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Adopt in a sentence | adopt example sentences

  1. Let us all adopt the.
  2. Jack decided to adopt her.
  3. On occasion, I adopt a cover.
  4. I am helping you to adopt a.
  5. We should adopt the Flat Tax.

  6. You must adopt some other mode.
  7. The policy is to adopt cats to.
  8. Adopt the position in figure 24.
  9. His agitation led him to adopt.
  10. Adopt the plans that benefit all.
  11. Who will adopt this nations plan?
  13. Investors can even adopt this trade.
  14. I decided on the spot to adopt him.
  15. If the organization does not adopt the.

  16. They adopt easily to the customs of a.
  17. They have to let me adopt your baby.
  18. Mother should adopt a delivery position.
  19. In a few years time I might adopt your.
  21. I adopt all customs, speak all languages.
  22. He cannot adopt an easy simplistic style.
  23. Adopt the following for trading success:.
  24. What a pity! Why did they adopt this way?
  25. I thus decided to save them and adopt them.

  26. To adopt god means to adopt Him as a Father.
  27. More importantly, adopt the principles that.
  28. Adopt a righteous way of life and be content.
  29. Are you prepared to adopt my suggestion?
  30. They worship him and also adopt the appointed.
  31. Yes, we adopt pets to decrease our loneliness.
  32. Weren’t you guys always planning to adopt?
  33. Sooner or later, they will have to adopt radical.
  34. Whatever practices you adopt to find more career.
  35. Rather than adopt the manager’s suggestion, the.
  36. But in the absence of any thing better, I adopt it.
  37. It’s at this time that you must adopt different.
  38. They hoped in a couple of years to adopt them both.
  39. We adopt the similar procedure for the dates of or-.
  40. When we adopt one thought the other has to leave us.
  41. Why, Gold asked, did some orders adopt the.
  42. Adopt Jesus’ prayer and Paul’s prayer to Philemon.
  43. Each state has an EPA and can adopt whatever it wants.
  44. Did she not, then, adopt you of her own accord?
  45. It will pay off in spades when you adopt this attitude.
  46. The best policy to adopt with trolls was never to get.
  47. Did I need to adopt the mentality and confidence of a.
  48. The children were supposed to adopt their new religion.
  49. Businesses that adopt a contingency plan are flexible.
  50. He really wanted us to adopt him and kept on asking me.
  51. He will adopt an innocent, and then subject him to sodomy.
  52. Encouraging others to adopt the same licensing practices.
  53. And because he loved your mom he agreed to adopt you.
  54. If someone tells you that homosexuals should not adopt.
  55. Depending on the situation he will adopt a different role.
  56. The monks were far too excited to adopt the proper attitude.
  57. Then, when there was no record, let them put in to adopt me.
  58. The nuns did not adopt the name of Ultime; they called Jean.
  59. Molly suggested that they needed to adopt a method of study.
  60. We can adopt only those methods that we feel comfortable with.
  61. And what position will you adopt toward the government?
  62. I discussed it with Rose and she agreed that we would adopt Leah.
  63. Cloud was quick to adopt a defensive stance as he and the young.
  64. Jesus also said God is a Spirit which we should adopt in.
  65. Why does he adopt the way of mercilessness towards those souls?
  66. We should always adopt smiling face in life to make it pleasant.
  67. Of course any pre prepared strategy we adopt may need to change.
  68. He has, quite rightly, decided to adopt a more insouciant stance.
  69. What behaviours do you have a tendency to adopt in those areas?
  70. If Master's legs would kindly adopt a wider stance, Master will.
  71. I think that I should adopt that fashion while working tomorrow.
  72. It is one of the ways leading to faith which every man should adopt.
  73. Giry ventured to adopt an attitude that was positively threatening.
  74. If you hit weed in the water adopt a crawl stroke to cut through it.
  75. If you have a reading like this try to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  76. Meredith," she said aggressively, "that I have decided to adopt Una.
