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Propose in a sentence

I will now propose.
I propose a truce.
I propose that Th.
This is what I propose.
I propose we make.
I propose that we date.
Here is what I propose.

I’d love to propose.
What I propose may not.
I propose we do a split.
What you propose is.
Propose the oath, my lord.
So here's what I propose.
Yes, I propose the motion.
I propose the following:.
And thus I propose that Mr.
how could you propose to me.
I wanted to propose to Lily.
Secondly, I propose a joint.
What limit would you propose?.
I have a solution to propose.
What do you propose to do?.
Here’s what I propose then.
He heard himself propose a deal.
Come, I tell you what I propose.
He was going to propose to Sarah.
I propose then, that the answer.
So what do you propose to do.
Was he finally going to propose?.
We propose to pay you a set amount.
He was proposing!!.
He wasn’t proposing.
we’re proposing to do.
What I am proposing is.
What you’re proposing, Mr.
That’s what I’m proposing.
of what Van Thorn was proposing.
Elijah: What are you proposing?.
Are you proposing to go alone?.
This is the project I am proposing.
She will do the proposing herself.
What exactly are you proposing?.
I am proposing social rest, not unrest.
I think you know what I’m proposing.
Are you proposing to abandon them?’’.
Business Plan was completed proposing the.
Just what are you proposing? she asked.
I’m here for whatever they’re proposing.
‘That’s exactly what they’re proposing.
Was he proposing something? She couldn't tell.
―Well, who are you proposing that I bomb?‖.
You can’t seriously be proposing we jump.
But what are you proposing to do, exactly?.
perfect person to write the book you're proposing.
Butterfield did not feel guilty proposing a change.
what you’re proposing would be? There are very few.
and set out, proposing to ride one of the local tracks.
And he was serious about everything he was proposing….
and the estate they were proposing to build was about a.
had proposed to her.
Denisov had proposed.
He proposed to keep.
I proposed the same.
the method he proposed.
of the proposed merger.
What is being Proposed?.
He proposed to explore.
I have proposed to Mrs.
What was being proposed.
He proposed two options.
He proposed last night.
But he had not proposed.
of the proposed objectives.
proposed path of the water.
To what he proposed to do.
when it was first proposed.
of his proposed benefactor.
The proposed buy at $1.
Try squash, he proposed.
It was she who proposed it.
had first proposed this plan.
He proposed two nights ago.
the proposed entry at $60.
This 1942 tax, proposed by A.
The lane I was proposed to on.
what I have just proposed?.
Among techniques proposed by C.
this proposed buy on April.
A mind proposes and disposes.
He proposes to her in November 2154.
proposes: it could be found to be wrong.
and proposes the confrontation of opinions,.
C++ proposes a new feature called inline function.
2006, proposes that these bodies are composed of low.
employee proposes, as long as it is acceptable all round.
Brooke proposes that I should stay in this neighborhood.
One idea he proposes involves a deep examination of the.
Marxism proposes the existence of a monopoly of power by an.
The hypothesis proposes that the internal clock of a steep.
What Sophia-Analysis proposes is to look for wisdom, not the.
This is what Homer teaches and this is what Cosmo-Art proposes.
Amando proposes to his girlfriend, Fiona, during his junior year.
I am in sympathy with the narratives that Postman proposes: they.
proposes guidelines that overwhelmingly support the teaching and.
The 80/20 rule essentially proposes that a small amount of effort.
Sophia-Analysis, however, proposes that already at the time of the.
John proposes to his girlfriend of three years, who has earned her.
Can any of you tell me the name of someone who proposes to do so?'.
and stellar or cosmic, and this is what Sophia-Analysis proposes to.
Interpretation: The Three of Cups proposes intoxicating height s of.
Another important idea that Sophia-Analysis proposes with regards to.
Pierre proposes to his girlfriend, Brittany, during their senior year.
The fourth law that Sophia-Analysis proposes has to do with a new way.
Americans see him as he proposes; the Pope claims to be the oneandonly.
proposes that arteries in the temple get inflamed during an attack and.
We will see what sort of society he proposes for us in the next chapter.
Photograph of the customer who proposes to open the account as also his.
In matters of speculation, however, though "man proposes," "money disposes.

Synonyms for propose

project propose aim purport purpose advise suggest offer nominate