.
There was a difference in his bearing.
The sign rises bearing the next command.
Her bearing was one of indignant scorn.
The eyes were sharp, the bearing regal.
Remove this seal and the inner bearing.
He had a military bearing to his manner.
He comes bearing a message from Nathalia.
The Greek grinned, bearing his white teeth.
But it could have a bearing on you two.
I can see Captain Nemo's bearing to this day.
He came to the city bearing a white flag.
Extinction, as bearing on natural selection.
His bearing and weaning takes thirty months.
It could not be borne.
As we have borne the.
And borne the mark of.
Have you ever borne the.
Surely he hath borne our.
Across the borne of death;.
This is borne out by Krishn.
As we have borne the image.
This cannot be borne, sers.
It must be borne in mind that.
Lighted Candle in Stick borne by.
From me, she'd borne many things.
Diaconal Hat on Ashplant borne by.
He changes the "we have borne" to.
Khe Iem has borne his warm modest.
Trifles that have borne their part.
Padraic’s eff orts had borne fruit.
Oh I believe it! I have borne witness.
They have borne more than our conduct.
And just as WE HAVE BORNE the image.
With the perfect timing borne of many.
His shoulders had borne a heavy burden.
I disdain to utter what I have borne with.
They had borne witness to her degradation.
I have borne you into this world, child.
They had borne immensely with their mother.
As we have borne the image of the earthly.
Was falsely borne in hand, sends out arrests.
In part, his concerns seemed to be borne out.
Why Fantine? She had never borne any other name.
Jason packed with the haphazard energy borne of.
It would have been more than he could have borne.
Subsequent growths are borne much more painlessly.
Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our.
I was instantly borne away down the stream without.
Behold, Milcah, she also has borne children to your.
As WE have borne the image | WE SHALL also bear the.
He bears the scar to.
That bears out his story.
Ogg learned to fear bears.
Love of God bears prayer.
Buying a put is for bears.
Keep out the bears and.
Even polar bears are hunted.
The bears swam across the.
Hearne, on habits of bears.
Each bears his own cross.
In his right hand he bears.
Polar bears tread on solid.
But why are we bears?
I haven’t seen any bears.
And he bears witness to that.
North, where polar bears live.
The Spirit bears witness to.
Brown bears are popular here.
Stop blaming the victim, bears.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
A lot of bears in these parts.
Pastel shades and teddy bears.
The seed of mistrust bears the.
Bear call spreads are for bears.
I noticed the tiny teddy bears.
One who bears their own burdens.
Mark is down there hunting bears.
But there are no bears to be seen.
This is Bears territory, girls.
Bears are wild animals that are.
Chicago Bears and New York Giants.
Moon bears are drained twice daily.
Now bears the name of Battlefield.
Their present course bears me out.
Rosa bears William a son, Jonathan.
It was the size of ten polar bears.
There are no bears on Homestead.
Bears are a very real danger here.
Because grizzly bears have a low.
Their mass bears witness to apathy.
And the hate they bore.
He was a crashing bore.
Each bore a huge barrel.
I wonder how she bore.
I bore witness to food.
She bore me rapidly away.
The heat of midday bore.
A cry that bore an agony.
I bore witness here to a.
This man, too, bore burn.
Many bore the bruises of.
Well, that part bore truth.
He bore his gaze into hers.
What he bore on his brow.
He bore himself with ease.
He would bore you to death.
She bore his children and.
She conceived, and bore a.
But it does rather bore me.
I did not wish to bore you.
Because he is never a bore.
Then the twelve bore shotgun.
I won’t bore you with.
Alas for Tiny Tim, he bore.
Some I could see bore fruit.
She bore him three daughters.
His blue eyes bore into hers.
His weight bore her back down.
He was carrying a small bore.
A wave of stifling heat bore.
Millie set her jaw and bore it.
His face bore a huge wide grin.
The firstborn bore a son, and.
The panels bore nothing but a.
At last, my efforts bore fruit.
His features bore the ancient.
Sarah's servant, bore to Abraham.
His eyes seemed to bore into me.
His gory bat bore the evidence.
I met the most astounding bore.

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