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Advise in a sentence | advise example sentences

  1. Advise me what to do.
  2. I will advise you of this.
  3. Then I should advise you.
  4. I advise you to apply there.
  5. As your friend, I advise this.

  6. Get advise on this from your.
  7. Advise me what I had better do.
  8. This is how I advise my patients.
  9. They will advise you what to do.
  10. Can you confirm and advise?
  11. Your doctor could advise you on.
  12. Some experts advise that a Robots.
  13. They will be able to advise you.
  14. Praskovya didn't advise me though.
  15. Advise me if she changes her tune.

  16. I don't advise anyone to go there.
  17. You will need to advise her, Sadie.
  18. In this matter I cannot advise you.
  19. I would advise extreme caution, sir.
  20. I cannot interfere, but I can advise.
  21. I’d advise treading softly, Benaiah.
  22. I would advise against that William.
  23. So what would you advise, Scott?
  24. I guess he should be able to advise me.
  25. Why not advise me to take up the harp?

  26. I will advise you when you need it most.
  27. Bacon and Locke and Newton would advise.
  28. I honestly don't know how to advise you.
  29. I am sure she will be able to advise you.
  30. I advise the respective law enforcement.
  31. Gāndhi followed this advise and later Dr.
  32. To your co-citizens always advise the best.
  33. But it is a difficult case to advise upon.
  34. Advise Presidents on how to create a new.
  35. I would advise you to stay off this road.
  36. Questioner: All teachers advise to meditate.
  37. I could be, but mainly I advise the king.
  38. I'd advise you to use this for conferences.
  39. I wouldn't advise it yet, not just yet, no.
  40. I have to advise you that you will not be.
  41. What I advise is, that your father be quiet.
  42. What would you advise for this mission?
  43. You will need to advise her, Isis had told me.
  44. Maiden, I advise you not to bother about.
  45. I would advise you of one more thing, Moe.
  46. But you would not advise me to refuse?
  47. My client will certainly do what I may advise.
  48. I would earnestly advise that the confused Mr.
  49. I advise chemotherapy, the sooner the better.
  50. But how could I advise her when I had no idea.
  51. I would advise that as you read the following.
  52. I would advise you to study everything yourself.
  53. You don't advise a man into combat, you lead him.
  54. You could try Mexico, but I wouldn’t advise it.
  55. In fact, when we advise European clients about U.
  56. Then call Shouz and advise them of the situation.
  57. Advise me when it will be inside the target zone.
  58. We will then advise you when the job is finished.
  59. OTHER INFO: Advise Tech is also currently seeking.
  60. I would actually advise new investors to avoid CFDs.
  61. I don’t advise you to keep your son off school.
  62. We seriously advise the use of encryption in emails.
  63. Would you advise the purchase of Southern Pacific?
  64. I always advise my clients to trust their instincts.
  65. The professional legal firm can advise on the types.
  66. I advise you to leave town, then to leave the entire.
  67. I would advise against confronting her if I were you.
  68. You can do it yourself but I'd strongly advise not to.
  69. And one more thing, what do you advise me to do?
  70. I’d advise you to rest at a tavern until nightfall.
  71. I‘m not saying I‘m correct, but I’d advise you.
  72. For optimal results on the WWD, I advise between 8-12.
  73. Every one knew perfectly what to say, to do, to advise.
  74. Therefore I advise you to drink it as soon as possible.
  75. I would not advise you to have anything to do with him.
  76. Your doctor can better advise you on this, but I would.
  77. All we can advise is that you take advice from whoever.
  78. You are a very credible person to advise me about grief.
  79. You going to write that dream? You always advise others.
  80. And why do you so advise me, the prince asked, his.
  81. What did he advise? He advised that Balak and the other.
  82. It's not exactly what I should advise for you, you know.
  83. Gāndhiji’s advise to the newly independent India was:.
  84. Even then, you must not enter battle unless we advise it.
  85. Vicki’s phone to advise I had completed them and would.
  86. No, sir I can't, but I would strongly advise against it.
  87. Holkey to advise us and as an independent advisor for the.
  88. I should not advise you to have anything to do with him.
  89. He would be in touch to advise me just when he would come.
