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    1. I clear my throat

    2. "I was, but I'm not any more, I thought I made that completely clear

    3. In recent years it has become clear that not only does interest and capacity for sex continue well beyond menopause, but that many women report an increased enjoyment of sex because worries about unwanted pregnancy are no longer a concern

    4. question, why you have what you have will become clear to you

    5. because Jesus made it clear, that He came for the

    6. What hasn't been clear until now is how or why

    7. “Very clear,” Johnny said, biting back remarks that would only lead to having to listen to Ackers talk more

    8. It was clear that Ackers liked to think

    9. It was also clear that there was probably no one alive who could follow his line of thought, at least not very well

    10. The message is clear, and economical

    11. “Of course it shouldn’t be a problem,” Ackers voice came loud and clear over the ear pieces both Johnny and Nancy were wearing

    12. “If Red and Silence aren’t worried, it means that the coast is clear for now

    13. Oh it's not like your spaceship boat down there," she said with awe and pointed with her chin where it rested on the clear water, "but we have fun with that," she pointed at the lake sprite in the cove below

    14. “Yeah…” the slow one paused for the haze to clear again

    15. The will should make it clear that the surviving partner can pass his or her life in honour and happiness in her own home

    16. Let it be made clear that this is a very risky business that can easily convert well placed people into paupers while a very small number becomes rich overnight

    17. At least that was as clear as he could get without having seen either of them

    18. "So lets be clear on this, the four tons was the shuttlecraft's containment, sounds like the shielding to the motor

    19. ’ He said, the laughter clear in his voice

    20. This bench was high enough to clear the truck mount so it was almost like riding a tower thru the streets with these wheels on

    21. Cover the pile with clear plastic

    22. The clear plastic has several functions:

    23. ‘Puts Liz completely in the clear though

    24. enough to clear up

    25. It will probably never be clear whether it is the soap or the message on the bottle which has made Dr

    26. From the unfocused look in his eyes, it’s clear he is blind

    27. That meant they would bring in temporary people to clear the stuff out of the way

    28. As soon as it became clear that Eva was definitely going, I started to dream at

    29. No, I’ve gone and done it as far as he’s concerned, that is pretty clear

    30. By then the others had only one more layer of small crates and chests to clear from the aisle in front of the crate

    31. By then it was halfway thru the after-lunch but the aisle was finally clear

    32. signs of any other recent maintenance, it was at least clear all the way up the back of

    33. ’ She said with that clear gaze I am beginning to think is characteristic of her

    34. he wondered whether it might not be easier to clear the site and rebuild

    35. She’d have been about three when she died and I was a typical thirteen year old boy – not at all interested in babies, but I do remember some very clear pictures

    36. ‘Do you mind?’ she asked, looking at me with those clear eyes of hers

    37. It was clear enough for me what the consequences of chemotherapy

    38. I ended up sitting on the bench for hours, afraid to move, terrified for my family, trying to connect up the dots, but it seemed like suddenly my brain just couldn't form clear thoughts any more

    39. animals could not clear man’s conscience and so the sin would return,

    40. I'm here to clear

    41. But you are in the clear, Liz

    42. you are only one voice let it be heard loud and clear

    43. It’s comforting – living alone can be difficult when you are worried about something and just having someone who is not involved to talk to can clear your head

    44. Quite a few times he has made clear to us he deems his dog equal to any human being -this time, however, he intends to show us too: He takes the bitch in his lap, he holds her as if she were a baby, and says tenderly: “This is my child! Is she any different from a child?”

    45. The Squidies came at them from all sides after that, but in this densest part of the debris field he didn’t have a clear shot

    46. “I felt very liberated when I had sex with two men at the same time, and I had no problem that one of them was my lover's best friend! Now it is all crystal clear to me: Love is one thing, sex is another! There can be sex without love!” she concluded with an air of expertise

    47. I remember having to go up to the quarry on fire watch duty sometimes … you can see clear across the village from there … right over to Wales on a good day

    48. Notice that Paul is very clear on elders being in

    49. Is there not a clear implication that Satan approached the woman rather than the man knowing it would

    50. That he is pleased with his CD is very clear, and he immediately starts looking through the book, following me into the kitchen and reading out bits to me as I carry on with my turkey checking … Christmas is proving successful so far

