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    1. · When it comes to preparing and cooking food, naturopaths advise the following:

    2. Always in the past when he’s had a problem, I have been there to support him and, if necessary, advise or help

    3. Your dermatologist will advise you on the care and upkeep of tender skin

    4. Trjkonasana is not a very strenuous posture but all the same I do not advise it for women with any kind of internal disorders or for people suffering from hernia

    5. 'I advise you to at least pretend to treat that fool with

    6. 'Bailli Dubois asked me to advise you that the

    7. I cannot interfere, but I can advise

    8. Please advise your approach

    9. of his education, and some sound advise as to the most

    10. `Come, there's no use in crying like that!' said Alice to herself, rather sharply; `I advise you to leave off this minute!' She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it), and sometimes she scolded herself so severely as to bring tears into her eyes!'

    11. Yet, I strongly advise that you remove your masks if you do not wish to walk the city with a bulls-eye covering your face

    12. ‘I advise that you take it now

    13. Our translator wasn’t able to advise me if the prisoner was lying

    14. and advise if you request it, just call out

    15. We will monitor you and advise you on the necessary refinements

    16. f temporal physics, who could interpret the data much better than he, and advise an appropriate course of action

    17. Robbie hadn’t traveled a great deal, but he had read a lot, and I was hoping he could advise me

    18. So having listened to the advise me and Elijah sat down then taking our cleaning kits out we started to give our rifles a good clean for after all our lives depended on them

    19. “Why the Cathedral Monsieur it is truly a gothic representation of magnificence I would advise you to visit it if you have the time

    20. Even then, you must not enter battle unless we advise it

    21. This is to advise that, had you once upon a time immersed yourself in that most important of languages, you may not have so much thought of yourself as a Stranger with the entries in this dictionary

    22. Its unfortunate high cost however makes me advise you to use it sparingly

    23. channels to advise him that the war was over and to cease and

    24. “I would advise you to pray for your soul my son so that it might be cleansed of the terrible sin you have committed

    25. detained under legal warrant upon any criminal charge, we are not aware of any ground upon which they can properly be prevented from going on shore and disposing of themselves as they think, and we cannot advise her Majesty’s government to assume or exercise the power of keeping them under any kind of restraint

    26. It is difficult to advise any course for the Government to stop such practices, as most stringent legislation is of little use in restraining accepted traditions, which the people are bound to follow by a superstitious dread of fearful penalties

    27. So yes, I am quite sure that the warning shots were sometimes fired afterwards! And if the suspect was fleeing, even if he had killed a policeman, because of the longhaired liberals in parliament I could never advise a policeman to shoot a fleeing suspect

    28. " Our unofficial Judges’ rules were somewhat different “Yes sir you have the right to remain silent but I will seriously advise you not to use that right for we will have a fatherly talk until you admit your guilt, you guilty bastard

    29. It may sound terrible but we always advise our clients to go after the man also and turn the heat on him personally based on precarious liability where possible

    30. Probably all of the above and I advise all my clients to give way before something worse happens to them

    31. We have no objection there, but I advise you for the moment to stand-by on that

    32. We also know that Al Qaeda is trying something known in the trade as "sleeper agents" where they actively advise the newly recruited members to stay in their countries and become active later on

    33. The client was rather upset and we had to call in senior advocate to advise on legal privilege

    34. He really knows nothing in the real world and I will most certainly not advise my clients to trust him on anything but his own speciality field

    35. I always advise my clients to trust their instincts

    36. From experience I advise to take care not to promise what you cannot deliver to a client for that will haunt you forever

    37. However we find that they usually send a message to talk to them which we advise you to do and clear the air over a cup of coffee

    38. We advise the Company Secretary to keep the records safe but available

    39. We recommend a news blackout until such time that the professionals advise otherwise

    40. They will advise you what to do

    41. We seriously advise the use of encryption in emails

    42. He insisted again that she remain behind and wait for him in Nicaragua when, after dumping the cocaine in the sea, they would go there to advise his contact, Carlos that the shipment wasn’t arriving and never would again

    43. He glanced at Beth to advise her to be alert for an opening, if he could only make one

    44. Major Guighan was his adjutant so he was supposed to stay close to him, advise him, and confide in him

    45. "You could try Mexico, but I wouldn’t advise it

    46. I’d advise you, if you brought that Luger of yours, to think about using it on yourself if you have to

    47. seriously advise you to grab it with both hands as this could be

    48. I would not advise using it very often but in times of great need, the wearer would be unbeatable

    49. This is how I advise my patients

    50. development of railways and roads, often against the advise of the

    1. I would probably be advised by the local “boys in blue” that I was providing information liable to promote discrimination