  90. I don’t want to advise anyone here; I cannot do that, as.
  91. You can resupply there, which Id advise, before follow.
  92. Tyler, once he turned 10, began to advise her to go out.
  93. Stokes, but I do advise you to get here as soon as possible.
  94. Here are the Plugins for Seo which i advise you to install:.
  96. We never marry but advise wedded couples about their marriage.
  97. Q: You seem to advise me to be self-centered to the point of.
  98. But I advise the doctor to have our chimneys seen to at once.
  99. The Ford owners hand book and Ford manual both advise me to.
  100. Therefore God says: and advise fortitude and advise mercy.
  1. I’m advising my son to do this.
  2. Navy commanders advising them of the.
  3. Listen to the detective advising the genius.
  4. I’m advising you to cut back on things.
  5. And that’s where I’m advising caution, man.
  6. It was the email advising my mother that her mother had died.
  7. Q: You are advising me to remain indifferent to the sorrows of.
  8. Advising bank: The Bank which advises a Letter of Credit to the.
  9. This lady was not alone in having the honour of advising the Emperor.
  10. Brother Hal too, did but give me his advising in joke even as I did.
  11. Beneficiary at the request of the issuing Bank is known as the Advising.
  12. He endeavoured to dissuade her, advising her to wait; and so she waited.
  13. The defendant for the Rimstein case sent a letter advising that he has.
  14. One of the soldiers picked it up, advising the nuns to wash their faces.
  15. Her friends began advising her to send me to Petersburg as other parents did.
  16. Aaron overhears John advising a patron how a dying man should prepare for death.
  17. Note I am not advising to stare into the sun for more than a few seconds please.
  18. This involved advising the midwives and family practitioners regarding complicated.
  19. When Vincent and I last spoke he mentioned the possibility of me advising him about.
  20. Louw has been actively involved in advising government on these laws, for example:.
  21. Someone wrote a letter advising him to take his jungle music with him back to Africa.
  22. He has sent word to him and to my father advising us that you hold a gerege from him.
  23. He is said to be more Napoleon’s man than ours, and he is always advising the Minister.
  24. The fund can afford to maintain a large research team for advising on buy/sell decisions.
  25. So the professional who wants to retain his or her clients, while advising clients that a.
  26. Glenna was by my side every step of the way, not interfering but just assisting and advising me.
  27. Jack spent the remainder of Sunday afternoon calling on and advising senior officers of his actions.
  28. Please note: I am not advising you to invest by using insider information that is unknown to the public.
  29. But Herod refused to take action against Jesus, advising that they carry their complaints to Jerusalem.
  30. His professional career involved advising feudal governors, and he willingly embraced the feudal system.
  31. These technicians were called Angels, because they were always watching over your shoulder and advising.
  32. Monsieur Boulanger, however, dismissed his servant, advising him to calm himself, since his fancy was over.
  33. Stinger concluded his report by advising that the tears should be quickly taken north to the coastal city of.
  34. Happily for Levin, the old princess cut short his agonies by getting up herself and advising Kitty to go to bed.
  35. Remember, he had all of us over, everyone he was advising? He had a cookout for us at his house last spring.
  36. After that encounter; we’re advising residents to stay indoors at night and lock their barns, said Griffiths.
  37. It contained a single watermarked sheet advising all members that the Continental Drift Club was formally disbanding.
  38. Wyoming sent a message to Secretary Welles advising of his arrival on August 30 at the island of Mauritius in the Indian.
  39. There was however nothing about her in Major Dows’ file, apart from the telegram advising us about his marriage to her.
  40. The intel specialist advising us had claimed that the ground would be hard-packed where we were going to land.
  41. No, I have some real estate, do some advising, some scavenging, dabble in some cargo here and there, that kind of thing.
  42. Shortly afterward, Sir Thomas was again interfering a little with her inclination, by advising her to go immediately to bed.
  43. The FBI and Homeland security were expecting to make a statement and was advising caution for sports figures and celebrities.
