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Ace in a sentence

Wal ace Jr.
Wal ace, Jr.
It was an Ace.
Ace of clubs.
, Ace of spies.
ace in his hand.
Ace told me.

the Ace of spades.
"Ace In the Hole".
p ace in the pr h.
I play my Ace, Mr.
about The Bosses ace.
was all on his ace;.
Faye Anne was an ace.
Ace of Hearts (2008).
You’re an ace, man.
mission to save our ace.
between an ace and a six.
She wondered if Ace.
another ace up his sleeve.
Okay, Ace cab service.
attention to the word ACE.
But he wanted an ace card.
had an ace up their sleeve.
black as the ace of spades.
to reveal an ace of spades.
—Not exactly, laughed Ace.
The other ace up his sleeve.
Here are useful tips you could perform in searching the appropriate job and acing the interview.
Lucy aced typing in.
I had to have aced, i.
in small part now, due to the fact that he had aced.
We aced it man! Harold gushed as we greeted Beth in the.
never aced anything in the twelve years I’d been attending school.
I was ever so proud of Chantal when she aced her high school preliminary.
Several weeks later, he took the final history exam for the fall semester, which he also aced.
She'd been headed for an A in Chemistry when Franklin… Dumbbell! I could have aced everything—be teaching now.
Ross Somerville (Canada) made history when he aced the 16th hole at the Augusta National in Georgia, USA, on 22 March 1934.
He aced the course without having to phase into the Quiet and look up the answers in the textbook, the way I did in the middle of the exams.
I aced all of my general education classes, which was a minor miracle given how I'd sit in lectures and think of the soft hook of Soraya's nose.
I paid for him to live on Commonwealth Avenue with his Camp Wightman counselor sweetheart, who was from Norwich, and, of course, he aced the two courses and was admitted to BULS from which he graduated in May ‘97 cum laude.
Pair of aces.
Two aces were.
His deck has 52 Aces in it.
They were all aces of spades.
In such games soldiers are aces.
a succession of aces that will destroy you.
You see! Two aces and that makes ve!.
Aces! The Greeks have invented lots of smart.
forth there were three aces, a four and a deuce.
Goran blasted 37 aces and won a total of 25 games.
invention? Aces, in the animals is the same, only.
It was The Four Aces "Mr Sandman" Forbes looked as if he.
The four aces in his hand were a symbol, and he knew that.
ACES is busy writing out the equation on the board at the.
Aces drones on and on, lecturing about how there were over.
James looked at the four aces in his hands, peeking at Judas.
I however do have a few aces up my sleeve that should help me.
He’s shot ve aces and he’s got you! Then you can be beaten.
people with Aces should be willing to hand over a portion of their.
more and more likely but he stil had a couple of aces up his sleeve.
someone aces a multiple-choice test, we allow that they’ve mastered.
‘’Normally they probably would, but I have a few aces up my sleeve.
‘’Ingrid, the American Ace of aces? But, that’s impossible!’’.
‘’So, Under Secretary Kenney took our Ace of aces as his special advisor.
And Ritter alone knew the aces he kept up his sleeve were about to up the ante.
He however didn’t mention those, wanting to keep a few hidden aces in this case.
I’ve probably never made more than a couple of aces all the years I’ve played.
Charles Douglas Gibson now holds all of the Aces and he has the winning hand for world dominion.
In an attempt to give the impression that he and Gordon were holding all the investigating aces.
technology and be on his merry way, but that, too, would be throwing away the aces up his sleeve.
‘’The adopted daughter of Nancy Laplante, the American Ace of aces? That’s a real good one!’’.

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ace i one single unity adept champion genius hotshot maven sensation star superstar virtuoso whiz whizz wiz wizard nail crack super tiptop topnotch tops

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