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Take in a sentence

Take it slow.
take a knife.
They may take.
Take that from.
You may take it.
We must take it.
Take a seat man.

I take a breath.
Take it all off.
Could take ten.
Here, take her.
Take the stairs.
take care of this.
Here, take this.
I needed to take.
You take care.
It did not take.
Take it back now.
And take this.
Take Windows for.
to take his advice.
Then, take a red.
One can take the.
22 Take heed now.
take that job, etc.
take us to Texcoco.
They will take it.
We can take care.
give or take a few.
Take that in your.
Take a look around.
And taking you.
You are taking.
Taking you down.
After taking a.
Taking this war.
That is taking.
Is taking place.
me taking a break.
Taking his time.
For the C taking.
what she was taking.
Then taking things.
was taking its toll.
I hate taking pills.
But taking one’s.
rather than taking.
yours for that taking.
of Ma taking pictures.
when taking the photo.
pen out, taking notes.
If He is taking you.
was taking him so long.
He was taking a long.
where He was taking me.
It is taking without.
She started taking off.
came to taking a stand.
No use taking chances.
The purpose in taking.
was really taking hold.
Taking a deep breath.
To be taken.
Taken a look.
He had taken.
It had taken.
it was taken up.
She'd taken to.
The time taken.
taken for a need.
taken in the view.
If he had taken.
I was taken, in.
Avery had taken Dr.
My mom had taken.
LP was taken aback.
taken care for you.
I then was taken.
It'd taken him a.
Only one was taken.
The Road Not Taken.
Josh was taken back.
That we have taken.
Ali was taken aback.
It has taken us a.
Had it taken years?.
They had taken root.
Now he’s taken a.
Nick was taken aback.
Mike was taken aback.
He takes a.
It takes a.
Takes a bite.
It takes me.
This takes 2.
It takes time.
It takes the.
He takes his.
It takes focus.
She takes them.
She takes her.
Takes the form.
It takes faith.
It takes time,.
Takes up a turn.
Th en he takes.
24 He takes it.
Until it takes.
He takes me.
She takes a sip.
He takes the bag.
He takes a gulp.
It takes a key.
She takes the G.
He takes it for.
It takes a while.
I took a.
He took a.
It took a.
He took my.
He took it.
It took us.
I took him.
He took an.
I took a sip.
He took his.
It took two.
He took off.
So, I took 3.
Axel took it.
He took the.
Jean took a.
Henri took a.
It took me a.
took me to help.
took to the air.
He took it out.
His wife took.
I took his hand.
Took up about.
She took my hand.