  44. He stopped short of advising me exactly how to sacrifice a cow in a satanic ritual, but I forgive him that bit of good taste.
  45. They always insisted on surprising us, never advising when their flight would arrive, so we would not meet them at the airport.
  46. Weyland feels strongly that most of the professionals advising health care investors and biotech funds get lost in their spreadsheets.
  47. But it’s always there, always scouting out our weaknesses, like ole Wormwood, with his uncle, Screwtape, in the wings advising him.
  48. He cheerfully said goodnight to his father and Chef, advising that they not stay up too late, and chuckled as he walked out of the room.
  49. Mrs Horsefall, who had been a schoolmistress in her time and had assumed the position of leader, moved among them, helping and advising.
  50. He then put a couple of files inside his briefcase before leaving his office and advising his secretary that he would be at the White House.
  51. He began by advising her to moderate the rigor of her mourning, to ventilate the house, to forgive the world for the death of José Arcadio.
  52. The lesson: don’t be swayed by a stock’s broad-based popularity or an analyst advising investors to buy stocks on the way down in price.
  53. The financial services offer information and guidance to those who are directing their own financial affairs or are themselves advising others.
  54. He had once conversed with Olin, advising him There is something that the extremely wealthy will pay extraordinary amounts of money to obtain.
  55. That means, among other things, advising the Council of Vicars of those considerations which will have a direct effect upon our ability to do that.
  56. If you had checked with the advertisement you would have found a small note at the bottom advising that the hotel was closed this week for maintenance.
  57. Do you know what you should do? You know what you ought to do? These are similar to complaining and advising but they carry a weight of morality and ethics.
  58. I’ve always considered it a citizen’s duty to point out mistakes to those who want to govern, therefore, I wrote to the Minister of Transport, advising Mrs.
  59. She had spent ten minutes this morning advising Richard on his wife’s mastitis, and couldn’t see any reason why she shouldn’t pop along and see his baby.
  60. He was in such a rage that I had to confront him much later, advising him that it is not in the best interest of his organisation if his staff are afraid of him.
  61. In both businesses, he was in charge of advising healthcare businesses on how to run their practices, which means he had prior experience serving the same customer base.
  62. In Egypt, it is said, those who could read the ‘Akasha’ were held in high standing and were often found advising Pharaohs on daily activities and dream interpretation.
  63. Ever since Raynon became the leader of the Fey nation after his parents were killed at the beginning of the Fey-Elven war Nicholei had been advising him on security issues.
  64. Hott would be very much impressed, he was demoralized receiving the graded essay and seeing in thick red ink marginalia advising Mac not to use words that are not understood.
  65. Then the day before your furlough expires, Division gets a teletype advising that you have been ordered on TDY to some outfit called the ‘Paris Recreation Service Detachment.
  66. About the only thing that’s worse is for brokers to take themselves off the hook by advising customers to average down (buy more of a stock that is already showing a loss).
  67. Lipmann that night, advising Jane that a parent had made an official complaint against her and suggesting that she lay low, so to speak, until this difficult matter was resolved.
  68. He recurred frequently to that comfortable trade of grurin, as though he wished the man to understand, without advising him directly and harshly, that this would afford him a refuge.
  69. I have spent almost 40 years managing financial risks for two financial institutions as well as advising individuals and multinational corporations on the management of financial risks.
  70. Satisfied that everything was as it should be, Alex donned the marine VHF radio headset and contacted the Harbour Master, advising her where he was going and how long he expected to be.
  71. Dr Javid Kayani and Dr Fiona Reynolds were from hospitals in Birmingham and happened to be in Pakistan advising the army on how to set up the country’s first liver transplant programme.
  72. I say, Vasya, do write faster; I am advising you for your good, I really am! How often Yulian Mastakovitch himself has said that what he likes particularly about your writing is its legibility.
  73. Had we been advising Abraham (on a consultancy basis, reasonable rates available by the hour) we would have suggested that he should draw breath and pause between each question to allow an answer.
  74. In fact, in January 2004, an Atkins representative put out a press release advising the public to decrease their amounts of steak, eggs, and saturated fast to less than 20% of their total fat intake.