    1. He cleared his throat

    2. Great lanes were cleared thru it and ships beat their way along them

    3. Henry cleared his throat, getting serious for a moment and giving Johnny his full attention

    4. There was a moment of awkward silence between them where both father and son cleared their throat at the same time

    5. ‘That you have been completely cleared of any suspicion

    6. table and cleared away the Marchese’s spent tumbler

    7. his gullet made him shiver but it cleared his head

    8. She cleared a space amongst the old newspapers and empty tins of cat food

    9. Billie was the first to speak after Johnny had cleared away the plates and the

    10. Is the village cleared? Is that

    11. He turns up on time and the weather is being kind to us – it has been pretty foul for the last day or so, pouring with rain and blowing a gale, but today, the clouds have cleared and the sun has come out

    12. ‘How about a stroll along the sea front – anyone up for it?’ JJ suggested once the meal had been cleared away

    13. been cleared and placed in the centre of the room

    14. It's relatively easy to hook lon with stripped archwood fronds, and in a few minutes they had a quarter of the water cleared and a nice little pile of the thick leaves beside them

    15. " Desa said, spilling the contents of her bag on the cleared area near the fire

    16. have been cleared away,

    17. that tables will be cleared and pushed back

    18. Steve cleared his throat loudly, “ahem… does the name ‘Jake’ ring a bell?

    19. There was nothing left when the smoke cleared away

    20. The great politician cleared his throat and raised himself to his full and magnificent height

    21. Once Terry's momentary blindness had cleared and he had put on his airline pilot's shades, he was able to identify the source of this brilliant white light

    22. At some prearranged signal from the Archbishop, one of our senators stood up and cleared his throat

    23. Surfman was beloved mostly by the surfer crowd who returned once again after the coast was cleared, and found he gave new meaning to the phase ‘curl a wave’

    24. But that leaves the toaster … where shall I put that? It has to be near a socket … I look round the room, ah, now that I have cleared that bit of shelf, it could go there

    25. “A wise decision my Queen,” Tarak laughed and then cleared his throat; “Now, as to this Duncan Wayside; he has a reputation of being his own man

    26. I ordered tea while the waiter cleared our plates

    27. At last, and with a sigh of relief from old Ted, the ancient oak tree was cut down and cleared away

    28. The waiter had cleared our tea and presented the bill

    29. The kitchen is very tidy – Alastair obviously cleared up after I had gone to work

    30. I cleared some level ground on the dry side of the tree and made camp, unfolding the blanket ready for my sleep

    31. Tarak cleared his throat, “Please excuse this late call, I just stopped by to inform you that Lord Duncan is resting

    32. The Princess of Stephanos took its chance and somehow cleared the rain and passed into the lagoon, all hands on the port side staring at the yacht

    33. The waiters cleared our plates as we finished our food

    34. I miss you too,' I said and cleared my throat

    35. 'You see,' Mr Cutler cleared his throat, 'the AIS selects from the nominations of

    36. offer in simple terms to Ali while a waiter cleared our plates

    37. She cleared her throat and answered

    38. “Thank you Major,” Kelvin said and cleared the voice connection app

    39. moment he cleared something regarding my lack

    40. The mob cleared around it

    41. The smoke cleared in thirty seconds

    42. After talking to you about it, I cleared my 'hobby' with the Ambassador and he is happy for me to carry on as long as I don't involve the Embassy officially

    43. cleared, I realize things weren’t the same

    44. By ten I have cleared the backlog and am free to start typing up my notes on Bunty

    45. When the smoke cleared, it was still

    46. but when the smoke cleared, it was still there

    47. One by one, we cleared each of these emotions

    48. After we cleared the Heart-Wall, Rick could

    49. Curiously enough, when we cleared his mother’s

    50. About two months after we cleared her Heart-Wall,

    1. It is fun clearing up the sitting room of the annexe … I know Stephen said to leave it until we know for definite that Liz is coming, but I had nothing much to do this afternoon and sometimes a good cleaning session is therapeutic

    2. ’ Stephen said, clearing a space on his desk so that she can put it down

    3. Emma and Liz insisted on clearing away all the dishes before they left so there is nothing to be done in here bar a small amount of tidying up

    4. ’ Fred beamed, interrupting my clearing up at the end of the afternoon by wrapping his arms around me and giving me a big hug

    5. She sat almost panting, the terrible numbing mist in her head clearing a little

    6. Catwhiskers was himself clearing up

    7. through the still clearing of wakened dawn

    8. By the end of the 52nd shipping had to keep clearing to maintain a channel thru to Shempala

    9. At the sound of Berndt clearing his throat noisily, I jump, immediately trying to extricate myself from Joris’ embrace, but he gently restrains me, turning to face his friend without any embarrassment