    2. Then he told me the story of a British naval officer who traveled to India during the British occupation and became enamored with Sikhism, and how the guru, whom this officer was learning from, advised the man when he wanted to convert to Sikhism

    3. the doctors did their best and advised us:”Pray, because we can-

    4. I rarely would contradict anything that Marianne advised

    5. So, that was my reward for the hard, specialized and unpaid work of one and a half month: The guru talked to me for ten whole minutes (something unprecedented within the five years in total I have attended Janus), he advised me to wear more modern clothes and nicer glasses, and he made clear that men avoid me because of my high intelligence and strong personality

    6. As passed us at full speed, going uphill like it was nothing while I was advised, just because it has been offered doesn’t mean we struggled to catch our breath and gasping for air

    7. She couldn't very well tell him that could she? She advised him to get some sleep after that, she would stay alert

    8. Wiesse, clearly with my next journey in mind, very sensibly reminds me that I shall need proper sea-going waterproofs; he suggests that I would be advised to locate some here in the fishing village

    9. He scanned the skies and advised it was safe for the moment

    10. Lord Tarak was kept advised by Kai, of her whereabouts at all times

    11. properties, and Granddad said that they were advised not to linger

    12. Bram specifically advised Alistair to leave his grandfather’s

    13. Kill only if you have to, his father had advised him

    14. The doctor has been advised of their imminent arrival and is waiting in the doorway that leads up to the laboratory

    15. ‘If you’ve got a clean pair of socks in that bag of yours, you’d be best advised to put them on

    16. She was able to control the pain, as long as she was well advised to the movement she’d have to undergo, before it actually took place

    17. Her father advised me to do like what his daughter did

    18. “Be advised: strong winds from the east-northeast

    19. It is natural for those who are abused to become abusers, but Jesus wisely advised us to turn the other cheek

    20. advised that she would most likely walk out of court that day with little more than a slap on the

    21. himself, he advised that the fault and problem was ours,

    22. can create demand, but this is not for the light hearted, nor advised for the

    23. visits… The doctor would have strongly advised fifteen days strict

    24. He was advised by one

    25. They allowed us to keep the fish we’d hauled in with our first casts, but advised us with a show of weapons to move on

    26. Elaine was advised by her mother to go and stay in

    27. The physician advised them to go home, get some rest and return the following day

    28. “It’s best to round Ithaca and head for the mainland,” Homer advised

    29. Unless Bob has made a special study of how to fall on his backside without looking like a dick, he would perhaps be best advised to avoid this position

    30. “Be advised as well that the temple bells are chiming

    31. The late wise spiritual guru, Sai Baba often advised his followers in the past, not to be obsessed in praying for a smooth journey in life

    32. He advised her to have sufficient cash available, though he failed to point out exactly what amount he would require

    33. “Count sheep,” she advised herself

    34. officer who advised the captain to obey his orders and continue

    35. “Just ignore it,” I firmly advised my son

    36. Shortly thereafter, Captain Nichols of the Delphine came on board and was advised that his vessel was a prize, and would be destroyed

    37. Here, they were advised of their prisoner status and the ultimate destruction of their vessels

    38. The congregations were advised

    39. If she seemed agreeable, I advised them to approach her cautiously

    40. In the 1920"s, while serving time in an Italian prison, this Italian philosopher and communist advised his colleagues and acolytes that a frontal assault against democracy and capitalism would fail

    41. When Shakespeare told us that one swallow doth not a summer make, and Aristotle advised us to beware of hasty generalizations, they were saying the same thing

    42. The letter was quite detailed, but in summary, advised Waddell that the war was over, the Confederacy no longer existed, and essentially

    43. In no time at all, a boarding party from the Shenandoah went on board the Susan Abigail, advised Captain Redfield, the ship’s master, that he and his men were prisoners and that their ship

    44. Should you employ an engineer to design a cantilever bridge, you would be well advised to determine that he is not a product of the new, new math

    45. Had it just about right when he advised that candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker

    46. He further advised us that „Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction

    47. He would have been well advised to keep his mouth shut, inasmuch as any elementary reading of the Constitution will tell the reader that the three branches are the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial, per the Constitution"s first three articles

    48. Ehrenfried advised him to be careful with the womanizing

    49. ” Flesh’ailer advised, knowingly

    50. Physicians had been consulted, who advised that the

    1. The prosecutor advises this

    2. At a moment, he advises us: “When bad things happen to you, instead of thinking ''I am unhappy'', you had better think ''There is unhappiness in the world''

    3. a person trained in law and who advises or represents others

    4. He advises the Cabinet Office on Internet

    5. Ayn Rand advises that they do not exist, as does Aristotle with his law of non-contradiction

    6. Rand further advises that if you think you have encountered a contradiction, check your premises, because one of them will be wrong