  75. Franklin said he called up the White Star docks, but they had no information, and he then appealed to the Associated Press, and there was read to him a dispatch from Cape Race advising him of the accident.
  76. According to Mattie, in addition to providing legal advice, the job often included marriage counseling, carpooling, cooking, job searching, tutoring, financial advising, apartment hunting, and babysitting.
  77. At that point Bill told me he thought the firm’s institutional advisory group, which I was managing at the time and which was responsible for advising over 500 institutional investor clients of William J.
  78. Bulstrode was pausing on horseback outside the front gate waiting for Caleb Garth, who had met him by appointment to give an opinion on a question of stable drainage, and was now advising the bailiff in the rick-yard.
  79. William Bruce, he felt a generous gratitude for the instruction and attention which he had received from him, and endeavoured to requite them by advising with his son, and promoting his views, as far as lay in his power.
  80. With this thought and wish I commended his idea and encouraged his design, advising him to put it into execution as quickly as possible, as, in truth, absence produced its effect in spite of the most deeply rooted feelings.
  81. They were worried that one of the ribs which was in fact broken could penetrate the lung so as a precaution he was admitted to the hospital with the doctor advising that he would need to be there for a couple of days at least.
  82. O, my friend, I need you here! You have been in Germany so long, with such distinction -- serving the Church, advising King Charlemagne on a new education system, converting thousands of souls -- that surely you have earned a rest.
  83. Over the many years I’ve been trading and advising traders on my site, I have determined that the 10-, 21-, and 50-period moving averages are best used for trading on all time frames, even intraday trading using 1-minute charts.
  84. Joseph interpreted pharaoh’s dream of seven thin kine (or cow) devouring seven fat kine as predicting seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine, advising pharaoh to strore grain in preparation for the long famine ahead.
  85. And if there be any ally which aids the oligarchical principle within him, whether the influence of a father or of kindred, advising or rebuking him, then there arises in his soul a faction and an opposite faction, and he goes to war with himself.
  86. Nunnally Johnson, who worked with Marilyn on that film (in March 1953), recalled, Natasha was really advising her badly by this time, justifying her own presence on the set by requiring take after take and simply feeding on Marilyn’s insecurity.
  87. In 1939, however, the New York Stock Exchange called upon the company to correct its statements to stockholders by advising them of the effect upon the reported profits of charging there-against the write-downs of the investment in the refining company.
  88. He came out of a village in the Said, where as a mens barber, a shear or two out of place was rarely noticed and where instead of advising the client on what hair cream to use, he usually advised him to soak his hair with kerosene to get rid of the lice.
  89. If we were advising XYZ, we would suggest to them that both the company and their shareholders would be better off if XYZ gave up the 5 percent annual stock dividend and instead increased the regular dividend rate by, say, 5 percent once every three years.
  90. When I was about to protest denigrating of such a system and to praise the benefits of the paper currency of the capitalism, then, I remembered Leonardo’s wise words enacted upon my arrival, advising me on the respect for traditions and the inhabitants of the village.
  91. Andrew's great service to the kingdom was in advising Peter, James, and John concerning the choice of the first missionaries who were sent out to proclaim the gospel, and also in counseling these early leaders about the organization of the administrative affairs of the kingdom.
  92. There was no danger of his surprising them, because he had the good sailor’s habit of advising the port of his arrival by sounding the ship’s horn, even at dawn, first with three long howls for his wife and nine children, and then with two short, melancholy ones for his mistress.
  93. Beletski, trying to keep up the spirit of the party, chattered incessantly, made the girls hand round chikhir, fooled about with them, and kept making improper remarks in French about Maryanka's beauty to Olenin, calling her 'yours' (la votre), and advising him to behave as he did himself.
  94. This power play, based on blocking a major distribution channel for Unilever, was countered by a major advertising campaign by Unilever advising Delhaize customers where they could buy Unilever products, and reminding Delhaize that when consumers went to the other supermarkets they were likely to end up doing their full weekly shop.