  77. There is one couple that says, they will adopt them all, every year.
  78. Your audience will adopt a theme in the same way that they adopt a.
  79. Hey, Casey! We’re not here to adopt the wildlife, called Mike.
  80. I believe there are some groups that help to adopt children overseas.
  81. Look, I think we should adopt a No Comment line with this whole thing.
  82. My aunt and uncle are getting married, and they’re going to adopt me.
  83. In the past year, Charles had noticed that Hillary had begun to adopt.
  84. Adopt these principles as inherent values and you won’t go far wrong.
  85. It consisted mostly in cautioning me not to adopt the beliefs of others.
  86. It actively helps you to adopt the kind of attitude and motivation that.
  87. Author Michael Neill said the most difficult thing to adopt is.
  88. It is important for traders to learn to think in probabilities, and adopt.
  89. Each state can adopt whatever rules they want to apply to their own state.
  90. Well we have decided (as I told you) to adopt the principle of Simplicity.
  91. You do not want to adopt this strategy because you read about it somewhere.
  92. Healthy cooking requires cooks to adopt certain healthy habits including:.
  93. In the following exercises, we want you to adopt a compromise proposed by C.
  94. On what ground can this discrimination be defended? You adopt this measure.
  95. They adopt that way too, as long as the baby is healthy, everyone is happy.
  96. It is up to you to review these methods and adopt the ones that seem useful.
  97. Holiness, a state of mind of reverent respect which we adopt or accept when.
  98. He resolved to adopt the second, and began that day to carry out his resolve.
  99. It is fairly simple since they will just adopt the rules and regulations in.
  100. To be friend, philosopher and guide parents can adopt following strategies:.
  1. Beware of adopting the principle.
  2. Consider adopting a raw food diet.
  3. As a rule they were adopting some.
  4. In this instance I am adopting the.
  5. And it has been adopting policies (i.
  6. Karlov copied her, adopting her stance.
  7. Adopting a dictational stance and demanding.
  8. Adopting the hacking term, they began refining.
  9. Was I adopting a new manner of thinking? Would.
  10. Adopting a foreign name can have definite advantages.
  11. They are adopting the manners of their white teachers.
  12. That is my gift to you for adopting me into your family.
  13. Adopting this approach and analyzing the data in Figures 3.
  14. Humans, however, are responsible for adopting this ideology.
  15. It is diffi cult to say if it was a result of adopting the.
  16. Once you have an understanding, move to adopting the concept.
  17. He told me that the adopting parents would be completely vetted.
  18. Attend, Bergdahl said, adopting a tutor’s lecturing tones.
  19. Adopting his most ingratiating smile, he turned towards the guard.
  20. For his part, Roger did not look very favorably on adopting children.
  21. Instead, the government takes care of us by adopting the policies of.
  22. The more you succeed in adopting these concepts into your life, the more.
  23. The Philippine Republic was born on July 4, 1946, adopting much of the U.
  24. He told us one time he had no family of his own, so he was adopting us.
  25. Adopting these attitudes can help keep romance alive or revive it in ways.
  26. What will be the most challenging part of adopting this 5-day eating plan?
  27. If you and Tony are planning to have children, I would advise adopting them.
  28. The best way to do this is by maintaining or adopting a healthier lifestyle.
  29. IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? Taunted the teenager, adopting a strange combat stance.
  30. Brazils president claimed to be Marxist but has been slow in adopting it completely.
  31. Improvisers usually can’t resist adopting these new stylistic changes because it.
  32. Many gods flourished in ancient Egypt, with different communities adopting their own.
  33. Several celebrities are known for adopting kids without marriage, like Angelina Jolie.
  34. That’s the official story, all right, Graham said, adopting a conspiratorial tone.
  35. Dana said that at the present time he should certainly not be for adopting the resolution.
  36. Instead she would add another barrier by adopting another alias between her and Maggie Webb.
  37. Adopting alternate beliefs gravitated you away from who you are, but that is immaterial now.
  38. Adopting the mother role to these freedom fighters was a tough job, mentally and physically.
  39. Mason Broyles pressed his hands together, adopting a prayerlike pose, and, damn it, it was moving.
  40. It is a totally different lifestyle that entails letting go of old habits and adopting new ones.
  41. This is easier said than done, but again requires adopting a Sartrean existential world view that.
  42. Adopting the same manner of dress and behavior as Robert De Niro’s character is empowering for him.
  43. As for adopting the ways which the State has provided for remedying the evil, I know not of such ways.
  44. Also, it generates gain opportunity and development to the entrepreneurs of the country that adopting.