    10. For me it begins with a cough - him clearing his voice

    11. "You're shift has started," Desa told her, "They're clearing up the table now, you missed breakfast

    12. I cast my mind back to the time I came here with Tom … from what I remember, the Well was in a largish clearing in a bit of woodland not far from the road

    13. Situated in the centre of the clearing, the Well is beautifully trimmed with fresh flowers and set about with what I now recognise as Gottestones

    14. ‘You have your tawstones?’ Berndt said quietly, drawing me over to one side of the clearing

    15. There was one sobering moment when we came to a trampled clearing where stalks and weeds were flattened and the sandy soil was stained with a mess of dried blood, we fell silent and strode on without reference

    16. I’m just clearing away the dishes when there is a knock at the door

    17. clearing out blockages in your body‘s energy field

    18. Following up with positive statements has proven to be effective for many people because they help reinforce a positive outlook after clearing out the negative emotions

    19. Clearing Negativity with Ho’oponopono

    20. That would enable us to move in here, clearing the other cottage so that it can be painted before the new tenant moves in

    21. He sat up looking about, clearing his eyes

    22. The Emotion Code is about clearing away the baggage,

    23. Since you worked on clearing her

    24. We start clearing up the dishes and take them into the kitchen

    25. we have done a lot of work, mostly in the clearing of

    26. The forest had grown back over the ruins that were once the suburban sea around Reston, except where a few yards remained clear and well armed families grew crops in the clearing, living in the circled hulks of old cars and trucks covered with tarps

    27. But, you had to admire the way she took the reins firmly in her hands, working through the house, cleaning, repairing and clearing out the junk – just as well really, her mother was a poor thing and couldn’t manage at all

    28. clearing the layers of trapped emotions as we went

    29. ’ He said, his face clearing

    30. I have used his methods of clearing

    31. eliminate all of the Heart-Walls through clearing

    32. ‘What’s a tyrant?’ Kieran asked through a mouthful of crumbs, taking a break from systematically clearing the plate of biscuits Chris has unintentionally left within his reach

    33. they were interrupted by the taciturn older man clearing his throat

    34. beast burst into the clearing sending red-hide bodies

    35. A strange man stepped into the clearing, his

    36. stones filling the hilltop clearing with a bright white light

    37. In the clearing on the hilltop, little dark bodies

    38. with the clearing away

    39. into a circular clearing

    40. the clearing were foot high standing stones baring

    41. The clearing had suddenly

    42. ‘That clearing at the top of the hill!’ exclaimed Petr, suddenly remembering

    43. dragged towards the edge of the clearing

    44. circular clearing at the top of Fallowhill

    45. large clearing in the woods

    46. Chrissie looked at him sharply and busied herself with clearing the dishes

    47. Chrissie got on with the clearing up

    48. The sharp spears almost touched her body, but she, with an air of disregard, remained calm and simply shook her skirt as if clearing the dust of the road from her hems

    49. Alistair interrupted Tom’s housekeeping, clearing his throat

    50. His head is clearing and he is, for the first time, starting to think about the story he was told yesterday in the hospital car park

    1. Kevin clears his throat

    2. The shop owner clears his throat

    3. Al Snafu turns his attention to the teachers at the bottom of the staircase, clears his throat, tries to reclaim some air of dignity

    4. He clears his throat

    5. John clears his throat

    6. Finally Teekra clears her throat

    7. He touches the photo, then jumps with a start as Mohammed clears his throat behind him

    8. His face clears a little at that

    9. ‘I should mind being treated to a party?’ I asked wryly and his face clears

    10. he clears his throat "Ahem

    11. That which clears

    12. Billy clears his throat

    13. "You off then?" Alex clears away the last shot glass

    14. The doctor clears his throat and takes half a step forward, palms facing outward

    15. Smoke fills the cabin, but the rush of air streaming through the smashed windows clears it immediately

    16. Davie clears his throat and whispers, "Take care, Billy"

    17. wants to be standing with the winner when the smoke clears

    18. After the smoke clears, the only thing love leaves you with

    19. It clears your mind and gives you

    20. Rationalization of your truth clears fear from fright

    21. Such knowledge clears our path of ignorance and helps us see life clearly, with regard to our relationships, purpose and nature