  95. Nay, there had not been wanting men in that House, witness their Legislative Legendre, the butcher who once held a seat there, to preach upon that floor these imprescriptible rights to a crowded audience of blacks in the galleries—teaching them that they are equal to there masters; in other words, advising them to cut their throats.
  96. Stoddert, who acted as Secretary of the Navy, at that period, when advising the President on the same subject, says—That the Secretary is clearly of opinion that it is better to have no article, and meet all consequences, than not to enumerate merchant vessels, on the high seas, among the things not to be forcibly entered in search of deserters.
  97. On occasion even the Coast Guard helicopter could not go out because of bad weather, in which case the doctors at Mount Edgecumbe Hospital would just have to do their best by advising the health aides to take care of the patient as best they could with their limited skills and limited facilities and transfer the patient as soon as conditions permitted.
  98. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the furious look of Duprina, who interpreted my evanescence as a feminine device to take possession of the attentions of her fiancé, and I, for my part could not avoid the naughty little genie of the flippancy that was advising me to take the opportunity to torment the young woman, who so antipathetic was proven to me.
  99. From time to time other gamblers would hand him part of their winnings—being glad to let him stake for them as much as his hand could grasp; while beside him stood a Pole in a state of violent, but respectful, agitation, who, also in expectation of a generous largesse, kept whispering to him at intervals (probably telling him what to stake, and advising and directing his play).
  100. Does the gentleman mean to assimilate a tribute exacted by Great Britain with that paid to Algiers? Or does he mean to be understood as advising us, because we purchase peace with barbarians, involving no honorable consideration, to barter for a pecuniary reward, with Great Britain, our rights, our honor, and our independence? Detestable as this inference is, it results from his arguments.