  45. But this could be done only by adopting, or, at least, by favouring the tenets of that particular sect.
  46. It gained power by adopting a system of Bible interpretation that centralized its clergy’s authority.
  47. Adopting that way of thinking convinced me that trading all near-term options is a risk not worth taking.
  48. He was, therefore, for adopting some system of rigorous retrenchment—what it should be he did not know.
  49. It was indeed but anticipating the simple manners which I should soon be under the necessity of adopting.
  50. Last time Jones had made all the moves, and Jacob had been forced into adopting a merely reactive stance.
  51. That is, do not waste this life adopting no rules except succumbing to the desires of the whimsical spirit.
  52. An impotent offender may try hiding his situation and keep up appearances by marrying and adopting children.
  53. Thus we do not progress in love or purpose simply by feeling love or adopting new meanings, like mantras:.
  54. As he did, he put his other hand in the back pocket of his jeans, adopting a posture of studied nonchalance.
  55. Nearing the time of Moo’s second anniversary of adopting us, my aging mother suffered a serious accident.
  56. However, there is good reason for adopting such a strategy, even when it can expose the trader to such risks.
  57. A removal of the embargo, without adopting any other measure, until the event of negotiation had been tried, Mr.
  58. By adopting smaller and smaller elements of motion we only approach a solution of the problem, but never reach it.
  59. In fact, companies have shifted the responsibility for retirement savings to the employee by adopting 401(k) plans.
  60. Those adopting liberal doctrine no longer held to this high regard of the Bible and to the true Gospel of salvation.
  61. Now is the time to break the chains to the vault by adopting love's ethic of econ-abolitionism: sharing all with every.
  62. You can create all the wealth you desire for yourself and your family by adopting the models stated above in this chapter.
  63. It is to this necessity of adopting the doctrine by the external process of experience that Christendom has at last arrived.
  64. There are those who are susceptible to adopting the attitudes of those who persecute the qualities of the child born unto us.
  65. At this point, the precept of Adopting the Standard of the student’s behavior was incorporated within the Lessons of Choice.
  66. I spent hours in conversations with Social Services to see if there was any chance of Jack and me adopting any of the children.
  67. In this noble verse, the Almighty wants to warn us of adopting the way of distress and to inform us of the end of the evil doers.
  68. But people can elevate cooperation and mutual benefit by adopting these changes essential to equitable governance and culture:.
  69. And adopting, in addition to his superiority, which was rather bantering, an accent of tender authority and gentle patronage:—.
  70. We should therefore be very careful about adopting too strong an anti-McGovern posture between now and the Democratic Convention.
  71. The biggest difficulty for the rookie trader is to avoid adopting this mindset: The market cannot move any more in this direction.
  72. After she left and went back to Sacramento, she called me later in the week and said she had some thoughts about maybe adopting Keith.
  73. Since 1952 Turkey has been a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Turkey has lately been in the process of adopting.
  74. However, adopting an attitude that death could come at any time can send a message to your mind to preserve its focus, and let go of trifles.
  75. By Stalin adopting the word; communism as a label for the Bolshevik’s less civilized brand of systematic butchery and dehumanization.
  76. It would be a simple matter of once again adopting someone else‘s life; but now with a transceiver active and positioned on top of his head.
  77. On the surface, Cam was easy with her around his family, adopting a more muted form of the flirtation and teasing she got from Mitch and Reed.
  78. Social Services called, and they informed me that Michele was seriously thinking about adopting Keith, which is the main reason she went there.
  79. Instead of adopting Western innovations blindly, Gāndhi wanted only those machines that helped all humans and avoid those that harm even a few.
  80. So far he will please his father, and I have promised in the mean time to try and reconcile Vincy to his son's adopting some other line of life.
  81. However, it must be emphasized that the failure of political intervention in the market does not demonstrate the necessity of adopting Socialism.
  82. They tried, from birth, to mould me into collectivist thinking, into adopting the verdict of a group of State-picked "social experts" as my own.
  83. Sonya was unhappy at the separation from Nicholas and still more so on account of the hostile tone the countess could not help adopting toward her.
  84. You are still on the que for being foster parents, in favor of adopting, and registered with Starfleet orphanage and child protective services.
  85. If Ingrid was intimidated by Salan, she didn’t let it show one bit, instead staring hard at him while crossing her arms, adopting a defiant pose.