    22. “He swears he saw that up in the high mountain plains, where the snow seldom clears

    23. ) What is certain, however, is that once the smoke clears, the Clinton Administration, whose record on Terrorism has been soft to begin with, will walk away from this tragedy unscathed

    24. It will be withdrawn in cash or transferred to another account the moment it clears

    25. On this topic make sure the money actually clears first for it is known to pay with a stolen cheque or a fake transfer which is later on correctly reversed by your bank

    26. clears out most of Kyle’s flowery words

    27. “Well, I guess that clears that up

    28.  Lapis lazuli: Helps treat throat problems clears negative thoughts and aids

    29. As the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it, to regenerate into something more positive

    30. forgives us of our sins, but in no way clears us of our responsibility for

    31. Her question is met with silence at first, and then Peter clears his throat

    32. Will clears his throat, but I don’t want to turn away from Four, even when he walks back to his friends

    33. ” He clears his throat

    34. “Someday,” he says, “if you still want me, we can…” He pauses, clears his throat

    35. After the tapping is done and the crowd of Dauntless is quiet, Eric clears his throat and begins

    36. Why the mother? And how can I give to myself leadership, love, safety, and validation if I’ve never had it in me? He clears my doubts, explaining that I may lack love, safety, validation, and guidance in my mind—that’s why I’m sitting on his chair—but I certainly have an abundance of it in my spirit

    37. Caleb clears his throat

    38. This consciousness automatically clears every form of judgment toward my body and mind

    39. She clears her throat

    40. Evelyn clears her throat

    41. David considers this for a moment, then clears his throat

    42. ” He clears his throat, and his green eyes fix on mine, serious

    43. She clears her throat, but it doesn’t help her tremulous voice

    44. After each Ordu clears its valley, it will proceed south until all the Chimu land is taken

    45. But CLS can be also used without it which clears the whole screen

    46. The hall clears out

    47. The ship clears the last of the asteroid belt and continues towards Jupiter at 169,000 mps

    48. There is complete silence as Robinson clears his throat

    49. He coughs and clears his throat and continues with a smile, “That’s like scoring A’s on six advanced calculus tests then getting F’s on algebra and B’s in basic math

    50. The doctor clears his throat a few times

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    Synonyms for "clear"

    clear open clear up unclutter crystalise crystalize crystallise crystallize elucidate enlighten illuminate shed light on sort out straighten out solve authorise authorize pass acquit assoil discharge exculpate exonerate top bring in earn gain make pull in realise realize take in net sack sack up brighten light up well-defined percipient clean-cut clear-cut unmortgaged absolved cleared exculpated exonerated vindicated decipherable readable clean light unclouded clearly all the way distinct lucid legible comprehensible intelligible visible perceptible conspicuous bright transparent limpid crystal-clear crystalline cloudless apparent explicit unequivocal unmistakable unambiguous evident indisputable manifest certain strong assured alert keen definite positive sure innocent excused irreproachable acquitted calm serene pacific rainless untroubled fair sunny free unobstructed unencumbered unhindered unimpeded unfettered unblemished undefiled unsullied smooth immaculate pure spotless remove rid flush empty drain

    "clear" definitions

    the state of being free of suspicion

    a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water

    rid of obstructions

    make a way or path by removing objects

    become clear

    grant authorization or clearance for


    go unchallenged; be approved

    be debited and credited to the proper bank accounts

    go away or disappear

    pass by, over, or under without making contact

    make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear

    free from payment of customs duties, as of a shipment

    clear from impurities, blemishes, pollution, etc.

    yield as a net profit

    make as a net profit

    earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages


    pass an inspection or receive authorization

    pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

    settle, as of a debt

    make clear, bright, light, or translucent

    rid of instructions or data

    remove (people) from a building

    remove the occupants of

    free (the throat) by making a rasping sound

    readily apparent to the mind

    free from confusion or doubt

    affording free passage or view

    allowing light to pass through

    free from contact or proximity or connection

    characterized by freedom from troubling thoughts (especially guilt)

    (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims

    (especially of a title) free from any encumbrance or limitation that presents a question of fact or law

    clear and distinct to the senses; easily perceptible

    accurately stated or described

    free from clouds or mist or haze

    free of restrictions or qualifications

    free from flaw or blemish or impurity

    clear of charges or deductions

    easily deciphered

    freed from any question of guilt

    characterized by ease and quickness in perceiving


    in an easily perceptible manner