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Affectionate in a sentence

His is powerful, hers affectionate.
It wasn't the most affectionate hug.
My letter was calm and affectionate.
Sometimes she's even too affectionate.
He was genial and affectionate to all.
Zourine bade me an affectionate adieu.
He’s a tough man, but not affectionate.

And Dolly is naturally very affectionate.
Our God is compassionate and affectionate.
The grays were the most affectionate ones.
M: Man is also wise, affectionate and kind.
Yet he was frank and affectionate as before.
It seems he was usually an affectionate son.
I mean she's quite affectionate, for a child.
They both returned his affectionate greeting.
From Ser Arlan the words had been affectionate.
But he is really a gentle and affectionate man.
These affectionate acts provide both the giver.
They are kept as pets and are very affectionate.
Celina was surprised at how affectionate he was.
It grows out of the affectionate living together.
She’s extremely affectionate with everyone.
They all know him, all are affectionate to him;.
The one who lives in it is the affectionate Self.
Punjabi, this is considered OK, even affectionate.
On top of it, the guy did have affectionate eyes.
As a child I was both sensitive and affectionate.
And then, in a more affectionate way, I asked him:.
She lowered her eyes from his own affectionate gaze.
Yet the uncle was never openly affectionate to her.
A content Whippet is docile, loving, and affectionate.
Through watering the ground of affectionate love with.
Mostly in a manner that was anything but affectionate.
They can only sadly remember the affectionate bondage.
He is as dainty and affectionate as a pampered princess.
I beamed at him and gave his arm an affectionate squeeze.
Alex is affectionate – he probably hugs all the girls.
Our friendship did not stop being warm and affectionate.
Luray was as affectionate with Alan as he could tolerate.
She was merry, lively and affectionate with the children.

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