  86. Sónya was unhappy at the separation from Nicholas and still more so on account of the hostile tone the countess could not help adopting toward her.
  87. For example, I learned about the Essenes’ Lessons of Choice, (by adopting the standard of the student’s behavior), just before we went to Mexico.
  88. This Congress would probably begin by abrogating the offensive laws, and adopting a plan for the maintenance of the power and authority thus assumed.
  89. I am on the people's own ground—to them I appeal, concerning their own rights, their own liberties, their own intent in adopting this constitution.
  90. It would not be nice, she had felt, unconsciously adopting the opinion of her environment, for a girl who was not going to marry to get thinking of it.
  91. The Contrarian Rebalancing strategy takes these odds into account by being very careful before adopting a below-average allocation to the stock market.
  92. Regardless of founder's intentions or environmental limitations, virtualnisms adapt to survive, adopting any voice and face necessary to be heard and fed.
  93. The choice, he says, is not between adopting a metaphysics and not adopting a metaphysics, but a choice between a good metaphysics and a bad metaphysics.
  94. Her proper attitude, and she insisted on adopting it, was to rejoice that he was freed from the encumbrance of emotion, and smug and content with his Audrey.
  95. Writing put options is very similar to owning stock when the market declines and you should expect to lose money when adopting this method during bear markets.
  96. That cure may involve something as simple as adopting a different routine or seeking a change of scenery to to put those old harmful habits and thoughts to rest.
  97. As each member became both student and teacher, the precept of Adopting the Standard of the student’s behavior was incorporated within the Lessons of Choice.
  98. After adopting three children, the infertile member(s) belatedly regained his and/or her fecundity, and they had two natural children within a short span of time.
  99. If only because corporate acquirers are using NAV analysis in this fashion, the OPMI may be able to reap a substantial benefit from adopting this kind of approach.
  100. He determines that the members of the crowd know or understand something he doesn’t and that he will gain financially by adopting the crowd’s investment theme.