  1. In fact I advised it.
  2. I advised him not to.
  3. He was advised by one.
  4. Be advised as with other.
  5. I have been advised of it.
  6. Others advised us to have.
  7. Instead she advised us to.
  8. March had advised the plan.
  9. I advised him to see the M.
  10. Joseph advised the King to.
  11. She advised me to bite the.
  12. He advised me to come to you.
  13. Richard had advised me to try.
  14. It is advised to have a good.
  15. Please be advised that under.
  16. I have advised him to do that.
  17. He, among others, had advised.
  18. It is advised that you should.
  19. I myself advised them to marry.
  20. Thomas advised that Pepols was.
  21. You better not, Al advised.
  22. As you have advised, our bones.
  23. Give her time, Peter advised.
  24. I advised him to create his own.
  25. Thomas advised that they should.
  26. It’s a rental, Sim advised.
  27. Citizens are advised to stay home.
  28. Best kill them, Takina advised.
  29. Look close, Jim, he advised.
  30. As Bergdahl had advised him not to.
  31. Elinor even advised her against it.
  32. She had never advised me otherwise.
  33. She advised that was one of her kin.
  34. Lee advised Pon to stay in his room.
  35. He is advised to rest for some time.
  36. Sleeping on the bel y is not advised.
  37. Your lawyers have advised me not to.
  38. Though Advised To Choose, From Those.
  39. His father advised that he should be.
  40. After the service the pastor advised.
  41. And John did as his father advised him.
  42. Tanner advised against it—I insisted.
  43. Enjolras had advised two hours of sleep.
  44. Iván Moséitch advised us at the time.
  45. Before he left he advised the king to.
  46. Count sheep, she advised herself.
  47. But it’s worth doing, she advised.
  48. It reads, Please be advised that Mr.
  49. It’s your only chance, he advised.
  50. Iván Mosévitch advised us at the time.
  51. His father advised that he had sent it.
  52. I would have advised against it, however.
  53. What Other Gurus Have Advised That Works.
  55. Be nice to the Countess, he advised.
  56. I think the President advised the embargo.
  57. Don’t say anything, he advised her.
  58. He ain’t worth it, Houston advised.
  59. IBA has advised banks In terms of the.
  60. Eddie advised me to stay out of the bosun.
  61. You can sit in the solar, he advised.
  62. I was advised to call back in three months.
  63. Ned advised the group that he had been in.
  64. We were advised to scrap it but we didn’t.
  65. Devine says, you know,' she advised sharply.
  66. Vector two-seventy, the machine advised.
  67. In the months since Master Yoda had advised.
  68. Liz advised everyone to disperse and go home.
  69. Banks are advised that KYC once done by one.
  70. Banks have also been advised to give proper.
  71. Only, Star Fleet has advised me against it.
  72. Bacon advised advocates of science to present.
  73. Be advised that this dog loves to bay and bark.
  74. Be advised that deafness occurs in roughly 1.
  75. The agent closest to the General then advised.
  76. Just ignore it, I firmly advised my son.
  77. Boxer shook his head and advised that he was.
  78. They advised her to enrol in a social welfare.
  79. Be advised that the competition is quite fierce.
  80. Be advised that within that crowd will be the.
  81. Then the deacon advised, He is in your heart.
  82. He advised that the identity of the boy chosen.
  83. Has General Geiger been advised of this?’’.
  84. Joshua advised us to wash the inside of the cup.
  85. I have been advised to have a solicitor present.
  86. I would say it is a good address, she advised.
  87. But she advised us to use these things with care.
  88. He advised, Everything that you requested is.
  89. Thus taught Confucius, whom we are advised to fear.
  90. The select ones of that time were advised to save.
  91. And also that you are strongly advised to consult.
  92. Bulstrode is advised of the reasons which detain.
  93. Court who advised on the legality of the measures.
  94. You'd better remain anonymous,’ they advised me.
  95. Has Director Perkins been advised of this?’’.
  96. Elaine was advised by her mother to go and stay in.
  97. Please be advised this is my SECOND WRITTEN REQUEST.
  98. Wolves, Rod advised, when the howling started.
  99. Be advised, that the basic personality of the cat.
  100. I should have advised you to wear looser clothes.
  1. The Clinic also advises to.
  2. Hill advises to go with the flow.
  3. The report that advises we–.
  4. Lucille advises Kathy what to say.
  5. He advises the Cabinet Office on Internet.
  6. He advises me to join more clubs, find others.
  7. The Kashi royal family advises its citizens.
  8. How to do this? Krishn advises Arjun to lib-.
  9. Bunákov advises that ideas be imparted as follows:.
  10. It also advises her to leave this situation because.
  11. He advises her to be quiet of it as it happened in the family.
  12. Advising bank: The Bank which advises a Letter of Credit to the.
  13. Teddy Roosevelt advises us to talk softly, but carry a big stick.
  14. Here is one of the things Ronald Reagan advises us concerning it:.
  15. In this new work, Fernández advises readers to elevate their sights.
  16. In Ecclesiastes 5:4 Solomon reflects on his folly and advises: When we.
  17. In writing of the progress of the pupil, Madame Blavatsky advises strongly.
  18. He advises, Don’t buy a stock solely because the P/E ratio looks cheap.
  19. John Chrysostom advises that it is not good to be too bold or too despairing.
  20. I’m going to do whatever Francis advises, he’s the doctor in the family.
  21. She advises on what is needed in conjunction with the chemicals that are being.
  22. But Jesus advises that such observations are not only a waste of time but also.
  23. Ruth advises a little medication to help you relax and to get my juices flowing.
  24. The web site advises that you invest methodically, but you do not need to do that.
  25. Lynch advises paying attention to the stock price relative to the company’s value.
  26. This is why God advises us through the Bible : Love your neighbor, but love your.
  27. If your attorney advises it is ok to ask for the owner’s mother’s name, address.
  28. This Supplier advises that they will respond if Client agrees to the following terms:.
  29. I tell it to Oded later on and he advises me to tell it to Jabar and Diedie this evening.
  30. When Athena advises him to do the same thing with queen Arete, Ulysses is ready to do so.
  31. Jesus advises that such observations are not only a waste of time but also indicative of.
  32. Ayn Rand advises that they do not exist, as does Aristotle with his law of non-contradiction.
  33. The Kamasutra advises one not to eat too heavily if he is about to make love, I said and smiled.
  34. After that, Buffett advises you to watch what’s on the playing field, not what’s on the scoreboard.
  35. Over the phone the receptionist advises me to take a taxi, which they will pay for, as it's their fault.
  36. Though Absalom advises his sister to be silent of what happened he started hatred towards Amnon from that day.
  37. Van Tharp famously advises traders to start with a personality test to determine what type of trader they are.
  38. Ken constantly advises that the better you know your customers, the more successful you will be in your business.
  39. What Eric Voegelin, one of the twentieth centurys greatest political philosophers, advises us not to attempt with the eschaton.