    7. Here is one of the things Ronald Reagan advises us concerning it:

    8. What Eric Voegelin, one of the twentieth century"s greatest political philosophers, advises us not to attempt with the eschaton

    9. Teddy Roosevelt advises us to talk softly, but carry a big stick

    10. In this new work, Fernández advises readers to elevate their sights

    11. She advises on what is needed in conjunction with the chemicals that are being

    12. The report that advises we–”

    13. If your attorney advises it is ok to ask for the owner’s mother’s name, address

    14. It also advises her to leave this situation because

    15. would be an unending struggle – yoga simply advises the

    16. In writing of the progress of the pupil, Madame Blavatsky advises strongly

    17. Ruth advises a little medication to help you relax and to get my juices flowing

    18. John Chrysostom advises that it is not good to be too bold or too despairing

    19. advises us to be constantly seek peace

    20. He advises me to join more clubs, find others

    21. I tell it to Oded later on and he advises me to tell it to Jabar and Diedie this evening

    22. ent whole," advises Eben Moglen, legal counsel to the Free

    23. But Jesus advises that such observations are not only a waste of time but also

    24. Jesus advises that such observations are not only a waste of time but also indicative of

    25. advises that the economy will need more currency

    26. conscience that advises the reality that we

    27. climate advises to cap daily cholesterol consumption at 300mg/day

    28. The Clinic also advises to

    29. advises her on the opportunity here to make a killing in a number of markets, from gun running to slave trading

    30. This is why God advises us through the Bible : “Love your neighbor, but love your

    31. In Ecclesiastes 5:4 Solomon reflects on his folly and advises: “When we

    32. This Supplier advises that they will respond if Client agrees to the following terms:

    33. advises on doing of activities, habit recommendations, and sometimes,

    34. How to do this? Krishn advises Arjun to lib-

    35. When Athena advises him to do the same thing with queen Arete, Ulysses is ready to do so

    36. He advises the believers to seek refuge in God in the face of the devil and his insinuations, when calling people to truth and leading them to the straight path

    37. Ken constantly advises that the better you know your customers, the more successful you will be in your business

    38. trying to fully understand life, but advises trusting

    39. trade with their expert advises, tell you that the

    40. Advising bank: The Bank which advises a Letter of Credit to the

    41. The Kashi royal family advises its citizens

    42. He advises her to be quiet of it as it happened in the family

    43. Though Absalom advises his sister to be silent of what happened he started hatred towards Amnon from that day

    44. Over the phone the receptionist advises me to take a taxi, which they will pay for, as it's their fault

    45. Finally, she advises me to make a complaint to the Alaska Professional Hunter's Association (APHA) as well to the Alaska Travel Industry Association and the INC

    46. “The Kamasutra advises one not to eat too heavily if he is about to make love,” I said and smiled

    47. [12] Smart Love rather brilliantly and simply advises us to look at things from the point of view of the child

    48. The rigorous examination of the literary nuances and genre of the information recorded in the “Dossier Secrets” emphatically advises that it is nothing but an elaborate hoax

    49. “I’m going to do whatever Francis advises, he’s the doctor in the family

    50. You want to hear a real conspiracy theory? The flu vaccine makes you more susceptible to contacting the flu according to private testing so the government has a major ad campaign that’s ever ongoing it seems, which advises the elderly that the regular flu vaccine won’t work the best for them and that they would be better off getting a special flu shot that is twice the potency of the regular shot! It’s no secret about what’s going on if you but look for it

    1. The fund can afford to maintain a large research team for advising on buy/sell decisions

    2. ‘Is this the Gottesman advising me?’

    3. “No, I have some real estate, do some advising, some scavenging, dabble in some cargo here and there, that kind of thing

    4. If you had checked with the advertisement you would have found a small note at the bottom advising that the hotel was closed this week for maintenance

    5. Wyoming sent a message to Secretary Welles advising of his arrival on August 30 at the island of Mauritius in the Indian

    6. Navy commanders advising them of the

    7. The FBI and Homeland security were expecting to make a statement and was advising caution for sports figures and celebrities

    8. Satisfied that everything was as it should be, Alex donned the marine VHF radio headset and contacted the Harbour Master, advising her where he was going and how long he expected to be

    9. Note I am not advising to stare into the sun for more than a few seconds please

    10. Brother Hal too, did but give me his advising in joke even as I did

    11. Glenna was by my side every step of the way, not interfering but just assisting and advising me

    12. “After that encounter; we’re advising residents to stay indoors at night and lock their barns,” said Griffiths