  1. I think I was adopted.
  2. He was adopted at birth.
  3. My oldest son is adopted.
  4. Im glad he adopted us.
  5. We almost adopted a baby.
  7. He’d been adopted as a.
  8. I see, you were adopted.
  9. The text adopted shall be.
  10. He was my adopted brother.
  11. Such adopted ways of thinking.
  12. Then the Lord adopted a device.
  13. Military tactics adopted by the.
  14. The Jesuits' devout adopted son?
  15. They've all adopted that manner.
  16. Europe adopted the white cockade.
  17. Hello my sweet adopted daughter.
  18. I adopted his version immediately.
  19. I loved my adopted mother Harriet.
  20. You see, Casey, I’m the adopted.
  21. They were adopted as babies though.
  22. Thomas adopted a secretive attitude.
  23. If you aren't adopted by a decent.
  24. They adopted her as their Princess.
  25. This orphan had adopted the peoples.
  26. He adopted the idea into a manmade.
  27. He’d been adopted, too, in a sense.
  28. Fundraising for their adopted school.
  29. Cass looks towards his adopted family.
  30. They adopted both elementary schools.
  31. Yeah, Russia, your adopted country.
  32. Other methods should be adopted, and.
  33. This view of Hell was adopted in the.
  34. Adopted fraternity will not do in.
  35. Strange, considering they were adopted.
  36. This resolution was unanimously adopted.
  37. She wished she’d adopted Noodle’s.
  38. Girls, this is my adopted son Herakles.
  39. I obliged and adopted the „cobbler's.
  40. So they’ve adopted the Lemurian Way.
  41. Ed soon adopted the role of househusband.
  43. I've been adopted by a very interesting.
  44. America, his newly adopted home, was in.
  45. The Constitution of Cadiz was adopted in.
  46. The All Heel party adopted Saint Vladimir.
  47. They adopted my two older sisters as well.
  48. And my adopted brother Andrastus lost his.
  49. The magazine soon adopted this new meaning.
  50. Patty adopted him, and he was very faithful.
  51. The Low Heels quickly adopted Saint Karl as.
  52. I was adopted by them when I was ten years.
  53. That the following resolutions be adopted:.
  54. The amendment was adopted without a division.
  55. You say that Wynne was your adopted nephew.
  56. It is true she has adopted such a regulation.
  57. Her family, the family that had adopted him.
  58. Morton Dexter, of Massachusetts, and adopted.
  59. The All Heel party adopted Saint Vladimir as.
  60. So Blefuscu Low Heels adopted regulations and.
  61. I was getting a little pissed at her adopted.
  62. Such is the course adopted in cases of revolt.
  63. I asked Noah if he was adopted and he said no.
  64. She was adopted by the pack when her parents.
  65. She recognized her adopted father's old study.
  66. The High Heels had immediately adopted Adam as.
  67. It seems we just adopted a new set of problems.
  68. Saint Vladimir adopted by the Low Heels and the.
  69. Their last minister adopted a hard line attitude.
  70. The following resolution was read and adopted:.
  71. A small government was elected and they adopted.
  72. Joshua had adopted another child, Sissie Sanford.
  73. This abbreviation had been adopted in the convent.
  74. A third lad passed by and we adopted him as well.
  75. Some species of lizard have adopted a female only.
  76. The oak was the tree he adopted for his family.
  77. But Rich Kid adopted me when I ain’t had nobody.
  78. He also had adopted God as his Father and Judaism.
  79. It’s been seven years since we adopted our Mr.
  80. Osman, the more moderate adopted son of the famous.
  81. In spite of some murmurs even this law was adopted.
  82. Let‘s see the law that Bulgaria adopted in 2008:.
  83. It is in fact a false symbol adopted from mystery.
  84. The May in italics indicates that Jeff adopted her.
  85. When he spoke to any nation, he uniformly adopted.
  86. Boofy was a stray cat that adopted our family when.
  87. Then he bid a fond farewell to his adopted family.
  88. I could understand even less why she had adopted me.
  89. It is not useful to insist on the solutions adopted.
  90. Vladimir adopted by the Low Heels and the All Heels.
  91. Constitution adopted by the Tibetan exile government.
  92. I love the adopted accent Ellen teased Patrick.
  93. The United States has now adopted an outside policy.
  94. The ideal of God was adopted as a Father image and.
  95. Approaching the complaining men, Mick adopted German.
  96. Actually, I’m adopted, she explained to them.
  97. Moses adopted the idea and regulated its use by laws.
  98. A similar procedure should be adopted for return of.
  99. The very lucky greyhounds are adopted by a reputable.
  100. Buddhist belief that was adopted by Siddhartha Gautama.
  1. You will find that it adopts the place.
  2. His irises adopts the color of his gamma emissions.
  3. She eagerly discusses and adopts that which is new.
  4. Once he is imprisoned, he adopts the role of model.
  5. It gets used to that position that it adopts that state.
  6. He adopts different, hitherto untried methods to reach out.
  7. Establishment continuously adopts the attitude that they know.
  8. He doeth all things well; the plan which He adopts must be right.
  9. Each family adopts a crew member by sharing their child’s affection.
  10. This is the rare habit of man but if man adopts it life becomes humorous.
  11. The EMH adopts unrealistic views in such matters as employee stock options.
  12. Sitting down Grailem adopts a frown of annoyance and stares blankly out of the window.
  13. Palladius adopts the opinion of Columella, which had before been recommended by Varro.
  14. All nature forms adopts this kind of sequence That had been followed since the days of.
  15. The mind adopts more forward path if the individual is shaped by less authorative forces.
  16. In a subsequent paragraph, Keynes adopts his famous beauty contest metaphor for speculation.
  17. Not with his best friend, not with the thief who steals from rich tourists and adopts stray dogs.
  18. Hell forever adopts the necessary revenge handed by the Lord, so we should loose interest in boosting revenge.
  19. This issue demands careful consideration before one adopts a contrarian trading strategy in a taxable account.
  20. Seven adopts accessibility to the seventh world powers which is Islam paid under the name The Arab Empire.
  21. These facts are also proved by this saying reported by him (cpth): Man adopts (follows) his close friend's faith.
  22. When subjected to outside stress, the human brain adopts a defence mode; it’s a primeval defence, fight or flight.
  23. The President, through the Secretary of State, approves his letter, adopts it as his own, and says he has nothing to add.
  24. That cape announced to the world the glory that is possible when one adopts the philosophy and grace inherent in a barnyard fowl.