  40. Rand further advises that if you think you have encountered a contradiction, check your premises, because one of them will be wrong.
  41. A spokesperson for the SSA advises that parents can simply call their local Social Security office and get that information free of charge.
  42. At a moment, he advises us: When bad things happen to you, instead of thinking ''I am unhappy'', you had better think ''There is unhappiness in the world''.
  43. He advises the believers to seek refuge in God in the face of the devil and his insinuations, when calling people to truth and leading them to the straight path.
  44. Finally, she advises me to make a complaint to the Alaska Professional Hunter's Association (APHA) as well to the Alaska Travel Industry Association and the INC.
  45. Evtushévski advises that in this way be begun all the lessons on numbers from 1 to 10, of which there are to be 120, and which are to be continued through the year.
  46. If the stock is marching steadily upward and the company is still a great company, the previous section advises you to take advantage of that by investing more money.
  47. Your broker advises the traditional approach of stocks and bonds, and you apply the 4% rule for your income (which means you’ll be able to take out $40,000 per year).
  48. The rigorous examination of the literary nuances and genre of the information recorded in the Dossier Secrets emphatically advises that it is nothing but an elaborate hoax.
  49. If the optimal portfolio is a given combination of riskless assets and risky equity, theory advises instantly allocating any new cash income to riskless and risky assets in these optimal proportions.
  50. Michael Moe, author of Finding the Next Starbucks, is a growth investor who nonetheless advises that cutting losses early on mistakes is critical to avoiding the crushing effects of negative returns.
  51. One final point about mental stops: In his book The Way to Trade, John Piper advises that inexperienced traders should not rely on mental stops and should place stops in the market at the time they place their trades.
  52. Well, I said, and is there any knowledge in our recently-founded State among any of the citizens which advises, not about any particular thing in the State, but about the whole, and considers how a State can best deal with itself and with other States?
  53. I will next remind the gentleman of the speech of Lord Dorchester to the Indians after the peace, in which he advises them to use the tomahawk and scalping-knife, whereby numbers of the inhabitants of the frontiers, of all ages, sexes, and conditions, were sacrificed.
  54. Tolstoi advises all those who wish to understand the true meaning of the Gospels to mark everything which is for them completely clear and understandable with a blue pencil and marking at the same time with a red one, around the words marked in blue, the words of Christ Himself as differing from the words of the Apostles.
  55. I have visited the market-places, as your worship advises me, and yesterday I found a stall-keeper selling new hazel nuts and proved her to have mixed a bushel of old empty rotten nuts with a bushel of new; I confiscated the whole for the children of the charity-school, who will know how to distinguish them well enough, and I sentenced her not to come into the market-place for a fortnight; they told me I did bravely.
  56. You want to hear a real conspiracy theory? The flu vaccine makes you more susceptible to contacting the flu according to private testing so the government has a major ad campaign that’s ever ongoing it seems, which advises the elderly that the regular flu vaccine won’t work the best for them and that they would be better off getting a special flu shot that is twice the potency of the regular shot! It’s no secret about what’s going on if you but look for it.
  57. Don Quixote stopped to take breath, and, observing that silence was still preserved, had a mind to continue his discourse, and would have done so had not Sancho interposed with his smartness; for he, seeing his master pause, took the lead, saying, My lord Don Quixote of La Mancha, who once was called the Knight of the Rueful Countenance, but now is called the Knight of the Lions, is a gentleman of great discretion who knows Latin and his mother tongue like a bachelor, and in everything that he deals with or advises proceeds like a good soldier, and has all the laws and ordinances of what they call combat at his fingers' ends; so you have nothing to do but to let yourselves be guided by what he says, and on my head be it if it is wrong.

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