    13. Then the day before your furlough expires, Division gets a teletype advising that you have been ordered on TDY to some outfit called the ‘Paris Recreation Service Detachment

    14. Stinger concluded his report by advising that the tears should be quickly taken north to the coastal city of

    15. “But it’s always there, always scouting out our weaknesses, like ole Wormwood, with his uncle, Screwtape, in the wings advising him

    16. 'I suppose so,' I said, 'or I wouldn't be advising you to marry again

    17. He has sent word to him and to my father advising us that you hold a gerege from him

    18. advising him to comply with the decree to honour Haman as if he were a God, but

    19. Q: You are advising me to remain indifferent to the sorrows of

    20. advising orally that he saw nothing wrong with it

    21. surprise to receive a message, again on his mobile phone, to say that she and Rupert were engaged, and advising him to stick to his silly computers

    22. O, my friend, I need you here! You have been in Germany so long, with such distinction -- serving the Church, advising King Charlemagne on a new education system, converting thousands of souls -- that surely you have earned a rest

    23. In Egypt, it is said, those who could read the ‘Akasha’ were held in high standing and were often found advising Pharaohs on daily activities and dream interpretation

    24. They were worried that one of the ribs which was in fact broken could penetrate the lung so as a precaution he was admitted to the hospital with the doctor advising that he would need to be there for a couple of days at least

    25. It was the email advising my mother that her mother had died

    26. On occasion even the Coast Guard helicopter could not go out because of bad weather, in which case the doctors at Mount Edgecumbe Hospital would just have to do their best by advising the health aides to take care of the patient as best they could with their limited skills and limited facilities and transfer the patient as soon as conditions permitted

    27. This involved advising the midwives and family practitioners regarding complicated

    28. Do you know what you should do? You know what you ought to do? These are similar to complaining and advising but they carry a weight of morality and ethics

    29. advising these days, as they’d al been dead for several thousand years

    30. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the furious look of Duprina, who interpreted my evanescence as a feminine device to take possession of the attentions of her fiancé, and I, for my part could not avoid the naughty little genie of the flippancy that was advising me to take the opportunity to torment the young woman, who so antipathetic was proven to me

    31. When I was about to protest denigrating of such a system and to praise the benefits of the paper currency of the capitalism, then, I remembered Leonardo’s wise words enacted upon my arrival, advising me on the respect for traditions and the inhabitants of the village

    32. I’ve always considered it a citizen’s duty to point out mistakes to those who want to govern, therefore, I wrote to the Minister of Transport, advising Mrs

    33. manager, advising him that he believed he could give information which would

    34. Andrew's great service to the kingdom was in advising Peter, James, and John concerning the choice of the first missionaries who were sent out to proclaim the gospel, and also in counseling these early leaders about the organization of the administrative affairs of the kingdom

    35. But Herod refused to take action against Jesus, advising that they carry their complaints to Jerusalem

    36. especially if they are advising you

    37. advising this to so many friends over the last year as I did much research

    38. He began by advising her to moderate the rigor of her mourning, to ventilate the house, to forgive the world for the death of José Arcadio

    39. Someone wrote a letter advising him to take his jungle music with him back to Africa

    40. ) You always hear people advising you to buy a house rather than live in an apartment

    41. He then put a couple of files inside his briefcase before leaving his office and advising his secretary that he would be at the White House

    42. There was however nothing about her in Major Dows’ file, apart from the telegram advising us about his marriage to her

    43. advising us to consult the ant for a lesson in productivity

    44. His professional career involved advising feudal governors, and he willingly embraced the feudal system

    45. Jack spent the remainder of Sunday afternoon calling on and advising senior officers of his actions

    46. These technicians were called Angels, because they were always watching over your shoulder and advising

    47. Ever since Raynon became the leader of the Fey nation after his parents were killed at the beginning of the Fey-Elven war Nicholei had been advising him on security issues

    48. �It is he who is continually going to the ears of intellectual and highly educated men, persuading them that the old Bible is not true, and advising them to be content with Atheism, Theism, Agnosticism, Secularism, and a general contempt for the world to come

    49. Had we been advising Abraham (on a consultancy basis, reasonable rates available by the hour) we would have suggested that he should draw breath and pause between each question to allow an answer

    50. This power play, based on blocking a major distribution channel for Unilever, was countered by a major advertising campaign by Unilever advising Delhaize customers where they could buy Unilever products, and reminding Delhaize that when consumers went to the other supermarkets they were likely to end up doing their full weekly shop

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    advise counsel rede apprise apprize give notice notify send word propose suggest forewarn report inform surprise warn acquaint admonish caution recommend confer consult deliberate

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    give advice to

    inform (somebody) of something

    make a proposal, declare a plan for something