  25. When Greg abandons Tina, the latter and May move into an apartment and Tina meets and eventually marries Jeff, who soon adopts May.
  26. More could be made of Pritam's story, particularly as her opinions about the Sikh religion and traditions are so different to those that Andy adopts.
  27. God’s messenger (cpth) says: Man adopts the faith of his close friend; therefore, each one of you should be careful when choosing his intimate friends.
  28. He forthwith adopts one of the candidates thus selected as the only available one, thus proving that he is himself available for any purposes of the demagogue.
  29. This is obviously noticed in our fact: anyone that adopts the primrose path keeps heavyhearted and troubled whatever money, glory or authority they may gain, and they.
  30. So let’s suppose he adopts a baseline (normal) allocation of 60 percent stocks, 30 percent bonds, and 10 percent cash, the same allocation as was used to illustrate CTS #1.
  31. Thus, those who have believed and rendered the good actions set to calling to the right and exhorting to fortitude; and that who adopts their way will avoid loss and gain happiness.
  32. Ironically, the drumbeat tactics the regime adopts to prevent the Tea Party from telling the truth simply affirm how alien to America, and how fascistic, their beliefs and programs are.
  33. He adopts the figurative as their greatest meaning and the one to be applied to the wicked in the last day, and right here he has brought before us a score of scriptures where man have been destroyed, consumed, etc.
  34. The fashion of dressing sitters in meaningless, so-called classical draperies is a feeble one, and usually argues a lack of capacity for selecting a good arrangement from the clothes of the period in the artist who adopts it.
  35. Over the previous few days, we had been consumed—and perhaps even a little distracted—by the technical details of the search, which were provided to us in the depersonalized language the military adopts when looking for anyone or anything.
  36. We yet emphasized if determined country adopts the complete implantation of the Computational Monetary System, all the citizens will become “beneficiary individuals” and all the corporations of that country will act as “agreed organizations”.
  37. The gentleman ought to have gone further, and stated the whole fact: that the letter of General Armstrong in answer to the Duc de Cadore was approved by the President; that, by the approval, he adopts as his own the language and sentiments of that letter.
  38. This Verse includes all believers, starting with the time of our master Adam (pth), because anyone who believes in their Provider and adopts the way of goodness that was revealed by God through the Envoys will surely become a good human being and a charitable creature.
  39. God wanted then to show man another verse of the verses indicating His potency and His great care of this man so that if he also thinks, he may glorify his Creator and appreciate Him, then he adopts the way which the Almighty has legislated to gain the happiness in this life and the life to come.
  40. In this noble fortress, the Almighty God wants to draw our attention to some universal signs which show man the Might of his Creator and acquaint him with His great Favor and Care about him, so that he may turn from his inattention and recover his consciousness, then he desists from his shunning and adopts the right path.
  41. The subtext always seemed to be So you’ve pretty much joined a cult, haven’t you? I could tell that people were thinking what I certainly would have been thinking if I were in their shoes: that I had become one of those people, the formerly normal guy who arrives at middle age and adopts some sort of strange spirituality.
  42. This perfection which the spirit has colored within the times of its entrance into God's will be translated in the spirit of this believer who adopts that way in the form of mercy, tenderness, generosity, bounty, chivalry, helping the needy, saying the truth, openness of speech, kindness, gentleness, politeness, patience, deliberateness, modesty, bravery, to stand up strictly to the false, justice, equity, self-esteem, sense of honour… and others.
  43. Although I firmly agree that professionalism is a function of character rather than appearance, I am equally inclined to support the notion that many individuals (including yours truly) require (some) structure in their lives and that the degree an employee adopts a more casual approach to his or her personal appearance, he or she will likely to adopt similar (laid-back) attitudes as they relate to work; that is to say, that the one arguably feeds off the other.
  44. Thus, because we deemed it advisable to pass a law which we supposed was a mere municipal regulation, inasmuch as it related to our own citizens, or our own territories; a law, which, according to its letter, applied equally to both belligerents, and which was not to commence its operation until the 20th of May, contained in itself a notice sufficient to prevent any injury to French subjects; for this cause, and for this alone, the Emperor adopts, as an act of reprisal, a decree which subjects to seizure and confiscation, not only American property which should reach the continent after notice of the decree, or even after its date, but property which arrived there at any time for the preceding twelve months.

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