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    1. The man was very adept and seemed to know his craft well; he had obviously done this many times before

    2. “It just took a while, I had to get a new appointment with the Adept and he had already been in a coma for days, but lets not get distracted with the presentation I was trapped in

    3. They had a vast region to keep under their watchful eyes and were very adept at spotting any activity

    4. “Acolyte Tometahin is currently mapped in the parts of heaven nearest their hurling worlds and is adept to the fifth order

    5. When she opened her eyes the matronly but still beautiful women said, “there, now just keep all the anger and strife out of your mind and you’re now ready to meet the Adept

    6. Adept Tometahin had detected the gate to the silicon realm was open, and she should begin centering herself for the journey

    7. Never-the-less both boys were disciplined and adept at any physical challenge presented them

    8. The drive itself is relatively long, running from the road to level with the back of the house where there is a fence dividing the drive from the back yard where I have a washing line and small shed, but the drive is not very wide and I have become adept at positioning the car in just the right place so I have room to get out without having to clamber through the hedge which separates this property from Sally’s

    9. It seemed that Aaron was quite as adept at ascertaining the depth and character of others as Harry was himself

    10. philosopher, being adept of Stoicism with its many

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    Synonyms for "adept"

    ace adept champion genius hotshot maven mavin sensation star superstar virtuoso whiz whizz wiz wizard expert good practiced proficient skilful skillful master skilled accomplished deft

    "adept" definitions

    someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field

    having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude