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Clear in a sentence

It was clear.
Is that clear.
That was clear.
It is clear here.
By large clear.
Clear as a bell.
The total clear.

We're all clear.
Are we clear?.
Is that clear?.
were in the clear.
I clear my throat.
to clear his head.
It was clear to.
Clear it for me.
Scans are clear.
clear cut as that.
clear of the Wash.
clear out the line.
There is a clear.
The room was clear.
to clear the track.
Clear limits and.
Bomb- Use to clear.
The path is clear.
It was clear blue.
It is clear that.
the audio is clear.
stood in a clearing.
The air is clearing.
to a small clearing.
was in some clearing.
clearing to join them.
middle of the clearing.
This clearing was big.
come across a clearing.
with the clearing away.
back into the clearing.
He entered a clearing.
Not in the clearing.
They reached a clearing.
CME Clearing House, 10.
fore clearing her throat.
I was in the clearing.
stop in a small clearing.
into a circular clearing.
And the fog is clearing.
Place them in a clearing.
morning clearing the path.
emerged into the clearing.
Clearing them out finally.
clear over to the clearing.
They broke into a clearing.
The clearing bothered her.
Obnoxiously clearing his.
It was Mr Oak’s clearing.
unveiled a sunlit clearing.
The clearing had suddenly.
It cleared up.
My mind cleared.
He cleared his.
She cleared the.
We just cleared.
Her face cleared.
The fog cleared.
The room cleared.
I cleared my throat.
Her vision cleared.
He cleared his.
My head clears.
That which clears.
That clears it up.
He clears his throat.
The hall clears out.
Matthew clears his.
I hope that clears.
My vision clears up.
She clears her throat.
John clears his throat.
Noah clears his throat.
Skuld clears her throat.
Devon clears his throat.
Kevin clears his throat.
Billy clears his throat.
Aaron clears his throat.
Daniel clears his throat.
He clears his throat.
Caleb clears his throat.
Jesus Clears the Temple.